Summary: How do others react when they find out about Hermione and Percy?

AN: Written in response to feedback left asking for reactions to the new relationship.

Warning: Explicit graphic sex scene, voyeurism, sex talk at the dinner table

Posted: Sept 5, 2015


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Minerva McGonagall blinked as her brain struggled to process what she had just heard. "Excuse me Hermione, but could you repeat what you just said." Surely she hadn't heard what she thought she had.

"I'm seeing Percy Weasley and I was wondering if he could visit me and maybe stay the night if it is the weekend. Or if I could get an extended curfew to visit him in London."

"How do you plan on getting there?" Minerva latched onto an insignificant point to give herself more time to process the information just unloaded onto her.

"I have my Apparation license. Or I can floo from the Three Broomsticks."

Minerva hesitated. If it were Ronald Weasley, or even Harry Potter it would not have been so completely unexpected. Just how long had Percy and Hermione been seeing each other?

"Since Christmas." Minerva hadn't realised she had voiced her question out loud. "We found we had a lot in common. We talked and agreed we'd like to see where we can go without everyone butting in so we've kept it quiet."

"Until now."

"Until now," Hermione agreed. "As an Apprentice I am not required to follow the rule for Hogwarts students. I'm an adult and I'd like to be treated as one."

Minerva nodded. "Understandable. Many apprentices often have spouses and children." She looked more closely at her former and future student. "Are you sure about this? I thought you were with Ronald."

Hermione smiled warmly. "I'm positive. Percy fits me better than Ron ever could or would."

There had to be a story behind that comment. "Very well then. Mr Weasley may visit you after tea on Fridays and stay overnight on Friday and Saturday nights. He is expected to leave after dinner on Sundays." She hesitated. "Will he be joining us at meal times?"

Hermione shook her head. "No. I'm going to ask the House Elves to send our meals to my room. I promise you we will be discreet," she assured her mentor.

"I'm sure you will continue to be good a example to the students," Minerva assured the younger witch. Then her curiosity got the better of her. "You said Percy fits you better… I'm assuming intellectually? Ronald has always been a mediocre student and there was some concern when you two started dating."

Hermione blinked, clearly surprised. "Oh?"

"Yes. Pomona was particularly worried that he would persuade you into not pursuing an Apprenticeship and Mastery. Because it is very time consuming."

Hermione laughed and nodded. "You're right. He did try. And failed." Her lips curved into a soft smile. "Percy is a better match for me intellectually," her smile turned wicked. "And in the bedroom."

That… was intriguing. "Oh?"

Hermione smiled impishly. "Percy likes to experiment."

Minerva was no naive novice to be flustered by innuendo or blunt talk. "If that suits your tastes then I'm happy for you."


Harry had just wrapped up a visit to Minerva and Hagrid. He had a bit of time so he made a detour to go through Hogsmeade and visit his favourite places as a Hogwarts student. He was wandering past Honeydukes when he saw Percy and Hermione together. At first he thought Percy was in Hogsmeade to visit the Headmistress, that he stopped and was talking with Hermione to be polite. What he saw next turned his perceptions and theories upside down and inside out.

Percy ducked into a shallow alley between Scriveners and Gladrags, dragging Hermione with him since he was gripping her by the wrist. Then he pushed her up against the old bricks, moving close enough to pin her against the wall, pressing the front of his body against hers!

Harry opened his mouth, ready to yell and draw his wand when he saw Hermione's expression. She was smiling, lifting her arms to drape them over Percy's shoulders, thrusting one hand through the short strands at the base of the middle Weasley's neck. She said something that made Percy smile and lower his head and snog her thoroughly.

At this point Harry decided discretion was the better part of valour and backed off, rushing to the safety of the Three Broomsticks. It took a cup of gillywater to settle his nerves enough to think about what he had just seen and what to do about it. Finally he decided to keep his mouth shut and pretend he hadn't seen anything. Harry knew the truth would get out at some point and when it did the results were going to be truly explosive.

Ron was going to take it as a personal betrayal when he found out, even though it was anything but. Hermione and Ron had broken up months ago and Ron had dated two witches since. But Ron was funny that way, always quick to take offense at perceived slights, to run off his mouth and verbally or physically attack others. In the past Hermione had been the one to soothe things over. Except during the Viktor Krum fiasco. And she had definitely not been serious about Krum as she looked to be about Percy. Harry was absolutely certain Ron was going to be a great deal of pain in the near future; pain inflicted by an enraged Muggleborn witch who had been insulted by the hot-tempered youngest Weasley.


Arthur Weasley was very much a hands-off father. He let Molly worry about the fussing and day-to-day activities. His children knew he was always available if they wanted to talk to someone about something private, without Molly finding out.

