Welp…(rubs back of neck in embarrassment) has it been a while?

NM: (Runs around dodging F.L.E.I.J.A., turret, rocket, mini gun, and alchemy getting fired at her) I'M SORRY!

Rin: Wow, it's been almost a month

NM: Um…

Rin: And you didn't die?

NM: Nope! I've been binge watching some new animes and Steven Universe!

Rin: Like…

NM: Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood (and the movies), Darker Than BLACK, and Mikaku City actors (I probably spelt that wrong) and THE TRUTH EXISTS BEHOND THE GATE!

Rin: You haven't watch Blue Exorcist in a while, have you?

NM: Nope, I watched it a long time ago

Anyway, I'M NOT DEAD!

As an apology for my absence I am bringing you a secret project that I haven't been working on as much as a should have!

Rin: (Gets scared) secret…pro-project? It's not genderbending, is it?

NM: (Laughs) Nope! Super happy fun-fun genderbend time should be coming out this fall!

The super-secret project is…

The long awaited sequel to Demonic Host!

Rin: (sigh of relief)

NM: I've decided to start writing this early because of my chaotic brain constantly changing my schedule and my lack of uploads! By the time you read this the sequel should be up on my profile for reading! Normally, I don't make an author's note without a chapter because I know you like updates (even bad ones), so here's a little trailer for Hosts in Gehenna!


A boy walked down the dark staircase against his will. His bright flames were the only thing that lit the long path. He finally touched the last stair before his body was returned to him. He stood still for a second before remembering what happened. He turned around and ran up a few steps before the staircase blocked itself off and pushed him back to the bottom.

"Please! Don't make me stay here! Help me!" The boy cried. His flames lit up the entrance of what appeared to be a huge, black castle. The gates slowly opened and the boy shook with fear. The staircase had disappeared, but the boy hadn't noticed.

He was on the ground, paralyzed with terror. A figure wearing a white, fancy cloak walked through the castle doors. He had pure white hair and bright blue eyes. Two black horns rested on his head and two black wings, not unlike a bat's, peaked out of his cloak. A long silver tail slowly swept behind him. The most horrifying thing about the man, however, were the flames that covered him. He wore the infamous blue flames that would strike fear into many with pride. He walked up the boy on the ground and looked at him with a smile. He spoke in a loud, powerful sounding voice.

"Of course I'll help you, my son. I'll help you become what you truly are, a king of demons."

So this is like a prequel/ preview. I'll put it in the first chapter of Hosts in Gehenna just in case you missed it or something, but it will be longer. This is a trailer, after all.

Rin: So, what exactly are you planning?

NM: You do know how I talk about torturing fictional characters all the time?
Rin: Yeah…

NM: Literal fictional character torture

Rin: Wait a second, you're literally going to torture people?
NM: In the fanfic, yes, yes I am. (Holds head up with pride)

Anyway, I hope this makes up for the hiatus I've been on lately and I hope it puts me back on my schedule! See you next time, bye!