Eyes in Seed

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Chapter 02

Adam gave a grunt as he began to awake. As his eyes opened, he blinked taking in the sharp brightness of the lights above him. It was a few seconds before he realized that the ceiling wasn't the one in his loft. And the bed felt less comfortable. Looking down he noticed white sheets and an equally white curtain surrounding half of the bed he lye in. He moved to sit up, but felt a sharp tug at his wrist. Looking down, he saw he was cuffed to a guard rail attached to the bed. Adding everything up, he finally realized he was in a hospital bed. Correction, cuffed to a hospital bed. He pulled a little harder, but the cuffs didn't give. "Damn it," he cursed silently.

"Oh, you're awake!" spoke a painfully cheery voice.

Looking to the gap in the curtain, sitting in a chair not too far away was a pink haired teen with an overly large white and purple dress. Adam's heart immediately started to speed up as the voice clicked in his memory, and quickly added in her appearance. To stop it off, in her hands was a pink robot ball, two flaps going nuts as it stared at him. "Awake, awake!" it called, and bounced out of her hands. It floated in the low gravity and landed in his lap. "Awake, awake! You're awake!"

Adam attempted to catch it, but his arm snagged on the cuff. Frowning, he moved his left hand and caught the pink robot in his palm. He had to stop himself from shuddering, now actually feeling the machine and knowing it was real. But his heart raced slightly and his breathing quickened. "This has got to be a dream," he whispered.

A set of gentle hands plucked the overly energetic robot from his hand, and Adam followed them to Lacus Clyne. The bubbly pinkette smiled warmly at him. "It is good to see you are well. I had heard you passed out upon entering the ship."

"Fatigue," Adam answered quickly, not realizing he had spoken so fast. His mind was running on auto pilot, quickly coming up with excuses for any and all questions that may come his way. Already he was formulating answers to questions that haven't even been asked, and that worried him. Was it the program? The ZERO? Was it assisting him somehow in coming up with a valid answer in order to protect him from blowing his cover? "I'd been alone in space for some time," he gave a small smile. "It takes a toll on you."

Lacus nodded. "Yes I agree. I too was found drifting in a lifepod till this Alliance ship and its crew found me."

So I am onboard the Archangel, he thought, looking past to see two other beds, vacant, and beyond a console of sorts that the medical chief probably uses.

As if on cue, said doctor arrived, clipboard in hand. He stopped short, noticing Lacus, and then looked to Adam. He let out a small gasp, taking a step back. "You're awake," he said, and smiled with a nod. "That's good. We weren't sure when you'd wake."

Adam gave a nod. "How long was a I out?"

"Only a few hours," he responded, ticking the clipboard under his arm. "I noticed a change in your heart monitor and decided to see what was up. Now I know." He turned to Lacus, a more serious look on his face. "And you shouldn't be here, Ms. Clyne. You'll get in trouble again if anyone finds out you left your room." He didn't raise his voice, more like a father putting his foot down gently to his daughter. "Off you go. I need to inform the captain that our guest is awake."

Lacus seemed crest fallen at the news, holding her Haro close. "Oh very well," she said, pushing off, only stopping by the curtain. "Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself." She spun around, hair floating majestically around her before she gave a curt bow. "My name is…"

"Lacus Clyne, daughter of Siegel Clyne," Adam said with a smile, and bowed back. "I'm familiar with who you are, Ms. Clyne." When he straightened up in the bed, he added, "And my name is Adam Winslow." High school drama classes were certainly paying off now.

She smiled brightly and waved goodbye as she floated away. "It was nice meeting you Mr. Winslow!"

The medical officer sighed and shook his head. "One could get a cavity from how sweet she is. Too bad she's stuck onboard this ship." He turned his gaze to Adam. "I'll notify the captain."

As the medical officer began to float away, Adam pulled sharp on the cuff, eliciting a loud clank and catching the officer's attention. "Any chance I can get the key to this thing?" he asked with a sly smile. "Starting to cut into me."

The officer shook his head with a grin. "Sorry, but captain's orders till she has a one on one with you."

Adam frowned, watching him float over to his console. He looked about again, then down at himself and noticed for the first time his shirt was gone. "Hey doc, where are my clothes?" he called, pulling off the wireless heart monitors that were attached to his chest. And more importantly, my GP Base.

The officer looked up from the computer. "I'll bring your things to you in a minute," he said, looking back to the console. "Yes, Captain. He's awake."

Adam really wanted to get out of the cuffs. He pulled again, mostly in frustration. He really wished there was something he could pick the lock with.

Movement to his side and he looked to see the officer bring over his shirt and hoodie, and thankfully, his GP Base. He gave a thankful nod and took the shirt, quickly pulling it on though only able to get one arm in since the other was cuffed. "Thanks," he said. "Room's chillier than it looks."

The doc laughed. "Tell me about it. Well, the captain will be here shortly. I'd tell ya not to go anywhere, but, well…" he gave a nod to the cuffs and turned to leave.

And leave Adam with his thoughts on the situation. Ok, think. Break everything down, and see what could have gone wrong. Couldn't have been the programming. The simulator may have had a hand in it… the particles maybe? His mind flashed to an article involving the 8th World Gunpla Championship and how the particles had gone out of control. Another article came to memory about some battlers some time after developing small wounds from their battles. No information was really given as to the cause. Adam had looked into it at one point, but the cases were so few in number no one every did a proper investigation as to what it was. But Adam new evidence pointed to the particles and that they were becoming harmful to the gunpla battlers. Maybe there's more to Plavsky particles than we thought.


Murrue Ramius moved down the corridor with a purpose; back straight and determined look on his face. Which was rare given her usual motherly, or big sister-like vibe she tended to give off when not on the bridge. She was nearing the medical wing, and her mind was running with questions to ask the man who had aided them in their earlier encounter with ZAFT. Most of her questions involved that unknown mobile suit. The technicians had begun to look over the machine, noticing it never dropped out of Phase Shift, only to find out its armor didn't run on it. In fact, the armor wasn't anything they had ever seen before. Even more questions arose when concerning the cockpit. Or lack there of. All there was inside was a seat and the controls to cockpit's hatch. "Classified," she said to herself, eyes lowering to the floor in thought as she remembered what the mysterious pilot had told her. Had there been a second project she wasn't aware of? It did hold a similar look to the Strike, but its design and appearance held a more elegant look to it. And the way it moved in battle! It flowed in space like a fish in water. And that light that came from the strange cone shaped engine. "I already feel a headache coming."

"I can understand completely, Captain," spoke Mu La Flaga, mobile armor ace affectionately known as the Hawk of Endymion. "But the guy did help pull us out of the fire."

