Hello all :) It's been a long while since I've been writing and being active in the Sherlolly fandom, but I still read Sherlolly fanfics over here. They're my OTP - how can I ever forget them? :D anyway, I wrote this on a whim; I've been seeing a bit of the soulmate AU and I like that no matter where they both go, together is where their hearts are truly at home~ :3

I hope you like this, and thank you for reading what I've written so far! :DDD

The first time Molly kissed Sherlock, she saw fireworks in her mind. All those stories she had heard of, about how a kiss from your soulmate caused fireworks to explode in your head for example, were cringeworthily cliché at first glance, but now having experienced it herself, she would never doubt any more of those stories, no matter how horribly cheesy they might sound.

When their lips parted, Molly glanced up at Sherlock wide-eyed. He, in return, furrowed his eyebrows in what she assumed to be confusion before turning his blue-green eyes on her brown ones. She was about to ask whether he saw what she saw in her mind - whether it was possible that the soulmate she had been looking all over for all these years was the man standing directly in front of her - when, unexpectedly enough, he leaned forward to capture her lips with his own.

The reason why Molly finally threw caution to the wind and took the courage to tiptoe and plant a small kiss on those gorgeous Cupid's bow lips was because he was talking too damn much again, and she had wanted to be a bit more cheeky with her methods of silencing him rather than the usual 'Sherlock you need to stop to breathe'; her boldness and the ease with being in his presence had made her interactions with the consulting detective more lively and less nerve-wrecking. It made her more confident, but the belief that he would never see and feel for her the way she saw and felt for him had her stopped her from trying to pursue anything with him a long time ago. She knew, eventhough she was not getting any younger, that she would meet her soulmate one day, and she would patiently wait for that day to come; if there were to be anything to happen between her and Sherlock, a friendship would be more than enough.

But after a cheeky kiss led to fireworks exploding in her mind, the realisation that her soulmate had been with her all this time knocked her off her metaphorical feet and made her uneasy.

Her worries subsided for a moment when Sherlock reconnected their lips, that same burst of fireworks happening in her mind again; she did not register it before, but it also gave her tingly feelings that coursed through her entire body. She felt his tongue seeking permission to enter her mouth, and when she finally parted her lips to grant him access and his tongue slipped in, her eyes slowly closing to enjoy the feeling, the fireworks became brighter.

She felt a large hand cradling her head, fingers slipping into her hair and lightly gripping it, and another hand at the small of her back; pressure from the hand at her back caused her to take a small step forward, bringing her further into the embrace. Her hands gripped at his strong shoulders as he deepened the kiss; colours played beneath her eyelids, and all she could think about was how bright and warm they were.

All too soon, Sherlock forced himself to part from her, his breathing laboured as he stared down at the woman in his arms; Molly let out a small gasp at the sudden movement and her eyes flew open, seeing him already staring down at her. She blinked rapidly, trying to calm her racing heart; sensing that his next move would definitely be to part ways and apologise for kissing her, she decided to do that first and made to untangle herself from his embrace.

His arms tightened around her instead and she looked up at him quizzically. Sherlock rested his forehead against Molly's, and whispered in a deep low voice that sent delightful shivers down her spine, "Molly Hooper, my unexpected soulmate - I've just found my new, explosive addiction."