Author's Note: Oneshot.


New Recruit.

~All Hail King Julien~

The little lemur shut his eyes smiling, trying to go to sleep. He hadn't shut his eyes for a moment before there was a dark chuckle that had his eyes snapping back open.

Mort sat up, starting to look around at the sound. "Hello?"

"Hello…" The dark voice purred in response.

"King Julien's feet?" Mort asked.

"Hello little Mort…My have I heard stories about you…" The voice said.

"I wish I heard stories about feet." Mort said, making the voice laugh some more.

"I am not your beloved King Julien's nicely pedicured feet." Was the response.

"You're not?" The little mouse lemur blinked.

"No, of course not…Feet are inanimate objects that we walk all over…" The voice in the dark said. "And no one can walk all over me…"

"King Julien walked on my face." Mort recalled.

"I bet he did…" The voice sounded fake sympathetic. "How horrible of him…"

"No it was nice I got to touch the feet!" Mort smiled.

"How horrible of him to just push you around and make you feel like you are nothing."

"And then he adjusted me like a football with one foot while he kicked me far away with the other!" Mort announced. He touched the feet a lot that day.

The voice seemed a bit annoyed. "Yes…well as I was saying…" He went on. "It must be horrible that he pushes you around and makes you feel that you're no-"

"I try to touch the feet every day! And even though I fail there are times when I don't and they are worth it! I love King Julien and his fee-" Mort tried to finish but a paw was clasped over his mouth as suddenly an animal appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

"Please! Let me finish my talking!" Karl begged. "I don't like to be interrupted…It makes me filled with blind rage." The fanaloka said softly. "Alright?"

Mort nodded and his mouth was let go of.

"Now…I haven't introduced myself… The name's Karl." Karl said.

"Hi Karl." Mort greeted.

"Hello." Karl replied, grinning. "How are you doing Mort?" He purred.

"I am fine." Mort said.

"Good…and King Julien?" Karl asked curiously.

"I love him."

"Yes I am well aware of your undying admiration. I know a little thing about that…" Karl chuckled, blowing a kiss over to his Chauncey nearby.

"Why are you kissing the air?"

"I wasn't."

"Yes you were."



Karl growled but moved on. "Anyway…There is something I need you to do for ME Mort…"

"Okay what?"

Karl had to blinked twice. "What? You…are just agreeing to it? To my terms? Without knowing what they even are? Or who they would cause to be destroyed?"

Mort blinked at him, not understanding a word but nodding.

Karl grinned. "Well then. This is working so much better than how I had thought. I thought I would have to cause you bodily harm. Don't worry I won't. Not yet at least…"

Mort still blinked.

"Perhaps you're not as stupid as I once thought."

"Probably not." Mort shrugged. He was pretty stupid to say the least.

"Hmm…I need you to-" Karl started but he heard footsteps coming their way. "Goodbye for now you adorable little oaf." Then the lights went out and the fanaloka disappeared.

Mort sat there blinking for a while. "But King Julien says I'm a tody…"