They were adults now, most with their own partners and close friends who they confided in and he was proud of each and every one of them. Even the one who had inflicted a great deal of hurt through his personal choices. But, thank Merlin, Percy did not do something truly horrendous, like joining the Death Eaters. And he had come back home. Sure it was only once a month for Sunday dinner and he didn't talk about what was happening in his personal life, but it was still something. Percy wasn't allowing the hostility of his siblings to drive him away. And Arthur strongly suspected there was another reason why Percy kept showing up.

Hermione Granger.

Arthur hadn't noticed it at first until Ginny made a casual comment but Percy and Hermione always made it a point to sit next to each other. At first he thought it was because there was less hostility between the two of them than there was between Percy and his other siblings. Then he caught Percy playing footsie with Hermione. And she was letting him. Reciprocating.

It had been mind-boggling. Arthur spent several subsequent Sunday dinners making sure it wasn't just his imagination. It wasn't. Percy and Hermione were 'together'. It didn't take a genius to deduce their reasons for keeping it quiet: Ron. Arthur knew his youngest son would take it as a personal insult when he found out but Arthur was not too concerned. Ron would survive. Percy was happy and becoming part of the family again. That was the important thing, and Arthur would do everything he could to encourage it.

Right now that meant keeping Percy and Hermione's relationship a secret from Molly.


Charlie Weasley found out by accident.

He was visiting the Burrow for Sunday dinner, a side-trip after delivering harvested dragon parts to a small group of Potioneers, when he snuck out for a smoke before dinner. Mum didn't tolerate tobacco in the house, even with air freshening charms, so Charlie made it a habit to sneak his smokes in the old orchard out back.

"Oh yesss!" A long drawn out hiss of pleasure-pain. "Higher. Higher." A low throaty moan filled with raw unstinted passion. "There!"

Charlie could not stop his feet from moving him closer.

"Purr-fect," the witch groaned. "Just a little harder."

"Demanding little thing, aren't you," the wizard growled in a very familiar crisp voice. Percy.

Now Charlie had to see what was going on. Five steps and he got a very plentiful eyeful.

Percy had pinned Hermione Granger up against a tree, her robe skirts hiked above her waist, slim legs wrapped around Percy's waist, his trousers down and hanging low about his hips from what Charlie could see. Percy was grinding his hips into Hermione and from her expression she was loving it.

"Don't stop!" she begged. "Don't ever stop."

"You sound like you don't want to cum," Percy told her in a voice made harsh with his efforts to restrain himself. "Like you only want my cock, not my cum."

Hermione's eyes widened as she dug her nails into Percy's neck. "Want it," she hissed. "I want your cum. Want to feel you fill me, drip down my thighs."

Percy laughed and kissed her hard before proceeding to give her exactly what she asked for.

It was too hot, too enthralling, too much. Charlie wanted to move and he wanted to stay and watch. It wasn't until Hermione came with a soft scream, biting into the shoulder of Percy's robes, did Charlie finally gain the impetus to move.

He wasn't sure when or how he stumbled into the kitchen, only very glad his parents weren't around to ask him what was wrong. Because something had to be very wrong for Perfect Percy to be fucking Hermione Granger up against a tree.

"What's wrong Charlie?"

Unfortunately the kitchen was not empty and just as Charlie feared, he found himself spewing out the full graphic details of what he had just seen to the other occupant. Fortunately it was his elder brother Bill.

At the end of it he gave Bill a challenging look, as though to say, 'And what are you going to say to that?'

Bill's expression was more thoughtful than shocked and baffled. "You know Hermione and Percy makes a lot more sense than Hermione and Ron. You know they fought like cats and dogs before they finally broke up."

Charlie's expression screwed up in distaste. "But it's Percy!"

Bill grinned. "It's a Percy who we know nothing about."

"And does Hermione?"

"She certainly knows more than we do and she must see something she likes if she's having sex with him." He laughed. "Sex in the open outdoors where anyone could catch them."

Charlie choked and coughed and had to laugh because it was the truth. "Okay. She probably knows things of Percy that we certainly have no clue about." His expression sobered. "So what do we do?"

Bill's expression turned very serious. "Nothing."




"No." Bill stated firmly. "This is their relationship and it is their choice if and when they make it public so keep your lips sealed."


"Let me put it this way. If you were with Hermione and you weren't sure if it was serious enough to risk a familial blow up, would you want Mum and Ron to find out?"

Charlie's expression screwed up in distaste. "I get your point."

"So you'll keep your lips sealed?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I will."


It was a typical Sunday dinner at the Burrow. Everyone was catching everyone else up on things that were happening in their personal and professional lives, Molly Weasley was more focused on their personal lives, more specifically their romantic relationships.

