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The flames disappeared into Gehenna and the room was silent.

The staircase closed itself before anyone could run after Satan.

A single tear fell down Yukio's face.

"We have to save Rin!" A voice cried.

"But how? Didn't you see what just happened? Going in would be suicide!" Tamaki replied.

"I don't care, we must stop Satan's evil plans to use my dark lord to destroy the world!" Nekozawa said again.

"He's right." Kyoya said. "We have to stop Satan or else more than just Rin's life could be at risk." Yukio looked at him. "The whole world is at stake in this battle. We can't afford to wait any longer."

"But taking untrained civilians into hell itself?" Yukio asked.

"No human has ever gone there, not even a paladin. This should be entertaining. It would also look good for you exwires in the future, assuming we all survive." Kyoya said and Yukio reluctantly agreed.

"We don't have another choice, do we?" Nekozawa smiled. The hosts seemed a bit freaked out at first because they were literally going to go to hell, but all agreed to go.

"We didn't have anything to do this week anyway." The twins both said.

"I would do anything to save a friend." Haruhi said. Tamaki jumped on her.

"Oh my precious daughter~! Daddy is so proud of you~!"

"Knock it off senpai!" She shouted. Eventually, the craziness died down.

"Listen up! We could all die the minute we get there, so be prepared for anything. No one has ever been there and we have no idea what to expect. Ready?" Everyone nodded. "Then let's get going." Yukio said as he stepped into the gate.


A lone teen walked through the empty streets. He had a crown of flames on his head and had no control of where he was going. He walked into a huge obsidian palace with ease. After all, how could the guards turn down their lord's son?

As soon as he entered the throne room and the gates closed, his body was returned to him. He looked around and realized what was going on.

"No! Please! Don't leave me in here! You don't understand!" He cried.

"Or do I?" A booming voice echoed off of the walls. "We finally meet in person, my son."

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