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Paring: Kili/Thranduil, the Elven King

Rating: T

The Hobbit belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien.

When he had been brought to the Elven King in his throne room, Kili didn't know what to expect. He had imagined a cool facade that was the embodiment of dwarven hate, or maybe a man that would be his executioner. However Kili saw a man that was sitting so elegantly on his throne and concerned for him; it made him look shabby. Because he had no formal clothing to meet a fellow royal and that he was covered from head to toe in spider webs.

His uncle had told him all about the cruel Elven King of Mirkwood, and Kili had believed him completely. There was no need to lie to impressionable minds, but in this moment Kili felt that he was looking at pure beauty. He had been transfixed on this elf and wanted nothing more to be safe in his domain.

"So young, and brought on such a dangerous quest."

Kili's head snapped up and he stared at the king, he didn't know what to do other than swallow. How did he know about the quest? Surely no one had told anything about the quest outside of the Company? "We are on no such quest!" he bit out immediately. The blonde king didn't seemed phased by Kili's denial, instead he acted as if it had confirmed his suspicions.

The king hummed and stood leisurely, but made his way over to Kili. And he watched mesmerized as lithe legs climbed down the steps one at a time, his mind telling him that this was inappropriate to be watching an elf this closely. There was something wrong with him, this unhealthy attraction to elves but it was something that he had learned to hide for all these years and one elf in particular was destroying all that progress. He had hidden his dirty little secret for so long, but as his eyes lingered on Thranduil he merely got more tangled in his spider webs of emotions.

And the Elven King knew what Kili was thinking, he carried himself in such a manner than it was almost impossible to see how smug he was. "A mere child, on a quest that would surely end in nothing but death," Thranduil muttered as he inched ever so closely to Kili. "And Oakenshield has allowed it, for a precious treasure to be broken amongst the fighting."

"I am no child! I am of age!" Kili protested, "We aren't on a quest! We are traveling to the Iron Hills!"

Thranduil merely hummed, as if to placate Kili, but he merely let that smug smile paint his aristocratic face. Blonde hair trailed over his shoulders, free and unbound, and Kili was itching to braid the silken hair. "Then why is it you are so flustered? If what you speak is the truth, then why are you so shaken?" he asked, "Are you hurt? Feverish?"

His hand trailed down to cup Kili's cheek and the King's eyes glinted with something when Kili had to stop himself from pushing his head into the hand. The dwarf was shaken, his body trembling beneath the height of the Elven King. "Of course it could be something else entirely, but you know how well the relationship between dwarves and elves are," Kili shivered as Thranduil circled around him. "Tell me young one, where does your journey end?"

Kili resolutely kept his mouth closed.

Even when Thranduil leaned over him from behind, his hair curtaining the both of them and making a new world in which only the two of them existed. "You have nothing to fear, not in my kingdom at least. We elves are more than happy to allow certain frivolities, so please entertain me. For I have long since relinquished finding joy among people so eternal," Thranduil whispered in Kili's ear.

"I promise, I don't bite."

It seemed like they had been there for years, neither of them were moving and Kili felt as if he had forgotten to breathe under the pressure. He so desperately felt the compulsion to tell this elf everything, despite all the warnings he had been given as a child. Despite being told that this elf was the reason that their people had spent so long homeless, to know that he was the one who refused to help Erebor as it burned.

The dwarven prince bit down on the inside of his cheeks as Thranduil slowly walked around him, and tilted his head up to look him the eyes. Those cold blue eyes were alight as he stared Kili down, but Kili swallowed dryly and refused to say a word.

"Maybe it is you are hungry, surely you are since the journey from the Blue Mountains is so long. How long has it been since you've eaten real food, hmm? Are you thirsty? The rivers in the Greenwood aren't as kind as they have been in centuries past."

Kili didn't move a muscle, in fear of breaking, of caving to the King and his pretty words.

"No?" Thranduil asked, "Is there truly nothing you wish for?"

Thranduil raised a hand and guards materialized from the shadows and quickly surrounded Kili, they hoisted him up and the elven king merely sighed. In disappointment or tiredness Kili wasn't sure. "Let's try this again tomorrow shall we?" he asked as the guards began to march away with Kili in their grasp, "I am a patient elf young one, though I care not to see people suffer undeservedly."

