Author's Note: Shortified by PoMlovah611 and I.




"Stop hugging me!" The seal struggled in the bear's grip, growling.

"Aw! But you are so cuddly..." Corporal smiled and hugged him tighter.

"Boss!" Short Fuse whined.

The wolf had been busy with his laptop. "What is it, Short Fuse?" He asked without looking up.

"Tell him to put me down!" The seal cried

Classified looked up then gasped in slight alarm. "Corporal! Put him down!" He ordered, growling.

Corporal opened his mouth to protest but the wolf interrupted.

"Now!" the wolf barked.

The seal glared at the giant mammal expectantly.

Corporal pouted then slowly put him down, putting both paws behind him back while looking at the ground guiltily.

"Are you okay, Short Fuse?" Classified asked the seal.

"No!" The seal glared.

Classified set the seal farther away from the bear. "Corporal, what did I tell you about this matter!?" He snarled.

"Do not hug Short Fuse?"

Classified nodded. "You know how he feels when you do!"

"But he is so cuddly."

"AH-AH! No excuses! Now go back to your bunker. You're confined in there until Short Fuse feels better." The wolf ordered.

"But he never calms down quickly." The polar bear frowned. He'd be in there forever…

"Go! NOW." Classified pointed at the direction of the bunkers.

Corporal looked down and started walking to the bunker.

Short Fuse was still growling, furiously.

"Sh-Short Fuse..." Classified tried. Oh boy the boy was angry again.

"I'm not a toy!" The seal growled.

"Of course you're not!" The wolf sighed.


"Not cuddly at all…" Classified agreed, which was the best thing to do in this situation.

Short Fuse snarled. "Why does he have to pick me up like some little toy!"

Classified huffed. "You know Corporal... he can't help himself…"

The seal was growling and glaring, unable to control his anger.

"Look you can go over to the training arena and go explode yourself some dummies... that always helps you calm down…" the wolf said.

"I AM CALM!" The seal exploded.

"You don't look or sound like you are."


The wolf looked at him with concern. "Shhh..." he tried to soothe him by stroking a paw over his back.

The seal snarled again.

"Short Fuse... please... calm down…"

"I'm...calm...!" The seal growled through gritted little teeth.

Classified began humming in a slow, soothing tone. This always helped him calm down before…

Short Fuse shut his eyes, occasionally twitching.

"Hmmmmmhhmhh~" he kept humming…

The growling turned into a small snort every once in a while.

"Hmmhmmm... mhhmmhhhmhmmm" the wolf still kept humming.

The seal was calming visibly…

The wolf kept humming, smiling softly.

Short Fuse whimpered and lay on his stomach.

"You feeling better?" Classified asked softly.

The seal nodded.

The wolf lay on his belly beside him. "That's good…"

"I hate feeling small..." The seal muttered.

"You aren't small..." Classified sighed again.

"Yeah I am." Short Fuse glared at the floor.

"You aren't." Classified nuzzled him softly. "Not to me…"

"Then what am I?" Short Fuse leaned into the nuzzling.

"You're my fierce Short Fuse... The fiercest of all seals..." the canine smiled softly.

The seal smiled happily.

"My one and only..." Classified pressed their foreheads together.

"Hmmh..." Short Fuse sighed, pressing back.

"I don't like it when he hugs you either..." Classified admitted. He absolutely hated it.

"You don't?" The seal looked up.

Classified shook his head. "...m-makes me feel jealous…"

"Jealous? Why?"

"The way he holds you like that…"

"You want to hold me like that?"

The wolf blushed and nodded. "But... you'll get mad... at me…"

The seal thought about it before slowly dragging his way over to the canine.

"Wh-what are you doing?" The canine blinked, sitting up.

"You want to hold me like that huh? Like I'm a cuddly little thing to play with?!" Short Fuse growled, readying himself to pounce.

"Nonono! I just-!" Classified tried.

The seal snarled and lunged at the wolf, taking him down.

