Orochimaru's Experiments.

Chapter one: Abandonment.

"Formation Alpha Two, move on my mark." Kakashi ordered quietly.

His squad nodded before they dispersed, Kakashi along with it as he donned his ANBU mask, slowly encircling a field in the distance along with his squad. The copy cat ninja crouched in a bush as he surveyed the insignificant rock in the insignificant field.

Insignificant if it wasn't for the two ninja standing guard.

For years now, the Village Hidden in the Leaves had been sending out hunter ninjas after the few missing ninja that had ran from it's walls or the other missing ninja from other villages with high bounties. But unlike all other villages in which it was preferred that the ninjas be returned alive for questioning, there was one ninja that had no such restrictions when it came to capturing him. The Snake Sannin, Orochimaru.

The man was as invisible as a ghost. A ghost that seemed to be able to reach everywhere and everyone yet never be seen or heard. For years teams of hunter ninjas, bounty hunters, or ninjas that just wanted to pay rise had been hunting Orochimaru with not so much as a hint of finding him.

Until now.

ANBU Squad 4 had been notified via carrier pigeon that Hunter nin squad 1 had found Orochimaru and had attacked him, only for the snake to retreat into some underground base in the eastern-most reaches of the Land of Fire.

Kakashi looked down at the simple message he held in hand, written by someone he used to consider untouchable; 'Direct confrontation with Orochimaru plus six others. Two down on their side, three on ours, I'm the only one left. Request code black assistance: Six Arms: Sink, Girl: Taijutsu, Kaguya: Seal. Wood User: Seal.' Kakashi read, knowing now the best courses of action for each of his potential enemies, though he shook his head as he glanced at the two last potential enemies, 'One of the Kaguya clan and a Wood user like Lord First and Tenzo… maybe we'll get some answers for these randomly reappearing bloodline techniques.' Kakashi thought before looking up.

Tenzo landed quietly behind Kakashi, "We've located Jiraiya-sama, he's poisoned but that seems to be the major threat. Somewhat injured, but alive." Tenzo reported.

Kakashi nodded, "Current team status?" he asked.

"Jiraiya is getting healed by Kurono, everyone else has prepped for the attack." Tenzo reported.

Kakashi nodded once more as he pulled out a kunai, "Positions in ten." Kakashi ordered, causing Tenzo to nod before he blurred away with a shunshin.

Kakashi raised a hand to his to his mask, lifting it to the side, his Sharingan eye and his face mask began visible underneath the ANBU mask, the red flashed as the tenth second ticked over.

Kakashi launched his kunai at full speed, throwing it out of the bushes and towards the six armed male, who turned with a grin of confidence as he let the kunai bounce off what appeared to be his golden skin, causing the other ninja, the Kaguya, to turn and point towards the bush.


Kakashi's visible eye widened as he leapt forward, out into the open clearing as he made it narrowly over the attack. By the time he had rolled to his feet, the plan had ended.


The earth underneath the six armed teen opened up, sucking like a powerful vacuum that pulled the target ninja down underground, dragging him down to unreachable depths and suffocating him in seconds.


The Kaguya had begun to look over to the slowly closing in ground, only for a line of seals to reach out from the shadows of the nearby forest, reaching the ninja's leg and causing the teen to suddenly slam face down on the ground.


Another ANBU fell through the air, gently tapping the Kaguya just under the back of the neck, disconnecting the active chakra from his mind for just a second and causing the teen to pass out instantly.

And six seconds after Kakashi threw his kunai, he was sending chakra into the seal on the rock, revealing a set of stairs that begun to open to their left.

The ANBU were here, and they were ready.


Orochimaru looked up, "Kukuku, Looks like he survived after all." Orochimaru said with a chuckle as he held a hand to the stump that was his knee.

A small tanned child turned to Orochimaru, his plain brown hair matching his plain brown clothes and eyes, "That matters not father, I-"


Tayuya scowled as she looked away from the boy's face as the red hand mark throbbed on his cheek, "My apologies Otokage-sama." Yurei said softly before walking ahead again.

Orochimaru merely nodded as his hand returned to his side.

Tayuya's face stayed in a scowl as she followed the one person left in the base she trusted throughout the dark maze, "Yurei, where is this place?" she asked as she assisted Orochimaru in his hobbling state, trying to keep her broken arm against her chest as she did so.

A young man glanced over his shoulder, "Sorry Tayuya, Orochimaru-sama says that it's a secret." He said in a dead voice before looking ahead again.

Orochimaru chuckled at the attitude of what he considered one of his greatest successful experiments, 'Shame, but I guess I can just make another one once I get to my next laboratory, and this time I won't let it meet the other same-aged experiments.' Orochimaru thought as they walked in silence and darkness. Orochimaru looked up suddenly at one point, "Stop here children."

Tayuya and Yurei looked up at Orochimaru, Yurei with a frown as he glanced ahead, "Leader-sama, the exit is not for another two miles. Worse then that, there are ninja that-"


Orochimaru formed a hand seal, "Sorry children, but it looks like this is where I leave you," Orochimaru said as a seal on the roof above Orochimaru glowed on the ceiling, "Do try to survive, it'll be interesting to see what you'll do." Orochimaru said before a large snake suddenly begun to slither from the seal.

Yurei's eyes narrowed.

Tayuya gasped as she suddenly realised she was pulled away from Orochimaru just before the snake seemed to eat him and disappear back into the seal.

Tayuya looked up as Yurei sighed, "It seems your suspicions have been right Tayuya." Yurei said sadly before looking away.

