Wendy and Lucy Marvel have a problem, the rest of Fairy Tail has returned to Magnolia and they have no idea if they're still as strong as before, because with them, Fairy Tail may actually have a hope of winning the 7th Grand Magic Games. After practically carrying team FT for a number of years and finally returning from a two year training excursion, the dragon slaying sisters are ready too show Sabertooth what they're made of, even if one of them is completely head over heels in love with one of their members. AU where Lucy was found by Mystogan and Wendy after her dragon left her and both the girls joined Fairy Tail at the age of 11 after Cait Shelter and the Oracion Seis incedent.

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Five year old Wendy really needed to sit down. Her and Mystogan had been walking for three days and Wendy just wasn't sure she could take it anymore. After Grandeney disappeared, Wendy was sure she was going to die, she was too small to get food or know what was okay to eat, it was too scary to try to catch animals too, and she wasn't all that sure she would even have the stomach to kill the creature. After making it a few days, Wendy finally collapsed, not able to take the hunger anymore, and that's when Mystogan found her, fed her, hade sure she was healthy and promised to get her to a place where she'd be safe, so in return, Wendy followed him without complaint.

"Oh dear..." Mystogan muttered quietly, although Wendy heard him loud and clear do to her heightened senses. "It seems I've found another Dragon Child."

Perplexed, Wendy ran forward, ignoring her burning legs and crested the hill her partner stood on, gasping at what she saw.

A young girl, probably the same age as Wendy, with golden hair, lay unconscious on the ground, her breathing shallow and tear tracks on her dirty face. She wore a tattered black sundress but had no shoes, she smelled like Grandine, the smell of a dragon but it was mixed with the scent of polished clock wood and strawberries. "She's like me!" Wendy cried, rushing forward and turning the girl over, cradling her head and murmuring a healing magic, trying to get her to wake up.

The girl moaned and opened her eyes, revealing beautiful chocolate eyes. "Who are y-you... Smell like Heada... Heada..." The girl chocked out, a fresh wave of tears rolling down her face.

"It's okay, I'm Wendy, do you think you can tell me your name?" She asked the crying girl.

The girl sniffled and focused on Wendy. "L-Lucy... My name's Lucy.." She said as she drifted into unconsciousness again.

Six years later, Wendy and Lucy Marvel left their home of Cait Shelter to fight with the Light Alliance. The sisters walked into the base of operations hand in hand, both falling on their faces as Wendy caught her foot in the carpet. As they got up they were met with shocked and disappointed faces, scolding from their Exceeds Charle and Cleo and embarrassment. The two 11 year olds flushed red and looked down, the bluenette hiding behind the blonde.

They learnt that the other guilds were called Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus, all members of the Light Alliance, and they were all very kind.

After the fighting ended, Wendy and Lucy ran back to the guild, excited to tell their friends about their accomplishment of destroying a giant lacrima but the Universal and Sky Dragon Slayers excitements was ended when their guild leader told them that their guild never really existed, that it was all an illusion. Cait Shelter disappeared, leaving Lucy and Wendy all alone again. The two girls felt so lost, why did everyone they ever cared about disappear.

After the girls began to cry, Fairy Tail offered to take them in, promising they wouldn't ever leave them and the girls rushed towards the chance of having a home again, desperate for someone to care about them.

Months later, Master Makarov announced that their would be an S-Class trial coming up and that their would be a handful of guild members going to Tenrou Island. Lucy and Wendy weren't nominated and stayed behind in Magnolia, anxious to see who would come out on top.

After the participants didn't return, the guild went out and searched for them, but after months without word, Wendy and Lucy blamed themselves, saying that it was their fault, that they were a plague and that anyone that they loved disappeared from the world.

After taking part in three Grand Magic Game tournaments, Wendy and Lucy left Magnolia to train, vowing to return until they were strong enough. After training for two years, the two came back with a new magic arsenal and couldn't wait to try it out. Lucy had mastered the aspects of Universal Dragon Slaying, teleporting herself and people with no strain on her magic power, polishing her telekinesis and telepathy, her time magic wasn't too shabby either, although she could only rewind and freeze an objects time it was still a great improvement. Both girls mastered their secret dragon slaying arts, Wendy also learned her own form of teleportation where she turned herself into air and was able to reform herself in different places.

Even though the two trained so hard, Fairy Tail still lost, and Lucy began to nurse an unhealthy crush on a certain Saber.

Now both at the age of 17, Wendy and Lucy sat at the guild, cloaks pulled over their faces so no one knew what they looked like anymore. The two had completely given up on finding the rest of the guild and faded into the shadows, deciding that even they would leave Fairy Tail, they were tiered of being pushed around by Twilight Ogre and not being allowed to fight back.

That is until the missing members returned.

"We're back!" Natsu had called as if nothing had even happened.

The cake Wendy had been eating fell to the floor, as did Lucy's smoothie.

Natsu walked over to Lucy and Wendy. "Hey who are you two? Why are you wearing cloaks?"

The girls raised shaking hands to their hoods and pulled them back, revealing their crying faces.

Natsu blinked. "Who are you guys, why are you crying?" He asked completely clueless.

Lucy looked down, clenching her fists in rage. Wendy on the other hand, who had developed quite a temper in the seven years they were gone, looked at Natsu with hatred. "You promised us... YOU PROMISED YOU'D NEVER LEAVE US! YOU LIED!" Wendy sobbed. "You all lied..."

