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This is an either a really really late Valentine's day fanfiction or a really really really really early one.
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Pairing: Kudo Shinichi/ Edogowa Conan x Kuroba Kaito/ Kaitou Kid

Warnings: Yaoi (is this even a warning? Who would actually be offended at this gorgeousness)

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Kudo Shinichi had a bad habit, he tapped his thoughts in Morse code. Bad because if Kuroba Kaito just happened to catch his musings about how he was entertaining the different sex positions the thief could bend him into... Well it wouldn't be good. Kaishin/Shinkai

"Okay, Aoko-chan! I'll see you there," Ran smiled through the receiver, placing her phone in her pocket before turning to face the detective.

"Ran, I'd really rather stay here," Shinichi said, not budging from his spot on the armchair. Shinichi was re-reading his father's mystery novel, and despite knowing it word for word, he'd much rather stay here reading than socialise with Ran's friend.

He didn't even know her and apparently they were both going to the mall or something. Shinichi knew that Ran just wanted him to carry her bags; despite how she was completely capable of carrying them herself.

"Oh come on Shinichi! When was the last time you talked to someone anyway?" Ran placed her hands on her hips, and gave him a pointed look.

Shinichi raised an eyebrow, "Well I'm talking to you now, aren't I?"

Ran rolled her eyes as she strolled towards him. She snatched the book out of his tight grip making the detective whimper in dread; his fingers slightly stroked the novel as they stretched out.

"Sorry Shinichi," Ran sighed, a more sympathetic tone in her voice. "I'm worried, okay."

Shinichi didn't reply. He hated it when Ran softened; she was way harder to refuse than when she practiced her karate on him.

"Lately you've just been doing case after case, work work work," she knelt down to his eye level. "You're always tired and need a break… Actually after Kid heists you seem a lot more alive but even then you're tired."

"Ran, I don't see how going out is going to be relaxin-"


Ran's gentle but determined tone silenced him.

"…The only reason I'm tired after Kid heists is because I stay late…" Shinichi avoided looking at Ran, knowing she'd be able to guess what he was thinking.

"Shinichi… They finish at seven."

"Uh …doing paperwork?" Shinichi tried to back himself up but even to him, it sounded like a question. He knew it was most definitely not doing paperwork.

"Whatever," Ran shrugged, though a suspicious and maybe amused smile was on her lips. "Come on, you can't stay inside on Valentine's Day!"

A surprised look appeared on Shinichi's face, and then it faded back into his bored look just as quickly. "Exactly. You don't need me," Shinichi said, finally finding a good reason to not leave the house. "You have someone; spend Valentine's Day with him."

A frustrated cry escaped Ran's mouth, his attitude was extremely annoying.

"We're going out tonight and you're coming we me now," Ran seemingly smiled, with narrow eyes.

"But Ran-"

"You're not spending Valentine's Day alone so unless you're already spending it with someone, you're coming with me," Ran stared him down, a furious glint in her eyes. "Do you have anyone?"

Shinichi started tapping his fingers in irritation. When he was feeling immensely frustrated or just bored, he normally tapped his thoughts on a surface, in Morse code. Now it just happened on autopilot. Basically it was a habit.

"Well?" Ran prompted.

Shinichi sighed. Honestly, he did have a certain thief he'd like to spend Valentine's Day with or maybe every day of his life, but no way in hell was he going to admit it.

"Exactly, so you're coming with me."

After a few moments of Ran's stern gaze and Shinichi's eyes darting everywhere but at her, the detective sighed and raised his hands in a mock surrender.



The bell of the Poirot café gave a little ting as Shinichi and Ran hurriedly walked in. Despite it being February, it was freezing. When their skin came into contact with the warm air inside, they both gave sighs of relief as they began to walk to their seats.

"You know maybe we could scrap the shopping and just stay in here?" Shinichi really didn't want to go back into the cold. He was determined to relax, plus the temperature was perfect in the café.

"Shinichi," Ran groaned, an annoyed look appeared on her face making Shinichi swallow whatever he was going to say. "I need to buy a dress! Me and Eisuke are going to a really fancy restaurant."

"That accident-prone boy?" Shinichi chuckled, and raised his eyebrows into an amused look. "Going into a fancy restaurant?"

"Don't be so mean, Shinichi," Ran scolded, but the slight smile on her face betrayed how she completely agreed with him.

"Why did you invite him to an expensive restaurant if you know it would probably result in spilled drinks?" Shinichi asked, as they finally reached a table with four seats.

"I'm having the one next to the window!" Ran slid into the right hand-side of the miniature couch. Not wanting to sit next to Ran's new friend, Shinichi sat next to his childhood friend instead. Ran made a sound which sounded similar to a gasp as she remembered that the detective had asked her a question.

"You know, Eisuke actually asked me there," Ran said, a faint pink hue coloured her face.

"Oh?" Shinichi did not expect that. It was difficult to imagine Eisuke organizing an evening, Ran usually took care of that.

"He did!" Ran put her chin up in pride before lowering it as a giddy smile appeared on her face. "He was so romantic about it as well… He gave me a bunch of roses!"

"And tripped on the way…"

"Shinichi! …The roses were so pretty as well," Ran sighed, a little shy smile lit her face at the memory.

At first, when Eisuke and Ran had gotten together, Shinichi had been unsure about what to think as he had always thought they would end up together. Everyone always said so, so it had to be true, right?


If two people actually loved each other romantically, they would want to be with the other and would feel insanely jealous if their partner went out with someone else. All Shinichi felt when Ran started dating Eisuke, was happiness. Happiness, as his sister had found someone who made her smile.

A smooth hand with no calluses extended out across him, holding a yellow rose. It was a hand that Shinichi instantly recognised despite its constant use of a glove. Without thinking, Shinichi's eyes widened and he mouthed Kid.

"Like this one?" A silky but low voice questioned.

"Ah yes!" Ran squealed delighted, as she turned her head, her eyes lit up in recognition. "Your Kuroba-kun right? Aoko-chan's talked about you." She gently took the rose and subconsciously started caressing the soft petals.

"All things good I presume…?" Kid started saying in a reprimanding fashion, his voice took a humourous tone at the end, letting everyone know that he was joking.

"Of course not, Bakaito!" Aoko scowled, jokingly. "There would be nothing to say!"

Shinichi looked over at the duo and momentarily became short of breath.

Kid grinned in a relaxed manner. His hair was windswept; a perfect mess. The monocle and top hat were gone, leaving his face bare.

He looked so normal… So casual… So sexy.

He was wearing a thin t-shirt (in this weather?) which wrapped around his torso in almost sinful way. Shinichi could see the faint outline of a toned stomach and when he turned to say something to Aoko, his muscles rippled in a way which made the detective's mouth water. Shinichi guessed that maybe he had them because of the difficult gymnastics his magic tricks required.

