First Snow.

As Odin had predicted, the first snow had fallen overnight. Covering everything in a thick layer. He wasn't all too excited about it, it would mean that later on that he and Olai would have to move all the machinery out of the snow and carefully clean it to make sure there weren't any short circuits of any kind.

One person he didn't count on to enjoy it so much; was Ava.

There wasn't much about Ava that he knew of. But after what he had seen at TITAN's Headquarters... Which just the thought of, gave him shivers that weren't entirely caused by the cold. He knew that she was someone you don't mess with at any cost.

So when she seemed so excited to go out and yet reluctant at the same time, Odin knew something was wrong.

While on one of Ava's many staring-out-the-window days, he decided to ask her about her sudden inner conflict.

Clearing his throat, he tapped her on the shoulder and asked "Hey, I-I know it's n-not my place to a-ask you about t-this, but w-why don't you g-go outside? Y-you know, i-in the snow?" He could almost hear her flinch at the suggestion.

"Go outside? Are you crazy? It's alright... I-... I don't really like the snow much anyway..." Ava answered back, staring longingly out the window. Odin may have been no damn mind reader but he could tell that she was lying. He just couldn't figure out why.

Ava looked out the window, watching as little flakes of ice fell down delicately to the snowy ground below. Winter was Ava's favorite season. Back at the TITAN school she lived in; she would always read stories of beautiful snow, fairy tales really, that didn't tell of the aspects of real snow. But she loved to read these fairies tales, the magic they brought to her mind when Wrathia wasn't there for long periods of time. She read of holidays no longer celebrated like Christmas, of loving families. They always looked so... happy.

And now Ava was living on Odin's home planet which remarkably enough did have changing seasons. Something she never thought she would ever see with TITAN's artificial schools, holographic flowers, and trees.

As she continued to stare out the window, she thought back to the conversation she had with Wrathia of Vengess's certain... uncomfort for winter.


Ava walked up the steps to Wrathia's new "home".

"Oh it's you." Wrathia almost sneered, with yet a good amount of uninterest.

"Hi to you too, witch." Ava snapped back.

If it wasn't for the upcoming winter that Odin had warned her, Ava would have been a lot more unhappy about being stuck with Wrathia till she woke up.

Wrathia noticed Ava's more cheery mood. "What's got you so happy?" Wrathia asked, filing her razor sharps claws.

"If you must know, winter is coming up soon." Ava informed Wrathia, with almost a smile on her lips. That is, until Wrathia started to chuckle to herself.


"What's so funny?" Ava asked.

"Do you honestly think a new-born Vengess, like yourself, can go out in winter?" Wrathia mockingly asked Ava, knowing she wouldn't know the answer.

"You can give me a real laugh sometimes you know that?" Wrathia commented, summoning her pipe to smoke.

"What- what exactly are you saying?!" Ava asked.

"I'm saying that you won't like the snow right now as a Vengess. In fact, most new-born Vengess spend their early years as far from the cold as possible. Usually moving to a warmer planet with hotter temperatures. Something similar to those creatures that lived on Earth once... Er... birds. Vengess tend to move out during the winter and come back during the summer." Wrathia explained, without as much as a glance to Ava as she slowly let this new information sink in.

"Even myself, as the most powerful Vengess in our entire history can't stay out in the cold for too long even with proper clothing." Wrathia went on, further proving her point.

"No-no! You're wrong! I'm not a Vengess! I'm a human! And we can survive in winter." Ava barked back, trying to shake the lies Wrathia had planted in her head.

Laughing, Wrathia went "Fine, don't believe me. But just try to stick your hand out the door and see what'll happen to you." she warned, taking a large puff of smoke and blowing it in Ava's face.

Ava tried to step away from her, but stumbled and fell, and bam! She was awake again.

Getting up from her bed, she went to the freezer. Almost hesitantly, she placed her hand on a block of ice. One minute passed. Nothing. Another minute. Still nothing. After about 10 minutes Ava knew that Wrathia has made the whole thing up. There was no way she could get cold! She pukes lave out of her mouth for god's sake. How could- and then came the sudden cold.

Ava shrieked and pulled her hand back to inspect the damage. Her hand up to her wrist was completely blue. Which was a huge contrast to the yellow-red lava-like skin on her arms. Slowly, but surely, she watched as the hot lava from her arms melt away the blue in her veins, heating her hand back up in a few minutes.


Ava lay there in her bed, sobbing.

Odin was still trying to understand why Ava refused to go outside. Everytime he offered for her to come out with him, er, not just him, there were other people too, she made up an excuse or said no.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands. It took some convincing, or really bribing of his twin sisters to help him create winter clothes for Ava. He knew how to sew, pretty well too actually. Learning to hunt meant being able to make your own clothes for the cold wilderness, especially since he didn't have enough money to buy a lot of clothes for himself.

Within a few weeks or so, he had a soft hat, fluffy ear-muffs, a knitted scarf (courtesy of Crow), 3 thick jackets and incredibly thick gloves for her. All pieces were her signature color of red, with dark and light red shades. Thank the stars his sisters were just the right size and body figure like Ava's for a comfy fit.

He was actually feeling pretty great about this. He even kept it a surprise for Ava, taking his supplies to a little house outside the main one to work. Where he knew she would never see since she hadn't left the house since the winter settled in.

When the day came to give all of this to Ava, right as he was about to knock on her door, he panicked. What if she didn't like it? What if she thinks that he likes her?! What if-

But before he could finish that last thought, Ava opened the door. When she saw him standing there, she wasn't too sure what to do. Unfortunately, neither was he. As quickly as he could, he pushed her, with one hand, into her room, looking around to make sure no one was listening, shushing her when she tried to say something and closed the door behind him.

Sighing in relief, he turned back to Ava, shoving the clothes to her face with his other hand. As she took the clothes from him and inspected them, he left out a "I-I'll be outside, I h-hope you can c-come out too... Not because I want you too! I need help with something."

And with that, Odin left the room, leaving a blushing Ava by herself.