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Kai's point of view

I gagged and spat, my eyes flying open. My hand flew up, catching someone's wrist and twisting harshly. "Wha-"The wrist wrenched strongly out of my grip and the liquid gushing into my mouth stopped. Rolling over to my side, I spat and heaved, spiting the taste out of my mouth. Cramps hit my body hard, and I wrested my body out of a set of arms. Crouching on the ground, the world spun.

"What the hell-" My hand braced the wall and my shoulder shuddered and ached with every dry heave. I had nothing in my stomach to throw up and that was making this so much worse." -was that"

"What do you mean? It's water. You do know what water is right." I didn't and, for how bad it was, I don't think I want to. Skylar hovered over me, looking shocked and at the same time flexing her wrist. I closed my eyes and tried to breath. A soft but muscular arm draped itself over my shoulder holding me up. I shook my head "N-no more."

"Kai, you need to drink. You're dehydrated." She held a bottle out, right next to my face but I made no moves to take it. "I know it's kind of . . . acidic in taste but it's the best we have here. It's from our own natural spring"

"N-no" I coughed "I don't need it. I've been fine without it this far right. A few more . . . days . . . days, right. That's incriminate of time. Okay. A few more days can't hurt right. Right" I knew that if I had any more of that thing, I would be sick but what I was most afraid of was actually coughing up a lung or an organ or something. Can people do that? Can that actually happen to me. I want my insides to remain on the inside and my outside to remain on my outside. Can they somehow get switched? Is that what's happening to me!

Hysterically, I swallowed and blinked. My head pounded and the ground can in and out of focus.

"Close your eye and swallow as fast as you can" she suggested, not budging "Just one bottle, then maybe a little food. We can do this. Take it sip by sip, until it's all gone" She encouraged me to sit up. I shook my head again when she pressed the rim of the bottle to my lips. "A little. Please." Looking at her and her desperate expression, I parted my lips a little bit and sipped. Immediately the cramps started up again along with a sharp pain in my chest but this time I forced myself to swallow and, after a short pause, another and then another and another. The water made a hard slapping sound when it landed in my gut. After I got over the taste, I realized just how much my throat had been aching and how nice the wetness felt on my parched tongue. My head was swimming even worse when Skylar pulled the bottle away.

"Hey, Whoa. Slow down. Breath. You're going to make yourself sick if you keep this up." The bottle can back into focus and I realized that I had drained it in 3 or 4 swallow. And to top it all off, still I wanted more.

"Another" I wheezed, breathing deeply to satisfy her. When she shook her head, I snapped "I thought you wanted me to drink more. When I don't want to you force-" I sputtered, curling up my fists

"Hey-Hey hey, calm down. Give it sometime to settle. I was actually going to suggest some food." I stopped, my temper tantrum forgotten. Food. Was I hungry? Was the pain I felt when drinking hunger? What does it feel like when you're hungry? Should I know it institutionally? Do I feel it or do I just assume. Am I supposed to eat every day? I think so. Dinner and brunch and breakfast, right. Maybe not in that order. But I remember that it's 3 meals a day. I was proud of myself for that. "Just a ration bar. If you can keep both down for an hour or so, then you can have more. Sound like a plan"

"Ration bar?"

"Well, It's not chocolate bar, let me tell you, but it gets the job done." Taking the rectangle from her waiting hand, I sighed. Fumbling with the wrapping, I eventually had to just use my teeth to open the package. My fingers felt like they had little weights on them that restricted my movements. Is this . . . stiffness normal? Placing the bar to my lips I braced myself for a pungent taste. Because of my low expectation the blandness and crumbling texture weren't so bad. The dryness was hard to get over but I didn't complain. If eating this thing will make the pain go away, I'll eat a thousand of them.

"How did we get here?" The last thing I remember we were talking and then everything when black. "Did I . . . sleep?"

"Kind of" Skylar confirmed munching on her own bar. She looked exhausted, and I wonder just how long I had been asleep for her to look this bad.

"Oh" Thinking it over I finally decided to say "I think I like sleeping. It's . . . peaceful."

"Yeah, but Kai, what you did . . . it wasn't healthy. You passed out. Normal people don't just fall asleep like that."

"Why not"

"We just- just don't. It how the world works"

"Who decided that?"

"No one, it's just . . . (sigh) . . . never mind, try not to do it again. You scared the hell out of me"

A reasonable enough requested, I guess. Even if I'm not entirely sure I can keep this promise "Okay. It's the least I can d-"

I froze. A fire was coming. It was like it was in my head but not at the same time. Not just one fire but 4- no. More. Definitely more. 6 or 7 at least. "Somethings coming. A fire. An energy. It's almost here" I dropped my almost eaten bar. It clattered to the ground, and broke. No big loss.

"Huh, energy. Fire. What are you talking about" Skylar looked baffled. Can she not feel it? Somethings coming.