Shinichi's eyes trailed lower, thank god that he had already activated his poker face otherwise he might have really embarrassed himself. Normally he saw Kid with straight white trousers on, but now he was wearing dark jeans which clung to his legs in a similar way to which leeches did to flesh.


Shinichi raised his eyes to the thief's face. Both of his eyes were visible, they were an interesting indigo which reminded Shinichi of the galaxy's depth. Shinichi was gazing at them, until he realised that Kid's eyes were focused on him.

The detective immediately looked away.

Although he knew that Kid had noticed his extremely embarrassing staring, a part of him hoped that just maybe he could lay off with the teasing. He couldn't breathe properly for Holmes' sake.

"Ah, what a coincidence! We didn't even plan this," Aoko chuckled, sliding into the seat opposite Ran, leaving Kid to sit in the one facing the detective.

Ran gave a little amused smile, "Well I couldn't leave him alone, I mean…" Ran tilted her head in Shinichi's direction, with disapproval in her eyes. "He was reading on Valentine's Day."

Shinichi was still staring intently at the boring patterns on the table. He didn't really care what the girls talked about, it faded into the background as he thought about how Kid was sitting right there in front of him, in his civilian persona.

"Oh, Kaito's no different! He was making some invention for a magic trick… he doesn't really show me them till they're finished," Aoko sighed, completely ignoring the two nearly identical boys near her.

Kaito. That's his name.

The corners of Shinichi's lips quirked upwards as he mentally grinned like a lunatic.

It was something so simple, a name, but it was his name.

The detective shivered as he felt the familiar feeling of being watched, however this time it was more like an analysis full of strong intent.

Shinichi raised his eyes and met Kaito's unwavering stare. His eyes were focused solely on him, and his pupils were big and dilated.

The detective couldn't look away from the tempting orbs.

In the middle of their intense gazes, Kaito's eyes glinted and a confident smirk appeared on his face.

Shinichi spluttered, as he knew exactly why the thief was smirking. He felt his cheeks heat as he went back to observing the table's uninteresting lines.

Oh great.

Kudo Shinichi was blushing.

He just hoped no-one noticed, after all he was well known for his blank stares as he deduced murders. He especially hoped Kaito didn't notice.

Shinichi glanced up at Kaito to find that he was still watching him; he had leaned on his hand to make himself more comfortable.


How long did he plan to make the detective squirm under his gaze? How could the thief look so at ease with his rival right in front of him?

Shinichi placed his hand on the table and tapped Aaaargh in Morse code.

Kaito raised his eyebrow and immediately tapped back: What's wrong, Tantei-kun?

Shinichi's eyes widened when he realised that the thief had just heard his mental screaming. I didn't mean for you to… I didn't know you knew Morse code.

Kaito leaned backwards into his seat as a grin appeared on his features. You're so adorable. Do I make you feel uncomfortable?

Shinichi looked down to the table, and tapped Phhht no before mentally face palming.

Avoiding eye contact is one of the most commonly known facts of deception.

The detective forced himself to look at the thief; he could feel that his eyes were unusually wide so he tried to calm them down by blinking a few times.

Kaito's eyes were nearly as wide as his and his mouth was slightly open as he regarded the detective. Are you doing this on purpose?

Doing what? Shinichi was genuinely confused.

Kaito's eyes turned half-lidded as he leaned forward into the detective's personal space. Shinichi could already feel his breath quickening but all the air in his lungs left him at the thief's next words:

"Seducing me," Kaito whispered, there was a husky tone in his voice.

A few seconds passed where Shinichi stared in disbelief in Kaito's eyes. A burning sensation started spreading from his cheeks, he leaned away with speed fast enough to rival the velocity Kaito changes costumes.

Shinichi coughed to try and distract himself from the probably very obvious shade of red his face had become.

A snicker caused him to raise his gaze, and glare so strongly at the phantom thief that it made him laugh even harder. Kaito winked cheekily at the detective and as he saw the detective's frantic blinking, burst into laughter.

"You're so cute," he wheezed until Aoko patted him on the shoulder and gave him a harsh look.

"Kaito, stop harassing Kudo-kun," Aoko scolded, she looked over to Ran with a told-you-so expression.

What had they been talking about? Shinichi had completely zoned out. The detective hadn't ever not paid attention to his surroundings so the fact that he had completely forgotten about the world scared him a bit.

"I didn't say anything to him!" Kaito denied, with a miffed expression on his face. If Shinichi didn't know the magician, he would easily assume he was telling the truth.

He expected Aoko to apologise for accusing him or something but he was pleasantly surprised when she did not let the thief get away with it.

"Okay… what did you do?" Aoko commanded, with an authority like her father's.

"Ah but Ahoko, it's not what I did do but what I didn't do," Kaito angled his head to face the detective's, as he gave a lecherous grin.

"Excuse me?!" Shinichi spoke up, in irritation.

"Shinichi, I didn't know you were capable of blushing to that extent," Ran giggled, as she gave Kaito an Okay sign, meaning she was glad that he did that! Wasn't she his best friend?!

"Ran-chan, you're embarrassing him," Aoko muttered, however a little smile was present on her face.

Shinichi sighed, feeling the previous moment's exasperation leave him. He bobbed his head, and a polite smile graced his lips. "Kudo Shinichi."

Aoko's eyes widened as she remembered that she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I'm Nakamori Aoko," she gestured to the thief, "and this here is Kuroba Kaito. He can be a bit of a nuisance but he really cares about his friends."

"Nice to meet you, Shinichi," Kaito grinned, he flicked his hand and a perfect crimson rose appeared.

Shinichi stared at the flower before tentatively reaching out to take it.

Their hands touched and Shinichi looked up to meet Kaito's violet orbs. Yet again he was getting lost in their endless depth. However he wasn't alone, Kaito was gazing back just as captivated at his own eyes.

Kaito's eyes were wide and his hair framed his face in the most perfect uncoordinated mess. His lips were slightly open, they looked very soft.

So soft.

"I'm so sorry! It was completely my fault," Ran smiled, apologetically.

Shinichi immediately snapped back into his seat, holding the rose firmly to his chest.

How long had they been like that? A minute, twenty, a millisecond?!

"Ran-chan, it's not your fault," Aoko reached out and patted her shoulder. "I'm interested in your love life too you know."

"I'm still sorry, like the whole reason you wanted to meet up was to talk about Hakuba-kun," Ran said sheepishly.

"Hakuba," Kaito wrinkled his nose, a look of disgust appeared on his features.