Once Kili had been thrown back in his cell, he let out the breath that he had been holding for so long. It was a relief to be out of the throne room, out of the suffocating eyes of Thranduil. Thorin was right of one thing that he said when Fili and Kili were both younger, it was that Thranduil was a poison. Kili didn't believe then but he sure did now.

It was wrong of him to want to fall into whatever trap Thranduil was trying to lay out, and Kili knew that. He was an abomination, he never found those of the dwarven race to be to his standards of beauty. In fact Kili loved those that stood taller than him, those that seemed to be the epitome of elven beauty. He longed for the willowy figures of the elves, more than he had ever for the stocky nature of dwarves.

And as he sat in the dank quietness of his cell, Kili wondered what was wrong with him, and if he can stop from caving to Thranduil's prodding again. He wondered if Thorin was right about the Elven King, if this king was capable of being as cruel as he heard in stories about the day that Erebor fell. If maybe what he grew up believing was wrong, but Kili held true to his beliefs. His uncle had never steered him wrong before. The next day turned out to be much of the same, being brought to the throne room and keeping his mouth shut as Thranduil tried to entice him with sweet promises and gentle questions. Over and over the cycle seemed to continue and all Thranduil got from Kili was that he was of age to be out and about to the Iron Hills.

Thranduil never seemed to tire of Kili, and after the monotony of going back to the cell everyday Kili began to enjoy his time out of the cell. His brown eyes alight whenever he was brought to the King. Keen, archer eyes tracing over the details of the throne and of the elves that were escorting him everyday. From the pretty red haired captain to the gentle blonde and brunettes that seemed to follow.

Whether he knew it or not Kili had fallen into a trap, being isolated from the rest of the Company had him desperate for contact and it was only so long before he broke and engaged in conversation with Thranduil. The prince lighting up with joy when his talisman that his mother carved for him was returned, and he had been happy to explain it to Thranduil. His experiences with fire moons were nothing in comparison to the stories that Thranduil seemed to weave, and eventually with time he wasn't being brought to the throne room anymore.

Instead he had been escorted to a sitting room, where tea and small finger foods were waiting in front of the King. Thranduil merely smiled as waved his hand for Kili to take a seat and served the dwarf a cup of tea, and so a new cycle had begun. For the weeks that the Company had been there, the King had only met Kili in the formal setting of the throne room. So it was a comfort to Kili at this point, to sit down in luxury and stretch his legs in comfort. If the Company was going to be there for a while yet, then he may as well take advantage in the kindness that was being shown to him.

"This is much better than what we had in Ered Luin, all we had there was the shite that Men from Bree didn't want. It would send Dori into a tizzy on many occasions, but like always we made due," Kili chattered as he sipped on the tea one day.

"Your family had no access to money for honey or proper tea?"

"Mahal no, we had enough from what Uncle would send back to get enough flour and meat to last the winter. Nothing that couldn't be preserved was ever bought and honey was too expensive to entertain the idea."

The King smiled and out of nowhere he called out in Sindarin, a servant walked forward to bend over and listen to whatever it was that Thranduil wanted. Kili shivered as the elf kept eye contact with him, and he gulped down the tea in nervousness. He watched as the servant hurried out of the room and then narrowed in on Thranduil as he demurely sipped at his own cup of tea.

"A shame it is, because I find honey to be quite delicious in teas and pastries. It seems as if there are a lot of pleasures that you have been denied in life young one," he said as he swirled his tea around in the porcelain. Piercing blue eyes were burning holes in Kili's soul, "To not know the pleasure of the simpler things in life is hard, but are there any other things that you have been found wanting?"

Like a liar Kili shook his head, "No, I've been fortunate enough to teach myself archery along with practicing my sword skills."

"Ahh, an archer then. Very elven if you ask me, I always have known dwarves to be rushing into battle with maces held over head. Not waiting in silence for the perfect time to strike."

Kili shrugged, "Never really mattered to me, I wanted to learn how to and if I got ridiculed for it then that's how life works." He was nervous at how the King's body language began to open up to him. His mind telling him that the elf in front of him was perfect, and Kili wanted nothing more than to see if he was right about that.

"Dwarves are rather backwards, you shouldn't be ridiculed for doing what you love. Had you been an elf, it wouldn't matter if you favored the sword over the bow. We are a rather flexible people," Thranduil smiled at him. Wicked eyes telling him that everything was right, that there was nothing about Thranduil to lie about. "Yes, we elves cannot help what we love. There is so much life in us that it would be a crime to live forever and neglect what we want. We have what we love, who we love, and where we love. Can dwarves say the same?"

