Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, nor did I own Spock, especially did not own Spock.

As I'm sure many of you know, Leonard Nimoy passed not long ago. I just found out, 2/27/2015 at 8:37 PM in Sioux City, Iowa, United States.

I write this poem in honor of him and the character he is best known for-Spock. I know it is not very good, but it is hard to write this as I am in tears, remember watching all the Star Treks growing up, how he inspired me.

A Child and A Vulcan

A child sits upon the floor,

Watching on TV a pointed-eared green-blooded man.

Not understanding the general lack of emotion from the man,

The child questions their father.

"He's a Vulcan. Just watch."

Fascinated, the child watches.

As the child watches this strange Vulcan,

Fascination with this man grows like an uncontrollable weed.

Just when the child thinks the an argument bloom,

The strange green-blooded man restrains himself.

"Why," the child wonders to herself.

"What is this logic?"

She asks for book to learn what it means.

As she grows, she comes to understand Vulcans.

She understands if she supressed like the Vulcans did,

If only her logic could bloom for her to harvest,

She would not do such stupid things.

She would not get so angered so quickly.

She understands emotions often rules humans,

That the ruling emotions often lead to hurtful words and stupid actions.

She also understands when using logic,

Better decisions are often made.

She may not be able to supress all her emotions to this day,

But she has come a long way because of one strange, pointed-eared, green-blooded Vulcan.

This Vulcan was Spock.

The actor, a poet, a director, a humanist,

Inspired the child, a seed, to bloom into the twenty-four year old woman she is today.