Experiment 105

Bonus Chapter: Character Q&A!

LDR: Hello, hello! Welcome to Experiment 105's Character Q&A session! I've gathered every character that played a part in this fic, no matter how big or how small that part was, today. I've even formulated a few questions of my own, so that we'll be able to hear from all of them at least once. *turns to characters* Greet our readers, would you?

All characters: *varying levels of enthusiasm* Hello.

LDR: Well, I suppose that's good enough. Anyway, before we kick things off with the questions, I'd like to thank some of you lovely readers. Or, more correctly, I and a few of the characters would like to thank some of the lovely readers. *pauses and looks around* Proton, you start things off.

Proton: Like hell I'm doing this.

LDR: Just do it! *shoves a paper at him* There. Just read from the paper.

Proton: *growls* Thank you to Green Rune for your review. LDR appreciates all the helpful support you've shown.

LDR: Pass the paper to Shiya. It's her turn.

Shiya: Do I really have to do this? Silver can do it.

Silver: *while glaring at his father* No.

LDR: *puts a barrier between Giovanni and Silver* No, because Silver goes after Giovanni. Proton, pass her the paper. Shiya, just read the paper.

Proton: *passes Shiya the paper*

Shiya: *takes the paper and turns to glare at Giovanni* I have to give this to him next?

Giovanni: *frowns* Why is the serum not affecting you right now?

LDR: I'm the writer, so I can block the effects of the serum for this chapter.

Giovanni: Damn you.

LDR: Be nice, Gio. Shiya, read the paper.

Shiya: LDR would also like to thank Anonymous Ghost for all his support. It really helped. *shoves the paper at Giovanni* I want to add thanks to everyone who was cheering me on.

Giovanni: *takes the paper* More thanks from LDR to Parthena C, who has shown support not only for this story but for Unova's Downfall as well.

Proton: Unova's Downfall sounds exciting. Can I be in it?

LDR: No, it's Rain-centric and we both know you hate each other. For those of you readers that don't know who Rain is...well, to be honest, I took down Unova's Downfall to redo it, but you can see some of Rain in my one-shot called The Least He Could Do.

Giovanni: *smugly* I'm in it. In both of them.

LDR: *shushes Giovanni* However, you get a small mention Proton. I miiiiight even give you a small part if you're nice. *takes the paper and hands it to Silver* Your turn.

Silver: *grumbles and takes the paper* More thanks to trent richins for your reviews and support.

LDR:Alright, seems like that's all... A pity. Anyway, on to the questions. The first one is from...me, to Persian. Why must you be such a mean kitty to Shiya?

Persian: *meows*

LDR: Translation, anyone? Shiya?

Shiya: "I just do what Gio tells me to."

LDR: Well, alright then. Next question. Green Rune asks this to Giovanni: Do the experiments stop?

Giovanni: Well, I shouldn't give sensitive information away, but just between you and me, Rune and all you other readers, the experiments do not stop.

LDR: Oooh, I wonder if this could mean...there's a sequel?! Possibly, possibly. Okay, next one is from Anonymous Ghost for Shiya. Do you also have Abilities? How does that work, randomly picked when you assume a form or can you have them all? As for TM, HM, and Move Tutor moves, do you get them from the appropriate source or are they already known if learnable, or they 'unlock' as you get stronger? A good question, Ghosty. Shiya?

Shiya: Shouldn't that have been separated into multiple questions?

LDR: No, it's fine as it is. Just answer it.

Shiya: Fine. Well, usually when I take a form, I gain the Ability that Pokemon naturally has. If there are two choices, one is picked at random. However, if I use up a little bit more energy, I can force myself to gain that Pokemon's Hidden Ability. With a liiiiittle bit more energy, I can force myself to gain the Ability or Hidden Ability of any form I have so far unlocked. As for TMs, HMs, and Move Tutor stuff...if it matches the typing of my current form, or the typing of a move I can naturally learn, then it's already known. If not, they 'unlock' for my use when I get stronger.

LDR: The next one is also from Anonymous Ghost but is directed towards Proton! How'd you learn to use a knife so well? Practice, natural talent, training? Well, Proton? Spill it!

