Rachel's POV

Honestly, my last conversation with Sophie got me uncomfortable. I didn't mean to push Sophie too far, but everyone but Jason and I kept looking at Dex like he was the worst thing since Maldor. And Dex noticed it too, the sad thing was, he didn't even know what he did wrong anymore.

I glanced at Sophie; she was nibbling on some bread and looking at Fitz. I guess they were transmitting.

Hey, I conveyed to Fitz.

Hi Rachel. I thought you were asleep it's pretty late. He conducted back.

Oh, sleep is boring; we all know nothing happened during the day.

Really, because I just heard that Jason and Keefe had to go fight off a tiger while you ate.

See? They get to have all the fun! Anyway, just wanted to check in on you. How are things? Sleep well?

I haven't slept. I was about to, but you started transmitting to me.

Oh did I? Ditto! Ever since I left Lyrian I've learned to survive on four hour of sleep. C'mon Fitz, I thought you could do better than that!

Fitz glanced up at me from his bread and frowned, No wonder your always grumpy.

Excuse me? I am not grumpy all the time! Why would you convey that?!

From the corner of my eyes I saw a Fitz with a small smirk on his face. I glared at him. Fine I'll leave you alone. I transmitted to him. He smiled and fell asleep in his sleeping bag. I looked around. Everyone was asleep except for Keefe, who was on watch, but he looked too tired to do much good of something was coming at us.

I walked up to him, "Hey, why don't I take first watch? You look sort of tired." Keefe frowned, "What? I could take on an army faster than Gigantor can." He yawned.

"No, go on to sleep. You won't impress Sophie much if you look like the walking dead tomorrow." I said.

Keefe nodded, "Your right." Then he blushed, "I mean about me needing sleep! Not about anything else." I laughed, "You blushed." I teased. Keefe felt his face as if it were surreal that he just blushed, "I'm going to sleep now."

Keefe tucked himself in his sleeping bag and was soon asleep.

I had been sitting there or about two hours when the arrow almost took off my head. I was listening to the silence (I do that a lot, don't judge) when I heard a twig crack. My head shot to my left. An arrow sailed over my head past a tree. The intruder was close so he or she could have easily taken my head off, but for some reason, decided not to.

An Edomic phrase was at the tip of my tongue when someone revealed himself.

My eyes winded and I almost died as my eyes landed on the intruder.

(Yes I'm that cruel) Sophie's POV

I was in his mind again. They told me it was just a trick and not to fall for it, but I was still scared, "Everblaze." Fitz told me

"Okay," I responded. "No, Everblaze" he said again.

I don't know why, but I ignored him. I wasn't until it was too late I realized what he meant. But by that time I was too late, someone had already died because of me.

I woke up sweating and gasping for air. It was still night time and Rachel was on guard. She looked wide awake, so I assumed that she just woke up. I knew I wasn't going to sleep anytime soon so I walked up to her. She seemed startled to see me. "You scared me!" she whisper yelled.

"Sorry, did Keefe just get off duty." (I know what some of you are thinking and stop it…) I asked. Rachel shook her head, "No I've been up for a couple hours now. Keefe was pretty tired so I took my shift early." She said. "Why are you awake?"

I frowned, "Um, let's just call it a bad dream." Rachel nodded, "I used to get those a lot."

"Used to?"

"Yeah, Jason was on a quest when the Great War took place. I wasn't. I was there. My friend, Ian, was killed because of something I did. I wanted to help, but I just made things worse. Almost all of my closest friends died during the Great War." Rachel's eyes started to water. "Ferrin, even though he did betray us, Tark…Drake," her voice cracked.

"I'm so sorry, I can't image." I said.

Rachel wiped her eyes, "No, I'm sorry, I asked you to tell me about your dreams and I ended up crying in the end."

"It's okay."

"So, of these dreams are keeping you up at night it might help to talk about it?"

I nodded, "Yeah, maybe, but talking about it might make it worse." Rachel frowned, "Sophie, if you can't sleep anymore because of the fear you might have a dream I don't think it can get any worse." Actually, she had no idea how many times I thought that things couldn't get worse. But they still did, but I decided not to mention it.

"Okay, so I was trying to heal someone's mind, but there was a trap waiting for me." I started. Then I explained the entire situation to her. In the end Rachel just nodded. "Wow. You were kidnapped? That's awful. I just don't get it sometimes. People are so mean sometimes, and for what? In the end they just hurt people with no result."

I smiled sadly, "I know, but it's just the way some people, and elves, are. No one can change that."

"See, that's were your wrong," Rachel said, "Someday, someone will finally change things. It might take some time, but once everyone realizes that peace is better than war, everything will change."

I couldn't help but applaud Rachel's faith in the world, but I knew better. There was always going to be war. People are so greedy that there was no way war would ever stop. The more I thought about the more impossible it seemed.

But Rachel thought differently, she had hope. That one day things will change. One day everyone will realize how stupid war really was. Sadly, I didn't think that day was any time soon.

Anyway, Rachel and I chatted for a bit then I went back to sleep. A little while later I woke up, and with blurred vision I saw what was happening. My heart stopped when I it finally hit me.


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