"Hermione dear, Arthur has a new intern in his department. A nice single Ravenclaw who is looking to settle down. A very nice boy who focused on getting his three younger sisters educated and settled before he started looking for a nice witch."

Hermione choked on her cauliflower floret and hastily gulped down water to clear her air passageways. Harry, Arthur, Charlie and Bill froze. In unison their eyes turned to Percy. Percy's reaction was not so sanguine. He carefully set his cutlery down before speaking.

"Mum, please stop it."

Molly blinked confused. "Stop it? Stop what?"

"Stop trying to match-make Hermione with every single wizard you know about," Percy snapped.

Molly huffed. "If Hermione doesn't want me to match-make she can tell me herself."

"Hermione is too polite to say so, so I'm telling you," Percy growled.

"I don't see why you're making such a fuss."

"I'm making such a fuss because Hermione is my girlfriend!" Percy roared at his mother.

Pin-drop silence fell around the dining table while everyone stared at the couple.

Molly blinked. "Percy, you're with Hermione?"

Percy forced his anger under control before responding. "Yes."

"Since when?" Molly was baffled.


"Why didn't you tell me?" she wailed.

"We knew we had something but we weren't sure if it was going to last so we kept it quiet," Hermione was the one to answer Molly's question.

Molly cocked her head. "But you're sure now," she deduced.

Hermione blushed and looked over at Percy, covering his hand on the dining table with hers just as she responded. "Yes."

There was an outpouring of congratulations and knowing smiles from those in the know from before the announcement. However there was one fly in the ointment.

Ron made a scoffing sound as he downed a forkful of mashed potatoes. "Figures. A frigid witch would prefer a prudish Percy."

Percy paled, his freckles standing out starkly on his white skin, his knuckle bones standing out as he clenched his hands to keep from attacking his youngest brother.

Arthur and Molly were ready to reprimand their youngest son for his rude words. But it was Hermione who cut Ron off at the knees.

"Frigid? Just because you're a lazy arse who can't last more than ten minutes doesn't mean I'm frigid."

The eldest Weasley couple goggled, the brothers smirked, Ginny sighed and Harry looked like he wanted to run and hide. Ron blushed bright red in humiliation and rage.

"And you always refused to try anything new, especially if it meant you wouldn't get off in ten minutes. You know there is something called delayed gratification and I can honestly say Percy is very good at it."

Percy laughed, his stark white expression fading, blood rushing back to their proper pathways. He rubbed his thumb over the back of Hermione's hand, turning it over so he could stroke the inside of her wrist, over her pulse point.

"Ron, I know Dad gave you the same talk he gave all of us. A wizard worth his wand gets his witch off before experiencing his own pleasure. If he's a good lover he can get her off at least two times." He lifted Hermione's hand and kissed the inside of her wrist. "And believe me it is very easy to please a passionate witch. All you have to do is listen. And be willing to try something new. Even if it's… out there."

Ron paled, bright red patches high on his cheekbones, lips thinned.

Percy turned to Arthur. "I'm sorry for the scene but Ron started it."

Arthur nodded agreeably. "Ron should not start something and not expect to get hit back in the same manner."

"Very true Percy," Molly added in a surprisingly calm voice. "You've shown a great deal of self-control by using words and not magic or your fists." She turned to Hermione. "And don't worry about everyone knowing. I'm sure everyone likes a little kink to spice up their private lives. Arthur and I certainly do. I have this lovely balm recipe that works wonders for whisker and rug burn."

Everyone under the age of forty looked like they were ready to pass out or run. Fleur and Hermione too until they started thinking about what Molly just offered. Hermione was the first to respond.

"I'd like to try it."

"So would I," Fleur interjected.

All the younger males looked at Bill and Percy wondering just what the two got up to with their witches.

Percy huffed. "You are sad excuses for wizards if you can't think of a few pleasurable ways to wake up your witches. Especially on the weekends."

Harry and Ginny blushed because they knew exactly what Percy was referring to. Molly and Arthur shared a knowing private look. Charlie, George and Fred looked intrigued. Ron looked like he was going to be sick.

"I'll tell McGonagall you're sleeping with Percy, someone you're not married or engaged to."

Hermione huffed. "Please do so. She'll laugh in your face because she already knows about Percy." She smiled smugly. "Once my Apprenticeship is complete I'm going to teach the lower years. I can live off-site or Percy can move in. She's already agreed to it."

"And I've already asked Hermione to marry me. She said she'll wear my ring after her Apprenticeship is complete. We're going to get married in three years. Enough time to complete her Mastery as well.

That set off another round of congratulations, conversations, and planning in which everyone but one particular Weasley participated in. Once upon a time Hermione would have cared and tried to get Ron involved but now she didn't bother making the effort. Percy was her priority and lover now. Ron would come around or he wouldn't, either way he was not going to have any say in her affairs.


The End.


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