Prompt: Lazy Morning

Older!Hiro and Tadashi. Hidashi. Related (brothers) or not, you can decide~

They live together!AU/ Domestic!AU


clinomania (n.) excessive desire to stay in bed

The first thing to wake Hiro was not an alarm clock, not the sun shining through his curtains, not the sounds of birds chirping, nor the bustle of rush-hour downtown San Fransokyo outside their little apartment.

It was the rustle of his sheets and the warmth of another body pressing against his back, solid and familiar, that lifted him from the last dregs of his dreams and into open air.

"Hey," he heard a soft voice drift from above his head. A dead-weight arm curled around his waist. "You up yet?"

Unbidden, a tug curved Hiro's lips into a lopsided crescent. "No," he said. His voice was rough and slow; sleepy - just like its owner.

"You sure?" the voice asked, laugh present in the light tone and airy breath that went along with the words. "I put the coffee on."

"Bribery," Hiro muttered, smile growing like the plants sitting on their kitchen's windowsill. "It won't work on me, Tadashi."

A kiss was pressed to his temple; another to his cheek. The next sentence was mumbled into his neck. "Even if there's gummy bears on the side?"

Hiro considered it.

"Food's naw goin' anywh're," he yawned, smile matching the crinkling crow's feet around his eyes as he opened them into a fond squint. Twisting in place, Hiro guided his hands through messy bed hair to loop around sloping, sleep-relaxed shoulders. "When did'ya wake up?"

Tadashi's responding grin shone like the sun. "About five minutes ago, why?"

Rolling his eyes, Hiro buried his face into the other's shirt. "Mmf, damn morning person," he mumbled around cotton flannel.

The shake of laughter that rumbled through Tadashi's chest traveled through Hiro's skull and left his body feeling charged; the good kind of charge, like you were running on full battery.

He blinked and stifled another yawn.

Tadashi's fingers traced a steady trail up the line of his spine."Get up already, Bonehead."

Hiro made a flat noise of complaint. "What day even is it?"



The brief silence gave away the glance Tadashi took at the digital clock sitting on their nightstand. "Seven thirty-two."

"Too early for this," Hiro complained. "Lazy day today?"

Tadashi's eyebrow rose to mid-forehead. Hiro whipped out the puppy-dog eyes. The eyebrows sunk back to their spot resting above chocolate brown and hazelnut.



"… Fine."

The next time Hiro was awoken, it was to the tangy smell of coffee lingering in his nostrils, and the heat of a mug being pushed into his hands.