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"The cruelest fate on earth is to save humanity only to watch it tear itself apart."

-Naruto Uzumaki

Love was the only thing that kept Naruto running these days along with the promise to mend what had been broken. Naruto gave up everything he had to save his future, though he didn't have much in his final days. Konoha on the verge of collapse, Hinata dead from the accursed virus, and the whole world starving.

That was why he had to come back. He had to fix the world before it all went so wrong before the dead began to outnumber the living.

Hero complex probably. Need to make things better definitely, but Naruto had to do it, because no one else could. No one else could survive the trip without either becoming a vegetable or having their memory wiped clean.

In reality, the little walk down time travel lane left a good portion of his mind broken and destroyed. In total, Naruto had lived for close to 35 years his first time around and another 15 this time around. It took many years to sort through half the memories that still remained. Naruto only remembered a few jutsu from his once massive repertoire and honestly only remembered only his closet friends. Some of his memories of his enemies stayed intact but much his knowledge of the future were fuzzy at best.

Still, what little Naruto did remember of the past, he knew that this was the turning point. If Naruto could just change the world at this one point, then his knowledge of the fuzzy bits wouldn't matter. Everything would be different.

That is why Naruto stood hunched on a tree's limb overlooking the barrier to where his mother was giving birth to his counterpart in this time. Naruto could hardly call the woman his mother though. A brief thirty minute conversation and a blood relationship did not constitute a mom/son relationship, but Kushina would always be special to him. Now, the blood relation was gone as well. A small price paid for returning his body to a toddler and a redo on his life.

Time travel took his body and identity, but Naruto would pay it all again.

A small gust of wind rustled the trees and the whistling birds quieted. Obito had come. Naruto knew it, and his Water Sight proved it too as Naruto could just barely feel Obito's outline sitting on a tree gazing into the barrier. Naruto could also feel Obito looking his direction after a moment or two.

It became a standoff. Who moved first into the barrier would lose first. The ANBU inside would attack the one that entered first. Wait too long and gain nothing.

Naruto crouched on the tree limb uncaring of how prickly the leaves were on his bare torso, or how they caught on his wild, shaggy mane of rust red hair and stayed there for several long minutes.

Time passed slowly and Naruto itched for combat. To kill the man that killed his former parents. The old Naruto Namikaze, who never killed anyone, would have spared Obito, but the new Naruto Uzumaki had seen too much and felt too much pain to care.

Finally, Obito's outline spiraled away, and Naruto sprang into action. His long, wild mane of red hair caught a few leaves in its long locks, and the tree branches scrapped his bare chest, but Naruto ignored it all. Only one thing mattered now.

Naruto landed on the top of the barrier and placed his palms on it. Immediately, Naruto knew the exact seal Minato had used a powerful one that reflected light and dampened sound entering or exiting. There are more powerful seals, but what those gain in impregnability they lose insubtleness. Putting his hands in the dog seal, Naruto cast Ninpo: Ink Finger. Black ink dripped from Naruto's hand he went to work making a hole in the barrier. It took longer than Naruto hoped, but the seal was a little stronger than anticipated which called for another array.

Smiling to himself, Naruto activated his seal and dropped onto a large puddle in the middle of an ANBU formation.

Naruto expected and hoped to see a battle, instead he saw ANBU jumping away from him with no Obito.

Naruto mumbled a quiet 'shit' under his breath grabbed his metal visor and pulled it over his eyes blocking out all light for his 'Water Sight'.

Water Sight works similar to the Fourth Mizukage's ability to sense people's chakra through the water vapor in the air except Water Sight didn't sense chakra. It saw them plain and simple. By voiding his brain of sight, it allowed his brain to focus on the low level of chakra Naruto pumped into the air interacting with the water vapor painting a real time 3600 picture. Without the visor, it still worked for close range applications, but with it Water Sight could work for long distance depending upon the amount of water vapor in the air and for combat scenarios.

With the visor over his eyes, Naruto could see everything going on around him, and the red head counted 10 ANBU which is not good. A single team of upper level ANBU were sent on S-rank mission, S standing for suicide, and usually came with only a man or two missing. Having 10 here showed how serious Minato-san was taking the whole situation. If this was instead five teams of two instead 2 teams of three and 1 team of four, the situation only got worse.

