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Later that morning, after breakfast, Sentinel, Optimus, Akane, Bailey, Lennox, Epps, Mearing, Morshower, Sharp and Simmons gathered at the hangar while Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker escorted Clayton, Olive and Fred home.

"Guess what I just heard from NASA?" reported Morshower, "that big metal meteor just disappeared."

"That would be our doing," admitted Bailey.

"Good," smiled Morshower, "then I don't need to tell the military."

"Do you have any plans on where we should relocate the Autobots?" asked Akane.

"Well," suggested Morshower, "there's Diego Garcia island."

"Why not negotiate with the officials to let us rent a base in Washington DC?" objected Simmons.

"Yeah," commented Sharp, "that's only a long drive away."

"But can we keep them on the DL there?" added Morshower.

"I hope so," replied Epps.

"I'll call about it," advised Mearing, "regardless, everyone needs to be packed up and ready to move in a split second."

"I think I may need some help packing up my stuff," stammered Bailey.

"We can put it in with mine if you want," assured Sentinel, "I don't have that much."

"Thanks, Sentinel!" smiled Bailey.

"Not a problem," replied Sentinel.

Suddenly, Bailey remembered that her friends know of the Autobots.

"Oh, wait," paused Bailey, "Clayton, Fred and Olive know about the Autobots and Decepticons, too. What should we do with them?"

"We will assign them Autobot guardians," answered Optimus, "and relocate them as well."

"Awesome!" chirped Bailey.

"All right," asked Sentinel, "where are we moving to?"

"I'll talk to the officials in DC about renting a base there," offered Mearing.

"As long as we are nowhere near the Amazon," nodded Sentinel, "I'm good."

Soon, the Autobots spent the next few hours packing up for a long trip. Sentinel helped Bailey pack her items along with his, careful not to damage any of the electronics.

"Is that everything?" asked Sentinel.

Bailey inspected what used to be her living space, and she couldn't find any stray item on the ground.

"We're good," answered Bailey.

"All right, then," replied Sentinel.

As Sentinel walked out, she noticed a photo on the ground, which was large to her. It showed an exhausted looking Sentinel in what looked like a medical center, laying in a bed of sterile white sheets, holding something tiny and blue in his arms.

"Is that Optimus?" whispered Bailey.

When Bailey looked closer, she could make out tiny hands, little audials, and the slits of little closed optics. She tried picking it up, but it was rather heavy.

"Bailey," called Sentinel, "you coming?!"

Bailey let go of the photo and sprinted outside.

"Sentinel," said Bailey, "I think I saw a photo on the ground."

"So?" replied Sentinel.

"It's of you," explained Bailey, "are you really going to leave it behind?"

"Of me?" paused Sentinel.

Sentinel ran back into the warehouse and noticed the photo on the ground.

"Ohhhhhh…ohhhhhh," exclaimed Sentinel, "Primus, I've been looking for that!"

Sentinel picked up the photo and stashed it into his subspace compartment before heading outside.

"I'm sorry," asked Bailey, "was I not allowed to look at it?"

"No, no," answered Sentinel, "I just…I-I thought I'd lost it. It's very…..special to me."

"Oh," smiled Bailey, "I have to admit, Optimus looked really cute in that picture."

"He was," agreed Sentinel, "he was so small, I was almost afraid to hold him, thinking I'd hurt him. Then…..he gave his first smile, and I melted right there."

Bailey could see the rest of the Autobots have finished packing up, with the truck drivers attaching the trailers to their semi trucks.

"Well," stammered Sentinel, "I…I guess we'd better get going."

Sentinel transformed into his alternate mode, allowing Bailey to climb inside. She buckled up and set her handbag just at her feet while she noticed some of the soldiers climbing into military trucks and the other Autobots transforming into their alternate modes.

"I don't think I'll be meeting the President along the way," Bailey said to herself.

"What?" interrupted Sentinel.

"I was just thinking out loud," chuckled Bailey.

"About what?" demanded Sentinel, "I'm pretty sure we are the last people the President wants to see."

"That's what I was thinking, sort of," replied Bailey.

After a moment of silence, the Autobots and the military trucks drove out of the base and down the road while Bailey began playing Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.

"Oh, good," smirked Sentinel, "we're getting a police escort. This means no fraggin' traffic and no sitting through red lights."

"Let's hope there are no accidents along the way," teased Bailey.

"Yeah," nodded Sentinel.

After a few hours have passed, Laserbeak flew into the base and began surveying it. Much to his surprise, there was no one around.

"It appears that the Autobots have relocated," commented Laserbeak, "this is not good, not good at all."

Laserbeak flew back towards Soundwave, who was standing outside the base.

"They're gone," reported Laserbeak, "not a trace left. It's as if they were never here."

"Lord Megatron will want to hear about this," replied Soundwave.

"Yes," nodded Laserbeak, "he will."

Soundwave activated a ground bridge and walked through it, taking him to the bridge of the Nemesis, where Megatron and Saburou were waiting.

"The Autobots are no longer at the base," said Soundwave.

"That's a shame," smirked Saburou.

"Why is that?" asked Soundwave.

"I was hoping to take them prisoner and torture them in the cruelest way possible," explained Saburou.

"And what could you do to them?" insisted Megatron.

"We have the electric prods," answered Saburou.

"Why did you join us, anyway?" sighed Megatron.

"Since your plan to eradicate the Autobots have failed," replied Saburou, "I have a plan of my own."

"Let's hear it, then," commanded Megatron.

