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Dirty Love II

Rita Farr or otherwise known as Elastic-Girl woke up in an unknown room with a splitting headache as she struggled to clear her vision; the last thing she remembered was getting separated from the rest of the Doom Patrol and then a blunt object smashed against her face, knocking her unconscious. Remembering the assault that knocked her unconscious, Elastic-Girl jumped to attention as her vision cleared and she quickly discovered that her arms and legs were bound behind her back and that she was naked. But it wasn't being hogtied that scarred the woman, no, what she feared was the fact that she was naked in this unfamiliar room and then hogtied. The mother wasn't concerned about being hogtied because she just figured that the person who tied her didn't know about her powers and she could easily break free of her bounds and then escape and get back home to her husband to take care of her needs that have shamefully risen from being in a bondage situation, which always drove her crazy. The brown haired woman tried to use her powers but found them to be unresponsive; startle she tried again and got the same result, prompting her to look around the room for anything that would stop her from using her powers and then she saw it.

The collar fastened tightly around her neck.

'The collar around my neck must be blocking my powers.' Elastic-Girl noted in her head as she shivered in arousal and shame.

Arousal at the bondage the sight of the collar fastened tightly around her neck, and the shame for getting turned on by being collared by god knows who. She tried to shake those feelings of lust and shame away and she remembered the last time she wore a collar. It was college and she had just ended her last relationship with some loser who didn't approve of her kinks and fetishes. She didn't understand what was so bad; not like she wanted someone to spit on her or treat her like a slave or something, no, all she wanted was someone who put the collar on her, tie her up and dominate her during sex. Was that really such a bad thing? The collar was always the most exciting part for her and that was usually where the guys and one or two girls ditched her and told her that she was a freak for having those preferences. As the years went by and she found herself in the Doom Patrol and in a relationship with Steve Dayton aka Mento, she would occasionally wear a collar while she masturbated and thought about her husband dominating her, but she never showed that side of herself to him in fear that he would leave her and she'd never find love again. Don't get her wrong the sex was great but she knew that it would be the best if she had that collar around her neck.

Elastic-Girl was ripped from her inner thoughts by the sound of the door behind her creaked open and a voice that she never wanted to hear outside of a mission sounded from behind her naked figure, a clear view of all of her womanly glory.

"Isn't zis quite ze problem for you, Elastic-Girl?" The voice of Madame Rouge greeted as the door closed and locked with a hiss.

"Madame Rouge." Elastic-Girl growled as she turned her head to peer back at the French woman behind her and noticed that she was wearing black leather dominatrix outfit. 'Shit.' "What do you want, woman?"

"Simple really, I want some information from you." Madame Rouge replied with a devious smirk playing on her lips.

"Go fuck yourself, bitch!" Elastic-Girl snarled at the woman who only smirked more in response which unnerved the hero. "I'll never talk!"

Madame Rouge cruelly chuckled as she ran her fingers from the soles of her captive's foot to her vaginal lips and slightly inserted a finger inside which made her captive groan in rejection at the offensive finger. "I will be fucking, but not myself." She then took the finger out of her captive and slid it into her mouth and licked it. "Mmmm good. I can't wait to get a taste from the source."

"Get away from me you psycho bitch!" Elastic-Girl growled as she ignored the tingling sensation from the invading finger that easily entered her vaginal lips. 'Damn it! Control yourself, Rita!'

"If you won't answer my questions zen maybe the green child will? He would make an excellent toy, no? I'm sure he'll talk." Rouge purred into her captive's ear which made her shiver. "Teenagers are so hormonal."

"YOU STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" Elastic-Girl roared as the mother Rita Farr took over. "I WILL KILL YOU!"

"You must want him for yourself, no?" Rouge asked in a mere whisper. "Don't act like you don't. Just imagine how he would be in bed. A teenager with strong animal instincts must be very dominating as a lover." She purred as her hand started to rub the woman's vaginal lips which made her bite back a moan as the thought of her green adopted son ramming his penis into her as he held her by a leash. 'So she likes to be dominated? Zis will be too easy.' The French woman thought in a cruel delight.