"Obito beat them the first time around, and I only need to stall for time. I can do this," Naruto thought to himself as he unsheathed his two double sided tantos from his back.

With his Water Sight, Naruto could tell all of them were weary. For starters, Naruto hadn't broken through the barrier. He had just bypassed it and appeared right in the middle of their formation. Then, Naruto just stood there while they regained their composure.

"That was probably how Obito did it. He surprised them and never let them go on offensive," Naruto thought in the back of his mind as the first ANBU, Mantis, rushed while the others stood back waiting.

Time travel had taken many things from Naruto, but the one thing it couldn't take was his combat experience. Parrying the diagonal swipe of the ANBU's kunai, Naruto lowered his other blade to cut the masked man's knee intending to lower the man's mobility. Instead the man showed an incredible feat of flexibility by thrusting his leg backwards so that his legs were at a ninety degree angle.

Surprised, Naruto jumped back, but Mantis did this one hand seal bringing up a pillar of earth that he pushed off with his outstretched leg. Naruto almost raised his eyebrows in surprise but did in fact smile. He had hoped Mantis would do that.

As Mantis closed the distance for a quick kill, and as his kunai connected with Naruto's skin, Naruto's body broke into tiny pieces of ice. The entire skirmish had taken place on water, and Naruto had used that to his advantage. When small pieces of ice floated on the water, Naruto's hands emerged from the water and grabbed the man's ankle dragging him under the water.

Mantis struggled immediately and tried to cut Naruto with his kunai. He did manage to get a cut on the chest, but water was Naruto's second home. Living on the Land of Eddies, Naruto often swam in the whirlpool ridden waters, and this calm tranquil water was like flying almost.

Naruto grabbed the man's hand with the kunai as he tried to follow up with after the small cut he landed, but his body was too slow. He tried to go for another kunai as his fire and earth style jutsu wouldn't work underwater, but Naruto never let him get that far by using Raiton: Electrocution.

It was perhaps too brutal, but it wouldn't kill him. Mantis just spasmed and writhed painfully in Naruto's firm grip. The electricity unfortunately hurt Naruto as well, but as the pain became too great to ignore, that was when Naruto knew Manits wouldn't be getting up.

With a pulse of chakra, Naruto pulled Mantis underneath his arm and raced to the surface.

Naruto was half way surprised that none of the ANBU attacked him, but what Naruto couldn't know was that one of the ANBU was a Yamanaka that could sense brain waves, and he could sense two waves coming from Naruto's direction.

Tossing Mantis onto dry land, Bat Shunshin over to Mantis, checked his vitals, and Shunshin to the edge of the barrier.

The other ANBU took a half step stunned. To watch their comrade fall so easily and use a bloodline limit probably set them edge. It didn't help that Naruto spared his life either. Naruto hadn't intended it to affect them, but the subliminal psychological message of power took its toll on their psyche.

Naruto however was disappointed in himself. He had come too early and now he taken out an ANBU. Contrary to Obito's and the ANBU's thought process, Naruto wasn't here to steal Kurama but keep him contained. He merely had to wait out the clock and taking out the ANBU would probably only would hurt in the long run.

"Obito cannot know what is going on in here. The barrier makes anyone invisible inside, and I was only barely capable of Water Seeing inside here, and I was flat out surprised Misting worked too," Naruto thought to himself bending his knees slightly. "Maybe I only thought that Obito was around and that Kushina hadn't yet gone into labor... No if that was the case. Minato would have killed me by now."

The small standoff between the ANBU and Naruto ended though as Naruto rushed forward. It was not his attention to defeat them, but using them as a warm up wouldn't hurt too much.

It was at that moment that Obito decided to show himself. He put his hand on two of the ANBU and meant to Kamui them away to that cursed other dimension of his, but Naruto who was the only one that had a clear view of Obito as all the ANBU were all in front of Naruto as none dared surround the red head while he stood on open water.

Naruto screamed, "Behind you!" but it was too late. The two ANBU had been sucked away. The two katana wielding ANBU, Frog and Bunny, in the middle of their formation turned around long enough to see their comrades vanish. They charged with a precision and flow from fighting with each other for years. Bunny jumped high and slashed vertically while Frog charged underneath Bunny.