"Y-yeah, I'm Mouri Ran," Ran grinned at Kaito, happy to finally meet the magician, "thank you for the rose!"

"My pleasure," Kaito said, smiling widely.

"You're a magician, right? What kind of tricks can you do?"

"Ah but ojou-san, a magician can never reveal his secrets."

For some bizarre reason, the detective got irritated by their interaction. It was odd since he should be glad that they got on so well together but… Kaito wasn't looking at him anymore.

Despite knowing it was extremely childish and Kaito would probably tease him for years to come, Shinichi kicked the magician.

Kaito's eyes widened and he looked back at Shinichi, for a second the thief simply watched his reaction before the corner of his lips quirked upwards in amusement.

"Why didn't you tell me I was going to meet a magician, Ran," Shinichi turned his head to face his childhood friend.

"I didn't know," Ran gave him a look. "Remember me and Aoko said 'oh what a coincidence' when we saw each other."

Aoko waved her hand at Ran in way which said, leave it. "It's quite cool because we didn't plan to bring you guys with us."

"O-Oh!" Shinichi immediately looked back at Kaito.

The thief had just brushed his foot against the detective's, in way which made his toes curl.

"Uh Kudo-kun?"

"…I'm good," Shinichi replied, as he observed Kaito.

He was smirking triumphantly.

Shinichi decided that he was going to be wearing that look by the time this game of footsie was over.

He leaned forward, placing his chin in his hand in a similar imitation of how the thief had done so earlier, "So since you're a magican, do you play with handcuffs?"

"Uh y-yeah," Kaito stuttered, it was a perfectly normal question yet a light pink hue lit up his cheeks. Shinichi tried to hide a smug smile.

Who was adorable now, huh?

"Yeah," Kaito repeated, there was a tiger-like glint in his eyes. "But I prefer to put handcuffs on others…"

Shinichi gulped as he felt his throat go dry. Kaito was basically telling him that he would love to bend him over a table…

"Exactly Kaito, I think you're magic is cool and all but most of the time you use it for the wrong reason," Aoko put her elbows on the table.

…or maybe shackle his wrists to a bed post and swing his legs over his shoulders…

"How rude, many people love my magic tricks and my pranks are only for fun," Kaito shrugged.

…or maybe upside down with those elastic things he used last heist…

"Making fun of people is not fun," Aoko scolded the thief, narrowing her eyes at him.

"The clue is in the name," Kaito grinned, making Aoko mentally grab a mop.

Kaito had such a beautiful face… Imagine that face looking down at him, sweaty and smirking…

Shinichi bit his lip.

"What are you thinking about, Shinichi?" Kaito asked him, a look of puzzlement on the face Shinichi had just been fantasising about.

Shinichi turned bright red at being caught and laughed sheepishly; he looked down to avoid the thief's eyes.

After all, it's not like he could just say Oh nothing really, just fantasising about the different sex positions you could bend me into… Yeah, not happening.

A dreadfully long pause of silence followed where no-one spoke.

Shinichi raised his gaze. Kaito's eyeballs looked like they were about to fall out of his sockets with how wide they had gotten and his mouth had fallen open, both of the girls were looking at him in concern.

What could have gotten the great Kaitou Kid so unsettled?

His eyes reflected confusion until he suddenly froze. His pupils snapped to his hand which was still on the table, then slowly made their way back up to the thief's eyes.

"I… I didn't mean to say that," Shinichi spluttered, as red as the freaking sun itself.

When Kaito didn't reply, Shinichi continued trying to vindicate himself. "I m-mean, I was kind of uh joking uh I have this habit, I tap what I'm thinking, it's not a good thing…"

"What you're thinking?" Kaito gave him a rather predatory grin.

Shinichi's eyes widened at what he had just said.

Oh smooth Kudou, what you were thinking?!

"I didn't mean…" What the hell could he say now? "Please just forget what just happened. I didn't think… I'm sorry," Shinichi looked down and resumed watching the patterns in the wood.

"You know, I can do that for you," Kaito shrugged, innocently.

"Do what?"

"Whatever you were imagining… We can do it all."

"No… I mean I what uh I don't mind," No. No. Could he embarrass himself any further? "I mean… It was song lyrics. Yeah, song lyrics." Shinichi finally got his expression under control and now focused on making the blush bleed out of his cheeks.

"Which song?" Kaito questioned, raising his eyebrow in disbelief.

"Uh a random one on the radio…"

"I don't believe-"

"Wait," Aoko interrupted, she lit up in excitement. "You tap lyrics in Morse code?"

"Well he can't sing to save his life…" Ran added, but from the way she was looking at Shinichi, the detective could tell that she thought it was bullshit. She knew he rarely ever knew the latest music or celebrities. Now he hoped she wasn't going to reveal that.

"That's so cool!" Aoko smiled, cheerfully. "You've met my dad right? You could totally use it on heists!"

"Uh… it probably wouldn't really work."

"That would teach the bastard a lesson! I really hate the Kaitou Kid!" she snarled angrily, going on a tangent.

The detective inwardly frowned. To hear that his childhood friend hated his alter ego so much, wouldn't Kaito feel hurt?

Shinichi felt a foot caressing his ankle, making him immediately look back at Kaito. The thief was looking at him exasperation instead of sadness Ugh make her stop.

Shinichi raised his eyebrows and gave the magician a slight smile, before turning back to face Aoko.

"Uh…" Shinichi began, making Aoko stop her rant. "Are you spending Valentine's day with someone?"

"Hakuba, the prick," Kaito expressed his feeling about Hakuba.

"Kaito!" she shouted into his ear before turning back to the detective, "He's a detective like you, Kudo-kun."

"However," Kaito raised a single elegant finger, grabbing everyone's attention. "There are two types of detectives: there is the boring, annoying kind like Hakuba ugh… and the gorgeous, intellectual beings like Shin-chan here… actually I think there's only one detective like that."

For the umpteenth time, Shinichi stared at Kaito, he felt the blush he had worked so hard to get rid of, returning full force. "Uh thank you…" he wasn't really sure what to say, everyone was looking at him, expecting something. Aoko's eyebrows were raised sky high and a slight smirk appeared on her face, Ran's expression mirrored hers with a slight blush.

"Um… I'm sorry to interrupt but would you like your order?" Azusa asked timidly, her eyes flickered from the male twins to the female ones.

Ran immediately took control, "Oh yes please! Sorry to make you wait," she stood up, making Aoko immediately follow. "Why don't you two order something while I and Aoko go shopping? Okay? Bye bye!"

"Wait…" Shinichi's hand stretched out in their direction.

The door clanged shut.

"E-hem," Azusa was wearing a smile, so innocent it made Shinichi's skin crawl.