The prince shook his head, and before he could answer an elf servant walked into the room with a small pot and a honey wand. The maiden gave the pot to Thranduil before bowing and walking out of the room with all the guards. Thranduil carefully added a small amount of the golden syrup into his cup before leaning forward with his arm stretched out.

"Will you permit yourself to be able to do what you love? As a person, not a dwarf?"

Kili looked at the offered pot and reached out hesitantly, he knew there was more than honey being offered in that moment. He looked at the elf king for guidance, but he merely held firm. Neither forcing nor denying this choice.

Honey poured into Kili's cup, making it entirely too sweet but Kili didn't care. He allowed himself to enjoy the pleasures he had thought to be wrong.

He did not return to his cell that night.


The next time he saw Thranduil it was while he was standing atop their rudimentary battlements, his stomach in tatters and watching helplessly as the elf king sat on his elk with Bard by his side. The Arkenstone in his hands and the odds stacked against the dwarves. He wanted to leave, he wanted to empty his stomach of the little rations he choked down.

Kili didn't know what to do, he wanted to stand by his uncle and King while he wished to experience the joy that he did in Mirkwood. He was worried as Bilbo left the Company for his treason, and worried that if Thorin found out what he had done in Mirkwood he would be banished as well. He prayed to Mahal that Thorin wouldn't goad Thranduil into attacking.

He was hopeful that they would all leave this in tact.

All Kili wanted was for Thorin to give the Men of Esgaroth what they had been promised, but he saw something dark in his uncle's eyes. Something that wanted nothing more than everything that the world had to offer.

"Uncle please, they simply ask for what you promised them!" he cried out. "You were in their position once, will you turn them away in their time of need?"

Like lightning Thorin turned on him, his once blue eyes were dark with hatred. "And what would you know of suffering? You were born in the warmth of a home, you were kept feed by my gold, and you were given status because of your birth! What do you know of need, you little leech!" Kili flinched away from the dwarf that had raised him. Fear was prevalent in Kili, but looking around he saw that no one stepped up to protect him. Not even his brother.

"If you are so worried about those rats, then join them!" Thorin lunged forward and grabbed at Kili by the neck. Ignoring the way that the dwarf tried to curl in on himself, he dragged Kili over to the rope that Bilbo had just used. "Go! You are no longer welcome here, you are no longer a Son of Durin!" when he dropped his hand from Kili's throat the young dwarf fell to his knees coughing.


It took Kili a second to raise his hands to catch the pack that was being thrown at him, his brother was unyielding in his stance as he threw his bow and filled quiver at him. "Fee?" but he turned his back on him as Thorin advanced one last time with a knife. The audience they had below them all gasped as they saw the dwarf scramble back away from his own family. "N-No please! P-please uncle!" they heard as they all stood there.

Kili tried to pull away from Thorin but the dwarf king grabbed at his face cruelly and used the knife to hack away at Kili's familial braids. "Leave," he ordered. And it broke Kili's heart to watch his uncle turn away from him, and by that one act the Company did too. He was pushed to his feet and Kili mechanically grabbed at the items he had been given.

Down below he saw that Bilbo had waited at the bottom of the rope for him, his expression somber and regretful as he waited for Kili in solidarity. There was no need for either of them to be alone. So Kili threw his shoulders back and tilted his head up, he ignored the warm tears streaming down his face into his stubble and marched proudly to the rope and began the descent. He was a dwarf and would not let this one event be the end of him.

He saw and sought sympathy out from the elves and men watching him, Bilbo helped him down from the last link of rope before it went slack and the rope fell from the top of the battlements. There was no going back for either of them, and together they walked over to the King of Mirkwood and Bard the Bowman. Both were holding on to the other with only the packs they had on their backs and the weapons on their person.

The dwarves of Erebor looked on as the two exiles joined the safety of the Elven Army, and for a second Kili met the eyes of Thranduil. He nodded in thanks at the elf and for a second Kili dared to believe it was alright. For one second he thought he would walk away from this mess, and his upset stomach settled for that one moment.

Then he heard horns in the distance.

Kili and the entire army of both men and elves turned to the hills and he cursed his bad luck to see the dwarves of the Iron Hills decked out for war. This was not what he wanted at all. "No, not Dain," he croaked out, and both Bard and Thranduil shared the same sentiments. Kili rubbed uncomfortably at his stomach, willing it to stop turning.

