This is a dump fic for all the smut requests I take on tumblr =u=

Will have some AUs and kinky shit.

Legit Hidashi.

Beg For It

"Hiro," Tadashi moaned, running idle hands up the thighs straddling his hips.

A shiver ran down the other's spine.

"Tadashi," Hiro gasped, fingers curling into the fabric of the elder's shirt. His legs were trembling from the pleasure as he ground his erection a little harder against his brother's clothed cock. "Please, 'Dashi, I can't… More!"

Tadashi ran dancing fingers across Hiro's feverish skin, relishing the naked beauty of his brother bucking and moaning on top of him.

"Please, let me touch you," Hiro groaned, reaching hands towards the fly of his brother's pants.

Tadashi grabbed Hiro's wrists and flipped them over so that he could press his body to the one underneath his. The older Hamada pushed up against Hiro's bare ass, his clothed bulge rubbing between two plump cheeks.

"I told, you," he growled, "no touching."

Hiro twitched and jerked suddenly, crying out and giving a full-body shudder.

Tadashi looked down in surprise at the white that coated their chests.

Hiro had just come from the sound of his voice.

A smirk pulled at his lips. So his brother had a secret voice fetish? Another one to add to the ever-growing list.

"Did you like that?" he whispered, leaning close to his brother and nipping gently at his ear. Hiro mewled and bucked his hips up to meet Tadashi's.

"Use your words, Hiro. I want to hear your voice."

"Y-yeeess," Hiro moaned breathlessly, head falling back when Tadashi ground back against his aborted attempts. "G-good, so good. Tada- ah!"

Tadashi had wrapped his fingers around his cock, closing his hand firmly over the hot, pulsing flesh. Hiro was already fully hard again.

"I want to hear it," the older Hamada hissed hoarsely. "I want to hear your voice - want to hear you beg for it."

Hiro whimpered, gasping when Tadashi went to bite at his lower lip.

"Please, 'Dashi, please. Oh please oh please oh please; fuck me. Fuck me hard!"