It all started with the girl who could read minds. Hi I'm Rachel. I live with parents and a couple of pets. It had been two months since I came back from Lyrian, leaving all my friends (including Jason) behind because of the stupid prophecy that Darin the Seer foretold. One of us had to leave and one of us had to stay. Jason missed his parents and all, but he wanted to stay with Corrine (if you saw her you would know why).

Anyway, I was barley starting to get over it when the blonde who could read my mind showed up with her three boyfriends and a kid super model. Okay, so me and my family were on vacation when it happened. Jason's parents had been blaming me for Jason staying behind in Lyrian and I needed some air. I passed under as many arches and looked for as many singing hippos as I could and still couldn't get back to Lyrian.

Nonetheless, I was sitting on a bench in some park when suddenly a black hole opened in the sky and five kids fell out of it. At first I was too stunned to really do anything except stare. No one else seemed to notice.

I started observing them because I didn't think they saw me staring. One girl had blond and brown eyes and was wearing a dress with a cloak around her that made her look awfully silly, although her friends were all wearing cloaks. There were three boys there, one that had black hair and an odd color of teal eyes and looked to be around the age of 15 or 16. Another boy had strawberry blonde hair and also had blue eyes. And the last boy, who looked to be younger than the other two, had spiky black hair and a stupid grin on his face. Then there was the last girl. She probably tied with Corinne on my 'prettiest girls I have ever seen' scale.

Finally, the boy with the stupid grin spotted me staring. He turned to the blonde girl and she looked right at me. The started to confer about something and while they looked away I ran to the nearest bush to hide. There was something off about them, and it wasn't just their clothes. I could feel some presence with them, a presence I hadn't felt since I used Edomic a few months back.

I used the bushes as a cover and creeped closer to them. I could faintly make out a few words, "I thought that the orbs protected anyone from seeing us," The strawberry blond said.

The blond nodded and turned back to where they had seen me, "Were did she go?"

Strawberry shrugged, "Foster, aren't you the one that can sense people's minds?"

The blond girl blushed, "Right," She closed her eyes and her head shot to were my bush was. Edomic would be really great right now, I thought. She was almost right in front of me and instinct cut in. Without even thinking I murmured the suggestion that the girl stop. To my surprise she did.

"Are you okay, Sophie?" the black hair asked the blond, who must've been Sophie.

"I can't move, it like I want to, but I can't." Sophie said.

The teal eyed guy closed his eyes and faced my bush, "I can hear her thoughts," he said, "She's surprised that it worked."

"That what worked, Fitz?" Sophie asked.

Smileys also turned toward the bush were I was hiding; he started to walk towards me. I wanted to use the Edomic again, to see if it was just me or if I imagined Sophie stopping, but I didn't want to cause more trouble. He stopped right in front of my bush and reviled me. "Um, let's ask her." He suggested. He grabbed my arm, but I shrugged him off.

All five of the kids looked at me suspiciously, and I smiled, "Um…er… Hi, how's it going?" I said.