"My father created this organization my sister's running in hopes of ensuring equality of women and men," explained Saburou, "but I think women are just nothing but inferior who should exist to serve men and have their babies. I want to create an empire that will span the entire planet, so that the women will lose the rights they have now and be demoted to being property. And the most inferior races such as the blacks and Latinos will do the dirty work; building foundations for the superior races like white and Asian men. I also want to eradicate the homosexuals, the transsexuals and those awful lesbians."

"You do realize all members of your race are worthless to me," commented Megatron, "do you not? All humans, male and female, no matter their race, no matter their anything. Your goals are of no use to me."

"Hmm," grinned Saburou, "maybe a little cooperation will be enough for you to see my point. In fact, I have some allies that I want to introduce you to. Maybe you can help make my empire possible."

Megatron growled in Saburou's face.

"This is not your planet to rule," roared Megatron, "when the Autobots are gone, the ruler of this world will be me! Even you will bow before me! You will have no empire, insect! Even in death, there will be no rule but mine!"

Saburou only burst into laughter.

"You never cease to amuse me," smirked Saburou, "maybe I can be your little advisor?"

"Lord Megatron does not take advice from lesser organisms," objected Soundwave.

"Besides," added Megatron, "Soundwave serves as my 'advisor'. The only reason you are still alive is due to the possibility that I might still have some use for you. I will terminate you the minute I tire of you or you cease being useful to me."

"After you put the women back in their place of being the homemaker?" clarified Saburou.

"I wonder where you even got that attitude," pondered Megatron.

A few days have passed since the Autobots have dispatched Unicron. Bailey was glad that the government provided a base for the Autobots at Washington DC, although it will be a while before Clayton, Olive and Fred finish relocating. Most of the Autobots' living quarters and the medical bay have been renovated since the furniture they brought was easy for them to install and Bailey had her living space set up in Sentinel's quarters. At the moment, she was brushing her hair when Sentinel entered the room while taking a sip from his energon cube.

"You ever wonder what's going to happen next?" asked Sentinel.

"Not that I know of," answered Bailey, "apart from the fact that we need to restore Cybertron and end the war."

"Yeah, there's that," replied Sentinel, "Bailey…I need to know….if I were to…pass on…..would you be ok?"

There was a moment of silence as the thought of Sentinel not being here tormented her mind. Bailey wasn't sure what she would do without him. As far as she knew, they have been growing closer since the day she began their relationship.

"I…don't know," stammered Bailey.

"I ask because…..well," explained Sentinel, "there's a very real chance that could happen. I want to know that you won't….do anything that…..I wouldn't want you to do."

"Like what?" insisted Bailey.

"Like," clarified Sentinel, "trying to hurt yourself, or….not letting yourself eventually move on."

"Why would I do the second example?" objected Bailey.

"Some people don't move on," answered Sentinel.

Bailey set down the hairbrush and approached Sentinel before hugging his leg.

"I hope what you said about passing on…doesn't happen to you," stammered Bailey, "not in the near future."

"I hope the same," replied Sentinel, "but I've had to realize that in times of war, any given day could be your last."

Bailey didn't say anything, but she nuzzled her face against Sentinel's leg. He gently reached down and stroked her back. He was glad they didn't share a spark bond yet. He didn't want her to know the sinking feeling he had in his spark or the foreboding message of his death that he had received from the Matrix. After a while, Bailey released her embrace.

"So," asked Bailey, "are you ready to go, yet?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm ready," purred Sentinel, "come on, let's go have some fun, eh? Maybe I'll even…..let you drive."

"I still haven't learned how to drive yet," stammered Bailey.

"Not a normal car," assured Sentinel, "but, there's more to this car than meets the eye."

Bailey grabbed her handbag before following Sentinel out of his quarters and down the corridor until they reached the hangar. Just then, they noticed that Lennox was about to head outside with some luggage in his hand.

"Hey, Lennox," called Bailey, "where are you going?"

Lennox focused his eyes on Bailey.

"Going home to see my wife and little girl," answered Lennox.

"Oh, Sarah and Anna?" clarified Bailey, "Anna looked so cute in that picture you showed me!"

"Yep," nodded Lennox, "that's them. Gotta go, seeya!"

Lennox raced out of the hangar within an instant while Bailey focused her eyes on Sentinel.

"He's just excited," commented Sentinel.

"Just as much as we are?" teased Bailey.

"Yes," chuckled Sentinel, "I guess so."

Sentinel transformed into his alternate mode, compelling Bailey to hop inside.

"So," asked Sentinel, "where to, my lady?"

"Maybe in a secluded area at the nearest lake?" suggested Bailey.

"I can do that," agreed Sentinel, "one secluded spot by a nice lake coming right up. Don't you dare cut in front of me, Mr. Little Red Sports Car."

Sentinel drove out of the base and down the road. It was only a long while before they reached a lake.

"How about this one?" asked Sentinel.

"It looks perfect!" chirped Bailey.

Bailey hopped out of the Rosenbauer Panther as he transformed into his robot mode. Fortunately, no one else was around.

"Okay, good," sighed Sentinel, "no one's going to see me."

Sentinel sat down, allowing Bailey to climb into his lap. The elder Prime lay down on his back, stretching his legs out until his feet touched the water. She crawled up to his chest and began stroking the smooth wires that made up his beard. He shuttered his optics, the familiar purring sound spreading through his body. While she continued to stroke his beard, Bailey kissed his face.

"I love you, Sentinel," whispered Bailey.

"I love you too, ma sanarya," smiled Sentinel.

Smiling, Bailey hugged Sentinel's face as she watched the birds fly through the sky. She hoped that the war would end soon, and that she would help restore Cybertron when the time comes. For now, she could just relax and enjoy the peaceful moment she has with the ancient Prime, knowing that she's safe by his side.

ma sanarya - term of affection, used for a BF or GF, it's gender neutral