The True Slayer

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Chapter… um 15?

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-Fairy Tail Guildhall-

Everyone was having fun drinking and eating while some were around the job request board looking for work while others were already drunk. Mira was behind the bar with Vivian and Eli along with her in their high chairs just watching her work.

Tayuya, Kin and Naruko decided to go on an S-class job just like Erza but decided one with a higher pay would be more fun. Only Mira was left to hold down the fort while Naruto was busy filing out the paperwork for Natsu's little renovation on Hargeon port.

Just when people thought, it was going to be a peaceful day for once the front doors busted open to reveal Natsu, Happy and a blonde girl.

"We made it back alive!" Natsu screamed

Everyone screamed in excitement at seeing Natsu return with what they assumed was a new member.

"So Natsu is back huh?" Gray screamed while stripping and was about to head over to him before he saw Natsu kick Rowan in the face.

"Bastard you lied to me!" Natsu screamed.

"You're the idiot who left before you let me finish." Rowan said while punching in the face.

With that, all hell broke loose everyone started swinging left and right punching anyone that got in his or her way.

Mira seeing this decided to go and talk with the newcomer and get her name seeing as Natsu forgot about her. As she made her way towards her Lisanna joined her sister also curious about the newbie.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail my name is Mirajane Strauss and this is my sister Lisanna Strauss." Both sisters smiled at her making Lucy squeal in excitement.

"Oh my god it's the real Mirajane… wait aren't you married to the master of this guild." Lucy asked since she had read about her and the Master being a couple and having a child together.

"Unfortunately no we haven't had the time to preform our wedding but we are working on it still we just need to find a perfect time for it." Mira told her a little sad about it but not worried since she knew how busy Naruto currently was.

"Now I'm betting you wish to join our guild right?" Lisanna asked her.

Before Lucy could answer, a big man came flying by slamming into Mira and her sister and sending crashing into some tables nearby.

"T-this guild is a l-lot of fun n-no?" Mira asked before blacking out.

Lucy freaked out and ran towards them while yelling hysterical at them not to die while all around her the chaos grew.

-Master's Office-

Naruto was busy filling out the needed paperwork to apologize to the council for Natsu's stupidity as well as signing reimbursement papers to help fund the repairs that were being made to the port.

Just when he was going to finish he felt a buildup in magic in the guildhall and knew that Natsu had returned and started another guild brawl.

Standing up Naruto jumped over his desk and ran outside to stop it only to see everyone charging up his or her magic and taking aim.

"Enough all of you!" Naruto yelled out freezing everyone in place except Natsu who was laughing his ass off.

"Look at all of you scared I guess this makes me the winner by default."

Natsu couldn't continue to laugh since a large foot stomped on him slamming him into the floor.

"Oh Master you're done with your paperwork already?" Mira asked having gotten up and now stood next to Lucy Lisanna had left to look after both Elizabeth and Vivian.

"This is the Master!" Lucy was able to squeak out while looking at Naruto's Titan form.

The next thing she saw was Naruto shrinking down to his 6'2" height with his foot still on Natsu. He turned around and looked at her before smiling and walking toward her with a warm smile on.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail um…" Naruto let her fill in her name for him.

"L-lucy sir." She said while bowing to him making Naruto laugh and place a hand on her shoulder.

"No need to bow now if you'll excuse me I have to teach my members a lesson." Naruto told before disappearing in a ray of light before appearing on the second floor.

"You damn irresponsible brats have gone and done it again… the magic council is furious with our antics from Natsu blowing up Hargeon Port to Cana charging them for her alcohol consumption."

"Crap they found out." Cana said while looking down to avoid making eye contact with Naruto.

"As well as Loki hitting on one of the council members granddaughter along with Gray stripping in front of a client… if this goes on then I just have one thing to say to all of you reckless idiots..."

Lucy looked on in fear since everyone was looking away in disappointment for angering their master and brining shame to the guild.

"… To hell with the magic councils rules and to hell with what others might think of us for this is what makes us better than others because we don't follow their rules we follow our hearts and so long as we do that than there is no reason for this uptight idiot to get angry so listen up all of you…" Naruto looked around seeing everyone smiling ear to ear after hearing Naruto cheer for them.

"Like our late third master once said all magic that surpasses reason still comes from reason right? Magic isn't some kind of miraculous power it is a talent that only works when the flow of energy inside of us and the flow of energy in the natural world are in perfect synchronization to preform one must have a strong mind and the ability to focus. It should take over your being and come pouring out of your very soul if all we do is worry about following rules, then our magic will never progress." Naruto said while many started seeing Makarov in his place lecturing them.

Most were smiling warming at seeing the spirit of Makarov live inside of Naruto while others were in tears at remembering the kind old man they had the honor of calling their father.