'STOP IT, RITA!' Elastic-Girl ordered herself as she shook the thought of her adopted son dominating her, and just in time to gasp out loud as she felt something wet make contact with her lower lips. "Aaagggrrnn." She gasped as her eyes popped open and she shuddered before she was able to bite her bottom lip to control herself. 'This isn't happening!' She thought mortified at herself.

The bound woman stifled another moan as the French woman behind her started to lick her wet vaginal lips and started to swirl her tongue around inside of her. The mother of one's eyes popped open as she felt the abnormally long tongue reach places that she never felt before by a tongue. She shivered as she felt tears collect in her eyes as she knew that she was going to get raped by her nemesis and she was going to undoubtedly enjoy it. A part of her just wanted to freely smile and moan as loudly as she wanted as the villainess was going down on her and another wanted her husband to crash in to save her and then finish the job, but she knew that such things weren't going to happen. Rita always loved getting orally stimulation but her husband never wanted to do such things, he just wanted normal sex and she was okay with that. But along with being dominated and a collar and leash, oral sex was one of her favorite sexual acts, and here she is getting both of those things, but from the wrong person.

She knew that she wouldn't last much longer; she hadn't had her pussy licked since she was in college and she hated to admit it but Madame Rouge was excellent at eating pussy.

"Spread your legs." Madame Rouge ordered her captive and she was pleased to see the grim expression along with the lust and pleasure on the woman's face as she subconsciously spreaded her legs wide for the woman behind her. 'Zis is ze moment of truz.' The French woman thought as she started to unite her captive's bounds while she continued to eat her out. 'Eizer she surrenders to ze pleasure and my dominance or she fights.'

'I'm untied!' Elastic-Girl thought in joy as her nemesis continued to devour her pussy and this time as she pumped two fingers inside of her so she couldn't hold back the moan. "EEAAAHHH!" She loudly moaned as her arms slumped by her sides in defeat.

She tried to fight back, she really did but she was to content in her current position; a collar around her neck and somebody dominating her, to do anything but to allow the French woman to have her way with her body until she was satisfied. As the villianess pushed the heroine even closer to her orgasm the little part of herself that wanted to fight and run home was diminishing and the part that wanted to cum and get off was growing larger with her approaching orgasm. She very discreetly or at least she thought she was, started to grope and play with her breasts and pinched her nipples and she was only seconds away from her limit.

"YYYEE-NNNOO-AAAHHH!" Elastic-Girl screamed as she came all over her captor's face.


Missur Mallah, the Brain and General Immortus watched with glee as their captive female Doom Patrol member was succumbing to her more primal desires while her husband was handcuffed without his helmet and slumped in defeat as he just watched his wife orgasm at the hands of their enemy and how she reacted to the woman's suggestion of being dominated by their adopted son.

"Soon. We. Will. Know. All. Of. Your. Secrets." The Brain stated as the heroes were too stunned and defeated to do anything.

"Look, Master." Missur Mallah told his master as they all looked at the screen to see the collared woman laid flat on the table and breathed heavily as her hand made its way to her pussy and dipped a finger in before sucking on it; the French woman wiped her face clean before she walked over to a cart that nobody noticed before and quickly put on a strap on dildo.

"Get on your hand and knees and face the wall." They all hear Madame Rouge order the mother and the Doom Patrol watched in despair as their comrade followed the order without a second thought and onto her knees that were wobbling from her orgasm and she lifted her rump into the air for the woman to take.

'Rita…. no' Mento thought as he watched the woman that he loved give herself willingly to another and a woman no less.


Elastic-Girl was beyond excited; not only had she just orgasm but the woman who was dominating her wasn't through yet. She wasn't sure had gotten into her but all thoughts of her friends and family were gone and she felt like being a little naughty. The brown haired woman taunted the black haired woman by seductively swaying her butt in the air before she turned around to see the strap on dildo that her 'Mistress' was wearing and she didn't want to play anymore. It was big. About three inches bigger than her husband's she'd say and that made her nervous; her husband was plenty big and the first couple times they had sex she still needed an adjustment time for him and the thought of that red dildo going inside of her was snapping her back to her senses, and she tried to run.

