Author's Note: Just a story I wrote with my friend Elias. Here's the first chapter.


My King and I.

~Madagascar Escape 2 Africa~

"Julien, no okay? I can't do that." Alex tried for the umpteenth time to tell the lemur.

"But Mr. Alex of course you can do it!" King Julien said.

"No I can't! What even gave you that idea anyway? I just meet him for the first time in years and you think I can just say 'Hey dad can please make a lemur the leader of the lions?'" Alex scoffed.

"Yes! Exactly! Do that!" Julien nodded.

Alex face palmed. "I can't just do that Julien. It's a lot more difficult than just asking nicely."

"But you are a KING!"

"Of New York! Here I'm just the newly found kings son."

"And you can do great things! Like issuing ME as king!"

"Ugh Julien!" The lion was starting to get a little aggravated. "What would you even do as king?! Do you really think lions will listen to a lemur?"

"Why would they NOT? It is all the rage everywhere!"

"All the rage-! Julien you're crazy!"

"Crazy Mr. Alex? Is that what you think I am? Or are YOU just crazy enough NOT to want me as your king!" The lemur declared, crossing his arms.

The lion couldn't help but smile a little. "Ok Julien" he said, humoring the lemur a little "You want to be king?"

"Yes! That is what I am telling you!"

"Ok. Well the first thing you have to do is challenge my dad. Do you think you can beat him in a fight?" Alex asked.

"Well duh. Maurice can do that." The little king waved off.

Of course Maurice standing next to him looked both baffled and horrified.

Alex rolled his eyes. "Ok then fine. But what do when the pride of LIONS decides not to listen to you? Hmm?"

"They will listen no problem." Julien said.

"So stubborn…" Alex mumbled to himself. "Why do you even want to be king so bad?"

"I was born to be king of everything, Mr Alex. That is how it goes."

"Uh-huh sure." The lion said, very skeptical.

"It is!"

"You really are stubborn you know that?" Alex sighed. "Look I really can't make you king Julien." He said, repeating himself once again.

"Then we are having a problem to which I know can be solved by food." He grinned. "Like most problems. Maurice?" Julien looked his adviser who now held up a pretty good looking steak.

Alex had his tongue hanging out. He was slowly walking towards the steak until he shook his head to snap out of it. "Sorry Julien I can't make you king, no matter how good that steak looks."

"Oh come on!" The lemur king cried. "There must be something you want!"

"There's nothing I want from you. Sorry." Alex said honestly.

"There must be something. What do giant hairy freaks like?"

"I'm not a FREAK! I'm sorry Julien, but you just can't be king of the lions. Go be king of the flamingos or something."

"I am already king of those. I want to be king of something else!"

"There has got to be something else besides my dad's pride." Alex told him. Anything.

"Like what?" King Julien asked.

"I don't know. What about the giraffes, or the hippos, or even the zebras." The lion said. Let his friends deal with this. "Go be the king of the fish for all I care!"

"What about you?" Julien stroked his own chin.

"What about me?" Alex asked a little worried for what the lemur had in mind.

"I can be king of the you if you are liking."

"And why would I ever let you be my king?" Alex laughed a bit

"Because it is a cool thing to do." The king leaned on the lion's leg.

The lion thought about it a bit. "If I say yes will you drop the trying to get control of the pride?"

"It is a deal freak." Julien stuck out his little paw.

Alex hesitated a little, knowing he would regret it, but eventually stuck his paw out and shook the lemurs paw. "Deal." He said with a small forced smile.

"It is a pleasure doing business." Julien said and quickly ran off with Maurice. That crazy lemur was up to something but Alex didn't know what.

Alex was tempted to follow the lemur and investigate a little but was to tired and decided to just shrug it off and head to bed. He would just find out what's up the next day.

At least that's what he thought. What had he gotten himself into?