Tayuya's face held a sad expression, 'Geez, at least I had Karin for family and Ukon as a...whatever we were... Yurei-kun lost his brother and sister and only had Orochimaru-sama...' she thought as she realised why he was looking away.

Yurei closed his eyes as tears built up in them, "Tayuya, let's move." Yurei said as he placed her on her feet and began to sprint back.

Tayuya nodded and readjusted her arm before she sprinted after him.


"Falcon." Wolf said softly as his team moved through the entryway of the base.

"BYAKUGAN!" Falcon said before looking around the area and through the floors of the base, "Four levels and many tunnels in between and leaving from them. First floor is empty and seems to be the ninja barracks and a few private rooms and a large hall, second floor is full of sealed rooms that i cant's see into from here as well as a lot of laboratories and surgery rooms. Third floor is basically a giant prison and the final floor is...more of a big pit really." Falcon explained.

Wolf nodded, though he was frowning under his ANBU mask, "No sign?" Kakashi asked.

Falcon shook his head as they all came to a stop at the first group of intersecting hallways, "No immediate sighting, though he could be in one of the sealed rooms and there are many other people throughout the complex and hundreds in the pit, but that number is dropping rapidly." Falcon said in sudden realisation.

Wolf nodded again, "Tenzo, take level one and seal all the rooms and secret exitways you can find. Any resistance, kill if there is a threat, otherwise do what you can to make your fights end without bringing attention. If there's Orochimaru, use the emergency summoning seal and we'll use our corresponding seals to help. Once this floor is done come down after us or take what you find important back up top." Wolf ordered.

Tenzo nodded, coming to a stop before turning down a hallway and forming hand seals before he was out of sight.

"Wolf, the stairwell is the next right."


Falcon led Wolf and Boar down the stairs, immediately holding up four fingers as they turned the corner.

Falcon leapt out of the shadow of the stairwell, slamming his palms into the back of two Sound Ninjas, stopping their hearts instantly and pulling them down under his weight as Wolf and Boar leapt over them, Wolf stabbing a kunai through the third ninja's forehead while Boar's scimitar cleaved straight through the fourth ninja's neck.

As the head landed, Kakashi and his squad were already gone down the hall. He motioned for Falcon to look at the Sealed Off rooms and for Boar to locate and cave-in the tunnels that leave the base in other directions.

Wolf came to a stop against the door frame of the first 'Lab' as Falcon called it. He sent chakra to his already hyper sensitive nose, 'Three different people's scents, but something is wrong with two of them.' Kakashi thought to himself as he pulled a scroll from his pouch.

Wolf formed a few hand seals before placing the scroll on the floor, "EARTH STYLE: FANGED PURSUIT JUTSU." Wolf whispered. There was a moment of silence before a shout of shock was heard and a few quiet growls and crunches. When the noise stopped, a single knock on the door sounded, telling Wolf that it was clear.

Wolf entered the room quietly, closing the door behind him, "Thanks Pakkun." Kakashi said with a nod towards the dog.

The young pug nodded in reply, "No prob, later." it said.


Kakashi lifted his mask to the side as nine other clouds of smoke slowly dispersed, letting Kakashi see the whole room and the people inside it, 'What a monster...' Kakashi thought as he looked around the lab.

A single doctor of some kind lay in a pool of blood, – his throat ripped out by Kakashi's dogs – next to a metal table that held the body of a small boy. Kakashi sighed as his eyes moved from the corpse to the clipboard next to the doctor's body.

Test 31: First Kazekage's line


Kakashi's eyes narrowed at the corpse on the table, 'Orochimaru, what have you been trying?' Kakashi thought sadly as he looked away.

Searching for the third humanoid scent, Kakashi found it in a large green tank. A small girl floated nude in the green fluid, a few tubes floating around her but only two seemed to plug into her, one as an oxygen mask and the other to her veins in her arms, the beeping telling Kakashi that she was alive.

Kakashi glanced down and his eyes narrowed again as he read the sheet in front of the tank.

Test 27: Modified Kaguya bloodline


Kakashi scowled as he looked up, 'I can't let this small girl become some experiment.' Kakashi thought as he looked around the machine, seeing a large red button. Clicking the button, the liquid began to drain from the tank as the glass lowered, letting Kakashi catch her gently before he begun to unhook her.


Yurei led Tayuya back to the room that the tunnel was connected to, letting her through into the light before pressing his hand onto a seal against the wall, causing the hole to be covered up by a bookshelf. Yurei turned and let his eyes adjust to the light for a moment before turning to lead their exit from the room.


Yurei glanced to his right, 'Wood Style?' he thought as he easily dodged by stepping back into the room.


Yurei nodded in understanding as their exit was suddenly blocked off, 'So, someone is trying to seal us in.' he thought before looking over at a creaking noise.

Tayuya had just sat down, letting Yurei see her nursing what appeared to be a broken arm.

In an instant he was by her side while forming hand seals, "MYSTIC PALM." He said softly as his hand began to glow green.

In an instant he was healing her arm and about a minute later he stepped back while turning back to the Rock Barrier. Tayuya lifted her arm up and flexed her muscles with a grin, "Awesome! Now let's get out of here!" she shouted excitedly.

Yurei nodded, "Good plan, there's something I have to check as well." he said as he raised his fist.


Passing the little girl to Boar, Wolf spoke quickly and quietly, "Take her back up top, she is priority prisoner alright? She's some kind of experiment that was an apparent success." Wolf ordered. Boar nodded once before running back up stairs.

Wolf turned to falcon, who seemed to be staring at the ground beneath their feet, though the Byakugan eyes let Falcon see through to the Pit, "Taicho, we're close enough that I can see it now, hundreds of cages that connect to the pit have been unlocked and though I don't know the details there appears to be a massive fight throughout the area." Falcon reported.