"Just a coffee, please. Black," Shinichi replied, suddenly afraid for his life.

"I'll have a double decker chocolate cake and can you please add some rainbow sprinkles?" Kaito grinned, although his smile was slightly paranoid too.

"Is that all?"

"Yes, thank you."

Shinichi immediately snapped his head back to the thief, more relaxed with what he was saying as the girls had gone. "A double decker chocolate cake?"

"Yep! I love chocolate! In case you were wondering, I'd be honoured if you give me a chocolate today…"

"In your dreams," was the automatic response.

"You're so mean, look at how much you hurt me," Kaito dramatically grasped his heart and extended his hand to the detective.

Shinichi's shoulders slumped as he relaxed; it was nice to talk to Kaito outside heists. "I'm sorry."

Kaito's eyes widened, "I was kidding, please don't feel guilty. It's normal for you to not do stuff like that so don't worry."

"No I…" Shinichi looked to the side as the corners of his lips moved upwards, a pink hue formed on his cheeks. "I want to…"

A warm hand touched his, Shinichi raised his eyes.

Kaito was looking at him with such warmth and love that his heart floated for a single beat.

Shinichi couldn't help but return the gentle smile.

Their hands slowly joined together, making an odd feeling spread from his chest to every part of his body.

"Sorry to interrupt! But here is your food," Azusa announced loudly, consequently making Shinichi squeak higher than a violin.

Shinichi immediately began to withdraw his hand but Kaito's held his tightly, making him unable to move away. With no other options, he ducked his head to hide his face.

A look of annoyance flashed through Kaito's face before a charming smile replaced it, thanking the waitress for his food and Shinichi's coffee.

After Azusa left, Kaito squeezed Shinichi's hand twice, making Shinichi look up at him with a questioning look.

"Wanna go on a date with me?"

Shinichi blinked a few times, his cheeks glowed brighter, "A d-date? What about Aoko-san and Ran?"

"Who cares? They ditched us," Kaito leaned back with relaxed movements, as he waved an explanatory hand.

A few seconds passed where Shinichi pondered over whether he should go, or wait for his childhood friend. The former seemed more appealing but Ran would probably tease him for days to come.

However Shinichi really wanted to spend some time with Kaito outside a heist.

Oh the hell with it, "Okay."

"Great! Let's go now!" Kaito bounced in excitement, like a child who had just been told they could have an endless supply of chocolate.

"Wait! We haven't finished our food yet," Shinichi spluttered, they had been quite rude to Azusa and he didn't want to anger her any further by not actually finishing their orders.

Kaito gave him a pointed look as he glanced at his coffee, "Coffee doesn't count as food but whatever, quickly! Before Ran-chan and Aoko come back!"

With urgency, Kaito gobbled up his cake in a few seconds.

Shinichi stared.

"What are you waiting for? If they come back, we won't be able to escape."

Shinichi took a few quick gulps of his coffee, carefully placed the rose in his jacket, and then laid a large amount of yen on the table. He felt a little responsible at how many times Azusa had to grab their attention.


Shinichi nodded.

"Great!" Kaito tugged his hand, making Shinichi stumble after him as they speed walked out of the café.

The detective looked down at their joined hands as they stepped onto the street, and hid a smile from the thief.

Kaito was practically skipping down the street as he led Shinichi to god knows where. The smile and aura he gave out made him look like an adorable little child, he was really quite cute.

Normally Shinichi hated all kinds of physical contact but there was something different with Kaito. Shinichi didn't really mind, in fact he liked it.

It felt nice.


They stumbled out of the ghost train ride, trying to conceal their laughter and failing. Shinichi leaned on the magician as he tried to catch his breath.

Kaito had decided to take him to Tropical land. So far they had went on the biggest rollercoaster of them all, the one Shinichi solved the murder with the men in black, and had gone on some weird spinning tea cups.

At first Shinichi had thought that the rollercoaster would bring unpleasant memories. However all he could do was marvel at how Kaito could scream his ass off on a ride which was completely safe but be completely calm as he skydived off the tallest skyscrapers in Tokyo.

The second ride made Shinichi lift an eyebrow at the thief as if to say seriously. It looked like some drawing out of a children's book, the ride looked so babyish that Shinichi hadn't anticipated the huge gust of wind that hit him as the ride span around so fast, Shinichi nearly slipped off.

The detective held onto the side of the tea cup, using every muscle in his arm. He couldn't do anything at all so when Kaito had decided to grope him, Shinichi really couldn't stop him. He couldn't even open his mouth in fear of being hit by the strong wind, let alone try to oppose the action.

Though the detective did wonder how Kaito held on and managed to cop a feel.

The third ride, the one they had just come out of, was the ghost train. When Shinichi had seen the poor excuse for special effects, he hadn't been surprised but he had been a little disappointed. Kaito had decided to take matters in his own hands and help make the ride more frightening. He used his voice to make people jump and not just the passengers but the staff as well. For some unexplainable reason, Shinichi decided to join in and proceeded to terrify the victims shitless.

"I seriously just cannot believe you sometimes," Shinichi wheezed, wiping a tear from his eye.

"Hey! It wasn't all me," Kaito winked at the detective, tugging him closer. A happy grin exploded on his face as Shinichi didn't even attempt to escape.

"I still can't believe I actually joined in."

"You should have seen that boy's face!" Kaito elicited into another round of laughter.

"Oh trust me I did, you deserve a reward or something," Shinichi buried his face into the magician's chest, as his shoulders convulsed uncontrollably.

"A reward eh?" Kaito mused, as a sly grin materialized on his face. "A kiss would be nice."

Shinichi looked up at the thief, raising his eyebrows. The corner of his lips quirked upwards, as he debated over whether he should actually do it. Shinichi glanced around to find that there weren't any people at this section of the fun fair.

Shinichi brought his eyes back to the thief to find that Kaito was watching him like a carnivore watched meat. The detective smirked as his rival held him in his arms.

A part of him couldn't believe he was doing this but Shinichi was way past caring.

Shinichi tilted his head then slowly brought their lips together.

A surge of something powerful rushed through the detective as his heart beat began to race with the nonsense in his brain.

He felt a strong hand pull him closer and at once, Shinichi immediately did the same. Every fibre in his being was ordering him to get closer to the muscular thief, and closer he went.

He flung his arms around Kaito's neck, as the thief started deepening the kiss.

A talented tongue pressed against his, making Shinichi's senses explode with longing. The detective and thief played a game similar to the cat and mouse they played on the rooftops.

However this time, it was with their tongues.

Shinichi leaned further into Kaito as he felt his knees grow weak; the magician's hands weren't the only talented assets he had.

