Before you say anything, I know that I've been writing for Blue Exorcist a lot lately, but it's ridiculously easy and fun to write for and I have a lot of writer's block for my other stories, so, Blue Exorcist/ Ouran because why the heck not? This story takes place before the Gehenna Gate finale and follows anime plot. Enjoy!

Rin walked into the classroom and instead of seeing everyone in their seats and his brother scolding him for being late he saw Mephisto sitting on the teacher's desk and the exwires standing in front of him.

"Ah, Rin~! You may be late, but better late than never, right~? Now you get to hear about your newest assignment~!" He said while grinning. Rin perked up at assignment since he wanted to go on an exorcist mission without teachers staring him down.

"Did we finally get a mission?" Rin asked, suddenly becoming interested in the conversation. He looked around and saw Izumo, Shima, and Bon.

"We're transferring to a new school to deal with a long term demon problem." Bon said. He pulled out a brochure and handed it to Rin. The brochure was pink and had cartoony flowers all over it.

"What the hell kind of school is this?" Rin asked while looking at the paper in his hands.

"One for spoiled-rich snobs." Izumo replied.

"You shall be attending this school for at least a few months so you should get used to the rich kids~. Anyway, your teacher went ahead and is already setting up a few apartments for you five~. He will not be attending Ouran Academy with you but he will still be helping with the demon problem~. Your flight leaves in an hour, I suggest you get moving~!"

"Damn clown!"


Rin got out of the plane and ran to the nearest trash can.

That was not pleasant…hope that the rest of the trip goes better…

The other exwires climbed out of the plane and went to get their bags. Rin picked up his bag and got a reply.

"Rin! Was that you? Be gentler!" It said. The others only heard meowing.

"You brought Kuro?!" Bon asked him, already knowing the answer. Rin shushed him.

"He can help! But don't be so loud, someone might find out." Rin said. Yukio walked up to the four students.

"Glad to see you made it without setting anything on fire." He said. Rin glared at him. "Also Rin, hide your tail when you start taking classes, we don't need any extra attention." Rin nodded and they got in a van to go to the apartment building.

Meanwhile in music room #3…

"Listen up! I was told that four new students will be joining our lovely academy tomorrow! We need more members so this is perfect!" Tamaki, the self-proclaimed king of the host club shouted.

"Why are you yelling? We're all right here." Haruhi said.

"Besides boss, what if they don't want to join?" The twins said at the same time.

"I have my ways." Tamaki said, grinning.

The next day…

"Alright class, today we have four new students transferring here from True Cross Academy." The teacher paused and they walked in. "Please introduce yourselves and take a seat." Little did the new students know, the twins were already texting Kyoya and Tamaki about them.


Kyoya's phone buzzed and he looked at it.

'Ever heard of a place called True Cross Academy? – Hikaru'

The message said. Kyoya almost fell out of his seat.

So…they're from True Cross…it must have something to do with all of the demons that've been flying around lately…

He thought.

"It's from the twin's. Apparently the new group is from some place that no one's heard of." Tamaki said while reading the text.

"Ask them if anyone named Yukio is in their class." Tamaki nodded and looked at his phone. A few seconds later it vibrated in the blonde's hand.

"They said no." Kyoya nodded.

Could I be wrong? We normally don't get many transfers at all much less from True Cross…something is up and I need to find out.

Alright! So…what'd ya think? I know that I've been writing for Blue Exorcist a lot lately, but it's so easy to write for! And Ouran is second to that, so Ouran/ Blue Exorcist! Anyway…how does Kyoya know Yukio? Does Tamaki suspect a thing? Are Rin, Bon, and Shima going to get dragged into the host club? Probably, but wait for the next chapter and find out! I should be updating later this week if not tonight or tomorrow, so see you soon!