Wolf glanced down the now empty hallway as he thought of a plan, "Okay, we move quietly throughout the next floor and do our best to seal everything or kill everyone. When we get to this Pit we'll see if we can get everyone's attention down there." Wolf said before he and Falcon began to sprint down into the darkness.


"Hey Killer!" a large dark skinned man with flames dancing along his fist shouted.

A small white haired boy turned and ducked the punch aimed at his head before diving between the man's legs on all fours, running up the back of a taller enemy behind his target and flipping back over his target as he turned and dropping a full swing kick at the top of the man's head.

He was unconscious in a moment.

The small white haired boy growled for a moment at the unconscious man.



The white haired boy turned and bared his teeth, "My name's Kira moron's! Get it right or get lost!" he said to the group of four who had just begun to charge at him.

Kira grinned and hopped back to stand over his unconscious enemy, "Shit! Stop him!" one of the men said before his arm began to stretch as he threw an extending punch at Kira.

Kira ducked and plunged his sharp nails into the man's neck, causing blood to begin to pour out before rolling out of the way of the punch and grabbing the arm, "You're fucked Lufy!" Kira shouted in exertion as he pulled.

Lufy shouted as he was pulled forward, landing face first on Kira's bloody fingers before Kira used the body as a shield to guard from the other two men's attacks, a kick and a gentle fist palm strike. Kira pulled both his now bloody hands free and focussed as hard as he could with his 'power'.

Using his power, Kira made the blood freeze into a set of large icicle claws that reached off his hand like a glove. Kira kicked his body-shield at the failed Hyuuga experiment before leaping at the other enemy as Kira ripped his hand through the air.

The failed Hyuuga looked up as his friend's head fell to the floor, followed by his own arm, "AAHH!"


Kira pulled his claw-hand free from the enemy's neck and spat on his corpse, "Good riddance, maybe I can finally get back to Yurei." Kira thought with a slightly animalistic grin up towards the viewing balcony, seeing how some of the other prisoners had begun to climb out of the pit now that they defences were down.

Six people, six stepping stones.

Kira rushed through the crowd in a straight line, he ducked weaved and hacked his way to the first man, who seemed to be a few meters up the wall, using his fingers to grip into the wall itself, "Hey dickhead!" Kira shouted as he held his frozen-blood claw-blades out wide.

The brute turned just in time for Kira to step on his face, "Thanks for the boost!" Kira shouted as he jumped up. Kira crossed his claws to block a rock projectile before kicking the next stepping stone in the shoulder, making him fall off the wall while Kira pushed up to the next, killing the woman with one claw while standing on her shoulders and pushing off to the next.


Kira stabbed his claw into the wall to stop his upwards momentum as he looked down, seeing the only two people in the Pit that didn't want to kill him getting cornered, Kira looked at the two of them before looking up and growling, "Oh...Dammit!" Kira shouted as he spun and placed his feet on the wall.

Kira sent his 'power' to his feet and shot off at high speed like a missile, slamming head first through the chest of the glass-man that was attacking his friends, shattering the pieces everywhere as Kira clapped his hands, causing the blood to unfreeze and flow from his hands to the ground, "Hikari, now!" Kira shouted.

The girl of the two friends nodded and closed her eyes as her friend let go of her arm, suddenly, she had turned to water.

Kira grinned and leapt back as the other two grabbed shards of the glass to use as blades, "Heh, we're on!" Kira shouted as he landed behind the puddle that was Hikari, pushing his hands into the small amount of water as he sent his 'power' into the water, "HAAAAA!" Kira shouted in effort as he lifted his hands above his head.

The partially successful reanimated member of the Hozuki Clan of the Mist Village, Hikari, was transformed from water to Ice, making the water expand and solidify into a large slab.

"HAAAAA!" Kira shouted again as he slammed the large and long square of ice down on the heads of the two infront of him as well as six more behind the enemies.

Kira pulled his power from the water as it all came back to his side, Hikari reforming as Kira pointed over to where he had come from, "Zaku, ya gotta get us up there with your powers." he said loudly.

Hikari shivered as she got her colour back, stepping up close to Zaku who nodded with a grin, "Yeah, okay, but I can't get us all the way up that high." he said with a grin, causing Hikari to smack his arm.

"Then what can you do?" She asked before looking over his shoulder.

Zaku turned to see another failed experiment heading their way, this guy was ugly, "AIRWAVE!" Zaku shouted as he pushed his palms at the person.

From the tiny holes in each of his palms shot out a strong pulse of wind that blew up and back before Zaku turned back to the trio, earning a chuckle from Kira, "Hey Zaku, it's cool, just use one to get us over then one to get up to the stepping stones!" Kira shouted enthusiastically before noticing some more ninjas coming their way.

The three looked at each other and nodded, "Break away move!" Hikari, Zaku and Kira shouted together before Hikari began to fall into water again.

Kira took a deep breath as he focussed his power to his hands again, but instead of putting them in the water to freeze it, he aimed his hands at it and seemed to 'grip' it with his 'power', "GO HIKARI!" Kira shouted.

As he swung his hands towards back towards the wall he had been climbing, he 'threw' the water with his chakra, letting go at the right moment so that Hikari flew through the air, knocking down everyone she ran in to.

Feeling a grip around his waist pulling him back, Kira looked over his shoulder to see Zaku kneeling with one foot while the other was on the wall behind him, "Ready Kira?" Zaku shouted.