"You're a little bit too relaxed on the matter, Lieutenant," Murrue said, looking to the man at her side. "Doesn't it bother you he suddenly appears out of nowhere and assists us."

"If he was planning to destroy us, I think he would have fired on us instead of ZAFT."

"I know that, but there is too much we don't understand to just welcome him with open arms…"

Before she could continue, a familiar mop of long red hair and pink clothes moved into the hall, hands locked around the hand of an older man. Murrue couldn't help but smile at the reunion of daughter and father.

The two Alliance officers stopped as Flay Allster went on with her tail to her father, George Allster. The minute ZAFT had backed off, the elder Allster had left the escorting ship and came to the Archangel intended to see his daughter. Now, reunited, his daughter never left his side and regaling him with her adventures onboard the ship, and Murrue was sure to get an ear full from the man later on.

Flay, noticing the two ranking officers, stopped and smiled brightly to the two. "Captain!"

George Allster paused, looking from his daughter to Murrue, and gave a 'forced', kind smile. The man had been very loud since he arrived on board, barging around till he had found Flay. He had a few words for Murrue as well, concerning the safety of his daughter. That was an hour ago before he left with Flay to catch up. She had hoped she wouldn't meet with him again till they met with the 8th Fleet. "Hello, Captain. What brings you down into the ship?"

Murrue forced a smile of her own and gave a nod. "We just got word that our new friend is awake in the medical bay, and were on our way to see him."

"You mean the pilot who saved my daddy!" beamed the redhead. She looked to her father, pulling his hand. Its astounding that this was the same girl who had been threatening Lacus Clyne on the bridge of the ship.

"That's wonderful news, Captain," George said sincerely. "If you don't mind, I'd like to accompany you and give my thanks. Had it not been for him, I most certainly wouldn't be here now."

Again, Murrue gave a nod. "Of course. If you would follow us please."

Flay followed as well, moving closer to Murrue to ask, "Did he really faint when leaving his machine?"

Murrue nodded. "Yes. Most likely from exhaustion."

Mu gave a shrug. "He did say he'd been drifting in space for some time." Though how long? he thought. When examining the machine, there was no sign of a charge port to recharge the damn thing. Probably something else that falls under 'classified information'.

The group continued on in silence till they reached the medical wing. Two Alliance soldiers stood guard, rifles strapped at the shoulder. As they approached, the two quickly saluted. Murrue returned the salute and advised them to remain there till otherwise. Mu was carrying a sidearm, and Murrue was sure he knew how to use it should their guest try to do something 'funny'.

The door opened with a hiss and the small group entered, finding the room mostly vacant except the one occupant sitting behind the curtain.

"Someone there?" a voice called from the opposite side.

Mu approached first, pulling the curtain back. The man, who looked a little younger than himself was sitting upright in the bed. The sheet was cast aside and he had half his shirt pulled on. His focus wasn't on the group though. He was tapping away on the small hand held device that was found on his person. Odd sounds coming from it indicated that it may have been a game of some kind. They couldn't access it due to a password lock, so left it with him till he awoke.

Blue eyes looked up at the group and for a second Mu saw a slight look of surprise, but it blinked away in an instant. The game was shut off and tucked to his side as the man gave his attention to the group. "Wasn't expecting a whole group to come by," he remarked, a small grin on his face. "Didn't know I was so special."

"Considering the circumstances of your arrival…" Murrue started, but was cut off by the Vice Foreign Minister who turned sharp on the acting captain.

"Ms. Ramius what is the meaning of this?"

The woman blinked, looking to the Minister. "Sir?"

"Why is this man cuffed?"

"It's simply a precautionary, I assure…"

"It's alright," Adam spoke, getting their attention. Again answers to the situation ran through his mind, and his mouth acted on its own. "If I was in her situation, I'd do the same thing. I'm a suspicious stranger who magically appeared from no where and jumped head first into a fight." Adam gave a shrug, acting carefree of the situation, while on the inside he was sweating bullets. "But I'm sure none of you are here to ask how my stay is so far."

It was George Allster that stepped forward first. He moved to the right, hand stretched for Adam to shake. He moved his hand as far as it could go, but George was quick enough to meet him halfway. "My name is George Allster, and I'd like to thank you, young man, for saving my life."

Adam gave a firm shake. "Adam Winslow," he said and tilted his head seemingly in thought. Adam was more than aware as to who he was. To this point though, he wasn't sure how this would play out. The man was suppose to die after all. "Allster… Vice Foreign Minister Allster?"

"That is correct," the elder Allster beamed. He hadn't expect to be recognized by the man.

"No offence, but what were you doing on a battleship?"

George released his hand from Adam's and held an arm out to Flay, the spoiled redhead jumping next to her dad, eyes slightly averted to not stare at Adam's bit of undress. "I had learned my daughter had survived Heliopolis' collapse and pulled as many strings as I could to get on the first ship that was going to meet up with it." He gave his daughter a one armed hug. "And I'm so glad she is alright."

Flay approached slightly, hands held in front. "Thank you for saving my daddy," she said in a sweet voice. Knowing her personality, Adam found it hard to believe she'd turn into a vengeful monster had her father died.

Adam couldn't help but let a smile slip, and nodded his head. "Thanks are not needed. Seeing that everyone is in one piece is good enough." Adam nearly wanted to choke on this act though. He was a nice guy at heart but this was too much. Was the Gundam Seed universe affecting him? There's no way he'd lay on an act like this. Honestly, he should be freaking out! Right in front of him was Flay Allster, Mu La Flaga, and Murrue Ramius! In the flesh!

Something hit the bed in front of him, and Adam looked to see a small set of keys. Handcuff keys to be exact. He looked up to their source and saw a smiling Mu La Flaga. Of course, Murrue wasn't too happy about it. "Lieutenant La Flaga!"

"Now, now, captain. I think he's safe to be around," the ace armor pilot said. Adam had taken the keys, his eyes looking to Mu's side. It didn't go unnoticed that his hand was still parked just above his sidearm. If Adam was to make a move, Mu would be quick enough to put a bullet in him. "Besides, I'm sure he'd want to get the rest of his shirt on."

"You have no idea," Adam remarked as he removed the cuffs, left hand rubbing at the soreness of his wrist. He quickly slipped his shirt on properly and tossed the keys to Mu, who caught them with his left hand; his right was still resting above the gun. Smart. Adam looked to the Allsters. "Again, it was my duty to assist. And as much as I'd like to talk with you, I think the acting captain here wants me to answer some questions. Some that I'm afraid only a few select people can hear."

George looked around the room, noticing the mood change. "I see." He looked to Flay. "Come along dear. You still haven't introduced me to all your friends." George returned a smile to Adam. "I hope to see you again, soon, Mr. Winslow."

