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3 months later:

"Why is it that you just can't admit that you were wrong?" Scully asked in slight humor, slight disbelief. "I would think we'd already established that humans can be evil enough on their own, why is it that you have to insist that it's something supernatural and unexplainable?" Scully looked at Mulder. They were exiting the FBI headquarter after having presented their final report on the latest case. They had been to Idaho to explain the disappearing of a kid from high school, only to figure out, as Scully had expected, that it had been a group of teenager ganging together, leaving fake clues behind them so people would connect it to old rumors about strange things living in the woods. They would have been proud to know that at least Mulder bought it from the beginning, but they were locked up now and the boy safely returned to his family. They themselves were headed home, Scully looking forward to a long relaxing bobble bath and maybe a glass of wine to try to unwind.

"If you had taken time to read the reports I gave you, you would have known that there is still something out there in those woods, the truth waiting to be found, even if it wasn't connected to this case in particular." Mulder said as stubbornly as always.

"Please, it's nothing more than made up stories to scare small children." Scully felt amused. It was an amazing drive Mulder had, but she was a scientist searching for solid evidence. It wouldn't do to just go running around believing every ghost story you heard. It was absolutely absurd.

"As long as it helps you sleep better at night, keep telling yourself that." Mulder had an unbreakable smirk placed on his lips, and Scully couldn't help herself as she rolled her eyes, a small smile of her own still in place. They had arrived at the parking lot, Mulder slowly easing away from Scully to the general direction of his car.

"I'll see you Monday!" Scully called after him as she turned in the opposite direction to get to her own parked car. He raised a hand in recognition and that was that.

The drive back to her apartment was silent, only the noise of the radio filling the car as the sun around her was slowly setting and giving way to evening and eventually night to come. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas and winter was slowly making itself known. There was a bit of traffic, people impatient to get home from work by now, but in every possible way, it was just like any other regular night going home from work.

When she came home though, it was to an unlocked front door. The light inside her big apartment already shinning warm and bright in the now dark evening. Soft music was playing in the background. Dana slowly took her jacket off and hung it in its place, dropped her bag on the floor and moved towards the living room to drop her keys on the table. She could see the mail from when she had been gone neatly stacked on the table, but didn't pay it much attention. There was a nice smell coming from the kitchen so she decided to follow it. The soft smoke was oozing from one of her pans, so she went over to it and stirred a bit, leaning down to smell. It looked like some sort of Italian dish with vegetables in a sauce.

As she was beginning to straight back up, two strong arms came around her waist from behind, a front pressing tightly against her back, forcing her slightly forward. She smiled at the long sound of an appreciative inhale behind her, a nose nuzzling against her neck, before being replaced by warm lips kissing her. Dana instinctively tilled her head to the side to allow the person more access. The head soon dropped on her shoulder however, a dissatisfied grump coming from the lips.

"What?" Dana asked softly, breaking the silent. She stilled for half a second, curious about the reaction.

"You're cold." Emily whimpered, causing Dana to break out in laughter. Her hand went up behind her to nuzzle Emily's neck lovingly.

"Well that's because it's freezing outside honey." She said in a matter of fact tone.

"I know." Emily exhaled heavily, burying herself deeper against Dana.

"You know you're going to squeeze me if you continue like that, right?" Dana was more amused that anything else. She had missed this, the feeling of Emily pressed against her like this. She always missed it when she was away on cases. This made it even nicer to come home after a long day.

"I know." Emily repeated, making Dana laugh again. Emily reached out in front of her and turned the stove off, before her hands migrated to Dana's hips, where she slowly moved them in rhythm to the music playing. It was a classic playing now, a Christmas song, Baby It's Cold Outside. Emily slowly began to hum along, as she closed her eyes and moved her hips along Dana's. "Feel like dancing?" she asked in an uplifting tone.

Instead of answering, Dana turned around in Emily's arms and put her hands around Emily's neck. They stayed like that for a bit, enjoying the intimacy; their foreheads pressed together, before Dana leaned up and kissed Emily on the lips. Their hips were still moving to the rhythm, but the lyrics was forgotten as they forgot themselves in the feeling. After a while, Dana leaned back and put her head against Emily's chest, her hands resting against Emily's shoulders, as Emily's arms were wrapped protectively around her lower back.

"I missed you." Dana said in a low voice. Emily giggled.

"You've only been gone a few days." She said with amusement laced in her voice.

"I know." Dana replied, and they grew silent again for a moment, still moving together. "I see you've taken the key I gave you in use." Dana said.