Kira nodded, "Yep! I hope Hikari is!" he shouted as he looked up, seeing Hikari had formed herself into a ball of water as she neared their target.

Zaku sent his 'power' down through the funnels in his legs, "BLAST!" Zaku shouted as a powerful blast of wind chakra shot out from his bare feet.

Kira grinned as he and Zaku shot through the air at high speed, catching up to Hikari just as she blasted the last man out of the way, nearing the wall where people climbed at the same moment Zaku and Kira splashed into her from behind.

Hikari made her water thicker to absorb the impact of her two friends before the water ball slammed into the wall, Zaku looked up as he stood tall again, "Quickly! Come on!" he shouted as he stared at the wall, trying to find these 'stepping stones.'

Kira nodded as Hikari began to reform, "There's our first target! Just follow me after we hit him and we'll be good!" he promised confidently.

Hikari finished reforming with a scowl, but before she could say anything bad, Zaku just grabbed her arm, "Let's follow his instincts one more time, they haven't failed us yet." Zaku said while panting heavily.

Hikari's expression softened as she locked her arms with his right, "Okay, Kira!" she shouted.

Kira turned back towards the two and grinned before sprinting up to them and grabbing his other arm, "Bada-Boom!" Kira shouted in excitement as Zaku channelled the majority of the last of his power into his legs, throwing the three of them straight up.


Kira grinned as he reached out at the first stepping stone, 'Only two more!'



Tenzo turned sharply as he raised his guard, 'Someone managed to break out through sheer force?!' He thought in shock as he focussed on the dust cloud that had appeared.

His eyes widened behind his mask as Yurei calmly walked into view, "Are you the one who uses Wood Chakra?" Yurei asked.

Tenzo's eyes narrowed, 'This boy... he feels familiar somehow.' he thought as he formed a Snake Seal, slowly forming his chakra to bring a Wood Clone from the wall behind his enemy.

The Wood Clone stepped out calmly, moving to step up behind the smirking Yurei, "Wood Clone Jutsu, that's cute, it's home-made." Yurei said calmly.

Tenzo's eyes widened as the clone froze in shock, Yurei turned and stabbed his pointer finger into the clone, "BARK BURST!"

Tenzo stared in shock at Yurei before the boy turned back and formed a snake hand seal, "This, is true Wood Chakra, gifted to the First Hokage, genetic original of my own life cycle," Yurei said, causing Tenzo's eyes to widen further, "This, is power!" Yurei yelled as a green glow enveloped his body.


Tenzo gasped as roots began to wind out of the roof and walls towards him from behind, above and either side, making the only escape right where Yurei was kneeling, 'Dammit!' Tenzo thought as he leapt forward with a massive chakra push, aiming to escape in a shunshin, but as he blurred towards the young teen, Yurei had punched the ground.

Just before Tenzo had moved, Yurei's punch shook the ground, forcing the ANBU to stumble before the roots hit Tenzo from above. Tenzo stumbled, causing Yurei to smirk, but unfortunately, he didn't see the stairwell just behind him to his left, or the ANBU that blurred out hand first.

The ground stopped shaking and the thick roots froze as Tenzo rolled free of the trap, standing up next to Boar as the large man lowered his knife-hand ready strike from the collapsing Yurei's neck, "Geez, this kid almost had ya there, you okay?" Boar asked as he adjusted the unconscious girl in his free arm's grip.

Tenzo sighed before looking up, noticing Tayuya as she lunged at Boar from the shadows, "Hey!" Tenzo shouted as he stepped forward and threw forward a fist.

The red-headed girl was punched square in the nose before Tenzo took another step and chopped her in the neck, causing Boar to sigh, "Hold on." Boar said to himself as he formed an Earth Clone with no hand seals, the clone grabbing the unconscious Yurei before Boar nodded back down the blocked off hall, "Get back to sealing it up, I think they may need us back down there." he said before running off with his clone.

Tenzo frowned under his mask and jogged over to the hole, resealing it with his chakra before reaching into his pouch and pulling out a seal, placing it on the rock and wood, "BARRIER MAGNIFICATION!" he shouted angrily as he pushed his chakra through the sealwork, 'Now nothing can get through, Jiraiya-sama's seals are even able to stop Tsunade-sama's punch.'


Wolf and Falcon came to a stop as Wolf's shadow clone carried up the only two living captives from the third floor to the surface team. Wolf sighed as he saw the flood of experimented prisoners coming towards them, "Well, how many?" Wolf asked calmly.

Falcon sighed, "Forty eight here, but only one way out. There's a pipe above us by the way." Falcon replied.

Wolf looked up at the water pipe and smirked under his mask, "Strike One Falcon." Wolf ordered as he formed hand seals.

Falcon formed hand seals as well as the beginning of the flood of people approached quickly.




Kira flipped up and landed on the rail with a grin, "HA!" he shouted in success before seeing an electrified water dragon barrelling down through the hallway, "AH!" he shouted in shock.


Zaku reached up and grabbed a hold of Kira's leg, using the hole in his hand to suck in with a vacuum effect, ensuring that he couldn't let go just in time.

The water dragon spewed forth, battering Kira front on for a moment as the electricity surged through him slightly, though he was grounded through Zaku and the hand rail, it knocked him unconscious and nearly did the same to Zaku.

Hikari held close to the wall as the water dragon flew over her head, killing all it had thrown off and electrifying most of the people in the Pit into unconsciousness. Overall, it was a splendidly planned out trap.

Hikari looked up as Kira began to fall down, "Uh!" she gasped before leaping up towards him.

Zaku grunted as Hikari's momentum threw the three of up over the rail, landing heavily on top of the unconscious Kira.

