One Piece online chat chapter 1

Snakeprincess12 has joined chat

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Snake princess12Hey!

StrawHat Hey! vWhat are you doing,

Snakeprincess12 Just sitting here thinking about you. Will you marry me?


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Catburgalur Hi Hancock! Hey Luffy !

Strawhat hey Nami

Snakeprincess12 yeah hey!

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NicorobinHey Nami, Luffy. Hi Hancock.

Greengreatestswrdsmn yeah hi!

Catburgalur43 where are you staying these two years I'm on weatheria

StrawHat Amazon Lilly

Greengreatestswrdsmn somewhere with Mihawk

Nicorobin Revolutionaries

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Hawkeye what Zoro

You don't know me hello robin hello others

Nicorobin hey this is Luffy, Zoro, Nami,Hawkeye, Hancock

StrawHat who are you?

You don't know me I'm a Revelutionary

StrawHat,I didn't ask you what you are I asked who are you?

You don't know me One second

StrawHat nice to meet you one second.

Mostwanted has joined chat

You don't know me my name is not one second.

Nicorobin when he asked your name you said one second.

Mostwanted hahahaha you should tell him your name.

Catburgalur43 LOL!

You don't know me my name is Sabo

StrawHat déjà vu

StrawHat has left chat

You don't know me so which one of you is Luffy

Greengreatestswrdsmn He just left!

You don't know me lol bye

Chat has ended


Please send me who you want in the next chat and what you want them to talk about