Author's Note: Another pointless oneshot XD XP


Goodnight Mort.

~All Hail King Julien~

Mort hummed as he put his pillow down on the ground, fluffing it up. The little lemur was happily getting ready for bed. It'd been a long day of beloving their King Julien and tomorrow would be another busy day doing the same thing but even harder than last time!

The little guy needed his rest for it!

So the tiny mousey lemur pat his pillow a few more times before laying his head down on it with a content sigh. Sleeping was nice! He liked sleeping! He always dreamed about King Julien and his wonderful feet.

Mort's tail curled around himself as he shut his big eyes, snuggling against the pillow in front of the big tree. He slept RIGHT at King Julien's tree step so he could be right there when the king woke up!

He used to sleep right outside King Julien's bedroom but he got caught there! He also got caught under King Julien's bed and in his bathroom and at the royal watering hole during the king's bathing time…

Also in King Julien's bed itself under the covers, cuddling right with the feet!

Long story short, Mort was not allowed around King Julien during the night time or morning time or ever. Though he still always came around anyway! He loved King Julien!

Mort sighed into his pillow that had King Julien's feet drawn on it. He rubbed the precious image. "Do not worry the feet…We will be together again."