It had been a normal day for Kanda Yuu.

A Tuesday like any other.

He had scowled past his green haired secretary who, like she had everyday, handed him his green tea in a soil brown cup with a bright white smile as he strolled quickly by. He'd fought off the fiery red headed Lavi Bookman, his always annoying co-worker, and just as he had everyday sent a green bubble text to his loving husband before burying himself in his paperwork.

He hated Tuesday's, mostly because of the paperwork, it was black letters on white paper.

Like he hadn't seen enough black and white in his life.

In fact Kanda never thought he would see colors.

Not until he met the love of his life.

Everyday the world had been bleak and boring, filled with blacks and whites and shades of gray.

It was all anyone ever saw until they truly loved someone.

And when Allen Walker strolled into his view the world turned so beautiful and vibrant that he never stopped admiring everything around him.

Including his husband of 17 years.

Yes, Allen was pale, and his messily styled white hair was... Well, white. He wasn't the most colorful person naturally. The most colorful things about Allen were his choice in clothing and the red-pink scars that marred his right arm and eye, but... Allen's white was more beautiful and vibrant and blinding then all the other colors.

All these years Allen reminded him of clouds and snow, his white was not the white of colorless years, Allen would always be dazzling, always his light in the darkness.

It had been so long since he's lived without color, he would have forgotten what it was like if it wasn't for those baka Tuesday morning papers.

But he had learned to live with them, he hadn't let it bother him too much really, he was too busy enjoying the subtle beauty of his color filled days.

But then came the day that was supposed to be like any other.

That damn Tuesday.

It was just as he finished up the last of his morning papers when he felt something change inside himself, a bubble of bad feelings welled up inside him, a sudden nausea falling over him.

Why did he suddenly feel like he was going to be sick?

It worried him, what was this heaviness in his stomach? This headache growing behind his eyes?

On an instinct he pulled out his sleek dark blue phone.

Strange... No reply from Allen?

He'd always reply back, even if it was just with a smiling emoji, always.

Something was very wrong.

Kanda stood from his cushy leather chair, rubbing his temples as his head began to throb, and when he moved to take a step his vision suddenly flashed to those empty shades and back again.

For a second he was shocked, wondering if his eyes where playing tricks on him, when he noticed the colors around him beginning to fade in the corners of his eyes. Slowly fizzling out, like an old film burning away on the reel, the deep shades of his office that he'd picked out himself beginning to fade to black and white and grey.


No, no, no, no, no.

It couldn't be...

He could feel himself begin to shake, the memory of Allen's words this morning echoing in his mind.

Allen said he was running some errands today.

Yuu had told him to be careful.

He'd kissed him goodbye at the door.

He'd told him he loved him.

What happened? Where is he? Was it an accident? Was it Allen's fault?

Did it even matter?

Was he all alone?


The dark haired mans hands trembled, his heart cracking down its middle, he spoke so weakly and brokenly he didn't even sound like himself, it was a noise he'd never heard himself make. It was agonizing, and he felt to much pain to suddenly and his knees went so weak that he collapsed right there in his office, half his figure hidden behind his desk.

Kanda had known this day would come, that for awhile, the black and white would haunt one of them again.

Tears prickled the corners of his eyes, pain filling his bones as he began to feel like his soul was being torn apart, the colors he'd seen everyday for over 18 years quietly draining back to the shades of his lonely years as his vision blurred.

Why now? Why Allen?

He knew that... he knew that this day would come but he never thought it'd be so soon, he'd always hoped...

Kanda had always hoped he'd die before Allen.

So that he'd never have to live in a world that bleak again.

But here he lay, tears rolling across his face, body unsteadily shaking against his will, strong desperate hands clutching at his chest, searching for the source of his agony, reaching for his own heart.

He gasped for a deep sobbing breath, blinking a new pair of wet tears down his features as he watched the last of the color he'd loved so much drain out of his sight.

"No, no, no, no, no, no" he heard himself mumble and hiss and gasp. He barely heard his secretary enter the room, didn't notice her rushing to his side, his faintly vibrating cell lying on the floor with him.

He could only focus on the sharp stabbing pain that jabbed his heart like an arrow as the last drop of color left him behind, because when he felt that pain, he knew.

When you lost the person who you loved the most, they took the colors they brought you with them.

Allen was gone... He would never get to see Allen's shining white again, never hold him, never kiss him, never again see his shining silver eyes as he told him he loved him...

Allen was dead.

And Kanda would never see the colors of the world ever again.

The world became black and white and grey all over again... He hated it, it was a nightmare...

But then what was the point of colors without Allen?

Without his Moyashi?