"Please, call me Adam. And I hope to see you again too." He looked to Flay. "Take care of yourself, Ms. Allster."

The girl blushed. "Please. Flay would be fine."

Adam gave a nod. "Flay it is then."

The Allster duo left the medical wing, leaving Mu, Murrue, and Adam in silence. He looked between the two Alliance soldiers, Mu still looking relaxed while Murrue seemed to sigh in exhaustion. "Bad day, Captain?"

"You have no idea," she remarked. She stiffened slightly when Adam moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Free from the cuffs, he could give a long stretch, various bones popping as he did so. "Though we spoke over a direct channel earlier, allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Lieutenant Murrue Ramius of the Earth Alliance."

"Adam Winslow," he responded, again. "Just call me Adam."

"And with me is…"

"The Hawk of Endymion himself, Mu La Flaga." Adam smirked, seeing the armor ace sheepishly rub at the side of his nose upon hearing his nick name. "Your reputation precedes you, lieutenant."

Murrue rolled her eyes. "Now with that out of the way, when we brought you in, you had no identification on you."

"Sorry about that," Adam said. "When things started to go down, I didn't bother to grab it."

"You said you were on Heliopolis when it collapsed with that machine of yours," Mu said. "Where exactly? You certainly weren't at Morengroete."

Adam took a deep breath. This was where his planning would come in handy. He knew this question was going to come up at some point, along with a choice few others that involved is origins and his machine. He just hoped they bought it. "As for the location, I can't give any specifics. But it was in a separate facility opposite of the one the five other prototypes were being held, on the other end of the colony." He could have mentioned the Astray line of mobile suits that Orb had been building, but decided against it. At least not till later when he saw them for himself… If I live that long, he thought bitterly. "Next question."

"Is it part of the same line?"

"A Gundam, yes."

Both paused, looking to one another and then back to Adam. "What's a Gundam?" Mu asked.

Adam smirked. "When you activated the machine, the dash displays General Unilateral Neuro-link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver. The acronym for that is G.U.N.D.A.M. "

Murrue thought on that one. How could he have known that, if he wasn't informed? Still… "Does yours say the same thing?"

Adam shook his head. "No. Just simply Gundam. Don't ask me why."

"So you didn't build it?"


"Then how'd you come to obtain it?"

"I didn't build it but I paid witness to its construction. My job was to over see it and upon its completion, bring it to Earth."

"I'd like to ask the next one," Mu said. "Seeing as no Natural to date has successfully piloted a mobile suit like you have, I'm assuming you're a Coordinator like Kira?"

Time to play dumb, he thought. Adam arched a brow at the lieutenant. "Kira Yamato, the pilot of the Strike? He's a Coordinator?" Murrue tossed an icy glare at Mu, who hissed between clenched teeth as he realized he let that slip. Adam did everything he could not to laugh. "Huh. Thought he looked a bit young to be piloting." He shrugged, standing up from the bed finally and gave his legs a shake one at a time. He hadn't noticed he was leaning a bit on them and the blood flow was starting to get thin. "But what's a Coordinator doing piloting an EA suit?"

Murrue looked to sweat a little under the question. Not too surprising considering that on top of Kira being a civilian piloting a prototype weapon, he was in the EA's eyes an enemy. "The circumstances were… chaotic at the time."

Adam gave a nod. "Understood. As for me, no. I'm a Natural."

That got their attention. "You're not a Coordinator?" Murrue asked.


The baffled look on their faces was priceless. "Then how can you be piloting that machine? As a matter of fact, how ARE you piloting that machine? We saw no visible controls inside that showed it could be piloted by anyone."

Adam tilted his head in thought, hand resting on his chin. "The answer to that kinda falls in the gray area of what is, and what's not confidential. I can't explain how… but I can show you the controls."

Murrue frowned at that. She didn't like the idea of him getting to his machine while they were in their current state. Moebius Zero was still under repair and the last she saw of Kira, he didn't look to happy and she could understand why after using Lacus Clyne as a shield against ZAFT for the time being. She glanced to Mu, and he seemed okay with the idea. "Lieutenant," she spoke, looking to the armor pilot. "What do you think?"

Mu gave a chuckle and rubbed the back of his head. "I won't lie, captain. I am curious as to how the machine is controlled."

Adam beamed. "Great." He paused though, looking around suddenly. "Um, before we go, could I find the restroom? Been holding it for a while now and doesn't help I was unconscious."

At that, Mu laughed. Murrue for her part, sighed, and pointed around the curtain. "Far side."

Adam pulled the curtain aside to see, and smiled. "Thank God."

The two Alliance soldiers watched the man quickly move to the restroom, closing it quickly behind him. Murrue shook her head and looked back to Mu. "Well? What do you think?"

Mu chuckled and crossed his arms. "What do I think?" He paused in thought, thinking over everything that had just been discussed and his observation of the man. "Hard to say. I've never met a spook before."

"A spook?"

"Intelligence operative. A spy basically."

Murrue blinked at that, and looked to the door. "Him? A spy?"

"He doesn't look the part, but he's extremely calm for a man in his situation. Not to mention his knowledge of the Strike's systems. You'd either have been part of its programming or was informed of it. And lets not forget his own machine. It's similar in appearance but design seems more ZAFT's style."

"So you believe him?"

"Oh no, I don't believe him for a second. But we're in a tight spot right now. We're low on supplies, moral is low, and the Montgomery is too damaged to act as our backup let alone our bodyguard. The Zero is still under repair, leaving only the Strike as our only means of mobile defense against ZAFT should they decide Ms. Clyne isn't worth keeping alive… not that we'd actually do anything to the girl." He paused as the door opened and Adam stepped out. "We need the help, and if he's willing to assist…"

"Give him the benefit of the doubt?" Murrue asked, looking to Mu from the corner of her eye. His only reply was a shrug.

Adam approached, already seeing he had caught the end of an important discussion. He had a feeling it had something to do with him, which made him a little uncomfortable. "Sorry about that," he apologized.

Mu was the first to speak, stepping closer to the 'spy' and moving to his side. "Not a problem. I can completely understand the feeling. Not exactly a built in bathroom in the Zero, ya'know." He gave Adam a pat on the back, leading him towards the door. "Come on, let's take a look at your mobile suit. Got to admit, I'm curious about it." He looked back to Murrue, giving her a wink. Her reply was a sigh.


Kira watched his friends from the opposite side of the lounge, seeing them speak with Flay's father. Currently the older Allster was speaking with Sai Argyle, Flay's fiancé. The young man looked uncomfortable standing close to George Allster, who was thrilled to be speaking with the boy. Flay looked happy as well, standing opposite of her father, arm wrapped around Sai's arm.

