Author's Note: Another take on the death machine with some help from PoMlovah611.


The Death Machine.


The North Wind team was drawing closer to the machine that would soon end all their lives. Slowly at first. The moment was being savored by the villain.

The pup stared ahead, struck by fear. This couldn't happen could it?

He was only a kid. His life couldn't end this way.

Short Fuse's heart was hammering in his chest. "Oh no!" He cried.

Did they all see the psychotic death machine they were headed towards too? Why weren't the rest of his team saying anything?

"I don't want to die all squishy!" The bear cried.

Well there was Corporal.

And Eva was naturally quiet and calm during anything...but...why wasn't Classified saying anything? Didn't he see it too?

The wolf was silent, staring at the machine in front of them. He indeed saw it but... his gaze kept switching between the seal pup in the machine.

The leader was imagining how his boy would die here. What would kill him first? The spikes? The blades? Or would Short Fuse live through those parts, suffering longer until he got to the part with the chair where an knife an explosion would finish him off.

Normally children were not allowed to even be on strike teams until they were full grown animals.

And now Classified remembered very well why. The chances of death while on this dangerous job.

This was his fault. Everything.

Not only had he cost his whole team their lives but he'd cost the life of an innocent child.

"Boss.." Short Fuse looked over at him with pleading eyes. "I don't want to die."

And Classified felt his heart shatter at those small words, said by that little voice, by this child. This little seal pup that didn't want to die.

Classified frowned, ears going limp. "I- I know…"

The machine was coming closer and still the pup looked at him with pleading eyes. "Boss…"

The wolf shut his eyes. "I'm sorry, Short Fuse! …I-I can't save you from this one…"

Short looked back in front of them, at the death machine…

Closer and closer they grew to it.

The pup shut his eyes tight.

"I'm so sorry Short Fuse…" His leader said again. He couldn't say it enough.

The seal kept his eyes shut, biting his little lip. He covered his closed eyes with his flippers.

Classified gulped. This was it. Everything they've ever done…has led up to this. That wasn't fair was it? Why weren't those stupid penguins here instead of them? They didn't do anything…

They were at the mouth of the machine and the seal started screaming in advance. He'd been peeking through his flippers.

"No! Oh no!" Short Fuse cried.

"N-No! No! We're dead! We're dead!" The wolf began panicking, not able to help it.

Short Fuse opened his eyes and turned his head.

"I-I didn't want it to end this way! I'm so sorry all of you! We're dead!" Classified cried and whined. "We're dead!"

The other three were just staring at him oddly.

The wolf shut his eyes tight and clutched onto the bear even tighter. His shouts grew louder as they went nearer and nearer.

They were going into the machine to die, feeling the heat on their fur and feathers.


Weren't they?

Everything stopped.

"I pushed a button!"