An embarrassing moan escaped from the detective as Kaito did something incredible inside his mouth.

Shinichi felt Kaito smirk cockily. The magician's finger traced his spine making him shiver from the sensations. The hand dipped past his waist to coddle his rear.

Shinichi immediately swatted the wandering hand. While he was okay with kissing in unattended public places, Shinichi drew a line at not very appropriate touching.

Despite how Shinichi had clearly shown him how it wasn't allowed, Kaito groped him again, squeezing hard.

Shinichi opened his eyes and glared at the thief. However Kaito's only glinted with amusement before he started playing with Shinichi's tongue again.

Deciding that he needed to make some boundaries, Shinichi pulled back and pinched the hand on his ass. Hard.

"Ow! Shinichi!" Kaito whined, an upset puppy look on his face.

"I think I made it clear that that was not going to happen," Shinichi said, in a matter-of-fact tone.

"But you let me when we were on the tea cups!"

"That was only because I couldn't exactly do anything about it…" Shinichi tried to give a reply, the main reason that he didn't let Kaito continue touching him was because it was dangerous. If that hand kept caressing him, he would've gotten hard quickly and Shinichi wouldn't… No couldn't let that happen.

"Oh?" Kaito gave him a look which made Shinichi feel like dashing to safety or maybe hiding underground.

"So… it'll be okay if you…" Kaito drawled, Shinichi immediately felt his body being spun round and pinned against a wall; the brick was hard against his back. "…can't do anything about it, right?"

"W-what n-"

The thief's lips had crashed against his own, interrupting his pathetic words.

Shinichi once again began to get lost and completely forgot about his surroundings. He felt Kaito's hands go under his shirt and explore his chest, making him groan from the feelings.

It was like the magician had cast a spell on him and now he was sinking into an enchanting bliss and dragging the other down with him.

The thief's mouth attacked his neck, bullying the skin so furiously Shinichi was sure it would leave a mark.

"K-Kai…" Shinichi managed to say. Dammit! Why was his voice so breathy?

Shinichi sank lower and lower, he couldn't even remember why he tried so hard to resist in the first place. Why would he not want Kaito's hands everywhere?

"A-ah…" Shinichi moaned, as Kaito trailed kisses up his neck to just over his lips.

The moment those soft lips were on his again, Shinichi moved against them with urgency. He heard a chuckle echo from Kaito's throat, which made him growl in response.

Shinichi wanted to desperately put his arms around Kaito's neck but at the same time he found the way Kaito had pinned his arms up incredibly arousing.

Shinichi swirled his tongue around Kaito's, earning a deep moan from the magician.

All the feelings kept growing and growing. Like a vine, they coiled themselves around every part of his being making him forget all the colours but the plant's chartreuse green.

"Ring ring ring," the phone loudly interrupted, from Shinichi's jean pocket.

They immediately stopped their activity. Shinichi looked at Kaito for his reaction. His hands were still pinned up so he couldn't do anything unless the thief released him.

He gulped as he saw the most pissed off look he had ever seen in his life, Kaito looked like he had just been told to never perform a single magic trick again.

"Answer it."

"H-huh?" Shinichi asked, confused.

"The phone," Kaito sighed.

"O-oh okay," Shinichi mumbled, as Kaito released his hands. The detective immediately scrambled to get his phone out of his pocket and raised it to his ear. "H-Hello?"

"Ah Aoko-chan! He picked up," Ran's voice came out on the other end. From the background noise, Shinichi could tell that she was in a café. "Ah thank you Azusa-san." Poirot café it was.

"Why are you calling?" Shinichi asked, feeling a bit let down. The detective felt the magician's hands enter his back pockets, "K-kaito," Shinichi looked back at him, Kaito closed his eyes as he buried his nose in Shinichi's hair.

"Ah Kaito is with him too! Where are you, Shinichi?"

"Um Tropical land, behind the ghost train."

"What the hell are you doing there?"


"Whatever, I'm going to the cinema with Aoko-chan at six," Ran explained. "Do you want to come?"

"Um, one second."

Shinichi put down the phone and leaned his head back slightly so he could see Kaito's face. "Ran's got us tickets for the cinema."

Kaito's expression turned thoughtful, "What time?"


"…Do you want to go?"

"Not particularly…"

"Then let's not go. We've still got plenty of rides to go on!"

"Haha okay," Shinichi chuckled, Kaito's childishness was adorable, and he raised the phone back up to his ear. "Sorry Ran, I think we're going to go on a few more rides."

"That's okay… Are you guys having fun?" Ran's tone suddenly turned suspicious. Well it was no surprise. Shinichi, who hated socialising, was spending time with 'a guy he had just met.'

"Yeah Ran, everything's… really good," although Ran wouldn't be able to see, Shinichi smiled.

"Okay then, bye."

The moment Shinichi put the phone down, Kaito had resumed their previous position.

"K-kaito!" Shinichi blushed, he tilted his chin downwards. "I thought we were going to go on some more rides."

"We are," Kaito answered, as he licked the shell of the detective's ear.

"What are you- ah…"

Kaito grinned at him, mischievously, "I didn't know your ears were so sensitive."

"Kaito, the rides…"



"How are you still hungry?" Shinichi stared at the rather large stick of cotton candy that Kaito was currently devouring.

The two were seated at a bench near the entrance, they were about to leave when Kaito had spotted the cotton candy machine. The magician had insisted on one last treat before they left, to which Shinichi reluctantly agreed. It was quite late, the movie had probably already finished but there was something in those indigo eyes that Shinichi couldn't refuse.

"Silly Shin-chan," Kaito tutted, he leaned the cotton candy away, turning serious violet eyes to the detective. "You don't eat candy floss because you're hungry but because it's candy floss."

"I see…" No, Shinichi did not see the point in continually stuffing himself to oblivion.

"Want some?" Kaito asked. At once, a pink cloud appeared in front of his face.

"Uh no thank you," Shinichi replied, the thought of all that sugar made him feel nauseous. "I'm not fond of sticky fingers."

"That's okay! I can just give it to you," Kaito beamed, happily.

Shinichi opened his mouth, deciding to just accept the treat. Hopefully Kaito wouldn't give him a big chunk of candy floss.

Immediately a pair of lips pressed against his, and a tongue entered his mouth.

Shinichi squeaked in shock and embarrassment, what if someone saw them?!

Kaito pulled away, licking his lips. Shinichi blushed as the thief noticeably scanned him. The gleam in the magician's eye reminded Shinichi exactly why he should scold the thief, what if they got caught?!

"You can't just… You can't just ki-"

"So did you like it?" Kaito asked as the corner of his lips quirked upwards.

Shinichi's eyes widened, then instantly snapped to the ground, "Um I… I did but um."