Zaku spasmed a few times as the electricity ran through his system, Hikari looked up at the sound of footsteps to see two masked men looking down at her and her friends.

"I think this girl is a Hozuki, but her system is... slightly different." The one on the left said.


"Well, why don't you get her then, it seems all three of these kids lived." Wolf replied to Falcon before sighing and raising a hand to his mask.

Falcon turned to his captain with a hidden frown as Kakashi revealed his face to the kids, "Hi guys, my name is Kakashi Hatake. And you have just completed part one of your freedom, wanna know what part two is?" he asked.

Zaku pushed himself up onto his hands and feet, "Freedom?" He asked.

Hikari looked down at Zaku before staring up at Kakashi once more, "...What is part two?" she asked.

Kakashi eye smiled as he knelt to be at eye level, "The man who ran this place is gone, but many of the people here are still loyal to him or are too dangerous to live, the fact you just stopped to listen proves you can be good." Kakashi said before looking up at Falcon, "Help this one and her friends to Kurono and Jiraiya." Kakashi ordered.

Falcon nodded and disappeared in a shunshin along with a clone that had popped into existence midway through Kakashi's speech.

Kakashi donned his mask again, and Wolf ran forward to leap onto the rail, his Sharingan searching for any active chakra signatures, 'Well, four more have been killed in the cross fighting, but the rest of them seem to not want to keep killing... guess that's my cue.' Kakashi said as he leapt over the rail, landing easily thanks to the chakra running through his legs.

Everyone froze and stared at Wolf in shock as he waved casually, "Hello, would you like to be free from this place? Me and my friends would like to help you out." Wolf said as he formed hand seals, forming everyone to step away from him as he turned back towards the balcony he leapt off of.



A few hours passed.

In this time Wolf had lead the remaining twelve prisoners who followed him up and out of the prison that was Orochimaru's hide-out. Subtly walking through an already set Sealing array that caused those who walked through it to pass out once they leave the seal.

Then all it took was the four ANBU to use the Coma Transport Scroll to collect all of the prisoners that had been knocked out by the seal, meaning that Yurei, Tayuya and three other children that were unconscious from other means had to be carried.

Wolf sighed as his team regrouped around Jiraiya, "Jiraiya-sama, are you alright?" Kakashi asked.

Jiraiya nodded, ignoring the new scar on his cheek that was probably going to stay, "Yeah I am now, how did you guys go? Anything interesting?" Jiraiya asked.

Wolf nodded before glancing around the group, "I think we should all get moving, i'll explain as we walk since I think we all need a bit of a rest."

"Amen to that." Tenzo muttered before assisting Kurono in helping Jiraiya to his feet.

The group calmly moved into a standard diamond formation with Jiraiya and Kakashi at it's center as Kakashi discussed the information that he and his team had collected together, lifting up a scroll to read from as he had written down some of the things he found most interesting.

"Well basically put, I believe this is one of Orochimaru's labs was used for literal clones of strong people throughout history," Kakashi began as he opened the scroll,

"I personally found three children before we made it to what has been dubbed 'the pit,' all three of them embedded with the genetics of a bloodline affiliated clan. The first was a little girl who I believe is a Pure Blood Kaguya, just without the clan marks. She is the youngest of the entire group of kids we found and also the most physically unwell. But that seemed to change almost instantly after I took her from the containment vessel she was in."

The second and third I found together, a boy in a wheelchair, being protected by another boy who turned invisible after merely clapping his hands. My Sharingan could see the shimmer of his chakra even through the technique though so it was little trouble since that was obviously his only skill. The body in the wheelchair gave up instantly and thanked me for saving them while apologising for his friend's behaviour and then thanking me again for not killing either of them. He was oddly mature.

The only other people found outside the pit were captured by Tenzo and Boar, and we can identify both of them as from the group that defended Orochimaru from you earlier. One was Tayuya Uzumaki, the apprentice to Orochimaru's person guard of what he calls the 'South Gate.' I don't get it really, but whatever.

The other person's name is Yurei and we've given him the last name Senju due to this next piece of information." Kakashi said before sighing.

Jiraiya frowned as he nodded, "The Wood user?" he asked.

Kakashi nodded, "Yeah, he's recently appeared twice with people that are involved with Orochimaru in one way or another, acting as a representative for secretive deals. Yurei has Jonin level techniques and knows many of them, but at best his actual level is high Chunnin due to his skills being very textbook, not so much outside experience I'm guessing against people who know how to dodge. But the thing which is most interesting isn't just the wood style, apparently the kid has high levels of medical chakra in his system like the First did as well as the adamantine strength the Senju clansmen could do with their chakra." Kakashi explained.

Jiraiya nodded, "So, basic skills but powerful Jutsu, that's very sounds like Orochimaru's training to me," Jiraiya said with a frown, "Convince them that Jutsu is power by making them rely on a specific Ninjutsu, but this kid... it's like he's a real clone of the first, but how can that be? I've never heard of a clone technique that makes real people." Jiraiya said as he fumbled through the idea in his head.

Kakashi nodded, "Indeed, but then there's the people we got from the pit that for the most part agreed to follow willingly. A few fought and they were dealt with, but the unconscious ones were taken as prisoners for benefit of the doubt-" Kakashi said before he was cut off.

"Taicho! The girl is waking up!"

The group turned to Fox as the man put the girl down and lifted his mask, revealing the kind face of Iruka Umino as the young Kaguya girl stirred.

For the first time in three years, she opened her eyes.


"You'll be okay little one..."

Who's that?

A sigh was heard before realisation came to her. Her body was heavy, and she... where was she? What happened?

