When the work has not been done

By Animemonk

When the time has come

And the thought is undone

The page is blank

The fisher never made it to the bank

The hook is bare

The fish do not despair

The logs are unchopped

The fish are uncaught

The fire has not sparked

The fish have not been speared

The product cannot be sold

The adventurer shall get no gold.

The sewer has not been entered

The manhole has not been opened

The spiders have not been angered

The spider eggs have not been taken

The giants have not been challenged

The limpwort roots have not been balanced

The pestle has not been filled

The mortar has not been used

The vials remain empty

The adventurer's wallet remains empty

The eggs have not been gathered

The chocolate has not been given

The well is still unused

The wheat is still unground

The dough has not been mixed

The tin has not been fixed

The stove is not lit

The cake has not been made

The pastries cannot be sold

The adventurer still has no gold

The ore has not been mined

The anvil has not been shined

The smelting furnace is cold

The hammer has not been used

The metal has not been made

The armor cannot be shaped

The product cannot be polished

The adventured has been missed

The hook is no longer bare

The fish shall now despair

The hatchet has been swung

The tree has fallen

The logs have been chopped

The fire has been sparked

The fish have been cooked

The rod has been unhooked

The food has all been sold

The adventurer has got his gold

The manhole lies open

The sewer has been explored

The spiders are angry

The spider eggs were taken

The giants have been defeated

Their limpwort roots have been taken

The roots have been powderized

The eggs have been used

The pestle has been filled

The mortar has been used

The vials have been filled

The yellow liquid has now been made

The concoction has all been sold

The adventurer's wallet is now full of gold

The eggs have been collected

The choclate has been accepted

The well has been used

The wheat has now been ground

The dough has now been mixed

The tin has now been fixed

The stove has been prepared

The cake has been baked

The pastries have all sold out

The adventurer's wallet now has gold spilled out

The ore has been mined

The anvil has been shined

The smelting furnace is now hot

The hammer has chipped in a spot

The metal has been finished

The armor now is finished

The product has been polished

It shines now like a mirror

The adventurer has now retuned

The people are no longer concerned

The work has been done

The adventurer has had his fun

The bank has been visited

The gold has all been deposited

The adventurer has done his crafts

He shall now finish the day

All the people are glad

And now the adventurer is taking a nap

In the morning he will wake

And the jobs he again shall take.