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Chapter 1- pRELude

The sky darkens, as it's inviting a bad omen into the weather, Sawada Nana is struggling with her birth right at the moment. Her husband, Sawada Iemitsu is waiting anxiously outside the labour room. The doctor hadn't permitted him to be with his wife. As the cloud comes by, Nana is pushing her baby out of the womb, storm breaks out and lightning strikes. Rain arrived and washes away and the mist thickens its veil. Iemitsu is praying for his wife safety, kneeling in front of the room. As soon as the sun comes out, a baby boy safely delivers by Nana. The sky comes into view; the light brightens up the place. The doctor came out carrying news.

"Sawada Iemitsu-san"

The doctor called for the man clad in construction clothes.

"I'm sorry, but your wife didn't make it"

As soon as the words hit him, he slumped onto the floor.

"No, that's not true, Doctor tell me it's not true"

He howled in despair. A nurse came out of the room carrying a bundle.

"Sawada-san, this is your son Tsunayoshi"

The nurse holds it out in front of him.

"Your wife named him before she passed away"

The doctor informed him. He couldn't believe it, how is the child safe while his wife is dead. He stood up and walked away, only to be stopped by the nurse.

"Sir, this is your child"

The nurse said to him.

"I don't want that imbecile, leave me"

He barked at the woman. His wife had leaved him; he had no one in his life anymore. His love had left him forever. Seeing him leave the place, the nurse could only sigh in frustration. How could a man just leave his own child, parentless? The world is certainly cruel...



"Iemitsu-sama, Nono wanted you to oversee the meeting for him"

The young woman said to him. Smiling towards her, Iemitsu started too bragged about his wife and baby boy. After 6 months of his late wife death, Iemitsu surprisingly had met another love. They tied the knot a month after their first meeting and had their child after that.

"Thank you, Oregano, have I told you about my cute boy yet...

As soon as she heard that, Oregano took a right choice to leave as that idiot of the boss bragged about his son and wife. The head of CEDEF (Consulenza Esterna Della Famiglia) should be a man of honour like Nono is, considering CEDEF is a branch of the main famiglia.

"Boss, it's time"


The pacifier glows and envelops the place leaving behind nothing to be look at...

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