Her eyelids fluttered before she felt her body's momentum change, making her realise she was being carried by someone.

"Taicho! The girl is waking up!"

That's not Yurei-nii, and where's Kira-nii?

She began to open her eyes slowly, the bright light making her squnit until a shadow moved over her, someone's face, "Hey kid, are you okay?" the man asked.


Kakashi came to a stop near Iruka as they looked down at the girl, "Is she responding at all?" Kakashi asked.

Iruka nodded, "Kid? You can hear me?" Iruka asked since she hadn't answered his first question.

The girl opened her mouth slowly, speaking for the first time in so long that her first few words were barely audible, "W-where's Y-Yurei-nii? P-Please don't hurt me." She said weakly.

That's when Iruka noticed her body language, seeing that the girl was trying to squirm away.

Iruka and Kakashi shared a look, 'She's acting more like a toddler then a child, totally fearful of anything that isn't familiar...' Kakashi thought before leaning into her vision.

"What's your name?" Kakashi asked, his Sharingan twirling hypnotically.

The girl looked up at Kakashi, showing him clearly that though she was apparently a Kaguya, she had none of the facial markings and normal eyebrows, the only thing hinting at the fact was her hair and eye colour.

"N-Naomi Kaguya, mister where's my big brothers?" Naomi stuttered out nervously.



The group turned as Yurei stood on shaky legs, Boar punched face-first into the ground below him, "Get away from her!" Yurei shouted angrily as he stumbled forward.


"P-please don't hurt me."

Yurei's eyes snapped open, 'Naomi?' he thought as he turned his head, realising many things in the single glance.

He was being carried on the back of a brute of the Konoha Anbu corps, as was some of the lowly experiments from the secondary stage of analysis. And Naomi Kaguya was scared.

Yurei's eyes locked onto her form, 'But... Orochimaru-sama said that she died...just like with Kira...' Yurei thought before looking back at the group of unconscious ninjas.

He looked over to the Anbu with breasts seeing that on her back was a white haired boy about his own age, and the boy had frozen liquids in his hair, 'That's...him...' Yurei thought before feeling a slight jostle from the man holding him.

Yurei's calm demeanour was cracking, his face trembling in rage, "Father... you lied to me..." Yurei said as angry tears formed in his eyes.

The Anbu began to turn, having heard his words and realising he was awake, so Yurei acted.

Yurei's cuffed hands lifted quickly before he dropped a double handed punch into the man carrying him.


The Anbu shouted in pain as Yurei used the dust cover to give him a moment to rip himself free of his confines as he turned to the two who were looming over Naomi, "Get away from her!" Yurei shouted.

The Leaf ninjas stopped as they all turned to face Yurei, the boy ready to jump forward and kill whoever it took to save his family.

"Everybody stop!"

The Anbu froze as they looked to Jiraiya, the man waited until Yurei glanced at him to start talking, "Kakashi, Iruka, step away from her. Yurei, could you listen to me for just a moment? It's about your ex-master, Orochimaru." Jiraiya said.

Kakashi and Iruka hesitantly stepped back from Naomi as the girl sat up in the brown cloak that had been draped over her, looking over to Yurei with blurry eyes, "Nii-kun?" She asked.

Everyone gasped as Yurei appeared between Kakashi and Iruka in a shunshin, hugging Naomi from behind as he kept his glare resting on Jiraiya, though now, tears fell from his eyes as he held his sister, "I'll tell you everything if you give me my brother too." Yurei promised.

Kakashi stepped back in shock at Yurei's sudden appearance, 'I thought he was supposed to be high Chunnin! That was easily Jonin level, maybe Boar just got lucky...' Kakashi thought as Jiraiya took charge.

"When your team slowed me down before, I heard you call Orochimaru your father, well I know that's impossible since his 'boys' don't swim if you know what I mean." Jiraiya said, trying to lighten the mood with a joke.

Yurei blinked, "I was his personal medic, I know all of his ailments with that being the one that concerned him most. Your information is irrelevant, give me my brother." Yurei said, holding his sister tighter as she looked up in confusion and now, fear at the group around her and Yurei.

Jiraiya frowned in thought for a moment before an idea seemed to occur to him, "How about this Yurei, if you and your sister and brother come with us peacefully, we can give you somewhere to rest up and make some plans for your future in exchange for just some discussions between you guys and my village leader, the Hokage." Jiraiya said.

Yurei looked down at his sister, though they weren't related, the three of them had a history, Yurei, Kira and Naomi, the three favourites of their owner, Orochimaru.

Seeing the look in Naomi's fear filled eyes made his decision, 'The leaf...' Yurei thought before looking to Jiraiya and shaking his head.

"Compromise, I'll give you the information if you let us join the Leaf Village, and on the condition that when you locate orochimaru again, I get to be the one to kill him." Yurei said.

Yurei frowned as Jiraiya laughed, but relaxed as everyone else in the area seemed to do so as well before Jiraiya gave Yurei a thumbs up, "Hehehe! You'll have to beat me to it kid, but yeah sure, when I finally get to that snake you can come with me, how about that?" Jiraiya said.

Yurei's frown disappeared as he stood tall and lifted up Naomi bridal style, making the girl look down at herself as she realised that they were almost the same size now, though it was Yurei's next words that got her attention as he decided to take charge with an authority she had never heard in him.

"I am second in command only to Kimimaro-sama and he always said that between the two of us was best politically, so I offer this. Our time in your village, let us make a clan their under someone's watch. These others are all that I have left and I think they'd all feel the same. Can we live their in peace?" Yurei asked, seeing finally a way that he could not only survive, but maybe actually live his life.