Normally Kira would be with them, but he didn't feel he deserved to be with them at the moment. He had promised Flay he'd protect her father, and had nearly failed because he was busy focusing on facing Athrun and the Aegis. Had that other machine hadn't arrived, there's no telling what could have happened.

A nudge at his leg took his focus away and Kira looked down to see a pink robot Haro. It floated for a second in the low gravity of the ship till it fell back to the floor. Looking up he found its owner coming towards him, a bright smile on her face. Normally Kira would feel himself blush at her approach, but seeing her only reminded him of the situation she was placed in. Instead he felt anger swell up in him and couldn't seem to look her in the eyes.

His discomfort didn't go missed by Lacus. The pop idol paused in her approach to her fellow Coordinator, her head tilting to the side slightly. "Is something the matter, Mr. Yamato?"

Her voice shook him from his anger, and Kira couldn't resist a smile; a sad smile, but one none the less. "Please, call me Kira. And no, nothing is wrong…"

"Wrong! Wrong!" the Haro barked, bouncing on the floor.

Kira frowned at the pink robot for a second, before smiling at Lacus. "Really, I'm ok."

"Well," she started, still focused on the boy in front of her, "I do have some good news. The pilot of that other mobile suit is awake."

Kira's focus was once again on Lacus, his eyes wide with surprise. "He is?" The bubbly pinkette gave a nod. "That's good news. I was worried when he passed out after exiting his mobile suit."

"He said it was from exhaustion. He did sleep soundly till he awoke."

"You… you saw him?"

Lacus gave a nod. "Yes. Mr. Pink got away again, and I ended up chasing him to the infirmary where I saw Mr. Winslow. He was alone, so I decided to keep him company. He began to awake when I was humming one of my songs."

"I see. I wonder if the captain knows."

"She's well aware, young man." Kira snapped to the side, surprised to see the older Allster before him. Flay and Sai were at his side. Flay was smiling happily, while Sai looked worried. His eyes were focused on George, and was only flick to Kira and Lacus for a second. "You must be the Coordinator that pilots that other machine, am I correct?"

Kira didn't miss the slight disgust George Allster had when he said 'Coordinator'. Instinctively, as he held his hand out to George, he shifted to be in front of Lacus. "Yes, sir. Kira Yamato."

George was hesitant for a second, before reaching out and shaking the boy's hand. "Flay told me you've been responsible for protecting this ship."

"Haven't been doing it alone, sir. Lieutenant La Flaga and the people on board have done their part too."

"I see," he said, letting his hand drop from Kira's. "Must be hard for you though."

Kira blinked. "I… don't understand."

"To fight your own kind, I mean." The room fell quiet at that. Even those who hadn't really been paying attention stopped when they noticed the silence and followed everyone's line to site to Kira. "I've heard the stories, you're quite good at piloting that machine. Not even a true soldier and you've gotten quite the kill count."

Kira shook slightly, letting the words sink in. "I…"

"Well, so long as its on the right side at least," George finished. He moved past Kira, hardly sparing a glance at Lacus. "Excuse me, I must go and see when we are due to meet with the fleet."

Lacus looked worriedly at George then turned to Kira, the boy still frozen in place. "Kira…"

Kira finally snapped out of it when a hand rested on his shoulder. He looked up to see Sai, smiling warmly at him. "Kira, pay no attention to him." He gave Kira's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "We know its hard on you, and there isn't enough thanks to give you for what you've done for us."



The young Coordinator looked to Flay, the redhead looking uncomfortable all of a sudden. The spoiled girl didn't notice much, but when it came to her father, she knew when he was making someone upset. And she could clearly see that her father had upset the young Coordinator. "Um… about my dad…" She paused when she noticed Kira give a small, sad smile.

"It's ok, Flay." With that, Kira turned and left the lounge, Lacus following after him with her pink Haro in tow.


Rau Le Creuset stood over the tactical display, watching their latest bout with the legged ship. He had watched it over and over again, from the point they first fired on it and the three joining EA ships, to the point that the white and purple G-weapon arrived. The very moment the mobile suit pointed at the Vesalius, Rau felt it was pointing at him. An open challenge? And where had it come from? Their radar picked up no signs of another ship. The machine itself didn't even appear till it came up on visual.

He played back the video of it's movements as it approached the ship. It turned sharp to avoid the shot made by the forward cannons, and turned again to destroy one in a single shot. It had revealed it had considerable firepower, much like the other G-weapons. And the way it evaded the missal volley sent its way. Watching the footage showed him that the machine may carry some sort of disruptor, seeing each missile that came its way veered away or missed it completely. "Such an interesting machine," Rau remarked, again watching as it came back and destroyed the remaining cannon. Even Rau had to admit he was worried. It had gotten past their defenses and nearly defanged their ship, only to stop and leave with the Alliance's remaining G-weapon.

Rau turned when he heard a hiss from the bridge door. In floated Athrun Zala, the pilot of the Aegis. Though he had gotten a bit of rest, he still looked angry. Not surprising. The legged ship was using Lacus Clyne to prevent them from attacking. "Rest well?" Rau asked, feigning concern. Not like he truly cared about the Clyne girl. To him she was simply in the way of their goal.

Athrun shook his head, floating over and stopping opposite of his commander. "Not really, sir," he replied, eyeing the display. His eyes first locked onto an image of the Strike, causing mixed emotions to rise up involving its pilot. He sneered though when he saw the legged ship and its newest occupant, the unknown G-weapon. "But I'll feel much better once we rescue Lacus."

"In due time. For now we have to deal with our repairs."

"If I may ask, where do we stand, sir?" Athrun asked, looking to the masked commander. They had taken a heavy beating due to the surprise arrival of the unknown suit.

"All but defanged. Our forward guns were completely destroyed in the attack I'm afraid. And aside your mobile suit and my own, we only have four GiNNs left. That alone I believe would be good enough for just the legged ship, but with that new mobile suit and accompanying Alliance battle ship we may have bitten off more than we can chew at this point."

Athrun scowled, hands turning into clenched fists as he thought about that. They would need reinforcements to be able to handle them, and with them so far away from any nearby ships, it looked like they were going to loose the legged ship and Lacus. He again focused on the new mobile suit and growled. Had it now arrived, they wouldn't be in the damaged state they were in. "So what do we do?"

Rau sighed as he too looked back to the display. "For now all we can do is wait. Charging in would be fool hardy at this point." He looked to the young pilot. "But do not fret. We will do what we can to save Ms. Clyne, Athrun." He looked back and replayed the attack by the white and purple machine, again freezing it the image till the machine was pointing at him. Challenge accepted, he thought with a grin forming on his face.