"Don't let those idiots on the council scare you, follow the path in which you all believe in. Cause that's what makes this great guild of ours family, that's what it mean to belong to the Fairy Tail guild, that's what it mean to be number one!"

With his speech over everyone last member roar in happiness over his words while Lucy smiled and laughed at seeing everyone motived and inspired by their master.

Naruto watched on as everyone laughed and smiled at each other. He was happy to see his guild the guild he vowed to protect filled with such amazing people.

'Old man, look at your children now feel their love for this guild the guild you love to your dying breath… the guild I'll love till my dying breath like you.'

Just as Naruto turned around to leave he stopped when he heard a voice he thought he'd never hear again.

'They're your children now my boy so love them like I did you, nurture them like I did you, live for them like I did for you.'

Naruto let some tears fall hearing his voice in the wind and smiled knowing that no matter where he was he was still looking out for them.

'I will old man I promise you that.'

Mira saw from down below on the first floor Naruto cry and wondered what could have made him cry.

"Sooooo, um how do I become a member Miss Mirajane?" Lucy asked breaking her from her thoughts.

Mira snapped her head towards her and chuckled at forgetting her standing there right next to her.

"Silly me, come this way and I'll get you all set up."

Lucy walked with her seeing everyone clean up their mess with some leaving to start their jobs or some sitting down at the bar and ordering beer.

"Now what color and where would you like your mark?" Mira asked while taking out the stamp from under the bar.

"Wait just like that I become a member?" Lucy asked shocked this was all it took to become a member of the most popular guild.

"Pretty much, there is no test or requirement to join so where is it going to be?" Mira asked once more.

"Oh um on the back of my right hand in… pink." Lucy excitedly said while holding out her hand.

Just like that she saw her mark appear and it was official Lucy was now a full member of Fairy Tail.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail Lucy." Lisanna said while smiling at her and hugging her.

"Thank you so much!" Lucy hugged her back while running off and finding Natsu by the job board.

"She's an excited one no?" the voice of Tayuya made itself known to all making them turn around to show Naruko, Kin and Tayuya herself walking in casually.

"Welcome back Tayuya, Kin, Naruko!" the entire guild yelled out.

This surprised Lucy who asked Natsu who this three were to garner such a warm welcome.

"Hey, Natsu who are those three?" Natsu looked at her before realizing she had not seen them before.

"Those three along with Mira and another are Master Naruto's Mates as well as three of our S-class Mages." Natsu informed her making Lucy look at them in a new light.

"Welcome back you three did everyone thing go well?" Mira asked already knowing the answer.

"Yup piece of cake." Naruko said while smiling and giving her the peace sign.

"Do you wish to eat here or at home?" Mira asked

"Nah we'll head home for the day and rest we're tired." Kin said while turning around and heading home with the other two right behind her.

-Master's Office-

Naruto was sitting behind his desk reading over some paperwork when his communication lacrima lit up.

"Huh who could this be?" Naruto questioned himself.

"Master Naruto I presume?" a man wearing glasses asked while waiting patiently.

"You'd be correct sir…"

"Lahar I'm with the magic council sir and well we heard you were interested in joining the Magic Council?"

"You'd be correct once more; I was actually just finishing up some paperwork that they had once sent me just in case I changed my mind." Naruto said while leaning back into his chair.

"That will not be necessary sir the Magic Council is pleased and honored to have such a powerful mage such as yourself interested in serving the law that they have agreed to allow you to join." Lahar told him while bowing his head.

"I am most honor to be accepted Lahar I just need to know what I must do?"

"Nothing sir just come by at your earliest disposal and we will swear you in."

"I'm glad but I must ask if this will interfere with my guild master duties?"

"No sir the council only convenes when there are major things to discuss other than that you may do as you please."

"Very well I will try to go as soon as possible." Naruto said while nodding his head.

"We will be expecting you soon then." With that, Lahar hanged up.

This left Naruto thinking of how best to start gathering the needed information to expose the Magic Council.

"I really need a drink right now." Naruto said while rubbing his forehead.

-Next Day-

Once more Natsu proved to be quite the handful giving Naruto was reading the outcome of Natsu's little excursion to Mt. Hakabe where he had gone off to help Macao.

Apparently, Tayuya had bumped into Macao's kid and had said somethings in her tired state that had upset the kid prompting Natsu to go off and look for him.

Now we find said woman sitting at the bar just relaxing and drinking with Cana while everyone else drank and left on jobs.

"Oi Tayuya want to go on another job?" Kin asked since she was bored.

"Why don't you take princess she's not doing anything?" Tayuya suggested making Kin look at Naruko just eating Ramen.

"So Naruko what to you say just you and me on a job?" Kin asked her.

"Sure I don't mind I don't have anything to do either way."

With that both stood up and walked to the second floor to get a job Tayuya merely ordered another drink.

