Just wanted to say: do not leave the story just because the first chapters are bad. Later, probably from 3rd/4th chapter it will get better.

year 2015 Newspaper

Grand reopening!

Finally, in the year 2015 the famous pizzeria called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, is reopening. said, that there is a new attraction which is called "The Horror Atraction" The pizzeria was closed due to a brutal incident in 1987. Fazbear actually said, that one of the animatronics actually bite the kid.

Mike's POV

Just sitting there in my house, reading a newspaper and what? They're reopening!? Holy cow, i remember when i worked here! I'am wondering how is it going to be...


The pizzeria is opening! The news are everywere, even on the TV! I must go there, and see how it looks now.

No one's POV

was staying near the door, waiting for the people to come. In the fact, it was the same place the same building, but the animatronics were missing. They just weren't there. But then something maked a strange "scream" noise in the Price Corner. Fazbear was going there to check but then he noticed, that something moved in the Parts/Service room. He was checking the Parts/Service. There were all the old and even toy animatronics.

All deactivated. But at least they were repaired. He left the room turning off light and shuting door.

After a couple of minutes. Bonnie realised that he can barrely move his head around and that was strange becouse animatronics should be deactivated. He tried to get up, but he can't. He said with his glitching voice: H-h-hello? Any-anybody here?

He wanted to say something to Foxy, he was nearest to him but he realised, that he is the only one still active.