SouthStuck Chapter 7

Hi guys! Chapter 7 is FINALLY here! Sorry it took so long, but usually it takes me only like half an hour to write an entire SouthStuck Chap. Which explains why there so small. I wanted to make this chap a really long, but not boring chapter. However, I doubt that it'll be boring, because this chap is where things start getting good. We have a couple more things to cover before the chap can officially start. First, shoutouts! I got a new fav from Yosh8600! Thanks alot! Also,on the probably VERY rare occasion that any of you have fanart, just pm me the links and i might post em' in the next chap! The last thing is regarding my OC's. I don't have any pictures of my Homestuck OC, as I suck at drawing. My South Park OC I made with the avatar creator. I'll post the link to it on my profile. Now, LET CHAPTER 7 BEGIN!

Your name is John Egbert, and an unknown voice behind you has just greeted you like you've known each other since birth.

"Who are yo-" You say as as you turn around, and then fall down, amazed at what you are seeing.

"Hello. Sorry for the intrusion, but did you guys also play Sburb?" he asks.

"Andrik, you didn't even introduce us." says a more childish sounding voice.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Andrick Hectrus, and this is Jack Spectrus." he says.

"Y-your a-a-a t-t-troll." You say.

"Oh you noticed? Anyway, may we come in? We'll explain everything there. We promise." asks Andrik.

"Sure. If you all have some connection, I'd like to hear about it." Says Stan.

As you all walk in and sit down in the living room, Andrik takes off the large cloak he was wearing, revealing gray skin, dark brown hair covering his left eye and going down the top of his neck, deep blue eyes with no pupils, and a red dress shirt, complete with a dark red bowtie, covered by a dark blue blazer and topped with a red fez(FREE SHOUTOUT TO WHOEVER CAN GUESS THAT REFERENCE).

"As we already know who you are, we feel that we should explain." they say together in nearly perfect unison.

"First, I think we should start by saying we are NOT brothers." They point out.

"I will now explain my powers as a god tier, like you all. I, am a Lord of Time."

"But how? the only known Lord of Time is Lord English." You point out.

"I'll get to that. Anyway, I did not like the lord outfit. I thought that it was stupid. So, I changed it. I made myself look like an heir. But I kept the cape, I just cut it so that it wasn't so long. However, I usually wear this suit."

"Yeah, yeah. What are your POWERS?" asks Dave.

"Hmm. Well, I can travel to ANY point in time at ANY place, I'll get to the reason for my space power in a bit. I can also to any point in time or space in any universe if I make contact with it's first guardian. I can also do alot of other weird time stuff."

"So why do you have a space power?" asks Vriska.

"My brother was a lord of space. Sadly, he did not come here with me. He gave me some of his power, it was this."

"Hmm. That's nice and all, but what about Jack?" you ask.

"He found me. He just moved in a couple days ago. Found me lying unconscious in his backyard."

"Excuse me but with that fez and bowtie you kinda look like D-"

*I tackle dave and cover his mouth*


"OK, OK pieguy, jeez, it's not that big of a deal. It's just a ref-"

*I slap dave 5 times*


"Whatever. Just let me go and lets get on with the story. We don't want the readers mad."

"OK. Just don't do it again."

Sorry for breaking the fourth wall. Back to the chap!

[One long explanation l8r]

"WOW! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!" you all scream.

"Shh. You'll wake my parent's." says Stan.

"OK. Sorry"

"I think it's time for bed. It's 10:30 PM." He points out.


"Andrik, Jack, wanna spent the night? Even if you have time powers, it's still freezing." offers Stan.

"OK. Just let me call my mom."


[The next morning]

Your name is Jack Spectrus, and you and Andrik are leaving Stan's house to go back home.

"Here's my number. Call if you need anything." Says Stan.

"OK. I will!" you reply.

[One long walk l8r]

As you approach your home, a soft breeze blows through the air. You knock on the door, and your mom answers.

"Hi honey! did you sleep good?" she asks.

"Yeah mom. I'm perfectly fine."

"Good. Come in and have some lunch."

[One lunch l8r]

"Hmm. So, what now D-"

*I tackle Jack*



[One D-

*I tackle myself*



[One reference-spoiling word RP l8r]

As you walk in for dinner, your mom greets you with a warm smile. You return said smile.

[One dinner l8r]

As you go up to bed, you cat stop thinking about how cool Andrik is. You want to be that cool someday. Your dream is to have cool powers and fight evil. He's like your hero. But he never told you what exactly Sburb was. Maybe it's a horrible death game? Nah. He'd tell you if it was.

You go to sleep thinking about D-


"OK! Sorry."

"Good. because the chapters over."

AND THAT"S THE END. By the way, whenever I put [One _ l8r], it means said thing mentioned the word the reference was from. And yes, I broke the fourth wall alot. As I said earlier, the first person to guest what the reference is from gets a shoutout.

Hint: 2 items Andrik was wearing are the reference items.

Next chap, i'll answer the reference. Also, if you want a FULL description of Andrik and Jack, go to the SouthStuck Blog. The link is in my profile.