"We need to move. NOW" I surged to my feet and took off running. Or I would of if Skylar hadn't caught my arm. "In here" hissing, she opened a door (I hadn't even noticed it was there) and we hustled in. It was a storage room. Soap and pillow comforters and crates of machine parts. It was dusty for such a place small. And the ground looked like someone had recently been sleeping on it. Was this a hidey hole for whoever worked here? If so then there must have been dozens of them.

"Quiet. Over here" Moving around some boxes we squeezed in a little crevice that was almost too small for us. "What did you hear exactly? Why are we hiding? "She whispered furiously.

"I didn't hear it exactly. I felt it. There was something coming. "

"Something. Like what."

"Like" it hit me. I got the same reading from the person sitting next to me. I stared "People. I sensed the people."

"People" She sounded excited. Standing up she made her way to the door "It could be our friends. It could be Lloyd and speedy and Shadow. "I didn't know who those people are, though she mentioned a Lloyd before I think. I grabbed her wrist. While I wasn't strong enough to stop her with brute force alone, I knew that she wouldn't wrench herself from my grasp. "I-I don't know. This . . . doesn't feel familiar. "I shivered, and I know she could feel it "Some of them don't feel friendly."

Turning to look at me, she tilted her head "What do you mean." She glanced at the door, more wary this time than before.

"They feel almost slimy in my head, like-"


I broke off and Skylar whirled around. The sobs got louder and it became clear that that crier wasn't very old. A child. 'What is a child doing here?'

"You know I've always wonder if we were the only one"

"The only one's what"

"The only ones who were blackmailed into coming here"

"I sure we aren't. Nothing is above Chen" I answered grimly.

"So how many do you think come here against their wills"

I sighed "I don't want to know . . . . b-but if I had to guess, I'd say at least half"

"Really that many"

My head exploded and I clutched my temple. What was that? Those voices. Mine was in there too. Who was I talking to?

A new, rough voice roared "Shut up. God, this is why I hate children. The thing I do for my master"

Skylar jerked up, and I got the sudden urge to punch something. "Clouse" Skylar hissed quietly.

"Your all he talks about you know, I like how Kai handled this, I like how Kai did that, He even talked about you before we knew you had magic, he wanted you as his servant for the beginning, Li-like-like I'm not good enough. Why would he want you when he has me, I would do whatever he asked, I was always a good servant. Always- Always, how could he not be happy with- This is your fault, you ruin everything. I HATE YOU"

I gasped. The voices. They match.

Skylar put her finger to her lips as a sign to be quiet. I could hear the clipity-clop of multiple pair of feet.

"I believe we've got this sir. You can go now if you want"

"Yes, I would love to but Master Chen ordered me to oversee the transfer of the prisoners to somewhere more secure. You'd think that even simpleton such as yourself could be trusted do a task as simple as this without being over seen by someone as important as me and yet here we are . . ." I have a sense that the bitterness that accompany these words was a fairly new addition.

"Your absolutely right sir." a third voice gushed, obviously trying to win favor. "We can handle this. There ain't nothing that Kapow and-"

"Yes, yes. Spare me the shameless self-promotions. And yet, with all your gloating, your track record isn't exactly clean now is it. What with your humiliating defeat at the hands of a half-conscious prisoner who's elemental powers had already been drained."

There was silence on the other side of the door before "Well, at least we didn't get beat out for Chen's favorite by a child" Silence. What child? Whoever it is, this must be a really, really bad insult. Especially considering the look on Skylar's face.

I froze, fear creeping into my stomach. The slimy feeling. It's increasing. It's almost painful now. I doubled over when a purple mist leaked from the cracks in the door and two consecutive screams pierced the quiet hum of the hall. Goosebumps popped up on my arm, and my skin felt cold and clammy. This power- This power is very, very dangerous. It make me feel scared. I took a step back and wrapped my hands around my torso. I didn't realize I was trembling until I had grabbed my arms. Skylar tensed and brought up both her hands in preparation to defend us. It was a really poor fighting stance, I could tell. What did she expect to happen? Fire to fly out of her palms. Get real.

"Now you listen here. I am going to turn around and when I look back I better not be able to see either of you. Are. We. Clear."

There were two thumps and then the sound of sneakers running away. There was silence for a few seconds before "And who told you to stop moving. We have a schedule to up keep and I would prefer to be do with ideal task sometime soon, you incompetent ignoramuses." A child shriek and then the shuffling of feet confirmed that the parade of people was now moving again.

I remained frozen until both the shuffling and the sound of sobbing began to disappeared.

Then the crunching of paper. A brief pause. And then an all too familiar voice "Who has been eating out here."

I gagged and swallowed.

My bar. I left it out there without thinking. Skylar tensed again, flexing her muscle. Is she even a fighter. I trembled but tried to breath.

Then his voice came from right outside the door.

"Who is in there"


So who's mad.

Can't you all just be glad that I'm alive.