Author's Note: A small pointless oneshot XD


The Cockroach.

~All Hail King Julien~

"WHEN I SAY KING, YOU SAY JULIEN!" King Julien yelled down upon his many partying subjects.

The lemurs cheered in response.

"KING!" Julien cried.




"KING!" King Julien laughed as they shouted his name again. This was the appreciation a king deserved!

The party went on loud and proudly, no one noticing the cockroach crawling up a tree in the background...

A few hours later King Julien was yawning, scratching his backside as he entered his room.

"Oh Willie you NUT!" Julien called. "See you tomorrow Ted!" The king was left sighing as he shut his door. What a party.

But now it was time for bed. There was another party tomorrow and he had to be well rested for that.

King Julien walked to his bed, but felt something icky and creepy crawl across his foot. He yelled and kicked it off.

The cockroach flew onto his bed, it sitting there.

Julien narrowed his eyes. "Oh gross man! MAURICE! THERE IS A BUG IN MY ROOM I DEMAND THAT YOU KILL IT!"

"Coming your majesty!"


There was rummaging from the other room as the adviser was looking for something.

"MAURICE!" Julien called, stomping his foot.

While the king wasn't looking the roach crawled under the bed, just as Maurice came rushing in with an old rolled up magazine.

"Alright where is it?" Maurice asked with a sigh.

King Julien pointed to his bed with a huff.

Maurice went over expecting to see a bug but...there wasn't anything to hit. "Where?"

"On my BED! Kill it!"

"There's nothing to kill!" Maurice exclaimed.

"Uh yes there is a bug that needs a smacking in the ugly little face!"

"There's no bug your majesty..."

King Julien raised a brow and pushed the adviser to the side, frowning. Where was the bug?

"Are you sure it was a bug? It could have been a shadow." Maurice shrugged.

"NO there was a BUG. Right THERE!" Julien pointed at the spot the bug was.

"Well it's not there now."


"It could have been a leaf."

"It was an ugly COCKROACH. Like the one that crazy KARL has!"

"Well whatever it was it's not there now. Why don't you get some sleep?"

King Julien examined his bed before cautiously before sitting on it. "I swear there was a BUG here..."

"Your yelling could have scared it away. It is kind of scary..." Maurice said.

"Very funny Maurice. My VOICE is beautiful and soothing. Not scary. It is angelic." Julien bat his eyelashes.

"Right..." Maurice rolled his eyes. "Goodnight King Julien."

"Goodnight Momo!" King Julien smiled and relaxed back in his bed, arms behind his head.

His adviser left and the king sighed. He blew out the candles at his bedside and shut his eyes for a moment.

Julien's eyes opened. Wait a his room...on his night...disappearing very creepily...

That could mean only one thing...


Maurice was right. He needed to stop eating in his room. He was attracting bugs.

King Julien sighed and shut his eyes again, drifting off to sleep without a worry.