Jiraiya laughed again and nodded as he offered Yurei his hand, "Hell yeah! That'd be great kid, if you guys become truly loyal to the village, well it'd truly be awesome!" Jiraiya said with a laugh.

Yurei felt his mouth twitch oddly, Yurei smiling for the first time since he had lost his brother about six months earlier. He was smiling and crying as he reached out his hand, taking Jiraiya's own as they shook.

"Yes... we'll join the Leaf village."


It was three days later when they all arrived at the village.

Yurei carried Naomi the entire distance, not letting her go for a second as she hugged Yurei, tears in her eyes as what had occurred to her had began to come back through her memories.

But she wouldn't tell him anything.

Yurei sighed as he finally got a few seconds of alone time in Naomi's private room in the Intensive Care Unit.

Naomi was now clean, sitting up in her bed in a plain white hospital gown, smiling slightly at the boy she considered family, "Hi Yurei..." she whispered hesitantly.

Yurei smiled up at her, wearing the same clothes she wore though a few sizes larger, "Naomi-chan..." he said as tears formed in his eyes and he fell to his knees, holding her hand tightly in his own, "I'm so sorry, father said you were...dead..." Yurei said softly.

"Well that asshole lied to us,"

The two of them looked towards the door, seeing Kira standing there with a slanted grin, "And then he threw me in the Pit, I mean, I know he sucked but that's really lame." Kira said before taking a shaky step into the room.

Yurei was next to him a second later, half-hugging him as he helped Kira to a chair, "Kira, how did you survive down there?" Yurei asked with a slight smile, though tears still travelled down his face.

Kira chuckled as he relaxed back, winking at the smiling Naomi as he lifted his feet to rest on her bed, "I was really lucky, I met a few people that needed to survive and after kinda using one of them as a weapon to save the other's legs, we all became close friends." Kira said before yawning.

Naomi's brow twitched as she frowned at Kira, "Wait a sec, the Pit..." her eyes widened as she turned to Yurei, "Isn't that where you sent all those killers and stuff father had you take down? Weren't there murderers down there?" She asked.

Yurei nodded as he stepped back from Kira, remembering to this day how bad her temper was, even when she was a toddler, "Yes, many of them." he answered.

Naomi turned to Kira as he stopped yawning, "So, how'd you stop them?" she asked.

Kira pouted, "Had to kill most of them, though once someone was crippled or unconscious they never really became a target, that's why I think ol' blindy got away with being underestimated so much, but those Sonic Screams," he said with a shudder, "That's fucked."


"OW!" Kira exclaimed.

Naomi's Bone-Nail stretched out from the end of her pointer finger, thumping Kira on the head as it stayed at a meters length, "When did you start killing and swearing?! I thought we promised to never be like those Sound Five!" Naomi shouted.

Kira rubbed his head with a pout as Yurei leaned forward between the two to keep the peace, sitting on the edge of the bed as he spoke, "Actually Naomi, considering what happened to you, I think there's some details that you will need to be updated on a few things." Yurei spoke.

Kira nodded, "Yeah at least Kimimaro-san isn't a total dick. He saved me once from father's wrath, throwing me into the pit and telling me to survive rather then be sentenced to death." Kira said.

Yurei's eyes widened before he smiled softly, "Taicho... he really did know what was best," Yurei said, gaining the attention of the others, "He even had me join in Tayuya's training, she kept me...good." Yurei said, his face twitching slightly as he tried to keep it expressionless.

Kira and Naomi shared a look before Kira leaned forward, looking up at Yurei's face, "You didn't... go weird again right?" he asked.

The air itself seemed to stop moving, but Naomi ignored the tension as she pulled her bone nail back into her body, "Well enough about that, let's find a home before we share the sad stuff please?" she asked with a soft smile.


The sun had set a few hours beforehand as Yurei lay on his bed, looking up out the window above him and the rest of the row of ex sound ninja.

"Hey, Yurei."

The Wood user glanced to the bed next to him, "Yeah Kira?"

Kira smiled as he watched the guy he thought of as a brother, "It's just... I haven't seen you in ages." Kira said.

Yurei closed his eyes, "Yeah, nearly eight months. But I hear you had some company?" Yurei asked softly.

Kira nodded and sat up, pointing to the man on the bed opposite him, "Zaku and his girlfriend Hikari popped up." Kira said.

Yurei sat up and smirked at the only two in the ICU ward that had sneakily decided to share a bed, "They're surprisingly close for people their age, but I guess I'm not one to judge." Yurei said with a chuckle before looking up at the moon.

Kira sighed and rolled onto his back, "So... did they say what we get to do now that we're here?" Kira asked.


Now all of the Sound Survivors – as Jiraiya had begun referring to them all as – were either in hospital being checked over in a shared ward for all but two that were in the ICU, or sitting and waiting outside the office of the Third Hokage.

Yurei looked up as Jiraiya's head popped out from the doorway, "Are you three ready?" Jiraiya asked.

Yurei looked to his left at the other two who were acting as the leaders, Kimimaro Kaguya and Tayuya Uzumaki, both people he trusted to hell and back and both people who wanted a hand in not only finding peace for themselves and those like them, but also a hand in Orochimaru's downfall. After all, it turned out he had been lying to them all. Konoha wasn't some evil institution were ninjas were forced to stay weak so that their leaders could control them, it was a place where everyone worked together to strive for peace. Yurei hadn't even heard of the word until Kimimaro explained the concept to him.

Peace... it almost sounded like a fairytale.