"I thought it would be a nice surprise. Though I hoped I could have finished cooking before you came back." Dana liked this side of Emily. That caring, loyal side. That side of her that would go to many lengths just to put the smallest smile on her face. It made Dana fall even more in love with her than she already was.

"It was a nice surprise. Thank you." Dana said with an honest and relaxed smile on her lips. They grew silent again for a moment, enjoying being in each other's arms before Emily spoke up.

"I missed you too." She said quietly. "I love you, Dana." She continued after a moment of hesitation. It was the first time that she had actually said the words. She had thought it often though, on the mornings where she would be first one to wake up and look over to the naked, sleeping woman beside her, small freckles grazing her soft skin, her red hair glowing from sun outside, soft snoring coming from her. She had looked over to her and as if realizing for the first time where she was and who she was with, she couldn't help the joy that spread through her knowing that this woman was actually hers, that they were actually together, that this wasn't just an evil, teasing dream, but her reality. That she loved her. She had thought it walking down the street, her fingers carefully, almost shyly interlacing with Dana's, her smile spreading on her lips. Dana would look at her like she was crazy, but she would always end up smiling along with Emily. She knew that she would always fall for that smile; that look. She had thought it when she had first asked Dana to come with her and her team out for beers after a case and when she had seen how easily and effortless she had fit in with the group talking and laughing and letting herself go for a bit. They had ended up having sex in the bathroom stall that night, before excusing themselves quickly and go home to make more drunken love.

She remembered the first night she had spent with Dana, how nervous and awkward both of them had been for a little while, knowing what was going to happen. In the end though they had sort of just forgotten about themselves and went with the flow and feelings of the moment. It was nice, finally getting the chance to explore each other, finding all those small places that made the other moan in pleasure and take them just a little closer to heaven.

It wasn't always easy, their jobs had sometimes gotten in the way of things, as they had predicted, but they had the weekends most of time, and if the schedule fit, the nights and evenings as well. They had been more careful in the beginning of the relationship, neither of them wanting to go too fast in fear of it being too difficult to make it work. But they had abandoned that strategy after about a month, realizing that there was always this sort of pull towards each other, no matter how hard they tried to restrain themselves, it just seemed impossible in the end.

And when Dana finally brought Emily home for dinner, she had been welcomed with open arms by her family. Dana's mother had even begun taking to the habit of calling Emily every once in a while when she hadn't heard from her daughter in a while or when she didn't pick up her phone. Of course it had been a hard pill to swallow for her in the beginning, there was no doubt about, and she had even begun protesting from time to time, but actually meeting Emily, and seeing how protective she was of her daughter and how much they adored each other had made her feel more at ease again. If it was meant to be, why try to stand in the way of her daughter's happiness? Dana had felt a lot more at ease after that as well. Her family's blessing had always meant a great deal to her. Now her mother had even begun to talk of grandchildren and weddings. A bit too early for the couple's liking, but Dana would lie if she said that she couldn't imagine seeing kids running around with Emily's face and humor. She knew Emily would make a great mother.

Emily had thought about bringing Dana home as well, but given her strained relationship with the ambassador, had decided to wait until next time they actually had to see each other, instead of trying to force something. And Dana had understood that and taken Emily's hand, and she realized that she had finally found a place where there was no judgement but only love. A place she could finally share her sorrows and pain instead of only her blessings.

So when Dana lifting her head up to look Emily in the eyes, Emily's heart beating only faster and faster, she knew that she would have regretted waiting another moment without saying anything. Dana looked surprised for a second, before a giant smile spread across her lips and she roughly pulled Emily's lips to hers, overpowering her as she possessively pushed her tongue inside Emily's mouth, surprising the other woman for a moment, before Emily pushed back with all she had, her tongue battling for dominance against the smaller woman. It only lasted a short time though, before they slowed down and concentrated on the deepness of the kiss and the closeness of their bodies, their hands starting to roam, to feel each other up, to try to get closer no matter how impossible that was right now. After a while however, Emily began feeling Dana's lips turn into a smile against hers, and she pulled back to look the shorter woman deeply in the eyes.

They were sparkling brightly back at her and Dana couldn't help but to smile, happiness flowing wildly through her at the feeling and realization of it all.

"I love you too." She said. Emily let out a relieved sigh as her own smile began spreading and she leaned down to kiss Dana once more. She knew in her heart right then and there that she would keep on loving Dana, for as long as the other woman would allow her.

The End