So guys I decided I would do some one shots for A Normal Life but a squeal may still pop up at some point. I'm also working on another story and will post as soon as I get a beta for it.

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Terry peered over the side of the storage container to the ground below "you're crazy mate" he mumbled glancing over his shoulder at the blonde haired teen.

The blonde smiled widely, jumping where he stood "it's not that far down" he pulled the hood of the black jacket he wore over his golden locks.

"You couldn't wait?" Jay pulled himself onto the container and collapsed beside his twin, dust covering the black hoodie that Alex had insisted they wore.

The sun had set an hour ago and the stars now shone down on the three teens who had taken a detour on their way to the Youth Centre.

"Dad will eradicate us if he finds out we did this" Terry pointed out fairly.

Alex shrugged "come on guys, it'll be fun, I've done it before and I'm fine"

"You're a super spy" Jay stated.

"Was, now are you ready? Try and keep up!"

Not waiting for a confirmation Alex took a running start his mind racing as he jumped over the gap between the first and second storage container, his feet making the metal echo as he landed.

A laugh bubbled over as he continued to run, jumping the gaps, everything forgotten.

Looking to the side Alex seen the twins running at his side and he let out a yell of glee as they jumped and tumbled before continuing on their way.

Alex noticed the container in front of them was higher than the rest so he was able to propel himself up catching the edge and pulling himself up to safety.

Terry skidded to a stop, tripping over his own feet in order to avoid a collision with the metal. Unfortunately Jay wasn't as lucky and his hand missed the edge by a centimeter.

Alex twirled round at the yell of pain and thud "Jay!" he raced to the edge and jumped from the container, landing beside his fallen brother "are you okay?" his hands went to touch the ankle Jay had in his grip.

"I think I broke my bloody ankle" Jay hissed between clenched teeth.

"Yup Dad is going to eradicate us" Terry sat on the ledge of the container above them.


Ben had not been happy when three of his kids tried to sneak up the stairs pass him, letting out a loud cough, he smirked as the three teen cringed and slowly turned to face him, eyes glued to the floor.

"Something you want to tell me?" Ben raised an eyebrow "you should have been home half an hour ago" he looked at his watch "which means you missed curfew"

"Well" Alex drew the one word out as he finally gazed up at the man "funny story we kind of" he broke off in a mumble.


Terry let out a deep breath "Jay may or may not have broken his ankle because we might or might not have went running across shipping containers"

Taking in the black clothes Ben restrained from rolling his eyes "into the sitting room, now, Snake is here he can take a look at your ankle" he herded the trio into his friend.

"Hey Snake" Alex greeted

"Cub, what seems to be the problem, I know that look Ben" he sat his coffee down.

"Jay thinks his ankle may be broken, they went running across some storage containers apparently, and how did you even get home?" Ben questioned.

Terry rubbed the back of his neck "Alex and I supported him, team work yay"

"You're still in trouble"


Snake took a hold of the ankle with gentle fingers but Jay still let out a hiss "it's not broken" Snake announced "sprained but not broken, you're lucky Jay you could've seriously hurt yourself, what were you thinking?"

"Alex said it would be fun" Jay pouted setting the ice on his swelling injury.

"Alex isn't always right" Snake said with sarcasm.

"I am most of the time" Alex smirked playfully "and it was fun…until Jay ruined it"

Ben sighed heavily "you're grounded"