Adam officially hated zero gravity. It seemed the further from the center of the ship you moved, the less gravity there was and upon entering the hanger, Adam nearly floated off till Mu caught him. He acted it off like he was still a little out of it. But when he saw the 1.5 standing in all its glory, Adam couldn't help but shudder. Back in his world, and it was weird even thinking about it like that, he had never traveled to Japan to see the 1/1 scale RX-78. So seeing a 1/1 scale 1.5 Gundam was just…

"Let's get to it!" Mu said with a bit of excitement in his voice.

Adam felt a shove and found himself slowly floating towards the 1.5. He reached out and took hold of the gangplank's guard rail. He pulled himself over and onto his feet. Not a lot of gravity, but enough to keep his feet flat till he pushed off. The cockpit was open and like they had said, there were no controls. Just a seat. Looking to the side, he saw Mu and Murrue. The acting captain and ace pilot just stared. With a sigh Adam moved into the open cockpit with the two following, standing just outside of the threshold.

The minute Adam sat down, the small stand for his GP Base rose. Murrue flinched at seeing it, and Mu's hand inched closer to his sidearm. Adam gave a grin, and drew out his GP Base, waving it slightly in front of them. "You just needed the key," he said as he placed the GP Base on the stand.

Murrue's eyes widened as the hardlight formed into the on button. "What in the…" her words fell short the minute Adam pushed the button. Her jaw dropped as she watched more of the particles appear, the on button breaking down and merging with the rest. The particles swirled and formed into consoles and viewing screens, taking the shape of a functional cockpit. Instantly she felt the hum of the machine as it's power source came online. She didn't acknowledge the long whistle that Mu gave when watching along side her. "How…"

"It's called hardlight. It's made of… well basically solid energy. Don't know all the real technical know how." Adam smiled as he watched Murrue hesitantly reach out, pausing only inches from touching the screen. "Its harmless, go ahead."

Murrue, glanced to Adam, seeing his hands resting on a set of orbs positioned at the end of the armrests. They were just hovering there with no support, much like the screens and control pads that lined the cockpit. She lightly brushed her fingers across the surface. It was solid, and warm to the touch. She pushed her finger against it, lightly at first in fear that it would break. Then a little harder till she realized it wasn't going to budge.

"This is perhaps the coolest thing I've ever seen," Mu said, his hand reaching out and touching the screen to Adam's left. He looked down at the GP Base. "I thought that was a hand held gaming system."

Adam gave a shrug. "It's got a few apps on it. Music too. But it's main function is activating this machine." He gave a grin. "Can't start the car without the keys."

"Who designs that kind of thing!?"

Adam gave a shrug. "Someone who knows that sitting in a mobile suit for long periods at a time with nothing to do can be boring."

Murrue continued to poke an prod the hardlight. The front viewing screen actually moved, causing her 'eep' in surprise thinking it wouldn't move like the rest. She opened and closed it in front of Adam, only stopping when she moved it completely out of his view. "Why such a thing? And how?"

"Again I don't know the how, but from what I know, it's a safety measure. MS pilots have been known to survive damaged suits, but usually control panels blow, sending all kinds of broken glass and heated metal into the pilot. The hardlight disperses before it could do any permanent damage to said pilot. Unless said pilot face dives into it of course."

Mu scratched the back of his head with a chuckle. "First few times flying the Zero, had to make emergency stops which nearly caused me to bash my head into the console." Getting serious again though, he pointed at the controls. "But those aren't exactly like normal controls. How the hell do you operate this machine with something like that?"

Adam smirked. He pulled his arm up, twisting his wrist slightly. Outside though, shouts and calls for alarm came. Mu and Murrue looked out to see the left arm of the Eyes had moved, and looked back to Adam, they could see it was matching the same movements as his. He rolled his wrist slightly, and the machine did the same.

"Unbelievable!" Mu said, looking to Adam. "You're actually controlling it like you would your own arm."

"Just a prototype," Adam said, again lying through his teeth. "Further plans were to develop an entirely different cockpit which the suit completely relies on the movements of the pilot," he explained further, thinking back on to the Mobile Fighter series. "Complete with an entire three-hundred degree viewing screen and hardlight interfaces."

Mu gave a loud whistle at that.

Of course Murrue voiced her opinion. "Unbelievable. Why wasn't this kind of technology implemented into the other G-weapons?"

Adam gave a shrug, pulling the GP Base away from its stand. The system began to whine down, the hardlight dispersing into particles before disappearing into the machine from whence they came. Murrue looked slightly dazzled by the display, and Adam couldn't blame her. First time he saw the particles in his first battle, he had the same reaction. "Again, prototype. The G-weapons were the same, but finished products the Alliance needed immediately. The Eyes was a test bed for some of the more 'exotic' tech they had in mind for future developments. Hence why it was built separately from the rest." He paused though, thinking of something he could add. "But one feature did make it to one of the prototypes. The Blitz to be exact. I'm sure you're familiar with the Mirage Colloid feature."

Mu's eyes widened at that. "You mean this machine is capable of cloak."

Adam waved his hand slightly. "Sort of. So long as it doesn't move. The Mirage Colloid is a bit better, though taking away the Phase Shift is a hefty price for it to work." He moved out, unconsciously rubbing at his wrist. He spun slightly, letting his back press to the guardrail while looking up at his machine, still in mental awe at the sight of it.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, Adam smiled at the two, confident his rouge was working. "Now sadly that is all I can give you unless I get authorization to say otherwise, captain," he said, looking to Murrue. "Till I hear from my superiors, however, my services are at your disposal." Adam thinking back to his high school days in ROTC, snapped to the perfect solute he was known for. Wonder what Lt. Col. Washington is doing these days? he thought, thinking back to the man who taught his ROTC classes those years so long ago.

Murrue blinked. That was a sharp salute, she thought. She glanced back at the machine. Even with the knowledge Adam had bestowed them of the machine, it still held some mystery. For starters, his training to pilot it. The controls looked almost as difficult to operate as a standard fighter. And the tech didn't quite match the machine.

Murrue didn't know what to think. But Mu had made a point earlier. They needed the help. And Adam seemed genially concerned with the wellbeing of the ship and the people on board.

Adam smiled mentally when Murrue returned the salute. "Welcome aboard…" she paused, a confused look on her face. "I'm sorry but we didn't get your rank."

Adam lowered his salute, but his smile remained. "For the time being, just refer to me as Ensign Winslow." He looked to Mu. "I'll be referring to your calls in the field, sir."

"Not a problem," Mu said with his trade mark smile.

