The Slayer

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Naruto: Dragon God Slayer and white mage of Fairy Tail

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In a country known as land of fire laid a village… not just any village but a village full of ninjas or shinobi's. This village was known as the village hidden in the leafs or konoha for short. This village was considered the most powerful in the elemental nations for their unbreakable bonds and their strict teachings in teamwork. But our story doesn't start their, no our story begins with a family.

Within this family was four members the parents and the children one boy and the other girl but this wasn't what the story is about oh no it was the members. The father was none other than the leader of the village also known as the hokage and his name was Minato Namikaze he was the current hokage or the fourth hokage and had earned the nickname the yellow flash for his speed.

The mother was a beautiful woman by anyone's right she was Kushina Namikaze and was once known as a fearful kunoichi because of her very short temper. She was so feared that they had given her a nickname the red devil of the leaf because of the way her hair got when angry.

The other two were two young seven year old children one was a young girl with red hair like her mother but with hazel eyes. The boy was a carbon copy of his father except that he had three whisker like marks on both sides of his face.

Right now we find the boy in his room looking outside his window at his parents training his sister before he would try to learn but his parents would just brush him of. Why you may ask well seven years ago when his sister and him were born a man attacked the place where their mother was giving birth outside the village.

The mask man attack and was able to rip the nine tails out of their mother and set out to destroy the village but minato was able to take the nine tails to a secluded area and with the help of kushina was able to not only beat the man but was able to seal his charka for a set amount of time. After driving the man away they restrained the nine tails and sealed half of it into their daughter Naruko and the other half back into kushina to allow her to survive.

The girl was than presented to the village by her parents and they told the village that their daughter would be the protector of their village making the villagers worships her like a hero. Though the boy was than outcast and shunned for his sister everyone didn't even know that the hokage had a son.

The boy grew up as a mere shadow of his sister he was always forgotten in everything family vacations, parties, dinners and even on his birthday. His parent merely thought of him as a pest and by now the boy was getting sick of it and he decided to try once more before giving up.

The boy than ran to the family library and started to look for something that would surely impress them and get them to finally acknowledge him.

''Hmm… tree climbing and water walking Ehehehe I'm sure naruko doesn't know this yet I'll learn this all today and show them than they'll be so proud of me they'll surely start teaching me with naruko.'' Naruto said out loud and soon took the scrolls and headed to a training ground near there to start training

When he got there he saw a small lake and many trees with a clearing soon he got to a shadowy tree and started to read. After about 30 minutes of reading the scrolls naruto got up and headed to a tree to start on tree climbing first. As naruto started to go up he slips and smashes his face into the tree.

''Ow that hurt man I guess that mean I didn't use enough chakra… well no use crying over it.'' Naruto said while getting up and trying again and again until finally after nearly 3 hours of trying he was able to do it right.

''Alright! I did it .'' Naruto said to himself and celebrated by running up and down the trees as well as upside down.

''Well I better move on to water walking to show them all I learned today.'' Naruto said after he finally calmed down a bit and had a small rest

Soon naruto started trying to learn water walking and found it to be on the same principles as the tree climbing exercise. But because he mastered the tree climbing technique he was able to get this down in only one hour.

''…Man am I tired… but I did it man won't they be proud when they see my moves.'' Naruto said with a small smile while drinking some water. After resting he decided to run home to show them what he learned.

Naruto never noticed a beautiful white haired woman looking at him with a motherly smile and face that radiated love.

''Oh naruto I'm so happy that even in a world like this that you're able to smile like nothing wrong… but you won't have to worry for much longer honey… because soon you'll soon become my new son and I promise to never let you be sad again.'' The woman said before turning into shadows and disappearing.

(With naruto)

Naruto ran home and went straight to the back yard to search for his parents and sister. He found them sitting down and resting while eating ramen so he approached them calmly so as to not surprise them.

''Mom, dad can I show you two something?'' Naruto asked while looking at them with hope in his eyes.

Minato and Kushina merely rolled their eyes and nodded for him to go ahead what he showed them both shocked and angered them. Naruko though was surprised her that her brother knew things she still didn't know as her parents hadn't taught her those things because she wasn't ready yet.

''So what do you guys think pretty cool huh?'' naruto told them while dropping down from the tree he was standing upside down on.

Before naruto could go on to show them his water walking exercise his father came up to him and smacked him across the face.

''WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING NARUTO! WHO THAUGHT YOU THIS ANYWAYS?'' Minato screamed at him making naruto have tears in his eyes and then stuttered out an answer.

