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Alex's jaw cracked as he yawned. Rubbing his chin the teenager made his way down the steps and towards the kitchen before pausing. Blinking heavily Alex took in the sight. K-unit lay on the sitting room floor, huddled behind over turned coffee tables, their backs to the wall.

"Ah" he raised a fair eyebrow "what are you doing?"

Eagle peeked over the coffee table "today Cub is the day we surrender our pride and hide like we did in our first week of SAS training" he ducked back down.

Alex hummed, perplexed he moved into the kitchen heading towards the sink for a glass of water "I wouldn't use that if I were you" Alex span on his heels to scowl at Steve who sat innocently on the counter.

It was unnerving some days how relaxed he was in the house, how anyone could sneak up on him "why not?" he demanded to know, his tongue feeling heavy.

"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed" Steve grumbled "today is April 1st" he informed, crunching on his apple.

"Which means?"

"That until noon all pranks can be pulled without any repercussions"


"Yeah" Steve laughed "don't worry, K-unit take the worse of it. A few years ago they pranked Jay, Ryan, Terry and Carlos all day, since then revenge has been sweet. They usually stay away but with Dad away and after everything, well" he shrugged, standing "I'll be in my room until noon"

The blonde watched the younger leave before eyeing the fridge with distrust, deciding his thirst outweighed the risk he slowly opened the door, smiling when nothing happened. He had just poured water into a glass when Snake tip toed into the room.

The man glanced around "hey Alex, you didn't happen to get that water from the tap did you?"

Alex gave his best confused face "where else would I get water?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Good, good" Snake grabbed a glass before putting his hand on the tap. The boy escaped when he heard the splashing of water, Snake's surprised yell and cursing following him "Cub, you traitor! That better be bloody brown food colouring or I swear!"

A squeal came from the sitting room, Eagle sprinting out the door and pass the boy, pink paint on his back. Wolf and Lynx could be heard throwing out threats but another high pitched squeal had the house frozen.

"Retreat!" Jay and Carlos sprinted passed Alex, paintball guns hanging over their backs and war paint on their faces.


Alex decided to join them in the running when Wolf hobbled from the room, pink paint on his crotch and face pale.

Skylar, Terry and Scott missing had him on alert "I should've went out with Ryan" he muttered.

The brown eyed spy was just in time to see Eagle fling a door open and a bucket of paint to fall on his head, covering his mouth Alex tried to hold in the giggles but it was futile. Eagle glared through the green paint covering his face, droplets hitting the once clean wooden floor.

Terry and Skylar high fived at the end of the hall "come join us Rider" Skylar threw over her shoulder as the duo skipped away from the fuming man. Alex followed.


It was just after ten when Alec decided Scott needed to have some breakfast, the youngest stomach had been rumbling for over an hour. Hefting Scott onto his back Alex made his way into the kitchen. Lynx had his head on the counter, phone at his side ringing, once it stopped it started again and the man groaned.

Snake was sitting on a chair at the sink, holding his hands to stop the water from spreading.

"You could put a towel over it" Alex suggested.

"I would except for the fact my hands are stuck!" he roared a vein in his head popping, Scott glanced at Alex in surprise. Setting Scott on the floor the younger opened the fridge and took out the food he knew hadn't been messed with.

"What about you?" Alex asked Lynx.

Lynx glanced up "phone is superglued, they must have put adverts up somewhere because it won't stop ringing and it has been hacked so I can't put it on silent" Scott gave an evil chuckle at this "however I need to be beside it because I'm waiting on a very important phone call"

The blonde took some of the food from Scott "that's not too bad" he reasoned with Lynx.

"It's his first year, lucky him" Snake snarked.

"Where's Eagle?" he knew where Wolf was and he hoped that the trio in charge of that prank could run faster than the angry man.

"He hasn't come out of the shower" Lynx informed.

Alex lifted the Oreos off the shelf when Scott pointed to them, handing them over. Scott handed one to Lynx, his baby blues wide and innocent. "Thanks" Lynx took a bite, gagging when he tasted the toothpaste "seriously! How did they turn you?" he threw the Oreo at the laughing child.

"Come on" Alex took the food and Scott's hand as they left the fuming men behind.

"Guy's I'm home!" Ben called into the house as he shut the door. Turning he froze at his old unit standing on the stair case, a hand covering his mouth to stop the shocked laugh.

"Never again" Lynx stressed the words, eyes wild as he grabbed his coat "there's a smashed phone on your counter!" he cried over his shoulder as he slammed the door.

Snake was drenched but sat on the stairs calmly, a water gun in his steady grip.

Eagle pointed to his hair which had turned an bright green colour "apparently it's appropriate because as Terry says 'You're the Joker of the group Eagle'" he let out a hysteric laugh "the Sergeant is going to shoot me, bring me back to life then shoot me again!"

Wolf stared his friend in the eye as he loaded his paintball gun "I will not disclose the location of your children until then have learned that I will destroy them" his skin was dotted a faint orange tint.

Ben bit his lip "Is that fake tan?"

Wolf grinned "and it hasn't even fully developed yet" just as he finished the sentence an alarm rang out in the house, gleeful cheering following.

"NOOOOOO!" Eagle complained, staring at the time in disbelief.

"Better luck next year K-Unit!"

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