"Yes we are." Kimimaro said as he took charge, marching into the office with Tayuya and Yurei by his sides as the Wood user snapped out of his thoughts.

Jiraiya chuckled as he watched the three walk in, 'These kids could very well change the future, if that place was left alone most would've died or been left for years before anyone found them...' he thought as he raised his hand, touching the single scar now there, 'They're already leaving marks in this world, though I hope the rest aren't as permanent.' Jiraiya thought as he closed the door behind him.

This moment. Of children who were supposed to not have existed at all, or were supposed to wreak havoc on others. Changed to a true existence, where pawns for evil could become kings for good.

This is what happens when Orochimaru's Experiments get out.


Two months later


Iruka yawned as he stepped out of his office back at the academy, "Boy am I glad to be back here." Iruka said as he calmly walked to his classroom.

Turning a corner, Iruka looked up with a smile at the few new students to this class, 'They seem to be getting along fine now.'

Kira jumped up excitedly, "Yeah! Only one more week until we get to be ninja! I'm gonna be like ZAM ZAM," Kira shouted, slashing a knife-hand strike through the air twice before spinning with a kick, "HAAA!"

Yurei sighed and caught the kick a few centimetres from the wide eyed Naomi's face, "Kira, you need to stay calm otherwise we won't be allowed to do the test. And besides, you challenged Naruto to another spar remember? Save your energy." Yurei said with a bored expression.

Kira frowned at Yurei's words before grinning and flipping out of his grip, "Yeah and you said when I can beat him in less then a minute you'll finally fight me for real yeah?" Kira said as he landed.

Yurei smirked slightly and chuckled as Naomi stepped between the two of them, "Guys come on, please can you stop fighting?" she asked softly.

Yurei's smirk disappeared and he nodded while Kira nearly growled, "Hey! You can't back out on that deal now! I swear to-"

A vein appeared on Naomi's forehead before she raised her arm, long nails of bone growing from the tips of her pointer and pinkie fingers, stabbing through Kira's new vest and pinning him to the wall and causing Kira to pause in fear, "SHUT UP MORON!" Naomi shouted angrily.

Yurei closed his eyes and sighed, before looking up and turning to their right, smiling at the fourth member of their little class group.

Naruto Uzumaki came to a stop next to Yurei and grinned at him, "Hey Yurei, morning guys!" Naruto said before looking at Kira and readjusting his goggles, "Ha! Still haven't learned yet Kira? Haha!" Naruto said with a laugh.

Yurei chuckled and Naomi turned to the two of them, bone nails extending out slightly from her other hand, "You gonna start with his bullshit too?" Naomi asked.

Yurei's face returned to neutral instantly as Naruto tried to do the same, though he just ended up looking nervous under her scrutiny.

Naomi looked at them for a moment later before frowning and retracting her nails from Kira's vest, causing the whining boy to whine as he landed heavily on his butt, "Ow!" he exclaimed.


The group paused and turned as Yurei sighed, "Morning Sasuke." he said before moving to walk away.

Sasuke stepped forward, glaring at Yurei with his dark eyes, "Don't you walk away from me you plant-freak! Tell me what you did in that fight! How did you suddenly get that strong!" Sasuke demanded.

Naruto scowled at Sasuke as the Uchiha went to push past him, so he stepped on Sasuke's foot, causing the Uchiha to yelp and make Iruka realise that he should step in, "Okay everyone stop that." Iruka said as he stepped into sight.

Naruto chuckled and hopped away from Sasuke to stop by Kira as the white haired boy got to his feet, high-fiving Naruto with a laugh that was eerily to one another, "Asshole deserved that, but how come he never challenges this Senju?" Kira asked Naruto while gesturing to himself.

Naruto chuckled, "Cause the only one he even seems to see is Yurei now that he's beaten Sasuke. We have sparring again later right?" Naruto asked as the two of them walked into the classroom.

Unseen by the two hyperactive ninja-to-be, Naomi knelt in front of Sasuke, "You okay?" she asked as she offered him her hand.

Sasuke looked up at Naomi and nodded silently as he stood without her help, "Fine." he said shortly, knowing that it was a bad idea to take action against Naomi and her freaky bone-nails.

Iruka sighed as Yurei led Kira and Naruto into the classroom before waiting against the door frame for Naomi, "Yurei, let's go in now, the other students will be here soon." Iruka said as he walked past the Jonin level academy student.

Yurei raised a brow at Iruka, "Not yet." he said simply as he watched Sasuke reject his sister's help.


Iruka sighed as the bell went off, causing Naomi to turn and run into the classroom past Yurei, sharing a secretive smile with him as she moved past, leaving Yurei with a few seconds of silence in front of Sasuke as the Uchiha glared at him.

Yurei looked him in the eyes and stood tall, "You want to know how I beat you so easily? I stuck to the basics. I redirected your attacks so that I stayed in your blind spot. You got frustrated instantly and made the job easier to do. I manoeuvred you out of the circle," Yurei said with a shrug, "You could keep up, if you had the Sharingan." Yurei finished as he walked into the room.

Sasuke looked down in thought is his eyes stayed wide open, 'Blind spot, don't get emotional,' he thought before nodding to himself and heading into class, 'And get my Sharingan!' Sasuke thought in determination.


Sasuke glanced over his shoulder, seeing an ocean of fangirls running down the hallway towards him, 'Sharingan later, dodge the crazies now.' he thought before sprinting into class.


Introductory chapter over.

Hope someone finds this idea interesting. Basically home grown clones of legendary ninjas that previously would've been lost were now found. Tell me what ya'll think, but it'll be a while before I update this story. Still got some other stories to take finish.