He noticed Thranduil staring at him intensively, but turned back to the new threat at hand. The passion and smug joy that Kili had been accustomed to seeing in the safety of the elven stronghold was gone and was replaced with the being that he knew from childhood stories. This man that Thranduil transformed to was the arrogant and cruel king that he had learned about, but after knowing the real Thranduil he saw right through the mask that he threw on. Here was someone that looked to minimize the casualties that would come with war.

"Good morning!" Dain greeted from his seat on his goat. "Would you all just mind... SODDING OFF!"

And like that the day descended into chaos, Kili watched helpless as the archers fired only for the Bow Catchers to decimate some of the ranks. He saw the dwarves charge in on their war goats and fight, some dying on both sides, before he felt the earth beneath his feet rumble. Kili felt fear again and rubbed anxiously at his bruised throat as the Wereworms of old burst through the hills.

"Oh come on," he moaned out as everyone turned in unison, united against the newest enemy.

Kili held onto Bilbo's hand and they both looked at each other. Neither of them were gonna die, not this day and not at the hands of orcs. They were going to live and they would do anything they could to make sure that that happened. So the second the fighting took off they went to Dale, covered by the Men of Esgaroth, and ready to either fight or hunker down.

Dwarf and Hobbit zig-zagged through the broken streets and rallied as many able bodied people as they could. Women hid the children and old into old cellars and men were helping young boys suit up. Kili pushed and shoved his way through the fast moving crowds of men, his stomach still rolling and threatening to have him lose his breakfast all over the ground.

He wretched against the walls of an old forge, he sniffed horribly and tried to ignore the burning acid that was coming back up. "Why now?" Kili spat out, "I wasn't sick before, and the arrow wound healed." The brunette stood on wobbly legs as Bilbo steadied him, the hobbit look at him in worry. Something on his face was working out the pattern that he had seen since he liberated the Company from the dungeons of Mirkwood.

During their journey, Kili had never been once to get sick. He only ever been injured and even from the poisonous spider bites he knew that Kili recovered smoothly from that. But in Esgaroth, he had been uncommonly ravenous in his appetite, and eating every possible food combination that they had available in that moment. Something that rivaled pregnant lasses in the Shire. Bilbo's eyes widened as he kept them in the alleyway, "Kili? Can male dwarves, get you know, pregnant?" That one question changed something in Kili, and he looked up at Bilbo in horror.

"No, no, no," he rasped, "No that can't be right!"

"Kili! What happened in Mirkwood?" Bilbo asked.

The exiled prince shook his head in denial, he pressed his hand against his mouth and hunched down the side of the wall. Bilbo knelled down and put a hand on the dwarf's shoulder, "Kili, tell me. I don't care who or why you did something. I just need to understand what happened, because this," he pointed towards the advancing orc army, "This will kill us. Let me get you help. What happened!"

Kili glared at him and rasped out, "Well, when a man and a man love each other very much, they might do something that most people refer to as fuc-!" He cut himself off and threw himself at Bilbo, an arrow whizzing by their heads by inches. "Go! GO!" he roared as loud as he could before they both tore off. They ran towards the center of Dale, where the fighting didn't reach.

"Dear Yavanna, they broke through the walls," Bilbo breathed.

In the distance they could see that trolls had indeed broken through the walls and the army of men were engaging. Orcs were pouring into the cracks and began to make their way into the city, ready to decimate the population even further. Bilbo turned to Kili and asked once more, "What happened? You weren't in your cell one night when I went through."

Kili let one tear slip down his cheek as he stared into the distance where the elves and dwarves were fighting outside of Erebor, "I lost my heart Bilbo, and I got something more precious than gold." Bilbo looked puzzled, "I got insight, I saw what Uncle had lied about for years. I saw and felt the man that Thranduil was, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I had one night."

"Well, I'll make sure that no one takes you treasure from you then Kili," Bilbo promised.

So it was together that they fought, one watching the other's back constantly and both were entrenched to their knees in gore. Kili stabbed and ran through the mess of battle falling back to the old market. By his side was Bilbo, but even then the two were slowly being overrun by the sheer number of orcs running through. He ducked and parried when he could and protect his front as much as possible. His body was exerted to the limit, and under the stress of his newfound pregnancy and desperation to stay safe Kili was flagging.

