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Hi everyone!

Today I logged into my Wattpad account for the first time in a very, very long time and found myself reading through the comments on this story. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every person who read and enjoyed this story, specifically those who commented on it as well. Seeing all the love you guys had for my writing made me tear up a bit and reading comments from this year on a story I started 6 years ago means so much to me.

I remember staring this story while ignoring homework I had after watching a new episode of Fairy Tail. I remember writing chapters on road trips with my family and trying to hide the computer screen from my little brother so he wouldn't make fun of me for writing fanfiction. I even remember asking my favourite english teacher to review a chapter for me after class (oh god, how I cringe thinking of that). This story has so many memories and it kind of crazy to look back on it.

Since writing and eventually discontinuing Short Sword Sisters, I've written fics for a bunch of other fandoms, deleted most, and left a few up for sentimental value. In my personal life, I'm in my 20s well into studying what I love in university, I've even published some more serious works and won some writing competitions along the way. Despite never finishing this story, I don't think I would have had half the success or confidence that I have in my writing without the support you all gave me on this story. Seeing all the people who genuinely enjoyed what I had to say was and is one of the best feelings I've ever experienced. I'm incredibly grateful for all of you, because even if you don't know it, you helped change my life.

Concerning my last chapter, I want to apologize for how rude it was. I had fallen out of the Fairy Tail fandom and lost a lot of my motivation to write and expressed my frustrations a little too harsh in that update. I don't hate Fairy Tail, I just. don't watch it anymore. I've finished the manga and moved on to other anime and novels. I will always have a place in my heart for this fandom and the opportunities its given me!

Concerning this story, I don't intend to let anyone pick it up and continue it, I don't think I could stand seeing my writing be used by someone else. However, if anyone wanted to use specific plot points, jokes/interactions or any of the powers I described through the story, they are free to use as long as you credit me. Basically, as long as you're not ripping my writing word for word, go crazy, all I ask is that you mention it was inspired or whatever from this story. You don't need to link it or anything, as long as its in one of the chapters it okay. I've had a bunch of people ask to adopt this fic, and while I don't want them to pick up where I left off, I think that taking ideas they enjoyed from this story is fine as long as its not plagiarism. You don't need to ask permission either, this is basically my hall pass to all of you so you're not stuck waiting two years for a reply.

Finally, concerning my future for writing, I am still going to be publishing some stories in the near future. The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation fandom currently has me in in a chokehold, and I've nearly finished some one shots and short series for that fandom. I mostly post on AO3, but when I do finish writing those and post them, I will cross-post to Wattpad for anyone who's interested to read! When I do post them, I will update my profile to include a link to my new AO3 and FanFiction accounts for people to follow the stories there if Wattpad is no longer your primary fanfic website. I will also likely be changing my username when I post the new stories, so rip to RavenTheWitch, it truly the end of an era. If you see this update and my user isn't RavenTheWitch, head to my bio and feel free to check out my AO3, FanFiction and Twitter accounts! I'll open an ask box or something on twitter so if anyone has any burning questions about this story or my future stories, I'll be happy to answer them there. As of posting this (02/10/21), I will only be active on my twitter, which is /NeroNotHero.

Thank you to anyone who stuck around and read this, apologies for any grammatical errors, I'm running on very little sleep, Tim Hortons instant coffee and sheer spite at the moment. My E key on my keyboard is also broken and giving my nothing but trouble so I'm going to save the little energy for editing I have for the multiple papers I have due. Who knew studying dirt and old civilizations would be so writing intensive?

Love you all and I hope everyone has a great day/month/year!