Proton: I'd prefer to spill blood.

LDR: Yes, we're all well aware of that, by now. Answer the question.

Proton: *growls* Natural talent mixed with practice.

LDR: Wow, I didn't really do a good job of mixing these questions up and picking them at random. The next one is also from Anonymous Ghost. He asks Silver: That thing about your sister true? Not that I'd judge, but Shiya's totally right if it is true. Kinda hypocritical man, even if she's nicer than most. Still a Rocket.

Silver: So what if it was hypocritical? It's allowed because she's my sister.

Alanna: Yet you can't love Dad?

Silver: Shut up. It's my choice which members of my family I do or don't like.

Giovanni: At least you'll admit we're related.

LDR: Let's just move on, before this develops into a full-blown argument. Okay, from me to Shiya: Do you hold any hard feelings from the part where Silver beat you up with his Pokemon?

Shiya: No. If he hadn't, I never would have been gone long enough to break free of the serum's control. So no hard feelings, even if it did hurt.

Silver: Sorry.

Proton: *growls at Silver while brandishing his knife threateningly* Don't do it again.

LDR: Everyone play nice. For the duration of this chapter, we're all friends. This question is for Alanna from Green Rune. I never understood your role in all this. Are you part of Team Rocket?

Alanna: To be honest, I don't think even LDR really understood my role. I feel like I was just randomly slapped into the story, then randomly pulled out again. But yeah, I'm part of Team Rocket.

LDR: Moving on... Green Rune has another question for Giovanni: Because of Shiya's value for being the first one to succeed, will TR hunt her down?

Giovanni: Of course.

Silver: Keep away from her, damn Rockets!

Alanna: Dad, you and I are going have a talk about that answer later.

LDR: Hey, no arguments, remember? Look, more questions! From me to Silver: You seemed awfully jealous during that scene with you, Proton, and Shiya in the Slowpoke Well. Are your feelings for Shiya more than that of a childhood friend?

Silver: I wasn't jealous; I just wanted to get her away from Proton - because he's a Rocket. Shiya is nothing more to me than a childhood friend.

LDR: Alright then. I am asking this to Giovanni: Did you have plans for taking down Red with Shiya?

Giovanni: Yes! I was finally going to be rid of him, but then someone had to interfere.

LDR: Well, I certainly heard a lot of animosity in that answer. Let's just move on, shall we? Another from me and this time for Alanna. Why do you continue to be part of Team Rocket if you don't like the things they do?

Alanna: It's only some of the things they do - like human experimentation - that I don't like. Also, Dad's the Boss, so I'm sticking with my family by staying. And hell, world domination does sound kinda nice.

Giovanni: *smug grin*

Silver: *scowl*

LDR: Umm...okay then. Sneasel this question is for you. I ask: You seemed awfully close to Shiya's Sneasel/Weavile in her memories. Is there something going on there?

Sneasel: *embarrassed silence*

LDR: Well, I think that answers that. This question is for Giovanni from Anonymous Ghost: What inspired the creation of Shiya? Any plans for another try?

Giovanni: I'm sure many of you readers have heard the theory that Ditto is a failed attempt at cloning Mew? Well, I decided to make one of Team Rocket's failures into a success by using Ditto DNA to create a human that could take on the form of any Pokemon and help us in our goals. As for another try, I believe that was answered earlier. Yes, I have plans. Though perhaps not with a Ditto...

LDR: Oh yeah, possible sequel material right here. Hey, Proton, I have a question for you! What do you think of CannonShipping?

Proton: What the hell is that?

LDR: Y'know, you and Lyra!

Silver: Lyra's mine!

Proton: I'm fine with Shiya.

LDR: Well, it looks like SoulSilverShipping wins today. The last question is from me, and for a character that has been very quiet since the start of this chapter: Petrel! Were you aware how stupid it was to leave you little make-up kit in view when you disguised yourself as Proton to get Shiya?

Petrel: ... ... ... *sulks away*

LDR: I'm gonna take that as a yes. Well, that wraps up this final chapter of Experiment 105. I hope you all enjoyed! R&R, no flames, LDR out!