so a few things before we start

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second, what i DO have rights to is my custom characters but i honestly don't give a shit

third, parenthesis; meaning these circley things right here - () are the author, me talking to the reader, you.

fourth, this story contains munk tf, a bit of romance, possibly some voilence but nothing sadistic.

and finally, we get to our story, yay!

Honey I Munk'd The Kids

(some more A/N's are in order. so, this takes place after chipwrecked, way after. Dave has hooked up with Claire. they are married and have 2 kids named Kaiden and Joshua. Kaiden is 8 and Joshua is 6. to both of them, alvin is their idol. obviously this creates...problems. now, one mroe thing. jeanette and simon are ALSO in a serious relationship. actually, jeanette is expecting. however,at the moment, they are working on a massive project. it's a machine designed to turn chipmunks into humans for however long they want. of course it's not been tested yet, but that's all about to change.)

Joshua and Kaiden are running through the halls. Dave says "kids, that's not safe. slow down" both say "you're gonna have to catch us dad!" they start running all over the house with dave in toe. finally they reach simon's room, they walk into it and there they see the machine. the machine is comprised of a metal capsule about the size of a phone booth. it has a window and a door and what not. though the wiring is built into the walls. there is a keypad built into the wall by the door at about human height for childproofing reasons.. beside the keypad is a button that is SUPPOSED to say "On" but alvin has put some tape on top and written on it in black marker. so now the button says "START DIS SHIT!". the kids look around the room and at the machine. Josh says "i wonder what that is?" Kaiden says "big bro simon says it's a...a...a... TECHNICAL THINGY!" amazed by his brother's smarts, Josh says "wooow. coool. let's go in it." Kaiden says "heck yeah!" so they open the door and walk in. they close the door behind them. they start examining the box, whch is nothing special. but then dave comes in and says "GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW!" Kaiden says "NEVER! FIGHT THE POWER!" Josh says "VIVA LA REVOLUCION!" Alvin runs into the room and starts egging them on. dave gets increasingly mad until he slams his fist on the wall, accidentally pressing the switch. the machine hums to life and the door locks. the kids say "cooooool" in unison. hearing the machine turn on, Simon rushes to the room. he says "OH NUTS! OH NUTS! OH NUTS! OH NUTS! OH NUTS! OH NUTS! OH NUTS!" dave says "shut it down simon!... whatever it is." simon says "i cant! we didn't put in an off switch yet!" "so what will it do to them?" "i have no clue! it wasnt meant to be used on humans! how did this happen? we SPECIFICALLY made the switch your height so they couldn't get to it... you pressed it didn't you?" "i pressed it." "of all the nutty things!" brown mist starts filling the chamber and the kids start shrinking until they can't be seen from the window. in a few minutes,, the machine turns off and the door opens. a cloud of smoke is let out (for dramatic effect of course)...along wtih two small figures. the figures are revealed to be two chipmunks. one says "dude that was awesome!" the other one says "what's wrong with your voice?" "what's wrong with YOUR voice?" both start laughing. dave gets a look of shock and fear on his face. he screams in fear. Claire comes running. she says "what is it?" dave replies "honey... i just munk'd the kids". Claire faints.

end of chapter 1.