"GAH!" Classified yelped, falling on his back.

Short Fuse bared his teeth...before snuggling up in the wolf's chest.

Classified had shut his eyes... he slowly peeked at him when he felt the snuggles. "Sh-Short Fuse?" He stammered.

"What?" The seal questioned. "Wrap your arms around me!" He demanded.

The wolf hesitated before putting his arms around him, ears flopping down as if he was expecting something bad to happen.

Short Fuse just snuggled up closer.

"Huh..." Classified blinked, nuzzling him softly. "I... I thought you'd get mad…"

"I don't know. This is kind of nice…"


The seal didn't answer and nuzzled into the wolf's neck.

The wolf smiled and pulled him closer.

"Am I cuddly?" Short Fuse asked after a while.

"U-uh…" Classified stammered. Should he answer that?

The seal looked up waiting.

"W-would that be a good thing? Or…-"

"I wouldn't ever answer that." The seal warned.

The wolf gulped and nodded at him. Right… he understood.

Then the seal went back to nuzzling.

Classified purred and leaned into it, petting his body a bit.

"Hmm..." the seal sighed. Then growled. It wasn't enough! "Cuddle me harder!"

The wolf hugged him tighter.

"Harder!" Short Fuse demanded.

Classified clutched him, rubbing his face on him.

The seal was eating up the attention, taking in all of it.

The wolf cuddled and stroked him, not knowing why the seal demanded this.

Short Fuse purred and rubbed into the wolf's fur twice as much.

"Why do you want me to-" Classified tried to ask.

The seal growled when the wolf's full attention wasn't on the cuddling.

Classified whimpered then ran his paws over him, rubbing his face against him some more.

Short Fuse liked cuddling it seemed…

"Short Fuse!" Classified barked. He was still his leader! He could still give orders!

"Shut up and cuddle me..." the seal mumbled in a daze.

"Short Fuse, STOP." He growled.

The pup purred…He could DO that?

Classified shook his head. "SHORT FUSE!" The wolf shouted.

"What!" The seal snapped.

"Why do you want me to cuddle you!? I thought you didn't like being cuddled!"

"I don't."

"Then why do you want me to!?"

"I like you holding me…"

Classified blushed. "Well you don't have to overdo it…:

"But I want it."

"You have to control yourself…"

The seal retorted. "You control yourself."

"I AM controlling myself..." Classified huffed.

"Not as much as you think." The seal motioned down.

The wolf looked down as well and the wolf had a slight problem arising in between them…

The seal nuzzled the wolf's neck again. "And I thought I had attention issues. You're even happier about the cuddling than I am."

The canine put a paw on his own tail to stop it from wagging, blushing uncontrollably.

"Best cuddle ever." The seal rested his head on the well-built chest.

Classified smiled.

"But I don't like being held still!" Short Fuse glared. "It's not my thing."

Classified planted a kiss on his forehead. "Alright…"

"What was that?" Short Fuse questioned.

"What was what?"

"What was that thing you just did on my head?" The seal asked, confused.

"A... a kiss..." Classified raised a brow. "Why?"

"Kiss? What's a kiss?"

"That... it's... a show of affection…"

"Like cuddling?" Short asked.

Classified nodded. It was like that… "Yes... but it shows more affection than what cuddling shows…"

"How?" The seal seemed interested.

"Like... like this..." the seal pressed his snout against the other's in a kiss.

The seal gasped in surprise, eyes wide.

Classified still kept at it, pulling him closer.

Short Fuse shut his eyes, moaning.

Soon he pulled away then stared at him, panting softly.

The seal stared back, blinking…

"Did that feel okay?" Classified asked, making sure.

...Long pause.

"Short Fuse?" The wolf blinked.

The seal grabbed the wolf by the ears, pulling him in for another kiss. One much harder and forceful.

"HMNh!" The wolf said in suprise before kissing back. Oh dickens. What had he started?