"Now then," Adam said, clapping his hands together. "Mind pointing me towards the pilot's locker room? Like to find me a flight suit to use. Can't go out into battle with just a hoodie now can I?"

Mu gave a laugh, floating past. "You're right there. Follow me." He pushed off the gangplank and floated to the opposite side of the hanger, passing the Strike.

Murrue watched the two sail away, and soon disappear into other parts of the ship. She looked back to the Eyes and frowned. "There is something about this machine that bothers me," she said to no one but herself. She looked back to the door the two had disappeared through. "And that pilot."


Kira had retreated to his room to get some rest. Well, the room he was borrowing with another crew member since his own quarters were being used by Lacus. Said girl was what was on his mind, and the situation she was in. He didn't like it one bit that she was here. That she was being used. He feared for her future and what would happen once they met up with the rest of the fleet. He was certain they wouldn't just let her go. Maybe I an speak with the captain, he thought, staring at the ceiling of his bunk. He was sure she would understand. They did say they would contact the ZAFT ship to talk about returning Lacus…

But that was hours ago. Too long. They should have returned her by now, and that worried Kira even more.

Unable to rest and with worry for the pop-singer's fate weighing on his mind, Kira decided to follow what his feelings were telling him to do. He left to awaken the pop-star and get her off the ship. Though along the way, they bumped into his friends Sai, Flay, and Miriallia. He pleaded his case with them, and though they first looked hesitant about his plan, it was Sai who spoke up in agreement with Kira.

This of course shocked Flay. "But Sai! She's…"

"An innocent in this, Flay," Kira said. "She doesn't belong here, just like none of us do." He looked to Lacus, and back to Flay. "She just wants to go home. To her family. To her father." He didn't like playing that card with Flay, but the sudden shocked look on her face told him he at least hit home. "That's all I want to do. To make sure she gets home safely."

"And after that?" Miriallia asked. "What happens then?"

Kira blinked. "What do you mean?"

She bit her lip slightly, but said, "I mean, you won't leave us, will you Kira?"

"Miri?" Sai asked, looking to the girl in question. "You don't think Kira would…"

"No, I won't leave you." All eyes again focused on Kira, his face taking on a serious look to it. "You guys are my friends… and I won't lie to you. The pilot of the Aegis… is an old friend of mine." Gasps came from all around, even from Lacus, who hadn't know till then. "I don't want to fight him. I don't want to fight at all… but all of you are people I want to protect." He moved up, taking Miriallia's hand in his. "I promise I will come back."


Kira led Lacus to the locker room to get her a spare flight suit. Sai, Flay, and Miriallia stood watch outside. Sai and Miri seemed more on board with helping, but Flay looked to have been a bit hesitant about helping.

As the two entered, they were surprised that they weren't alone. Casually floating above one of the benches was the Eyes pilot, Adam. He was suited up in a gray and white flight suit, and looked to be asleep till he cracked an eye open and smiled at the two. "So what do we have here?" he said with a toothy grin. "Young girl and young man running off into a locker room for some alone time?"

Lacus tilted her head in confusion, but Kira picked up on what the new comer pilot was saying, and blushed furiously. "Th… that's not what it looks like!"

Adam grinned, loving the bit of teasing he was making. Messing with Kira during their down time was going to be fun in the future. With that, Adam flipped over and moved to plant his feet on the floor. "Joking aside, I'm guessing you're planning to take Ms. Clyne to the Vesalius."

Kira frowned, eyes locking with Adam's as the older pilot crossed his arms. He instinctively moved an arm in front of Lacus, who looked between the two in worry. "I am. Please stand aside and let me do this."

"Stand aside? Hell I was planning to do it myself," Adam said, turning to move over to one of the spare lockers. In reality he had simply waited for when Kira would bring Lacus. He had already interfered with the timeline so far, he had to make sure it played out like it should. He also had to make sure that it followed the path it should, and that meant standing guard outside the Archangel and Montgomery in case Rau Le Creuset decided to ignore Lacus when she tells him not to attack.

Adam reached into a locket and pulled out one of the regular civilian flight suits and pushed it towards the two teens. "Here. This should fit."

Kira blinked. "You're… helping us?"

"Yep," Adam answered nonchalantly. "I don't like the idea of her being used for BS politics and meat shields. And besides, we get her to that ship they'll have no choice but to turn around and leave to make sure she get home. So it's a win-win."

The silence in the room only last a few seconds before Lacus smiled, and bowed slightly to Adam. "Thank you, Mr. Winslow."

"Please, call me-WOW!" Adam snapped away, looking at a wall as Lacus had begun to strip down out of her dress. "Warning next time, will ya?"

Kira too was facing away, face burning red as Lacus removed her dress to fit inside the space suit.


The group of three waiting for Kira and Lacus was pretty surprised to see Adam emerge with them. At first they thought their plan was going to crumble, till Adam told them to hurry up. Even Flay was surprised that Adam was willing to get in trouble to help Lacus. Adam simply said he would have done the same thing even if she was a Natural.

A surprise twist this time around had Lacus actually removing ALL of her dress so she could appropriately fit inside the suit without looking pregnant. A plus was that there was a duffle bag in one of the lockers to store her dress in.

Entering the hanger, the group found the area clear. Miriallia and Sai agreed to help in launching the suits so they made things easier. Flay had kept quiet for the most part, staring at her hands she kept clasped together. Adam gave a pat to her shoulder, promising to make sure Kira returned safely. That seemed to perk her up a bit, but Adam could tell she was still torn about how she felt and what she was taught growing up by her father. And that was something Adam wasn't looking forward to dealing with upon his return. George Allster was definitely going to have a different view of him when he returned.

With the three safe and away from the hanger, Kira led Lacus to the Strike. Adam gave a thumbs up as he passed, and floated on towards the Eyes. Sai, Miriallia and Flay watched from the observation room as the two pilots entered their suits. Soon the yellow optics of the Strike and cobalt ones of the Eyes lit. The minute the two machines began to move, all hell broke loose as mechanics working seconds shift began to shout and scream about the machines moving and heading for the launch bay. Strike entered first, geared up with the Aile pack. The Eyes followed behind it.


Murrue Ramius was not happy when she entered the bridge. She had only gotten two hours of sleep before she got the call that both the Strike and Eyes were moving to launch. Even worse was that George Allster was there, shouting for answers that they couldn't give at the moment. "What's the situation?" she asked as she came up next to Natarle.

"Just minutes ago we got an emergency call from the hanger," Natarle said, looking sharply to the captain. "Both Kira Yamato and Adam Winslow got to their machines and are now launching."

"Then do something about it!" George Allster shouted. "We can't let them steal those machines!"