"Shinichi, I meant the candy floss," Kaito smirked, smugly.

The detective froze before his face started heating up to a temperature which could rival the sun's core. His brain finally registered the sweet candy on his tongue.

"You should be more specific!" Shinichi snapped, mortified.

"Aww there's no need to be embarrassed Shin-chan!"

"I'm not embarrassed!" Shinichi turned his head to the exit of the park, as he tried to calm his blush down.

"I'm glad that you like it," Kaito muttered as he cuddled into Shinichi's side. "I'm really glad."

"You are such a-" Shinichi paused in his rant, sighing. He wasn't going to sink to the level of childish name-calling, it wouldn't sort anything out. Plus he couldn't be bothered, why waste the energy?

It wasn't like the main reason was because he couldn't think of a good enough come-back or something.

Kaito slowly detached himself from the detective, throwing the stick in a seemingly random direction.

He extended a hand to Shinichi with a warm smile.

Shinichi looked up at the magician who was wearing an irresistible smile. A free tingling feeling danced in his chest, Kaito was lit by the moonlight however this time his features weren't covered.

Kaito was beautiful.

Shinichi reached out his hand, gently intertwining his fingers with Kaito.

"Your hands are sticky," Shinichi commented, as he rose up from the bench.

"Aw too bad!" Kaito's eyes met the detective's, as they gleamed mischievously. "Guess we're stuck together."

"Yeah," Shinichi whispered, as his eyes softened.

That night, the detective and the thief made their way home hand in hand. Shinichi was about to go back into his house (he had actually managed to spend a whole day out) when Kaito pulled him back.

"Kaito?" Shinichi asked, as he turned to face the magician, slightly perplexed.

"I'm glad that we could be together today," Kaito smiled affectionately, before he lovingly kissed his forehead.

Shinichi blushed at the peck, looking at the ground as he tried to find the words to describe how he was feeling.

"…Me too. I- I had fun."

As he felt Kaito's hand caress his cheek, Shinichi raised his gaze and then nearly forgot to breathe.

Kaito was looking at him with such love, that Shinichi couldn't stop the words tumbling out.

"I love you," Shinichi breathed, as his pulse skittered.

The detective's eyes widened as he realised how embarrassing those three words were.

His throat had clammed up in nervousness.

His eyes darted everywhere but at the thief as he felt the heat on his cheeks grow in temperature.

"Shinichi…" Kaito whispered. Shinichi stiffened abruptly at the close proximity, before relaxing and timidly looking up at Kaito.

"I love you too," Kaito finished, grinning before he gently caressed Shinichi's lips.

They slowly moved against each other, drinking in the feeling of their lover's addictive lips.

The tender way Kaito was holding him, combined with the slow movements which drove him crazy and just Kaito made Shinichi practically melt in the magician's arms.

If Kaito wasn't holding him up, he would have probably already collapsed from the incredible feelings. In that moment, the detective couldn't feel anything other than Kaito, and honestly, he was completely satisfied with that.

"Sorry to interrupt but Kudo-kun needs to give his blood sample," a cold voice interrupted, showing no hint of surprise.

In a microsecond, the two jumped apart, their eyes widened slightly as they took in the appearance of the tiny scientist.

"I presume that you're the Kaitou Kid," Haibara said, calmly.

"Ah no…." Kaito regained his poker face, he knelt down to Haibara with a smile. "Hello ojou-chan, I'm Kuroba Kaito," a white rose sprung up out of his hand.

Haibara took the rose and started twirling it round her fingers, her expression turned amused as she looked to Shinichi. The detective knew exactly why, his face probably resembled the colour of the blood sample she wanted.

"While I hate to have to stop you from causing further bruising to the other's lips, I need to borrow Kudo-kun for a while," Haibara said, while walking over to the detective.

"We weren't- I- Haibara!?" Shinichi complained, irritated.

"Uh…" Kaito's eyes widened at the way the little girl was carrying Shinichi off. "Wait!"

Haibara stopped walking and turned to face the magician, raising an eyebrow, "What?"

"Can I just ask Shinichi something?" Kaito pleaded, desperately.

"Oh first name basis," although Haibara spoke in a pretty blank voice, the gleam in her eye betrayed how she found the situation very entertaining.

"Haibara! Seriously," Shinichi covered his face with his hand while the other rested on his hip. "Why did we have to be caught by you of all people?"

Haibara simply smirked at him, clearly enjoying his discomfort.

Ignoring the, as Kaito had concluded, not-child, the magician strode over to the blushing detective, taking his hands into his own.

He grasped them firmly, looking into his azure orbs. Shinichi owlishly blinked up at him, "Um… Kaito?"

Strong arms surrounded the detective, pulling him into a close hug.

They were flush against each other, Shinichi could feel the abs he had been admiring earlier against his stomach. The detective timidly raised his hands and wrapped them around Kaito's torso, holding tightly.

"Shinichi," Kaito whispered, so quietly the detective could barely make out what he said.

"…Yes," Shinichi replied, his voice was slightly muffled as his mouth was buried in the thief's shoulder.

"You're mine."

Shinichi shivered at the thief's possessive words. What is it normal for his heart to beat so fast?

"O-okay," Shinichi agreed, breathless.

Kaito took his chin in his hand, smirking. He immediately dived for the detective's swollen lips.

However before he could get there, Shinichi was pulled backwards.

For having the body of an eight year old, Haibara was pretty strong.

"While I would love to sit and watch, I need to take Shinichi's blood sample and you, Kuroba-kun, need to go home," Haibara stated, before she continued dragging the flustered detective into his house/mansion.

Kaito and Shinichi were too stunned to react, so merely stared as the not-child did whatever she pleased.


Shinichi stumbled into the classroom eyes wide and alert, he had just ran the whole journey to Teitan High. Upon glancing at the clock, he visibly relaxed.

He still had a few minutes till class. Hallelujah.

With a leisurely pace, he strolled to his seat. In the morning, the detective had slept through his alarm, groaning about how shy he had been the night before but how sexy Kaito was and then proceeded to groan some more about his embarrassing lewd thoughts.

He sighed, as he placed a hand over his face. Without consciously deciding to, a small smile pulled at Shinichi's lips as he thought about Kaito's words, You're mine.

Shinichi placed his hand on the table and began reciting You're mine you're mine you're mine in Morse code.

A giddy smile took over his face; he immediately snapped his hands over his face to hide his embarrassing expression.

Yes, Shinichi was Kaito's.

And Kaito was Shinichi's.

Shinichi thanked Holmes that his face was covered, as he mentally grovelled about his mortifying thoughts but at the same time happily jumped into the air.

"Shinichi!" a powerful kick made his desk go flying to the side.

