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This was either the best day of my life or the worst.

I was wet, freezing and all alone on a ship filled with people who wished me to just go away.

Confused? You're wondering why I am somewhere like that. Well hold on because my story's a wild ride.

A few days earlier

I had just gotten home after a battle with those bone headed skeletons. I had an apartment with the money I was making from my jobs. It wasn't much but it was quaint, small and cozy. Everything I wanted and needed.

I walked through the now opened door only to feel a strange presence (it's a power I always had, sensei said it was derived from my elemental power but that never made sense to me) standing in my kitchen waiting for me. Immediately, I had tensed and my hand instinctually raised to grasp the sword on my back, which wasn't there. Then I relaxed, I would know that presence anywhere.

"Lloyd " I called" It's not nice to sneak into other people house when there not home"

There was a pause before an" ahh, how did you know I was here Kai"

I shrugged "I just knew as always" I flicked on the light which then reveled a 19 year old in a green ninja suit. Now most would find this funny or strange but that's my life.

"Kai you've been avoiding me all day and I really need to ta-" I cut him off with a glare.

"Look I have no desire to become a ninja again, so if that what you want then you can leave now" I sighed then walked to my kitchen with a still stunned Lloyd watching me with wide eyes.

When he finally snapped out of his dazes, he walked over and thrust a flier into my hand "I know but that doesn't mean you have to avoid us. We are all going through a rough time after the whole battle with the overlord and . . . . The loss of Zane"

I started to say something but he cut me off "but you can't let that get you down."

"Why not "I muttered quietly, looking at the floor.

"Because Zane wouldn't want you too"

He remained quiet for a few seconds after that, probably waiting for me to say something but I couldn't. I was all flustered. So he started again" I'm inviting the rest of the team to this noodle place I know of. The location's on the flier I just gave you." I looked at the flier but didn't actually read it.

When I looked up again Lloyd was gone. That didn't surprise me much. What did surprise me is that the other ninja agreed to this. They feel just as strongly about being Ninja's while Zane is gone.

'Master Chen's noodles. I don't really like noodles' I thought in exasperation.

I could feel heated stares being aimed my way. Everyone on the ship was itching for a fight and I just happened to look like an easy target

Still confused as to how I ended up like this. Well my story not done yet.

You need to know what happened next. At the noodle shop.

The door opened with a jingle.

I looked around the brightly colored noodle shop and my only thought was 'this meeting is going to be really interesting'.

"Kai, back here" shouted Lloyd who was standing on his chair waving at me. I sighed ' Might as well get this over with. I wonder if they sell anything besides noodles, I'm starving ' My growling stomach agreed with me.

As I made my way back towards Lloyd, two familiar presence appeared on my radar (my ability to sense presence) and I was so shocked, I nearly stopped walking. 'They actually came'

"Jay. . . Cole"

"Ha, you too" sneered Cole.

"That runt tricked us all' added Jay.

There words and tone led me to believe that Lloyd tricked them into coming here. Now that makes more sense.

My eyes wandered from the table to the conveyor belt pushing food around. Just looking at the noodles made me want to throw up but the sushi rolls looked really good.

As if sensing where my mind had gone Lloyd broke in "We talk first then eat, okay"

"Ah" groaned Cole " Trust me, do know what kind of restraint I had to have staring at all this noodle goodness. You're late Kai."

"Make it quick" I sighed. I seem to be doing that more and more since I became a ninja.

"I know without Zane things have been . . . different but we have to move on." I snorted but Lloyd ignored me "The reason I brought you all here is because . . . maybe we should add someone new to our team -" he looked like he wanted to say more but I cut him off. Fury was already building in the pit of my stomach.

"A new ninja"

"Are you crazy" exploded Jay.

"Come on, Zane's irreplaceable" Cole said that as if it ended this discussion.

"I care about him to, but now it's time to care about this team"

"Maybe without Zane there is no team" I countered but immediately regretted it, when I saw how everyone faces fell.

I was thinking of what to say that would make the others feel better when the doors flew open and 3 new presence appeared in the restaurant. Their presence somehow gave off a bad vibe that made me tense, so it was unnecessary for Jay to say "Ho, don't look now but we've got trouble".

Skip fight (it was so complicated that I can't even begin to write about It. so sorry)

"Gah, where did they go" I yelled in frustration as I studied the empty ally way.

That's when, as one, we all spotted the shrine and the poster of Zane hanging on the wall by a dagger.

"What's this" questioned Lloyd

"It's Zane" I said in wonder

"What does it say" said Cole in the same daze like state.

Lloyd ripped the paper from the wall and said in a choked up voice "It says he's alive" I gasped. Normally I would have felt embarrass but seeing how Jay and Cole both did the same, I felt better.

"Uh, guy's" I started " I don't think those thugs were delivering a message to the noodle house, I think they were delivering a message to us" while everyone else was staring at the poster, I noticed two fortune cookie (two. that's very important) that had mine and Lloyd's name's on them and lightning fast I snatched them up and stuffed them in my pocket.

"What do you mean it say's he alive "demanded Jay who hadn't noticed anything.

Lloyd, on the other hand was staring at me with an expression that I couldn't quite place before answering "hey, I'm just telling you what it says"

"Why would those thugs lead us here" but no one answered as Cole had just broken in" You know this has to be some cruel joke, and I'm not laughing." If this was a joke, I'm gonna burn whoever did this to a crisp.

"Lloyd, what else does the poster say "I asked?