Another call from the hanger came in. Natarle answered only to see an image of Mu La Flaga. "Lieutenant?"

"Found out what's going on," Mu said, moving aside to show Sai, Flay, and Miriallia. "Turns out both Adam and Kira had the bright idea of returning Lacus Clyne over to the ZAFT ship."

"They're returning the prisoner!?" George shouted. "They can't do that!"

"It's kinda out of our hands," Mu said with a shake of his head. "They've already opened the hanger doors."


"Kira Yamato, Strike, launching!" he called.

Adam watched the Strike take off down the catapult, rocketing out into the void. Adam moved the Eyes into position, GN Drive sparking to live with green/blue particles forming from it. Before he could launch a call came over the channel. Opening it up, he held an image of Natarle. "Well, hello Ensign Badgiruel," he said, then mentally kicked himself. Shit I haven't actually met her yet! "Something I can help you with?" he asked, playing it off.

"What exactly do you think you are doing, Ensign Winslow?" she demanded.

Adam continued to smile, tapping away at his controls, the GN Drive sparking more to life as the Eyes prepared to launch. "Just helping Kira return lost property to ZAFT." The Drive peaked, the glow intensifying. Adam's blood began to pump as he realized he was actually going to launch, for REAL, in a mobile suit. He adjusted his helmet, listening to it seal with a hiss. "Be back before breakfast, Natarle! Adam Winslow, Eyes Gundam! Launching!"

The binders on the Eyes turned slightly as the drive kicked in, the machine boosting out of the hanger without the assistance of the catapult. Adam assumed the GN particles assisted in dampening the inertia cause he hardly felt anything as his machine exited the ship. The Eyes gave a spin before chasing after the Strike. He got alongside the Strike, opening a channel to Kira. "Eyes to Strike."

Kira's image appeared in the corner of the screen, Lacus crammed in the seat. "Yes, what is it Adam?"

"I'll hang back, let you do the hand off. If we both approach, they'll think something is up."

Kira nodded in understanding. "I understand. But I'll keep the channel open just in case something goes wrong."

"Roger that," Adam responding, halting the Eyes meters away from the Archangel while the Strike continued forward. He blanketed the area around him with particles, masking his signature from radar. He call from the Archangel and opened it up to see a not so thrilled Murrue. "Captain."

"Explain," she said, not in a joking mood.

And the look she gave Adam instantly took the fun out. "Well to be fair, we were planning to hand her over were we not, captain?"

"Once we were within the safety of the 8th fleet, ensign."

Ouch, Adam thought. That hurt. "Captain, think about it. Do you really believe they'd give her back? She's an innocent in this just like those civilians on board the ship. The only difference is she's the daughter of an important figure head in the Plants' council." When Murrue didn't reply, he pressed on. "And how would it look if we didn't do this? We keep her? Force demands? How does that paint the Alliance?"

"If that is the case why are you there?" she asked. "And why not come to me on this, instead of stealing the mobile suits?"

Adam paused, his mind running with answers to give. Soon he settled on one. "I'll tell you once we return, captain. Promise. Eyes, signing out." He ended the channel before she could respond. He didn't like it, but he had to end it like that. If he remembered correctly, it was theorized that George Allster was a big man in the pro-Natural organization Blue Cosmos. And if the man was there listening in on their conversation, he couldn't say anything else.

"This is Kira Yamato, pilot of the Strike," the open channel called, letting Adam know that Kira was making his move. He looked at the radar and saw that the kid was just nearing the edge of his scan, and slowly inched his machine forward a few meters. "Again, this is the Earth Alliance mobile suit, the Strike, calling the ZAFT battle ship. I have with me Lacus Clyne, and am wishing to return her into your care. I request that you send the Aegis, and the Aegis alone to retrieve her."

There was silence for a second before a smooth voice came over the open channel. "Request accepted. The Aegis will be launching shortly."

Adam's back straightened slightly as he took on the tone of voice. "Le Creuset," he whispered. Originally he left and tried to attack the Archangel before Lacus made him back down. Maybe I can get a clear shot at him before she does, and blow him out of the stars.

Soon enough, the Aegis launched from the Vesalius and sped towards the Strike. It transformed from mobile armor and slowly approached the Strike, arms out and away from it' rifle. Didn't mean it couldn't use the beam sabers mounted in its arms and legs. Like Kira had said, he left the channel open and Adam could hear the exchange between them as he handed Lacus off to Athrun. Adam heard Athrun's pleas for Kira to return with him while Adam watched the radar, waiting for Rau to make his move.

Adam continued to listen, taking in Kira's side of the conversation. As heart warming and corny as it was, Adam felt his words. Made him realize once again none of this was a game anymore, even though he kept telling himself to think of it as such just so he could save his sanity.

"My friends are on that ship!"

Adam narrowed his eyes, hands gripping the hardlight orbs tighter.

"Then I've got no choice, Kira. The next time we meet, I'll show no mercy!"

"Same goes for me."

Still question their sexuality though, Adam thought, eyeing the radar. Immediately there after, as the Strike and Aegis drifted away from one another, a heat signature sparked to life as the Vesalius activated it's engines and shortly there after the white CGUE belonging to Rau Le Creuset launched. It was faster than Adam thought it would be. "But I'm faster!" The Eyes raced forward, saber drawn in the left hand beneath the shield. Adam kept it inactivated though till it was needed for the fight. "Come on! Before she says anything!"

Rau must have spotted him for the second he charged forward, the CGUE turned, aiming for the Eyes. But as the CGUE passed the Aegis and the Eyes passed the Strike, "Commander Rau Le Creuset! Mr. Adam Winslow!" Adam blanched slightly hearing his name, and immediately slammed his machine to a halt, Rau nearly doing the same before flying back some meters. Adam hovered hung back next to the Strike, but kept it's weapons drawn as a precaution. "Stop this at once, both of you. Are you both planning to make this a battlefield in the presence of a memorial representative such as myself."

Why do you have to lump me in on this? Adam thought, eyeing the CGUE.

"I will not permit this to happen. You are to halt and desist all hostile actions immediately. And though I can not order you to do so, I ask out of respect that you do the same, Mr. Winslow." When no response was given, she added. "Can you not hear me?"

Feel like I just got yelled at by my mom. But Adam thought of something a little… nice in a repsonce. With practiced ease, the Eyes sheathed the enactive saber and holstered its rifle to the rear skirt rack. Most likely surprising everyone listening or paying attention, Adam made the Eyes sweep an arm across its chest and gave a bow. "Loud and clear, Lacus Clyne."

"I understand as well, Lacus Clyne," spoke the smooth voice of Rau Le Creuset.