"Oh uh hi Ran," Shinichi stuttered, sitting up straighter and dropping his hands.

Ran rolled his eyes before folding her arms. Sonoko magically appeared next to her and mirrored her position.

"I'm not blushing or anything! I just ran all the way here so yeah…"

Sonoko raised an eyebrow, "Didn't you hear what Ran asked you?"

Shinichi didn't reply. He tried to calm his face down by imagining ice cubes. Or maybe an ice sculpture of Kaito, a naked one.

"Shinichi!" Ran yelled.

"Sorry sorry," Shinichi jumped in his seat.

What the hell was he thinking?

"You ditched me and Aoko yesterday and I want to know the details," Ran narrowed her eyes. "You weren't home when I visited you after my date. You better have not been at a case! I thought I told you that it's okay to leave it up to the police sometimes."

"No no, there wasn't a case," Shinichi said, terrified for his life. "We were just still at Tropical land then…"

Ran gave him a disbelieving look, "You spent a whole day with another human being?"

"It's the truth!"

Why was she so angry? He needed to quickly change the subject.

"How was your date?" he asked.

Ran's eyes turned confused at the topic change however lightened when she thought back to her evening.

"…Well, Eisuke got me this necklace," Ran smiled dreamily, she put her fingers down the top of her shirt then pulled out a heart-shaped locket. "Isn't it pretty?"

"Yeah, it looks great Ran," Shinichi nodded.

"Don't change the subject!" Sonoko pointed a finger at the detective.

"Urgh!" Shinichi groaned, fed up. "I don't even know why you're mad?"

Ran gave him a disapproving look, "When me and Aoko went shopping, you didn't wait for us… I thought you went home."

"Oh," Shinichi's eyebrows rose as he thought about how to reply to this interesting spin to the situation, so she thought that he had ditched her. "I'm sorry, Ran. You see, when you left, we thought you ditched us. I didn't mean to leave you."

Ran's eyes widened, she looked at an equally surprised Sonoko before she relaxed and moved her chair next to Shinichi's. The blond heiress also brought her chair over, Shinichi sat in his chair, hoping that they wouldn't start some sort of interrogation session. However the two girls did seem calmer than before so the detective might get lucky.

"Right, I want to hear every detail," Sonoko said, an excited grin on her face.

"Huh?" Shinichi's brain stumbled to a halt.

"Well, it isn't everyday where you willingly hang out with someone!" Ran's eyes gleamed with enthusiasm. "I want to know everything!"

Shinichi looked from the two glee-filled faces, a feeling of dread started to fill him.

"What no way!" Shinichi rejected, waving his hands in front of his face.

"Why?" Sonoko asked, curiously. "Is there something your hiding?"

"Uh no…"

"Just tell us, Shinichi," Ran rolled her eyes, "What did you guys do?"

Shinichi began to mentally edit a lot of his day, "Um well… we went to Tropical land, went on loads of rides, ate some food… Uh yeah."

"Didn't you spend all day there?" Ran asked, trying to probe more information out. "You couldn't have just gone on rides."

"Um well," Shinichi sweated, "We also… talked… a lot."

"Oh?" Sonoko raised her eyebrow; a suspicious look appeared on her features. "Is that why your lips are swollen?"

"M-my…" Shinichi blinked a few times as he put his fingertips on his lips. They did seem bigger today. "Um yeah, talking, I talked -We talked."

"What kind of things did you talk about?" Ran questioned, intrigued.

"We talked about… Life," Shinichi nodded, slowly.


"Yeah life."

A ringtone interrupted the awkward interrogation; its shrill tune alerted everyone to the sound.

Thank you!

Shinichi was eternally grateful for the disruption.

"Sorry," Shinichi apologised (ha not), as he raised the phone to his ear. "Hello, it's Kudo Shinichi."

"Kudo, how ya doin'?" Hattori called through the microphone.

"Not too bad, you?" Shinichi replied, relaxing. It was good to hear his best friend's voice.

"I'm good, just finishing up a case."

"Eh? But isn't it class?"

"Yeah, we're wrapping it up now."

"Ah good, I'm glad you called."

"No problem, Kudo, when was the last time we saw each other?"

"It's been a while… Oh, you know, when we went to that weird place to eat?"

"What d' ya mean weird place?!"


"Whatever, I wanna ask you a question."


The phone was snatched out of his grip, the teacher pressed end call then gave him one of the dirtiest looks Shinichi had ever seen her give a student.

"Kudo-kun, class is starting," the teacher said, in a very snappy voice. "Pick up your… er desk. I'll be keeping this until the end of the day."

Shinichi tried to protest but then he remembered how she wasn't normally like this, so he must have really pissed her off. The detective got out of his seat and put his desk in an upright position.

"Right class! Did anyone do anything interesting yesterday?"

"Oh yes!" Sonoko raised her hand, grinning. "My boyfriend, Makoto, sent me a Valentines card and we talked on the phone!"

"On the phone…?" she asked, intrigued. "Oh are you doing long distance?"

"Yeah! Makoto's a karate champion so he goes on a lot of tournaments," Sonoko replied.

"Ah cool, have you seen the latest Kaitou Kid fanart?"

At the mention of the thief, a grin appeared on his features. One he desperately tried to smother with his hands.

"Uh Shinichi?" Ran asked, perplexed.

"Hmm?" Shinichi turned his head to Ran, and tried to stop smiling.

"What's so funny?" she asked, an interested look appeared on her face.

"Your face."

"Oh ha ha ha."


The day had continued in a very slow manner, his phone had buzzed quite a few times but his teacher didn't even spare it a glance.

Shinichi sighed at the boredom school brought. Why did he yearn to go back to high school? At least in primary they had nap time.

A knock sounded on the door, making everyone except Shinichi turn to see who it was.

"Uh Kudo-kun?" Takagi's voice asked weakly.

Shinichi raised his head from the desk, immediately straightening up.

"I'm sorry we tried to call your phone but you wouldn't pick up."

The teacher started looking guilty, "Ah sorry… he was talking on the phone at the start of class so I took it away."

"Ah I see, sorry, this will only take a few seconds."

Takagi put his hand inside his jacket, taking out a photo of a man with pale hair.

"Do you recognise this man?"

Shinichi scrutinised the photo, immediately going all detective-mode.

"I can't say I have."

"Y-you don't?" Takagi seemed crestfallen. "Are you sure?"

"Where am I supposed to have seen him?"

"When you were behind the ghost train?"

"Huh?" Shinichi immediately froze, looking up at the officer.

"We think that this man is the accomplice of a serial killer. We have enough circumstantial evidence to have him at the station but if you were a witness it would be a lot of help."