"You are not going anywhere." Madame Rouge commented as she extended her arms and held the woman in place. 'I knew she wasn't ready, she still has some will in her.' "I said zat we're not done, bitch."

"L-Let go of me." Elastic-Girl whimpered as she felt electricity run down her spine as she was called a bitch.

"You don't give ze orders here, bitch." Madam Rouge's voice and posture just screamed dominance and that turned on the naked woman greatly as she had to rub her thighs together as that familiar burning came back to her loins that she knew only her 'Mistress' could cool down. "Get back on your hands and knees and wait like a good bitch."

The brown haired woman did as she was ordered and got back onto her hands and knees and felt herself get wet again as she waited for her 'Mistress' to continue her domination of her. Rita was perfectly still as she heard the sound of footsteps walking up behind her and stifled when she felt was the head of the dildo touching her vaginal lips, and she bit her bottom lip.

"Mistress?" Elastic-Girl stopped as she started to fully give herself over to the French woman.

"What, bitch?" Rouge snarled at the woman who once again found herself getting arousal by being called a bitch.

"Please go slow, Mistress. My husband isn't that big." Elastic-Girl begged but she knew that she would go with whatever her Mistress wanted.

The French woman expanded her neck forward as her mouth now reached her bitch's ear and she felt her bitch shiver as her hot breath tickled the collared woman's ear and neck. "No." Rouge whispered which made the collared woman moan a little before she plunged her strap on into the woman.

"AAAAHH!" Elastic-Girl cried out as her body jolted alive with pain and pleasure, pain from being violently invaded and the pleasure from know that her Mistress was the one causing her the pain. "AAAAH!" She yelped again as she felt her Mistress leave her body which made her whimper at the loss and then having the dildo shoved back into her.

Any thoughts of her family and friends once again left her mind as her pussy was being invaded by the French woman's strap on red dildo; the only thing on her mind was the revelation that she was getting even more turned on by the pain that she was experiencing, which led her to believe that she may be a masochist of some kind as she felt her body respond positively to the pounding she was getting as she started to loudly moan in pleasure.

The next thing she knows is she is on her back as her Mistress continued to pound away and the brown haired woman found herself close to reaching her limit when the French woman suddenly pulled out and the collared woman loudly whimpered in disappointment at the loss. She looked up to see her Mistress grinning down at her and in her hands…A LEASH!

"You want zis?" Rouge asked as she teased her bitch by inserting the dildo in an inch and backed out and placed the leash by the woman's collar. She got a nod in response. "Tell me your secret identity. And Mento's and the other's."

"I-I-I c-can't-t." Elastic-Girl stuttered as she was conflicted between staying true to the Doom Patrol and obeying her Mistress, her eyes watching the leash like a hawk. 'But I want to….no I need to.' She thought in desperation as she licked her lips. "….."

"What was zat?" Rouge mocked as she realized that her plan was finally coming full circle. "Speak up, bitch."

"Rita." Rita replied as she felt a tear roll down her cheek, but all thoughts of shame were destroyed when her Mistress inserted an inch of the dildo into her.

"Rita what?" Rouge responded.

"Riiita Farrrr" Rita moaned as another inch was inserted. "Oooh yess."

"Ze ozers." Rouge ordered her bitch to confess.

"Ssstevvve Daaytooon." Rita confessed as another inch was inserted. "Laaarry Trainoor. Cllifff Steeele." She added as one inch was added for each name.

"What about the green child?" Rouge demanded as she stopped her movements.

A look of fear and panic crossed the woman's eyes and visions of a green child and teenager passed through her mind. Memories of a nine year old child who broke in the Doom Patrol HQ was to scarred to come out of hiding but finally came out when she swore to protect him, a teen year old who she stayed up all night with when he had a nightmare of his birth parents dying and his uncle torturing him, eating ice cream when his first girlfriend Jillian broke up with him, and his sad face when he was forced to leave the Doom Patrol and the only family that he had left. She knew that she couldn't betray him, not the traumatized boy who made her his second mother; she would protect him.

At all costs.

