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Word Count: 456

Marriage Law Rejection Letters
Letter #360
Submitted by: Quatermass

Dear Ministry of Firewood,

Hahahahahaha! No, seriously, I am in danger of getting a hernia from laughing so hard. You fools seriously believe that, after all you put him through, culminating with having him tossed through the Veil, that he would accede to your demands? Or for that matter, would I?

He survived your attempt at killing him. So did his godfather, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, after a series of events, he managed to summon me. Who am I? Well, the extremely simple version is that I'm basically the dark side of Jeanne d'Arc. Or Jeanne d'Ark Side, as Harry tried to make as a joke. Epic fail right there, but still, despite that unpromising beginning...he grew on me. Not in the way some people grow on you, like a fungus or something, but still...his annoying morality, even after everything you put him through, rubbed off on me.

We are very much alike. We were heroes of our country, betrayed by those in power when we should have been rewarded. I stood by him even against my former comrade Gilles de Rais. We fought alongside the likes of King Arthur and Alexander the Great, against the likes of Gilgamesh, and you think for one moment that I would be willing to kowtow to your demands? Excuse me while I laugh again.

Given what Harry has told me about you and your utter stupidity, there's probably no reasoning with you, so consider this not a threat, but rather, friendly advice. Do not press this issue, or I will burn any and all people trying to break myself and Harry up to a crisp. Are we clear?

Yours insincerely,

Jeanne d'Arc...the more interesting one.

PS. As they say back home, va te faire foutre, connards!

Author's Notes:
This latest Marriage Law Rejection Letter update was recently submitted to my review box by Quatermass. Thanks for the submission. If anyone else has any letters they want to submit, feel free to send them in. lol

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