Usually the formation worked against most opponents, but Obito was no normal opponent. He let Bunny's attack fade through his body which subsequently sent Bunny flying past Obito, while the fallen Uchiha reached for Frog's neck. Frog tried to swipe at Obito's hand with his sword, but it too faded through Obito's body allowing the future Atatsuki leader to grab Frog's neck and squeeze hard and yank back ripping the man's wind pipe out.

Bunny immediately followed up with a slash to get revenge for his partner's death, but at this point, Obito merely toyed with the ANBU. Bunny went down just as fast as Frog.

At this point, the remaining ANBU, Bat, Goose, Tiger, Lion, and Owl, moved out from in between the invaders, their only choice at this point.

Naruto grinned. Finally, he could fight and kill Obito and everything would be different. Without Obito, Madara would stay dead and the Atatsuki wouldn't be reborn to become a team filled with violent S-rank criminals.

Sheathing his blades as they would be ineffective, Naruto raised his arm and put his finger in a gun position and said Ranton: Finger Bullet. A bright beam of light raced towards Obito far faster than any kunai. Obito barely had a moment to fade through the attack as it had no hand seals.

The remaining ANBU knew something was up now, two invaders, one who only incapacitated one of them while the other outright killed four of them. The one eyed mask guy could apparently fade or slip through any attack while the other blind kid could use two bloodline limits, Hyoton and Ranton. Not to mention that logic dictated that the two invaders should have teamed up to attack them before betraying the other. Instead, the bloodlimit one attacked the slippery one. Goose being the leader of the group silently signaled to retreat to the secondary entrance to Kushina's cave.

Grateful that the ANBU moved away, Naruto kept firing his Ranton: Finger Bullet rapidly as he closed the distance to Obito who merely stood there. Once the distance between the two reached a mere five feet, Obito lunged for Naruto trying to suck him in.

In his past life and this one, Naruto had tried using Minato's Flying Thunder God technique. Every time though, Naruto failed in his efforts because the jutsu was no ordinary jutsu. To use it, the user had to understand complex physics and math dealing with theories of relativity. To put it mildly, the jutsu required to the user to be a genius on and off the battle field.

As such, Naruto knew no way of dealing with Obito's Kamui except for with his Water Sight. Naruto could have very well launched an attack at Obito while he was attacking Bunny and Frog, but Naruto needed to test his theory if Water Sight could see Obito while he was intangible.

Naruto's theory was true; he could see Obito but not perfectly. It felt he was feeling a cloud of gas rather than a solid. Which was just perfect, because Naruto could tell when Obito was tangible and intangible. Also, the first Finger Bullet showed how fast Obito could turn intangible which was a half to three quarters of a second, too fast for any of his Ranton jutsu to work from long range. All this coupled with Obito's time limit of five minutes meant Naruto did not have to have a space time jutsu. He just had to be quick.

Obito managed to get his hand on Naruto's forearm, but quickly had to go intangible as Naruto caused the water beneath them to rise up with the force of a geyser. Obito faded through it, but Naruto was sent upwards and used his Ranton: Laser Circus while still in the water. The beams went right through Obito's body as predicted, but afterwards, Obito moved out of the water geyser and chakra beams.

Naruto smiled, as Obito went tangible. His last theory was proven true and the one that would allow him to win. For every second Obito stayed intangible, he had to spend one second tangible. Of course everything went out the window if Obito had mastered the ability to make one tangible and one part intangible, but Naruto planned that Obito had not yet learned that ability. Otherwise, he would have already lost.

Pumping more chakra into his jutsu, the chakra beams stopped paused then arced back towards Obito who immediately went intangible again. High in the air, Naruto made a sheet of ice to carry him similar to how Gaara used his sand and used Hyoton: Ice Needles.

Small lumps of water around Obito emerged from the water formed into needles and froze. Obito seeing this tried to escape but the needles aimed then fired.

Thus began a short game of cat and mouse, with Obito running from a torrent of ice needles and the occasional beam of deadly chakra.

The entire time, Naruto kept a close eye on Obito's intangible form which felt like a cloud of gas, but during a brief window of tangibility, feeling Obito begin to teleport felt akin to something like laying down when you have a headache only to stand back up again. For one brief moment, Obito did simply vanished.

Naruto already knew where he was going to teleport to, right behind him.

Casting Suiton: Sweaty Body, Naruto jumped off his sheet of ice before casting another jutsu Hyoton: Ice Porcupine. Obtio who did teleport behind Naruto attempted to grab Naruto, but immediately had to resume intangibility as the water dripping off Naruto's body froze into needles and expelled from his body.