''I-I took a s-scroll from t-the library t-to learn it.'' Naruto said now crying


''I HATE YOU ALL I WISH I WAS NEVER BORN!'' Naruto screamed making both of them get shocked and hurt faces for what naruto just said.

Naruto ran away toward his room, naruko wanted to talk to her brother but couldn't find the words to say so she merely stayed quiet.

(Later that night)

Naruko was currently lying on her bed looking at the ceiling and thinking of a way to make it up to her brother. She had been thinking about that for the past three hours now and still hadn't come up with anything.

''Hmm what if I get mom to make him a special dinner, no that won't work… oh I know I'll teach him some of the things mom, and dad thought me yea that'll cheer him right up… I better go and tell him right now.'' Naruko thought while getting out of bed and headed to her twin brothers room which was to her surprise at the far end of the house.

Once she got there naruko knocked on the door only to be met with silence.

''I have never been in brothers' room before I wonder what kind of stuff he has in there… why isn't he answering, could he be asleep hmm no I think his just mad and is giving us the silent treatment.'' Naruko thought and knocked again but when she didn't receive an answer this time she just went and opened the door.

Inside the room was empty and that shocked her because in her room she had way too much things from posters to stuffed animals. Her brother had nothing but a bed and a small dresser and a lamp. She couldn't believe her eyes and started to look around hoping to find something to tell her were her brother went.

That's when she found a note pinned to the wall on top of the head board of the bed. She reached out and started to read it and as soon as she finished she screamed.

(Kushina & Minato's room)

Kushina and Minato were currently getting ready for bed kushina was sitting in bed reading a book while minato was taking a shower.

''Hey minato do you think we were a bit harsh on naruto today.'' Kushina asked while putting away her book and looking at her husband who had just come out of the bathroom.

''I don't know Kushina maybe, it's just that it was a shock to learn that naruto went and did something like tap into his chakra without telling us I mean he could've gotten hurt.'' Minato said while getting into bed and staring at the ceiling.

''I know but maybe we should teach him to I mean he does need this after all to protect himself.'' Kushina said while looking at her husband

''Yea ok we'll start tomorrow and maybe he'll forgive us to.'' Minato said with hope in his voice.

''Oh I bet he will if you teach him your rasengan.'' Kushina said making him smile

''Your right well w…'' minato couldn't finish his sentence because at that moment they heard naruko scream and they instantly bolted to her room.

When they got there they found it empty and decided to head to naruto in case something happened to him too. When they arrived they entered to find naruko on the floor crying and repeating the words 'I'm sorry' over and over again.

Kushina ran toward naruko and held her close to her and whispered sweet nothings to help calm her down. Minato in the meantime decided to look around for the cause of naruko's situation. He found a note on the floor and decided to read it out loud.

''If your reading this then I'm already gone, I have decided to leave and I will never return you have shown me that I'm not wanted here and as such I'm leaving to places unknown and let you three be the family you always wanted to be without the burden of a pest like me around… I have severed all ties I have with this family so if we ever do meet again never speak to me like your son… you two lost that right a long time ago… enjoy your life with your only child.''

Signed: The Forgotten

As soon as he finished reading minato bolted out of the room and house and headed to his office to start a search party in the hopes of finding naruto.

But by the time minato and anyone else started to search naruto would be long gone.

(2 hours earlier)

Naruto sat in his room thinking about everything that happened and wondered what he did wrong. After about 30 minutes of thinking and getting nothing naruto decided he had enough and started to pack.

After he finished he went to the family library and ran-sacked the place taking everything to train himself and prove to them he could get strong without them. He then sat down and wrote a letter to them and left the compound and as he made his way down an empty street h saw a woman in the middle of it almost waiting for him.

''Hello naruto.'' The woman told him making him a little scared since this woman knew his name

''Y-yes how may I help you lady?'' naruto asked while looking at her nervously

''Do not be scared my child I have come to take you away from this place and give you everything you ever wanted… a family.'' The lady told him making naruto widen his eyes at her

''Really you can do that?'' naruto asked

''Yes dear I can so what do you say, will you let me be you new mother and give you the love you deserve?'' the woman asked naruto immediately jumped up and hugged her surprising her

''Yes please take me away as far away as possible.'' Naruto said while crying in her shoulder making her soften her eyes and hug him back

''Don't worry I will now come on we better go I wish to tell you something but not here.'' The woman said and then snapped her figures and both were now in front of a very beautiful house.