The CGUE and Aegis both turned and headed back to the ship. The Strike stayed watching for a second before turning to leave. Adam should have done the same. But he just couldn't help himself. "Be seeing you, Creuset."

The CGUE paused, turning to look back at the Eyes. Nothing was said, but Adam was sure the masked man was smiling.


"Oh the price of doing something good," Adam said, back pressed to the cell he was sitting in as punishment for his actions earlier. Upon his and Kira's return, guns were aimed at them and both were escorted to the captain's office where both were given an earful by Murrue Ramius in some form of a trial. Adam had expected Captain Koopman of the Montgomery to be there. When he questioned that he was told the captain stayed onboard his ship with a skeleton crew till they reached the 8th. Allster, from what Adam was told, wanted to be there to give his two cents on the matter but was refused.

To lighten the load on Kira, Adam stepped up and said it was his idea and had convinced the kids to go along with him on it. Kira tried to stop him by telling the truth but Adam made sure the blame focused on him. Unfortunately Murrue started listing off articles he had broken and could have possibly gotten the death penalty. Adam did not see that coming and felt his knees weaken at that. BUT considering Adam had no real identification to show he was actually enlisted in the Alliance, or had signed on like he said he would the charges were dropped, though he would spend some time in the brig to think of his actions. Murrue for some reason seemed satisfied with that and decided to throw him in the brig. "Forgot the Archangel had a brig."

The hiss of the brig's door got Adam's attention from the spotless wall he was staring at for the past fifteen minutes. Looking over he watched Murrue come to the front of the cell. The minute she turned to face him, her arms folded over her chest and the scowl on her face did not make her look very attractive. Adam stood up at attention. "At-ease." Adam did as ordered, moving to parade rest. "Complete ease, Ensign. No time for formalities."

Adam sighed and rolled his shoulders slightly. "Bunks here make me miss the medical bed."

"Enough games, Adam," she said. "You said you had something you wish to explain to me without others hearing. So since we're the only two here," she gestured to the otherwise empty room, "please tell me why you did what you did."

Adam rubbed his forehead. "Blue Cosmos."

Murrue's frown seemed to deepen. "What about them?"

"Blue Cosmos has some very influential members within the EA's chain of command, captain. Had we taken Lacus with us to the 8the fleet someone there would have contacted them and made sure she was taken out of our care."

"How do you…"

"George Allster."

Murrue paused, her mind racing on the man's name and what Adam was indicating. "Vice Foreign Minister George Allster, the very man on this ship you saved, is a member of Blue Cosmos?"

"Yes. Most likely some members onboard this ship as well, and those on the Montgomery." Adam approached the bars, hands behind his back. "Blue Cosmos has their hands deep into almost all political corners in the Earth Alliance, captain." He stepped closer. "Some that would do anything to tip this war into their favor. Including extort a young girl." Adam looked her in the eyes and then looked away, head resting against the bars. "I couldn't let that happen."

Murrue was silent, staring at the mysterious pilot. When she couldn't come up with a reply, she simply turned towards the door. "You will remain here till we regroup with the 8th. When we join them, you will have to explain your actions to Admiral Halberton." She left it at that, and the brig.

Adam listened to the door hiss to a close, and turned to the uncomfortable bunk in his cell. With a sigh he moved over and laid back. There was still some time to think over what he was going to do next. And he had a lot to think about. Halberton from what he remembered was a good man and had given Kira a good pep talk. But Adam had changed things. Flay staying onboard the ship was what made Kira and his friends stay. But now with her father alive and never becoming an vindictive bitch, she may leave the ship with everyone else. And Kira may as well. "Another problem to fix," he said to himself as his mind raced with the possible outcomes. Would it be so bad for them to leave? Possibly. Adam couldn't protect the ship himself with just Mu piloting a Sky Grasper once they were down on Earth. They would need the Strike and someone piloting it, so somehow, after he got through Halberton, he was going to have to figure out a way to get Kira to stay onboard the ship. Which meant more lying through his teeth. Something Adam was unfortunately getting good at.

To Be Continued…

So what did you guys think? Not bad? Not good? Know there are some mistakes here or there, but this is all for fun, right!? Anyway, bit of info below about the 1.5 (Eyes) and responses to reviews I've gotten thus far.

Armaments of the CB-001.5 (Eyes) Gundam

GN Buster Rifle: The same kind of weapon as used by CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam/Reborns Cannon.

GN Shield: Similar in appearance to the Astraea's shield design, though elongated. The shield is made of E-Carbon and is capable of generating an GN field on its surface. It stores one of the beam sabers when it is mounted on the arm.

Binder Rifle: There is a beam rifle mounted in the bottom of each of the 1.5 Gundam's binders. The binders are usually positioned below the shoulders when the Binder Rifle is used. (Adam has modified his 1.5 gunpla so it can fire from any position he so chooses.)

Alvaaron Cannon: Both binders point forward over the shoulders and a charge builds between the inner surfaces of the two binder before it is fired as a powerful beam. This feature derived from the GNMS-XCII Alvaaron, can be used with or without the GN Buster Rifle, and consumes enough energy to deplete 1.5 Gundam's GN Drive Tau with a single shot. (Though Adam's is equipped with an actual 'GN Drive' so the power isn't completely drained upon use.)

GN Beam Saber: The beam saber is a hilt with the ability to activate a beam blade by generating a positron field filled with GN Particles. While the beam saber has a high power rating, one disadvantage is that their performance can be decreased by surrounding atmospheric conditions or methods of beam diffusion.

Special Equipment & Features

Optical Camouflage: The Optical Camouflage uses holographic projection system that creates an illusionary image of its surroundings to avoid visual detection, a form of invisibility. The camouflage isn't a true invisibility cloak, rather, an advanced grid projection system to blend in its surroundings like a chameleon. The system was developed by Celestial Being and was installed into several of their Gundams, ships, resource satellites for infiltration, and stealth purposes; however, the abilities of the camouflage differ between applications.

Binders: The main improvement over 1 Gundam. These back-mounted movable binders allow 1.5 Gundam to control the GN particles in various manner depending on the situation:

Stand By Mode: Both binders are placed on the right side of the unit.

High Speed Mode: Both binders fold directly backward, increasing 1.5 Gundam's speed.

Flight Mode: Both binders fold outward to form wings and improve 1.5 Gundam's atmospheric flight efficiency.

Attack Mode: Both binders positioned next to the GN Buster Rifle, one on the top and one on the bottom. This helps to improve the power output of the rifle and allows the beam produced to curve slightly.

Defense Mode: Both binders move to the units left side and are positioned next to the shield, improving the shield's GN field.

Alvaaron Cannon Mode: See above on Alvaaron Cannon.

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