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Word Count: 737

Marriage Law Rejection Letters
Letter #1
By: Sakura Lisel

Dear Whomever it May Concern,

Are you jerks bloody mental or something? There's no way in bloody hell I'm going to take part in a marriage law of all things and be paired off with some racist pureblood pig because you jerks in the ministry think this law is a 'good idea' for the betterment of everyone? When you say 'everyone' just whom are you talking about exactly, because it sure as hell isn't for my betterment.

I don't care what the reason behind the marriage law is. If I can't be allowed to chose who I want to marry and happily spend the rest of my life having children with the person I chose, then I refuse to be tied down to one of the pigheaded racist gits who've done nothing but not only make my life miserable since day one of my entering the magical world but also the lives of every other muggleborn, half blood and non-human out there, and be miserable for the rest of my life. Nor do I plan to bring any future child of mine into such a loveless and hate filled marriage. When I marry it will be to someone I love, and my future children will grow up seeing that love and not whatever they'd be seeing if I were to marry someone I didn't love.

Your law says that if we refuse to take part in your stupid law, you'll come and arrest us and either send us to Azkaban for a few years and or snap our wands and obliviate all memories of the magical world? Well guess what? I say screw all of you. I reject your marriage law, and what it stands for and have snapped my own wand and I am sending the remains to you alongside this letter to dispose of yourselves, but I refuse to have my memories erased. I didn't risk my life and freedom to live my life the way I want to live it fighting Voldemort to have it taken away again by the ministry and their stupid law that's threatening everything I fought for.

By the time you get this letter I'll already be long gone, and starting a new life elsewhere in another country, where I plan to seek asylum in the magical world there so I won't have to deal with your crap anymore, and quite a few of my friends who feel the same way as I do are doing the same thing. Your law may have been intended to save the magical world, but instead its tearing apart what's left of it, as those of us who won't stand for it chose to leave the land we were born in rather than allow ourselves to be forced into marriage with people we can't stand.

I personally wish all of you jerks good luck on your law and whatever's left of the British magical population in oncoming years, because those of us who have chosen to leave have no intention of returning even if you repeal it now.

Sincerely Yours,
Hermione Jean Granger
Former Resident of the British Magic World

(so what do you guys think of my take on the Rejection Letters stories out there? Usually the rejection letter stories are mainly about Harry, or someone he lives with, outright rejecting going to Hogwarts in his first year if he ever managed to send a reply out. So I decided to try and do a Marriage Law Rejection Letter spoof instead.

If anyone is interested, I'm willing to take any Marriage Law Rejection Letters they might want to write and post it here. The more the merrier I say, and it doesn't all have to be about Hermione rejecting the law, but also letters from just about EVERYBODY in the Harry Potter gang who might have a beef about the law as well besides Hermione. lol)