Soul's Crappy Day

By my brother

Fandom: Soul Eater

Summery: Its Camping Time! With Soul and Melody

Note: Melody is Soul and Maka's daughter

Ship(s): SoMa and TsuStar. Not really but still...

Date: 6/30/2014 at 11:07 pm

Brothers A/N: Ummm... It's a little violent. Not that violent but it's gonna have just a little bit of blood in it. Oh well. *Eats Jolly Rancher* HEHEHEHE OKAY. Oh and Melody is Soul and Maka's baby thingy.

MY A/N: My little brother wanted to write a fanfiction with me and so I sat down with the computer and typed what he said. Word for word. My brother is nine. But, yeah. He told me everything including the title and summery, But I don't know where he gets these ideas. Certainly not from me... *Shifts uncomfortably*

Souls P.O.V

One morning my wife Maka was bitching at me to get outta the house with my Daughter, Melody, To go on a camping trip. So I packed the bags, got in the car, and we drove away. Halfway to the camping grounds... I realized I left Melody at the house. P.S: The drive was 50 miles. I came back for Melody and THEN left for the camping spot.

About five miles away from the camping ground, a cop pulled me over. I asked the cop "What's wrong, my good sir?" He then said "One of the passengers doesn't have a seat belt on." I looked back and Melody didn't have her seat belt. I paid for the ticket and by the time that I got back to the camping grounds I was stressed out. I then decided it was time to go fishing. (With my daughter)

On the walk down to the water I heard something in the bushes. So I pulled my Chinese throwing star out, of nowhere might I add, and I threw it without bothering to check what it was. Then Black*Star fell outta the bushed dead. Well.. erm... Not dead... Just... Crying. Like a baby. And so now I'm way to stressed. So Melody and I went home early.

Oh and Tsubaki; if ya want your husband back he's still down at the lake bleeding out. Slowly. I went back and fed him last week, though. He ASKED for an ambulance but I told him: "I'm too kewl to call the call the hospital." And I flipped my hair probably looking really god damn sexy while I did it.

BUT ANYWAYS. After that I packed the tent back up and drove home... I forgot Melody again. Crap.


Kids these days...

But no. Seriously. My baby brother said everything you just read and we wrote this in maybe a 20 min time span. No joke. Well... Except for this fan fiction. That was a big joke.