''Where are we m-mom.'' Naruto said though with a bit of hesitation though the woman merely smiled

''My home naruto…. Now though I wish for you to meet my good friend he will be you umm uncle of sort ok.'' The woman said making naruto nod his head

''Ok than let go meet him his been waiting quite patiently for us.'' The lady said and soon both started to walk down a path until they got to a cave and went in.

That's when naruto saw that the entire cave was made out of solid gold. The more they went deeper the more naruto could hear snoring.

''Well we're here wait here naruto while I go talk to him.'' The woman said gaining a nod from him. Naruto than heard the snoring stop and soon he started to get bored and how couldn't he I mean he sat there for almost 3 hours.

''Naruto please come in now.'' Naruto heard and then he stood up and head inside what he saw inside amazed him for in there he saw a huge dragon sitting up and looking at him.

''Hello there my boy please introduce yourself?'' the dragon said while looking at naruto.

''Um my name is Naruto sir.'' Naruto said making sure to not use his family name anymore

''Hmm well naruto my name is Ragnarok young one.'' The now introduced Ragnarok said

''Yes and naruto I forgot to tell you my name… well I have many names but you can call me Lily naruto.'' The now known lily said

''Umm well c-can you tell me why you brought me here?'' naruto said while looking at both lily and Ragnarok in the eyes.

''Well we wished to take you away from that life naruto and give you a better so I brought you here and Ragnarok and me have decided to make you our student as well… so what do you say naruto do you wish to learn from us.'' Lilly said while looking at him.

''What will I learn if I say yes mom?'' naruto asked wondering what they could possibly teach him.

''Well young one I could teach you the true dragon slayer arts a type of magic that was made for the sole purpose to kill dragons.'' Ragnarok said while looking at him in the eyes.

''And I can teach you the true god slayer arts naruto because the place I'm gonna take you is a world of magic a place where dragon and god used to rule till the world found out about the slayer arts.'' Lily said

''Wait you mean to say that magic is real?'' naruto question her

''Yes and the place I'm talking about is called earthland where instead of ninjas they have mages and instead of kage they have guild masters and instead of ninja villages they have mage guilds.'' Ragnarok said to him making naruto smile at that

''But we will not take you there yet naruto dear first we will train you here in this pocket dimension until you have completely mastered everything we teach you… by the end of your training you will be powerful enough to kill any dragon and god that comes your way naruto.'' Ragnarok said with complete faith in him

''So naruto are ready to be train like never before because once we start there's no going back.'' Lily said making sure naruto understood what was gonna happen

''Yes I'm ready mother I want to be the most powerful mage and ninja possible to show everyone who shunned me that I don't need their help to become strong.'' Naruto said with a burning passion in his eyes to prove the world that he could be powerful without them.

''Hmm I like your style kid very well let's begin your training right…'' before Ragnarok finished he extended his wings and flew at naruto at blinding speed

''… NOW!'' Ragnarok finished with a mighty roar.

(Six year later)

It had been six year since his training began and according to his parent figures while they were in the pocket dimension one year in there was one month outside. So he grew up normally but luckily he didn't to sleep, eat or anything while in there so his training had come along nicely. He had master his dragon slayer arts and god slayer arts in record time and had gotten a surprise when he did master them.

Why well because his mother had revealed to him to be a goddess not just any goddess on of the first goddess to come to life. That is while he was able to learn all elemental slayer art for his god slayer arts, his mother told him that since gods have to element to begin with they could teach anyone to wield all the elements should they please. That is why his mother got angry when he asked about the other god slayers in earthland calling them pretenders.

His mother called them fakers and many other things and when he asked why she called them that she said.

''They were never trained by gods naruto all they did was fuse darkness magic with element magic to make that abomination they call god slayer magic, I mean their element come out black when your come out to be a gold color so you see they are fakers naruto… so if you see any pretenders out there I want you to teach them what a true god slayer can do ok honey.'' Lily had told him and naruto had merely nodded promising to teach all the fake god slayers a lesson.

Ragnarok on the other hand had said he was a rare type of dragon known as the scale less dragon, why well because apparently his didn't have any element but he could instead use all the element like lily which had earned him the title of the dragon god even though he wasn't a god by any mean.

Now though we find a 13 year old naruto walking along a mountain terrain with his mother on his right and a floating golden sphere of light to his left.

''So dad where is this um what did you call it… oh right colony of dragons that you mentioned earlier?'' naruto asked while looking at the small light on his left.

