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Rin: Is your purpose on this website to torture me?

NM: Yes, well…you and all of the other fictional anime characters

Rin: Why?


Rin: What the hell are you doing?

NM: The doom song!

After school…

The group from True Cross were all going to set barriers up after school, but the twins had other plans. Right after class had ended Hikaru and Kaoru grabbed Rin and Shima.


"Acquired." They said as they dragged them to music room #3.

"What the hell?!" Rin yelled as he was pulled against his will to an unknown destination.

In the music room…

"Kyoya!" Tamaki said. "I need all the information that you can gather on our new students!" Kyoya was about to reply when a buzzer used to indicate customers showing up went off. "The twins aren't here, oh well! Places!" He said. The doors opened up and rose petals went everywhere.

"Welcome ladies." The club said to who they thought were their guests. When the sparkles and petals cleared it revealed Hikaru and Kaoru holding two of the new students.

"Ah! Welcome new students~!" Tamaki said when he saw the two in the twin's headlocks. The twins let them fall on the ground and breath.

"What the hell was that about?!" Rin shouted.

"Yes! We've been looking for someone like you~!" Tamaki said while pointing at Rin. Rin looked up at him.

"What do you mean?" The half-demon asked while tilting his head.

"Would you like to join our lovely host club~?"

"What is a host club?" Shima asked.

"We entertain young ladies with too much time on their hands."

"Eh?!" Rin replied.

"It's talking." Kyoya said.

"Let me talk with my friend here for a second." Rin said while pulling Shima into the hall. "We could gather information on the demon sightings if we join this club."

"And I get to talk with hot girls!" Shima exclaimed happily.

"Um…yeah…I guess." Rin said and they walked into the room.

"So? Will you join?" Tamaki asked.

"Count us in." Rin answered. Tamaki's face lit up and a rumbling sound was heard.

"Rin and Shima, correct?" A girl's voice said. A huge platform rose out of the ground and revealed Renge.


"Perfect~! You two need types if you're joining the host club!"

"What's a type?" Shima asked.

"Tamaki is the princely type, Kyoya is the cool type, Honey-senpi is the loli-shota type, Hikaru and Kaoru (the ones that dragged you here) are the mischievous type, Mori-senpi is the strong and silent type, and Haruhi is the natural type." She said.

"I get it…I think." Shima said.

"I think that Shima is the friendly type!" Renge declared.

"I'm good with that."

"And Rin shall be the demonic type!" She said while disappearing into the floor. Rin face palmed at the irony. And Shima began to laugh at him. Kyoya pushed up his glasses.

"Well, if that's all then why don't we entertain our guests?"

In the apartment…

The door opened and revealed Bon and Izumo.

"Where's Rin and Shima?"

"They got dragged away by some twins in our class before we could do anything." Yukio sighed.

"We should probably go find them before they blow our cover." They nodded and began a 'rescue' mission.

After running all over the school…

"We've looked everywhere! Where else could they be?" Izumo said. Almost immediately after she said that Rin and Shima showed up from behind a corner.

"Shima! Where the hell have you been?!" Bon said.

"You've been gone for hours Rin. What were you and Shima doing?" Yukio asked.

"We found a way to gather info on the demon attacks! We joined this club where we get to talk to people so we can find out what's been going on!" Rin said. Little did he know, someone was behind the corner listening to everything they said.

"So you are here for the demon infestation." Kyoya appeared from behind the corner. "That answers one of my questions." He said.

"Kyoya?" Yukio said. Rin looked confused.

"Eh? Do you two know each other?"

"Yes, actually. You see, I became an exorcist a few months ago." Kyoya answered. "When I heard about transfers from True Cross I figured that they were here to deal with the infestation that started a few weeks ago. Does that answer your question, son of Satan?" Kyoya glared at a very confused Rin.

"Yukio, what the hell is going on?!" Rin yelled at his brother.

"I did tell Kyoya in advance that exorcists would be coming and that one of them is the son of Satan." Yukio said.

"Why the hell would you do that?!"

"Because we don't know the source or reason of this infestation and we could use all the help we can get and for that we can't be fighting each other over your identity. Kyoya, you know that this is to remain secret, right?"

"Of course. However" He pulled a small handgun out of a hidden pocket in his uniform jacket and aimed it at Rin. "If you come even slightly close to harming one of my friends then I will kill you."


Rin: Why did you do that?
NM: Because, we all know about Kyoya's inner awesomeness

Kyoya: Thank you

Rin: So?

NM: It means two things: One, he's an exorcist, two, he has guns like Yukio

Rin: What does that have to do with anything?

NM: When watching Blue Exorcist I said Yukio was like Kyoya and Death The Kid

Alright, thanks for reading and see you next week!