He started again "Master Chen has personally invited you to participate in his tournament of elements"

Wait" demanded Cole "are you saying that Mister Chen the same guy filling my belly with delicious goodness is actually Master Chen"

"What else" I cut in before Cole could interrupt again

"That's it" answered Lloyd.

"What no place to meet, no demands, no more details about Zane"

"Nope" stated Lloyd sadly

I was itching to take out the cookies in my pocket and read them but something told me that they should only be read by me or Lloyd.

"What about this shrine thing" asked Cole? In answer the others just shrugged and started looking around for more answer.

"Maybe, they will contact us later" I suggested. I hate lying but it was for the best "I for one don't want to stand here all night, for something that could just be a really bad joke. I'm going home"

"Yeah me too" the others agreed.

Both Cole and jay walked to the door and just as I was about to leave Lloyd grabbed my hand.

I knew what he was going to say so I brought out the fortune cookies and started to explain my action "I get the feeling like me and you were the only ones invited to be in the tournament." I showed him the names on the cookies and red my fortune aloud "Secrecy is of the utmost importance, tell no one or face the consequences. That's where it ends for me, what about you"

Lloyd broke his cookie and continued "If you ever want to see your friend again meet on the pier at midnight and leave your weapons behind"

Then, not 2 second after the last words were spoken aloud, both papers disintegrated.

Lloyd looked at me and said "you can't go, at least not without everyone else."

I sighed, did he have to be so difficult. Now I have to lie to him. "Of course I'm not going. This is obviously a trap"

"Really" said Lloyd in surprise

"Yes, there probably lying. You have my word that I won't go to the docks at midnight"

"He looks relived" Thank you."

"Now I'm going home"

Lloyd nodded "Yeah I guess I should too"

When Lloyd left, I rushed home. I grabbed my biggest back packet and started filling it with clothes, toothbrushes, hairbrushes anything that I might need because I won't go to the dock at midnight, I'll be going earlier. I'll be AT the docks at midnight. I love loop holes

I looked at the clock. It's 10:00. I still have time. 'Should I go in my ninja clothes ' I was debating what to wear when a thought struck me. 'Will I be at a disadvantage if I do go to the tournament, I will be by far the youngest contestant and that means I might be the weakest. I'd be an easy target. Maybe I should try and convince Lloyd to come as well'

I banished that thought as soon as it came ' Lloyd wouldn't let me go. He'd try to make me stay home where it's safe. But If I know one thing, it's that i can't stay home. I have to help Zane. No matter the cost.

"Huff, huff" my breath came out in puffs that burned my throat when I breathed out.

I am so dead. It's 11:35 and if I'm late the boat will leave without me. I raced around corners so fast I slid and sprinted down the street towards the docks.

When as I was approaching the docks multiple presence appeared on my radar, along with two that I would know anywhere. Lloyd and . . . . Garmadon.

'That idiot told his dad about the tournament. What happened to tell no one or face the consequences?'

I stopped 20 feet away from the docks and there, in plain sight no less, stood Lloyd with a bag by his feet and a guilty expression on his face like he was doing something wrong.

'That little traitor. So it's not okay for me to go alone but it's okay for him too. I hate double standers' I thought angrily

'Well hear goes nothing' I was about to step out of the shadows when I felt someone's eyes on me. As I scanned the crowd of at least 15 people and noticed a guy with gray skin and black hair, eyes and clothes staring in my direction.

'If he knows I'm here, then how many other know as well. 'I thought grimly. Then, not 2 seconds later a ship appeared on the horizon and the crowd moved towards it.

"Welcome" said a glossy looking man with fancy clothes in a pompous tone that made me want to smack his, multiple times.

As everyone boarded the boat, I could see the glossy haired man doing a head count and he looked upset by the number.

"All aboard" he called calmly but I heard the undercurrent of panic in his words. "We will wait 10 minutes longer. We are missing one contestant"

There was a scatter of murmurs leading up to "Hey, just leave him. If he's stupid enough to pass up a chance like this than he doesn't deserve to compete "answered with a murmur of agreement from the competition.

I bit my lip, unsure now. Should I go? This could be the most dangerous mission I went on yet and I have to do it without the others. My eye's fell on Lloyd and I sighed even harder. He will be mad if I go but I can't let him face everyone else alone. I curled my finger into my palm, frustrated with this whole situation.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and a presence that appeared out of nowhere. I wheeled around to find the same guy that had been staring at me, now had his hands on my shoulder. He was trying to push me forward, into view of the boat and its passengers.

He looked at me and said "You need to get on the ship"

"Why" I asked carefully in case this a trick or something.

He looks at the boat and then at me "because you radiate power and I am itching to fight you" He said simply.

And with that he began pushing me harder towards the boat. I grab his arm, used his momentum and flipped him into the dirt bay water. Hearing the splash everyone turned around and stared at the direction that the splash came from.

"Hello" called one of the other contestant who was wearing all white and looks like he had 10 cups of coffee.

Before I could second guess myself, I grabbed my bag and rushed to the gang plank.

I saw a horrified look on Lloyd and Garmadon's faces, a relived look of the glossy haired idiots face and the annoyed looks from everyone else's faces.

'I am going to go help you, Zane.' was my only thoughts as I walked up the gang plank 'I just hope that I don't die trying' because from the looks on everyone's faces (even Lloyd and Garmadon's) I just became the number one target.

Kai in this story is very different than the one you see on TV.

Kai is a girl but no one knows that.

Kai is 15

Kai can't control all of her powers