Overhead a large boulder had been launched through the air and smashed into an old tower beside the market place.

"Duck!" Kili cried out, and both he and Bilbo hit the floor. Large pieces of building and debris slammed into the orcs and old fountains next to them, Kili coughed as one large piece struck him in the head. Though he was unwilling to move his hands from protecting his stomach. "KILI, COME ON GET UP!" the hobbit ordered, trying to help Kili up.

The dwarf put a shaky hand on the back of his head, and tried to follow Bilbo's instructions. He really and honestly tried his damn best, but he was slowed down considerably by the stress of battle. This injury would be the undoing of them, if they didn't do something.

In front of them, one lone orc shook of the rubble that buried him and gathered his sword. The demented figure ready to charge and run them through, and Kili briefly wondered if the babe would have had blonde or brown hair. "Move you fools!" a voice boomed out and Bilbo pulled Kili to the side of the roadway, as Gandalf rushed forwards to meet the blade of the orc. He used his staff to push the orc back before lunging forward and driving his sword deep into the orc's chest.

"What are you still doing here?" Gandalf asked as he helped Kili up. The dwarf staggered uneasily as he tried to take a step forward, "You both need to leave, you need to get somewhere safe. Now."

"Why? There is fighting everywhere!" Bilbo cried out.

Gandalf pointed over to the frozen wasteland of Ravenhill, "There is another army on the way, and Thorin went up there with Fili, Balin, and Dwalin." Kili's eye glinted as he recognized the names, and Gandalf tripped over himself to take hold of Kili's shoulder. "No," he warned, "Don't even think about it."

"That's my family! I need to help," he protested.

"No!" Bilbo said, "You have one with you! If you want to protect your family, then you would get the hell out of here!"

The Istari paused and stared at Kili with an intensity that Kili had only seen a couple of times before. "You're pregnant?" he asked rather loudly in disbelief. At Bilbo's nod he groaned and stood guard at Kili's side.


Kili turned around at the voice and squinted through the blood dripping into his eyes, he shook his head a bit and blinked rapidly. That was weird, he thought he saw Thranduil as he did in that night in the Mirkwood. Kili wiped at his face and tried to take a step forward, the darkness at the edge of his vision was eating away at him.

"Thr-" Bilbo caught Kili as he fell, his sword gripped in his hand and ready to defend himself. Even in the bliss of unconsciousness, he didn't want to be defenseless.

Kili didn't wake up that night.


It was weird for him, to wake up in different places over and over again. His eyes fluttering open at the briefest of times and to see shadows of people that he thought he knew. Kili thought he heard his brother, his father, Bilbo, his mother, and Thranduil at times. He felt as if there was a ball of fire that would only grow trapped in his stomach. It felt suffocating but it was reassuring.

To him it was a sign of life.

Kili blinked away the sand at the corner of his eyes and reached up to rub at them absentmindedly. His arms feeling like lead and his body cold despite the lingering warmth in his stomach. The young dwarf looked around, the canvas of the tent was letting in no light at all and there were candles lit all around. Giving the space some semblance of life and light, and next to him in a cot of his own was Bilbo.

The very hobbit that had been the one to stand and fight by his side after they both had been exiled. His own head was sporting a cocoon of bandages, the white being stained with a deep red, almost brown color. He touched the top of his head and winced at the pain that blossomed from his gentle prodding. Kili left well enough alone and decided to try and get out of the bed.

He swung his legs over the side of the cot and he saw that it wasn't one made for a dwarf; instead it was a cot made for an elf or a man. The exiled prince coughed and whimpered at the lingering pain that jarring motion caused him. Somehow he managed to lower himself off of the bedding and pulled the top blanket around himself.

He stumbled over the edges of the blanket and made his way to the tent flaps and peaked his head out. Kili watched as men and elves bustled around, some with long stretchers covered in white tarps or some with bloodied clothing and bowls. All of them rushing around and some were injured to varying degrees; there were some people with slings on or others with missing limbs.

"Kili?" the dwarf stumbled around and looked at a tall elf, her long red hair cascading down her armor. And he remembered the one elf that had ran after the Company and had healed him of his arrow wound in Esgaroth. He knew the woman that had saved both him and his child, though at the time had been unknowing of the babe, and he gave her a wane smile. "Kili, you must move around, lest you wish to aggravate your injuries further," she warned as she rushed to his side.