"Oh well uh you see when I was there, I wasn't really using any of my senses, they were on shut down um yeah shut down," Shinichi babbled, he felt like a deer in headlights, caught doing something he, of all people, should not be doing.

"What do you mean?"

"I had my eyes closed so… I couldn't see."

"You had your eyes closed for twenty minutes…?" Takagi gave him a look of disbelief.

Shinichi merely gave him a strained smile, before his eyes flickered around the room. His classmates were all staring at him.

What was so interesting? It's not like he was losing his cool or anything.


"Right," Takagi sighed, scratching a bit in his notebook. "What about Kuroba-san what did he see?"

"How do you know this?" Shinichi asked. He was little scared at how much they knew.

"Hattori-kun told me."


"Oh yeah! Yesterday I told Kazuha how you actually spent a whole day with another person. She must have told Hattori," Ran said, supplying him with the information.

"Yes, now what did Kuroba-san see?"

"Uh well, he had his eyes closed too," Shinichi started to sweat; he knew that he was being a rather difficult person but he couldn't help it.

"Kudo-kun, you of all people should understand how no matter how embarrassing something is, justice is more important," Takagi looked pissed, which was very uncommon.

"I'm sorry… I- You're right," Shinichi sighed. He knew that the right thing to do would be to tell the officer. "Uh well you see, I… um we…"

Shinichi looked down at his knitted fingers, before glancing back up to everyone. Ran and Sonoko, especially Sonoko, looked very intrigued. His other classmates, even some he'd never spoken to were all looking at him with eagerness.

Ha no.

"You see we were doing this balance exercise," Shinichi extended his arms as he mimed out his quick improvised lie. "Because we had this mini debate about whom had better balance so we closed our eyes and focused on balancing." Shinichi slowly nodded, half trying to convince himself.

"So you and Kuroba-san balanced for 20 minutes with your eyes closed?" Takagi gave him an immensely unimpressed look.

Just as Shinichi was about to reply, again the door opened and in stepped the sexiest man alive.

Wait what!?

The moment Kaito saw Shinichi, a giant smile bloomed on his face, one Shinichi couldn't help but return, however it was a much smaller version of it.

"Shin-chan~!" the magician skipped to the detective, enveloping him in a tight hug.

"Kai… Can't… Breath," Shinichi struggled, although he was touched that Kaito was so happy to see him.

"Ah sorry," Kaito released him, turning to Takagi. "Is there anything you wanted to ask me?"

"Ah yes, um are you Kuroba Kaito?"

"Indeed! Kuroba Kaito, magician extraordinaire!" Kaito grinned, as doves flew out of his sleeves and confetti started randomly raining. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Ah er right," Takagi seemed a little taken back. "What were you and Shinichi doing behind the ghost train?"

Kaito raised an eyebrow at the officer's question. A few girlish sighs were heard from the detective's classmates, making Shinichi feel quite possessive.

The magician looked back at him, Shinichi quickly tapped on the table Make an excuse.

However before Kaito could answer, Takagi walked right over to Shinichi's desk and with strong movements tapped There is only one truth.

"I do know Morse code you know!" Takagi fumed, quietly.

"We were making out," Kaito stated, nonchalantly.

Shinichi turned bright red.

He picked up the nearest book he could find (which happened to be by Conan Doyle) and with force, threw it at the thief who only caught it effortlessly.

"Yeah, I completely believe you," Takagi muttered sarcastically before sighing, as all the anger evaporated. "Just tell me the truth."

Kaito had already made his way to his teacher who had long since given up trying to take control of her lesson.

"Hello Miss," he bowed, in a puff of smoke, a yellow rose appeared in his hand. The teacher's eyes widened before she giggled slightly, taking the flower.

"I can't remember the last time someone gave me a rose…" she smiled, enchanted.

"Could I please borrow Shinichi?" Kaito smiled, charmingly.

"Of course," she grinned, a slight blush on her cheeks.


"You're shameless, flirting with my teacher," Shinichi rolled his eyes, as he stood from his chair and made his way to the front of his desk.

"Aw but you know you're the one I love," Kaito sang, as he handed the detective a red rose.

Shinichi took the rose, blushing. He ducked his head in embarrassment, "Why are you here anyway?"

"Because we're going to a magic show I got us tickets for!" Kaito exclaimed excited.

"Before you go, please could you tell me the real reason you didn't see anything?" Takagi pleaded.

"We were makin-"

"Somehow I doubt that Kudo-kun would make out with someone who looks exactly like himself and who he'd just met, for 20 minutes."

"Do you need any evidence?"

Immediately Shinichi felt himself being pushed down on the desk, he looked up at Kaito's smirking face.

"What!? No no no no no…" Shinichi retorted but no-one listened to him.

"Ah no, that won't be necessary," Takagi instantly called out, his blush even rivaled the detective's.

Kaito immediately released him, pouting a little, "Oh, I was looking forward to that."

"What the hell! You can't just…?!"

"I apologise that we couldn't help with your investigation, however I wish you pleasant day, Takagi-san," Kaito grinned as he effortlessly picked Shinichi off the desk.

The class gawked at how easily the magician lifted the detective. It was quite a bizarre turn of events.

"How do you know my name?" Takagi asked, a bit wary.

"Ja ne!" Kaito waved, as he fell backwards out of the window.

They were falling.

Without even planning to, a scream came out of Shinichi.


This was it.

The detective closed his eyes as he held tightly to the magician.

Everything and nothing circled around in his mind.

Farewell life.

Instantaneously, the wind moved them upwards as Kaito spread his dark wings.

They were flying.

A laugh bubbled in Shinichi's throat as the relief hit him.

"Never do that again," he commanded after he got a grip of himself. "You scared me to death."

"I'm sorry Shin-chan."

"No, seriously."

"I'm sorry Shinichi."

"…You're forgiven," Shinichi sighed, as he looked up to Kaito.

The wind was flowing through Kaito's hair, making him look so magical.

Shinichi knew that he was supposed to catch him but how could he? This free being deserved to roam the skies, and although love and stuff weren't easy things for him, he was glad that Kaito wanted him.

The wind hit Shinichi in the face, making his hair fly behind him. The air was a gentle cool temperature, making his head feel clearer.

He looked at the glowing cerise sunset. The clouds were floating across, hiding tiny sections from view however making it all the more mystical. They looked like wispy remains of a spell.

He could understand why Kaito loved flying.

"Shinichi?" Kaito asked, curious but content at the calm expression Shinichi had.

Shinichi tore his gaze away from the beautiful view to the even more beautiful magician above him.

Putting a hand on Kaito's cheek, he pulled his face down and pressed his gentle lips against his own.


Flying was awesome.

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