"Hey has anyone seen Natsu?" Narutos voice was heard making everyone look at him.

"Lucy and him just took the book burning job that has been up there for a few weeks." Mira informed him making him look at her.

"Wait didn't I give you the revised one yesterday Mira?" Naruto asked making team Shadow Gear look at him before asking.

"Revised how so Master?"

"The job was changed from two hundred thousand jewels to two million."
Everyone stood shocked at that.

"All too just for a lousy book!" Jet screamed while Levy seemed to deflate.

"Ah man and I really needed the cash."

From the corner of his eye, Naruto saw Gray stand up and leave to where he guess was Natsu's location.

"Guess I'll have to wait to punish him for what he did back in Hargeon Port." With that Naruto turned to leave but not before remembering something important.

"Oh right Mira I'll be heading out early for the Master's meeting so I'm leaving your in charge till I return ok."

"Sure thing Naruto." Mira smile while giving him a mocking salute.

Naruto then vanished in a blue ball of fire leaving everyone amazed at his many flashy exits.

"Show off" Was all Tayuya said in regards to his flashy exit.

-Naruto's home-

Naruto merely came home to shower and eat before heading out but not before walking into his children's room and seeing them sound asleep.

He went over and kissed them goodbye before heading downstairs where the babysitters was sitting reading a book.

"Thanks again for looking out for my children you two." Naruto thank them once more.

"It's no problem at all Master we're happy to help." The girl said with a smile.

"What she said, your daughters are absolute angels." The boy replied.

"Well later Bisca, Alzak I'll see you guys after I return from my Guild Master's Meeting."

"Have a safe trip Master." Bisca said while waving goodbye before they saw him leave in a golden lightning bolt.

-Era- 3 hours later-

Naruto was seen walking down the halls with four Rune Knights around him leading him to the council members. As they made turn after turn Naruto started thinking that maybe the knights had gotten lost until they stopped in front of two large double doors.

"They are waiting inside Naruto-sama." One said while they moved to the sides to let him through.

"Thank you." Was all he said as he walked inside to see all the council members present and waiting for him.

"Ah at last you join us Master Naruto so please step into the center to begin your swearing in." The Chairman said quite excitedly for once.

"As you wish." Naruto then walked to the center where they all could see him and waited.

"Do you Naruto Ragnar swear to uphold justice no matter the cost?"

"I do."

"Do you Naruto Ragnar swear to follow our rule and punish those who do not?"

"I do."

"Do you Naruto Ragnar swear Loyalty to the Magic Council while forgoing all others?"

"I do."

"Then as Chairman I hereby make you an honorably member of the Magic Council: Era."

Everyone clapped including Siegrain and a woman he had never seen but for some reason looked familiar.

"Come now Naruto take a seat among us and let us now begin this meeting between council members."

Naruto merely walked toward an empty seat, which happened to be next to the woman who smiled at him. He smiled back while keeping him eye on everyone and trying to gauge who was worth forgiving and who wasn't.

'Guess I have to get to work huh… I have two days before the Master's meeting guess I can research a little beforehand.'

With that, his infiltration had begun and all he had to do now was wait and see what this old fools did before acting.

-Natsu, Lucy-


"Huh lullaby as in what Mira and Erza sing Eli and Vivian to go to sleep?" Natsu asked while looking at all three tied up dark mages.

Just then, a giant hand made out of Shadow dragged them all down into the ground leaving the Fairy Tail mages dumbfounded.

"What the hell was that?" Gray asked

"I don't know but it can't be any good…" Lucy said while trying to remember where she heard that word before.

"We better hurry and get back to the guild I bet Naruto might know about this Lullaby business." Gray said getting all of them to agree.

-Unknown Town-

Walking down a road with a giant horn in one hand was Erza Scarlet having finished her latest job.

"I'm getting rusty if a job like this took me a week to complete." She said to herself.

"I guess I'll stop here for the night and continue tomorrow… hmm there seems to be a nice place to eat first."

As she walked inside, she saw all the men look at her with lust in their eyes but one well place glare and they all squirmed away.

"How may I help you ma'am?" the bartender asked.

"I'll have your special and some wine please." Erza said while sitting down and let her ears wonder.

That is until she heard quite an interesting bunch talk about something she didn't understand but was intrigued either way.

"Here you go ma'am." The bartender said while placing her order down in front of her.

"Thank you."

As she was going back to hear some more from the mages she saw they had already left.

'Erigor… why does that name sound so familiar?'

Poor Erza wouldn't remember the name until she was aboard the train back to Magnolia tomorrow.

Naruto has joined the Council, Natsu, his team has encountered Eisenwald, and Erza has heard part of their plan. What will happen at the meeting place with Naruto there? You will have to wait until next time my friends.

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