"I don't know." Rita flawlessly lied, and she was rewarded and her Mistress started to take the dildo out of her. "Mistress wait!" She cried in desperation. "Please, I don't know! When we found him he was traumatized! He never trusted us enough to give his name!" She cried as she hoped that her Mistress would believe her lie and continue her domination of her.

She knew that her bitch was lying but that didn't matter to her. All she needed to do was interrogate one of the other Doom Patrol members to do it, and she would use her new bitch to do just that. Thrusting the red toy all the way into the brown haired woman who let out a long loud moan in satisfaction, but she needed to make sure that her new bitch was hers and hers alone. "Who do you belong to?" Rouge asked as she started thrusting in and out.

"YYyyyoou." Rita moaned as she fully gave herself to her Mistress. "Yoooou, Miisstress."

The French woman was more than pleased to hear this, but she knew that she still needed to do one more thing before this was finished and that was to put a leash on her new bitch. Smiling like the devil she placed the leash close to the loop on the collar and followed the moaning woman's eyes as she followed the leash and was breathing very erratic, she knew that her bitch was close and she smiled bigger. "You belong to me. Say it!" She ordered as she thrusted harder and faster.

"I'm yours!" Rita screamed as she felt herself reaching her limit and she heard what she was wanting to hear, the sound of the leash connecting to her collar and she couldn't hold it off any longer. "I'M YOOOOURRS!" She screamed as her Mistress yanked on her leash and she released her fluids all over her Mistress's sex toy.


Mento clenched his jaw as he silently and secretly broke out of his handcuffs, and then with his arms still behind his back he activated the secret code for the miniature nuclear bomb that he placed in Robotman's chest; he cursed his wife and he used all of his hate for the woman he now saw as weak to kill not only himself and the entire Doom Patrol and Brotherhood of Evil in one decisive swoop.

He watched on the screen as his wife got onto her knees before the French woman and started to orally pleasure their enemy.

'I would have dominated you; if only you told me.' Mento thought in a fury before the bomb went off and killed everyone.





Or so he thought.


Madame Rouge stood proud and tall as she completed her mission to convert the once proud Doom Patrol member into her loving and willing bitch and she did just that; the French woman looked down at the woman who was on her knees as she sucked and cleaned off the sex toy of her own juices. "You look beautiful as you suck on your own juices." She cooed at the woman as she solidified herself as a loving mistress to the brown haired woman.

"Thank you Mistress, so do you." Rita replied as she smiled up at her mistress before a red light filled the room and the French woman ran to the wall where a built in computer was mounted. "What is going on, Mistress?"

The French woman doesn't reply as she typed onto the computer and pulled up a video feed of the location of the main Brotherhood of Evil base and was stunned silent as her eyes were wide with shock as the location where the base once stood, now there was just a crater and flamed derby surrounding the area. "No..."

"What is it?" Rita asked the woman as she walked over to the computer and peered at the screen and then to her mistress. "What happened?"

"Zey're dead." Rouge replied as she felt a fix feeling of sorrow for her teammates and a sense of excitement at having a new free reign on her plans to make the green Teen Titan member into her other sex slave. "Brozerhood… Doom Patrol."

Rita said nothing as she silently processed the information of her husband and friends being dead as she felt the tears roll down her cheeks and almost died when she heard her mistress start talking again.

"Zat fool Mento must have done something when he saw ze video of you giving yourself to me." Rouge commented as she fought back the urge to destroy the woman's will with cruel words and taunting.

"H-He saw!?" Rita yelped in shame of her actions and as a little part of her, deep inside felt such excitement at knowing that her husband, the man she loved witnessed her submitting to their enemy. 'I'm sorry Steven! Please forgive me!' She thought as she cried for her husband, and she cried for her friends.

"Stop crying!" Rouge snapped before she recovered herself and kneeled down and cupped the woman's cheek and lovingly used her thumb to wipe the tears away. "Don't cry. Soon we will go to Jump City and make the green child my sex slave. I'll even allow you to have your way with him." She cooed the woman and the heroine calmed down by the touch of her mistress. "You'd like zat wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress." Rita replied as she felt her excitement rise at doing her Mistress's bidding.

"Very good." Rouge smirked as she smirked in her head at how easily she defeated the Doom Patrol and found herself her own personal sex slave.

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