Chapter 3

Hey again! Nothing new to report except this, I'm working on a collab. fanfic! We haven't even started writing, but I think we'll start soon! I'm doing it with my friend PokeMason. You may know him. He wrote FNaF Middle School and For Vix! And in FNaF Middle School Ch. 8, remember that double-bass player named Jackson? That's my FNaF OC. Jackson Spectrum. Anyway, let's get on with the chapter! [WARNING: PROFANITY DEFINITE!]

Your name is John Egbert, and you and your friends have just been invited inside by someone you barely know and have just met. The boy called Stan leads you into his home, and he tells you to sit in the living room while he tells his mom.

"Do you think he knows about Sburb?" asked Dave.

"No, he didn't recognize our costumes remember? He asked why we were in pajamas." replied John.

"Oh yeah." said Dave.

"I'm back! Mom said you can stay but behave OK?" Stan said, running down the stairs.

"OK, cool. I think we should all introduce ourselves though, you haven't met my friends yet!" John said happily, smiling.

"I second that." agreed Rose.

"OK then, I'm Dave Strider." said Dave, acting all cool as usual.

"I'm Rose Lalonde."

"I'm Jade Harley!"

"I'm Roxy Lalonde."

"And I'm Vriska Serket."

"Sooo, with that out of the way, where did you guys come from?" asked Stan.

"Weeelllll, It's a long story, but here's the gist. I had just got my friends back when suddenly we just appeared here." answered John.

"OK then, well come on, I want you to meet some of my friends, I'm sure you'll like th-

-did I mention that we're immortal?" interrupted Dave.

"DAVE! WHAT THE HELL!? That's rude!"

"Sorry Jade."

"Your all immortal? Great, now I know they'll like you! Let's go then!" Exclaimed Stan.

"OK fine." said Dave

Yeah I know, not much profanity. But It's a cliffhanger! HA! But anyway go checkout PokeMason!