Her name escaped him, he knew it on the tip of his tongue and yet he couldn't recall the elf maiden's name. She was fair as much as any other elf, but something about her shone like starlight and he thought of Thranduil in that moment. During the time he had gotten to know Thranduil, he had learned that the king shone in that unearthly light as well and it made Kili smile.

"Let's get you back into bed, alright?" the elf maid smiled at him, and Kili nodded.

Something was biting at his mind, he felt the heat of his stomach warming him uncomfortably. "Why is my stomach so hot?" he asked her as she helped settle him into his cot. "It's burning up," Kili commented, when the elf tried to bring the blanket up around him.

She reassured him, "It is the soul of the Eldar, a gift from Eru Illuvatar himself. A sign that your child is real."

"Real," he breathed out and his hand fluttered over his stomach, "It does seem real."

Her name escaped him and he closed his eyes wondering idly what it was as his head pounded with pain. When he next awoke, neither he or Bilbo were in that rugged looking tent. Instead Kili saw the wooden ceilings of the halls of the Woodland Realm, Bilbo no longer bed bound and was sitting next to him. Head bowed as he slept and on the other side was Thranduil; the king waiting for him with his hands clasped together in his lap.

"Ahh you're finally awake young one," the king drawled out.

Kili touched at his head and he winced at the sharp pains, but stopped when Thranduil grabbed at him. "Please don't agitate it, you're still healing," he ordered and Kili nodded dumbly. The blonde looking at him and then smiling briefly, "Did you know?" And to which Kili shook his head, he didn't know about the babe. The dwarves kept male pregnancy under wraps, barely telling the younger generations about it for fear that if a dwarf were to get pregnant they would miscarry. And to be fair, that was what happened frequently after the fall of Erebor and people just stopped.

There was no way Kili was under the assumption that maybe, just maybe, he could have been pregnant. He had assumed that the night they spent together had been completely safe. No chance of pregnancy at all.

Maybe he had been in complete denial about the entire situation.

But, he didn't know or rather didn't care to know, but when he did Kili defended himself with the best of his ability. For that Thranduil couldn't blame, he had seen for himself the fierceness that both Kili and Bilbo had to keep himself safe.

"And what are you to do now?"

Kili paused in his thinking, what was he to do. He had been publicly banished from Erebor and stripped of his status and belonging in any dwarven clan. There was no where he could go other than with Bilbo, and Thranduil must have read the answer on his face. "I don't know," he said and the King nodded in contemplation.

"Then the answer should be obvious," he answered, "You can stay here under my protection. After all I was the one that put you in this situation, I don't doubt that when Oakenshield finds the truth out, he will not hesitate to ostracize you further." Kili looked skeptical but Thranduil continued, "This is my child as well, I had not know that male dwarves could be with child, but I am no such deserter. I will stand by you every step of the way, and if you permit it I would have you with me next to the throne."

"Me? You would have a dwarf sit next to you, in what?" he scoffed, "Marriage? Consort ship? I hardly think that the elves of your domain would allow that."

Thranduil tossed his head back in a haughty move, "I hardly care at all, I find that I have done everything and then some as a king. They have my heir Legolas, as proof that I take my position seriously, though do not think that I would let them or that disparage you. In the weeks that I have known you, have I every coerced you or forced you into something you were not comfortable with?

"My young one, we both are the same. We both share affections for those of the opposite race," he whispered next to Kili. "And I will have the years of your life to know every single secret that you can have."

The king ran a hand over Kili's still flat stomach, "Be it in body, soul, or mind."

He placed a kiss on Kili's head, and held onto one of the prince's hands. His blue eyes burning a hole in his soul, and Kili swallowed down his nervousness, "Not because I am with child. Not because you are duty bound."

"No, it is because I am doing this of my own will. Regardless of whether you bear me a child or not," and Kili nodded.

"What about Bilbo? He protected me when my own family did not, will you help him do as he wishes?" the dwarf asked.

Thranduil nodded, "Anything."

It was on this night that Kili had gained everything, the other nights were filled with nothing but pain and needless suffering. Together they made plans for their future, and even though they were passionate about their wants Kili was sure that in time they would come to love each other. For now they were to worry over Bilbo and then they were to be ready for a half dwarven, half elven child. Surely not the first of its kind, but rare enough to turn heads.

Kili gained a family this night, and a certainty indeed.

Some nights were better than others and Kili was excited to see if the coming days were as good as the nights.

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