Creating another sheet of ice, Naruto made another Ranton: Finger Bullet and launched it at the sheet of ice Naruto recently vacated and had Obito atop of. The fallen Uchiha saw the high density chakra bullet trajectory with his sharingan jumped off his sheet of ice.

Making use of the time needed for Obito to jump from one sheet of ice to another, Naruto fired his Finger Bullet, but at his own ice sheet causing it to shatter into dozens of pieces. The result sent Naruto falling straight down and Obito jumping over Naruto.

Forming yet another sheet of ice, Naruto landed hard but rolled to a better position and fired more Finger Bullets at Obito's falling form keeping him intangible and thus incapable of teleporting back up.

Obito tried several more times to teleport to Naruto's location, but every time it ended the same as the first.

Eventually, Obito figured out something around three minutes of intangibility. His red head opponent knew something vitally important. "He knows me or at least figured out that Kamui has a time limit. I cannot hit him when he is on that sheet of ice, too high to, jump, and I don't know any other jutsu strong enough to break through a Hyoton user's ice. I have to get through the secondary barrier now," Obito thought to himself desperately. "I had hoped to kill them all before going in, but now I have no choice. I am running out time."

Changing direction, the fallen Uchiha turned on a dime and ran heedless of the dozens of ice needles piercing his body and chakra beam impaling his body. He was intangible anyways.

Naruto knew when Obito changed directions that he wasn't going down without a fight. Naruto had hoped that Kakashi's stories about Obito being a loser weren't an exaggeration, but apparently there wasn't as much credit in them as Naruto hoped. The time traveler also knew Obito's destination and knew that no matter how hard he tried, he could never get through that barrier as easily as Obito could. He would have to break it down.

Making the appropriate hand seals, Naruto clamped his wrists together palms open and said Ranton: Zeus's MasterBolt. Immediately, a big ball of chakra showed in the night twice the size of Naruto's head. It grew larger too until five times the size of Naruto's head and erupted a beam as tall as a door. The beam raced towards the entrance to the cave and subsequently the ANBU.

The ANBU who having seen the jutsu build up immediately sprang into action casting their own jutsu believing themselves to be protecting their Hokage. Goose cast Katon: Searing Migraine hoping to catch the one eyed mask guy while Lion, Tiger, Bat, and Owl combined their chakra together to create Doton: Giant Earthen Golem. Immediately, a giant Golem two stories tall jut out from the cave entrance and encased the four ANBU while Goose was outside using his own jutsu and of course out of the way of the giant chakra beam.

Several things happened near simultaneously at that point.

Obito using Kamui slipped harmlessly through the blazing Katon jutsu then both the Doton and barrier as well not bothering to kill anyone.

The Ranton Jutsu hit the stone golem and ground against it for several seconds before searing through it and subsequently the ANBU behind it. It hit the cave barrier and grinded against it for a solid minute before exploding violently.

Naruto at this point had this horrible pit in his stomach that he failed. Jumping off his sheet of ice, he landed right where the barrier was saw nothing inside besides Jiji's…Sandaime's wife's and the midwife's dead bodies.

"Dammit," Naruto cursed inside his mind along with several other choice words. "I shouldn't have pushed Obito too hard…If the ANBU hadn't have gotten in my way, I could have stopped this."

Naruto having both hands in his hair and so captured by his own thoughts didn't even notice Goose come up from behind him and roughly shove him onto the floor pressing a kunai to his neck.

"Who are you," Naruto heard a course and raspy voice on top of him. Squirming, Naruto tried to get up, but his opponent had him pinned very efficiently.

"None of your damn business," Naruto yelled into the dirt as the jagged pieces of rock dug into this skin painfully.

"Listen here kid, you just killed my comrades a few of whom were my best friends. I need frickin answers now," Goose replied in kind and pressed the kunai deeper into Naruto's skin making a tiny bit of blood come out.

"Honestly, that was not my intention. I didn't kill Mantis if you recall. They just happened to be in my way," Naruto replied truthfully without remorse. "If you still want to save your Hokage and his wife, I suggest you let me up."

Goose was going to say something not very nice especially this kid was kind of pissing him off at the moment but stopped at that last sentence. "I want answers more," Goose replied sternly.

