(alright, so it normally WOULD be Eleanor's turn turn to read, however, I don't really LIKE Eleanor that much.[reasons for this are unknown even to me] So therefore, first person point of view goes back to Simon.

Simon: for the record, I STILL don't believe in you.

Me: and now i'm going to go set those pictures on fi-

Simon: No you're not, they're inside an airtight case loaded with helium, which is non-flammable! AND ONLY I KNOW THE PASSWORD TO GET INTO THE BOX!

Me: Is it "Simonette"?

Simon: you- *runs off to go change the password*

Me: now make sure to put plenty of emotion in that reading.)

I take out a blowgun made of a hollowed out bamboo stalk. I load a dart into the tube. I carry a few more darts on me and sneak into my room. I would have taken the secret passage that heads straight to my bed, but that is currently on fire. So I sneak into the room, take aim, and take both kids out with darts to the neck. They drop to the ground with two thuds. I toss a small grenade filled with helium into the flames. It explodes, and the flames get smothered by the non-flamable gas. Jeanette gives me a horrified look. I say "relax, they're just sleeping. And they'll stay that way for several hours...i hope" Jeanette says "I can't believe you just did that! Why Simon?" "well for one thing, to protect my bed...well, and the house. Also to protect YOU Jeanette, you are THE WORLD to me. If I lost you as the house went up in a giant ball of fire... I'd kill myself." (me thinks he's overprotective but what the hell. Simon "HEY!") Alvin, upon hearing the thuds comes running into the room. He sees the two kids on the floor, then sees me with my weapon. He says "DUDE WHAT DID YOU DO?!" "um, what does it look like? I saved the house from burning down. Oh and I knocked the kids out. They'll stay like that for a few hours by my calculations. Plenty of time to re-RE-calibrate the machine and HOPEFULLY get them back to normal. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?" "YEAH I DO!" "WELL I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! So get out of my way."with that, I shove Alvin out of my way and walk downstairs. I'm furious at Alvin for getting on my nerves(again), furious at the kids for almost killing us all, and furious at myself for creating this nutty situation in the first place.

I get back downstairs, open the lab, and walk inside. After closing the door, I begin to look at our work so far. "This is impossible, improbable, inexcusable, and just plain wrong. How could I screw up like this? I mean, all I managed to do was make it WORSE." The lab door opens and Jeanette walks in. the door shuts behind her. I say to her "it's hopeless. All I wanted to do was help us be closer to our parents. But instead all I did was turn the kids into chipmunks and ruin the house and what not. I've lost my edge, and now I'm nothing but a screw up. I don't know why I was even born. Surely I could Dave could have adopted a -" Jeanette puts a hand on my mouth and says "shush! Don't beat yourself up so much. You're scaring me. So we turned the kids into chipmunks, SO WHAT? They're not dead are they? No! They're not! So stop acting like it's the end of the nutting world! Because it most certainly isn't!" "even if that wasn't our intent, it's what happened. And we can't seem to undo it! I swear... if I can't even undo a simple freak accident like this, do I even deserve this lab, this family, and even you? No, I nuting don't!"

(yeah I know it's kinda...nutty. To replace every curse with nuts...but tbh I think it preserves some of the "child like innocence". So therefore I continue to do it. No matter how silly it may seem. So there.) (ugghh I'm running out of idea for this. Cause I've now used the "Simon thinks he's dirt" scene twice. I might just end up doing a quick ending... something along the lines of "they suddenly changed back to normal for no reason and everybody lived happily ever after...except Brittany, who got married to a twit.)

Jeanette says "well then, I never thought I'd say something like this to you, but apparently you need it. If you feel so bad about all this, THEN FIX THE PROBLEM AND STOP WHINING ABOUT IT!" As my jaw drops I think "wow, even when she's mad at me, she is still really quite attractive. And, she does have a good point...i guess" I say "you... have a good point. If I sit around feeling sorry for myself, then **** WON'T GET DONE! I'm motivated again! I WILL fix this or my name isn't Simon Seville! And it is! (technically another sorta kinda nod to CTCD in a way.) I start looking over the notes again. And suddenly it hits me. I say "well nuts... how did we miss that?" Jeanette asks "miss what?" "this." I point to a wire in the design. Then I point to the wire in the actual machine. The two are crossed. "that. Those two crossed wires are the problem." Jeanette asks "how DID we miss that? It's so simple. We need to get the kids in here right now." "whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa! No! No kids in here!" "oh... right. um. I'll open the door. We can fix this outside." (you know what? I decided to go with the short ending anyway. Because I'm tired of this one. It's been fun, but I can't go on and on with it. I apologize for the brevity.)

We cart the machine outside and place the two sleeping...uh... chip-humans into the capsule. I turn the machine on. The smoke obscures them for a few seconds. Then the machine shuts off, and the door unlocks. Two sleepy kids stagger out of the machine slowly. Kaiden says "wow, I had the strangest dream. I was a HUUUUUUUUGE chipmunk." Josh says "wow, I had the same dream." Alvin says "that wasn't—AHHH!" I stomp on his foot as hard as I can, give him a look and say "YES Alvin! It was a DREEEAM! Let me talk to you." I pull Alvin aside. He asks "why lie to them?" I reply "It's easier." "but that's not how you norma-" " IT'S EASIER! GOT IT?" "okay okay I got it. I won't say a thing. Though Brittany might." "and we'll all say she's crazy, which is believable." "no she's no-oh wait...you're a sly munk."

The End. (finally!)