''Patient my boy it's just over this ridge so we'll be there in maybe ten minutes.'' Ragnarok spoke

And true to his word ten minutes later they were over the ridge looking at the valley down below and were watching as maybe five dragons were either flying around or just sleeping.

''This is a colony dad I was expecting… well I don't know dozens of dragons not five.'' Naruto said while looking at the dragon going about their business

''Yes well this five are some of the last living dragon around so I guess they thought being together might up their chances of living.'' Ragnarok said

''Well go on dear and remember don't use anything other than your dragon slayer magic ok.'' Lily said making naruto nod

''Don't worry mom I'll make both of you proud.'' Naruto said before jumping down to the valley missing the smile on his mother's face.

''You already made me proud since the day I met you naruto.'' Lily said before going on to look at Ragnarok.

''Do you think he'll be alright?'' lily asked him

''Hmph he'll be just fine… in fact I bet he'll finished this in exactly ten minutes.'' Ragnarok said

''I see well than let's hope that we trained him well.'' Lilly said

And with that they back to find naruto walking up to the dragons that were looking at him with surprise, wonder, and hunger?

(With naruto)

As naruto was walking toward them the dragons just looked at him and when naruto was in front of all five of the dragons one came up and asked him a question.

''What are you doing here human leave before I devour you.'' A big blue dragon said and all naruto did was get in a fighting stance and yelled out him attack which surprised the dragons.

LIGHTING DRAGON ROAR! Naruto screamed and he shot out a huge lighting tornado that went straight to the dragon and ripped through him like a hot knife through butter.

Before the eyes of the dragons the blue one fell to the ground dead with a gaping hole in his chest where his heart should be. The other were to shocked to notice naruto move and when they did notice it was already over.

ICE DRAGON PIERCING FANG! After nearly ten minutes all the dragon were laying on the ground dead with naruto sitting on top of a dragon's corpse like it was nothing.

''Well done my boy the was absolutely amazing you are now a true dragon slayer and now that you have bathed in the blood of a dragon you have activated your drive.'' Ragnarok said to him

''Yes and once we implant the dragon lacrima into you, you will be a third generation dragon slayer and will be able to go in and out of your dragon force at will and you won't have to worry about turning into a dragon anymore.'' Lily said with a smile on her face.

''Now there is just one thing to do my boy.'' Ragnarok said to him making naruto look at them and wait for what he need to do.

''And what might that be dad?'' naruto question him with a tilt of his head

''Live naruto go on see the world, travel and meet new people join a guild make friends find a nice mate, we have finished your training and as much as it hurts us to let you go we have no other choice naruto you are 13 years old and you don't even know the world outside the pocket dimension… so please naruto go out and find yourself a grand adventure to do and pick up some friend along that adventure ok honey.'' Lily said with tears in her eyes while hugging naruto to her chest and all naruto could do was hug her back while he too started to cry.

''Don't worry mom, dad I will make both of you proud and I'll have the best adventure anyone can have my name will be known far and wide and when anyone asks who thought you everything you know I'll look up at the sky and say my mother and father, so please don't cry mom this isn't goodbye it's just a see you later.'' Naruto said with a smile

''Ok I-I won't cry anymore honey.'' Lily said with a smile

Soon they started to walk down a road for an hour or so till they got to a crossroad with a post with to signs on it. One was pointing left and said the name to a town while the other pointed to the right and also had the name of a town.

''Well I guess this is where we part way mom and dad I hope to see you two again someday… but until then see ya later you two.'' Naruto said while heading down the left path with a small duffle bag on his left shoulder and with his right hand waving goodbye to them both.

''Bye naruto and don't worry because I have a feeling that we will see each other again real soon.'' Lily said before Ragnarok and her vanished like they were never there in the first place.

(With naruto)

It had been nearly 3 hours since he parted ways with his parents and he was really enjoying the silence of the day. That is until he saw a girl walking along the same road.

''Hey there you lost?'' naruto asked and saw the girl turn toward him

''No actually I'm heading back to my guild it's called Fairy Tail have you heard of it?'' Erza said

''No actually I've been living with my parent and never had the chance to travel till now that is they finally gave me permission to travel the world and to go on many adventures.'' Naruto said

''I see well would you like to join us the master is very welcoming and everyone there treats everyone like family.'' Erza said

''Sure I would love to join this guild it sound like a cool place.'' Naruto said while holding out his hands

Soon both were shaking hand and started they walking again towards the guild known as Fairy Tail. This would be the start of a new adventure for naruto and everyone in Fairy tail. The question that remained though was would it be a good one or a bad one.

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