Lucy collapsed to her knees, sobbing on the floor. "Seven years... Seven years you've been gone and you can't even show us the decency of remembering who we are..." She cried. "You know what... We though it was our fault you all left... Just like our dragons, just like Mystogan and Cait Shelter... HOW COULD YOU!" She screamed, Wendy, also couldn't take the sadness, dropped down beside Lucy, wrapping her arms around her, sobbing on her shoulder.

Erza walked up and dropped to her knees in front of Lucy. "Oh god... Oh god.." She murmured reaching her hands out like she wanted to wrap her arms around the two. Grey walked up and stared at the girls, guilt written across his face. Natsu stepped back a bit, the realisation of who the two were finally coming to him.

Makarov walked up to the girls, stopping next to Erza, reaching forwards and hugging the slayers. "Oh my children, I don't think we will ever be able to apologize enough."

After three months of training at the beach, the Fairy Tail members were now equipped with their second origin and they were ready to take on the GMG.

Lucy Marvel stood in front of the Honey Bone Inn with her sister Wendy for the fifth time in seven years. Even though she was still mad, Luc had accepted that it was Achnologias fault, not Fairy Tails, and that it was okay to forgive them.

Wendy walked over to her and sighed. "I don't think I'll ever be able to like this place..."

Lucy smiled and walked in, carrying a sleeping Cleo and her luggage, stopping at Fairy Tails designated rooms and pushing open the door, Wendy close behind. "I'm happy Master kept us on the same team."

Wendy nodded. "We wouldn't be Fairy Tails Short Sword Sisters if they separated us now would we?" She said as she pulled out her twin shortened katanas, laying them down on the bed and flopping down beside them.

"No we wouldn't..." Lucy said as she removed her own blades and sat next to her sister. Lucy grabbed some of Wendy's beautiful blue hair and added a small braid to it.

Wendy tilted her head back and looked up at Lucy. "Should we cut our hair?" Wendy said as she reached up and grabbed a fist full of Lucy's knee length blond hair, tugging on it a bit.

Lucy's eyes widened and grabbed her hair away from Wendy. "No! I love my hair! If you want yours short go cut your own!" She said sitting up and walking to her own bed.

Wendy laughed and sat up to look at her. "Opening ceremonies are in an hour by the way..." Wendy said with a smirk. "I bet your boyfriend is gonna be there..."

Lucy's face turned as red as Erza's hair. "H-he's n-not my b-boyfriend!" She stuttered.

Wendy smiled happily. "Not yet, but he likes you, I can tell... Other Dragon Slayers know when they meet another slayers mate." She stated in a singsong voice.

"He's not my mate!" Lucy cried as she buried her face in her pillow to hide her red face.

Wendy stood at the entrance to the arena, Charle standing close behind her chatting with Cleo. Wendy looked down at her outfit and smiled. Lucy's clothing taste had rubbed off on her a little and she didn't mind wearing tops that didn't fit Charle standards. Wendy was wearing a light blue with yellow trim t-shirt type thing except the sleeves were tightened at the bottoms and puffed out a bit, the collar dipped lower that a normal shirt and had two yellow cords that crossed over her chest, tying in a bow on the collar. Wendy also wore white jeggings with a black belt along with old black and white lace up shoes and her charm choker necklace that matched Lucy's and had her ankle length hair up in her signature ponytails. Lucy on the other hand wore a black button up silk t-shirt with white and grey sakura blossoms on it along with her choker necklace and a pair of black short shorts and a pair of back flats.

After announcing all the guilds in alphabetical order, the announcer finally reached Fairy Tail. Lucy and Wendy grabbed their Fairy Tail flags and walked out first, followed out by Natsu, Grey, Erza, the Exceeds, Mira, Elfman, Gajeel, Juvia, Laxus, Mystogan(who was really Jellal) and Cana.

"And now we have Fairy Tail led by the ever beautiful Short Sword Sister, Lucy and Wendy Marvel!" The announcer called over the microphone. A chorus of boo's and hoot's could be heard from the crowd as Fairy Tail walked around.

"I hate that nickname..."Lucy murmured.

Wendy looked at her and smiled awkwardly. "Can we teleport out of here or something? I don't like all these people watching me."


After completing the Sky Labyrinth, Fairy Tail teams A and B returned to the Inn tired from the day. As Lucy and Wendy's team went to their room they engaged in a conversation about the girls age.

"I still can't believe you two are 17..." Gray said with a nostalgic look on his face. "It's like one day we're helping you two babysit Romeo then the next you're only two years younger that us." He finished as he pushed the door to their room open.

Lucy sighed. "Time flies... Literally for you guys." She said with a small laugh.

Gray smiled and shook his head, unconsciously stripping into his boxers and falling face first onto his bed, pulling the sheets over himself. " 'Night."

Lucy walked over to her bed and Wendy did the same, pushing the two together so that it was just one bed, fixing the covers and walking to the bathroom to put on their pajamas.

"I wonder who's gonna be in the first fight tomorrow." Wendy said as she opened the bathroom door now that her and Lucy had their PJ's on, moving out of the way to let Erza in.

Lucy shrugged and crawled into the bed, moving over so Wendy had room. "I guess we will find out then." She whispered.

"I guess.." Wendy said and Charle and Cleo crawled in between them.

"Goodnight!" The four females chirped unanimously, closing their eyes and falling asleep.

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