Goose felt the boy under him try to move his body around to get his hands free. A stupid move with a kunai pressed to your neck, but Goose could tell the boy had little self-preservation instincts.

"Fine," Naruto grumbled out knowing he couldn't get out of this without giving something up. Answers seem more the logical option compared to a finger or limb. "That masked man doesn't want the Kyuubi to use later. He plans to use it on Konoha now."

Behind his mask, Goose's eyes went impossibly wide. "Impossible, Konoha has a barrier up that could off even a bijuu's Bijuudama."

"That only works from the outside, the masked man can teleport. You have seen it for yourself," Naruto practically yelled.

That was when Goose realized the masked man's involvement, and he suddenly the weight of all of Konoha and the threat of a future war on his shoulders. "If I let you up, what are you going to do?"

"Look at me. Don't I look like familiar to you," Naruto replied kindly for the first time this conversation.

Taking a good hard look at the boy, Goose realized a couple of things. First, the boy needed food in his body; he looked like he had not eaten in a week. The deep red hair and purple amethyst eyes with alabaster skin screamed full blood Uzumaki despite his dual bloodlines. Lastly, there was no malice or anger in his chakra directed at him only frustration.

Standing up, Goose offered his hand to the boy who took it.

"What is your name kid?"

"Call me Zeus for now," Naruto replied moving out of the poorly light cave.

"You have a plan kid," Goose replied somewhat mockingly.

"It is too late to stop the extraction of the Kyuubi, but we might be able to save some lives in Konoha," Naruto relied turning to meet Goose's gaze.

After a moment, Goose nodded his head.


It was supposed to be a happy day. After all, Minato would be a father today with a wonderful wife. Life was to be merry and cheerful, at least after minor torture from hearing Kushina screaming in unthinkable agony and a glance or two of her horribly distended and abused womanhood.

Other than that it was supposed to be a happy day.

Life however was falling apart. He had heart the fighting going on outside. They all had, but the priority was Kushina. Kushina began to push frantically and harder enduring great pain, but she had to because he told her to. The Kyuubi had to be sealed completely, and if they did that, no extraction process in the world could have ripped the Kyuubi from her.

The masked man slipped through the barrier somehow baffling everyone just as his child had been born and the seal only partially closed.

What followed was the man stealing his child, ransoming the child to get him away from Kushina, teleporting away, teleporting to Kushina, and teleporting back with Kushina.

Lying his dying wife, Minato forced the tears away at the thought, next to his baby girl, he must have saved up quite a bit of bad karma for this.

"Thank you…Minato," Kushina wheezed out with a painful struggle.

"You have nothing to be thankful for. I failed you Kushina," Minato said knowing he had to save his village, but he could not bear separate from her because he knew these would probably be the last few moments he had with her. So, he gently ran his fingers through her hair.

"You could never fail me…" Kushina struggled to get out. "We never did name our baby girl."

"Yeah," Minato replied with a runaway tear coming out.

"…Yume," Kushina said with as much conviction in her voice as the day she said 'I do'.

"Dream, I like it," Minato said using his finger to tickle Yume's stomach. "Hi there Yume. I am your daddy."

Wishing he could stay, Minato stood up and grabbed his coat and ninja tools.

"Imposing as always," Kushina said not even looking, "Go save the village."

"I will," Minato said with murder in his eyes.


Flashing to the top of his giant stone bust of his himself, Minato expected to see carnage, and he did. The Kyuubi was causing massive destruction by squishing and swatting buildings with the occasional massive roar uprooting buildings. The Yondaime Hokage also saw dozens of Shinobi attacking the Kyuubi and failing while others were getting the civilians to safety.

"Still, everything is how I thought it would be, but I expected there to be more panic, more civilians running for safety. I can see 20 to 30 people for every shinobi," Minato thought to himself with anger in his heart.

A loud bestial roar shook the earth. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA."

"I see you noticed me," Minato said to himself softly putting one of his tri-kunai in front of himself. Minato felt a massive buildup of chakra as could everyone else and could see a massive ball of black chakra forming at the beast's mouth.

The black ball of death reached an appropriate size and raced from the Kyuubi's mouth towards Minato.

The yellow haired Hokage neither frowned nor smirked. He stayed calm and pushed his emotions to the back concentrating on the task at hand. As the Bijuudama reached the giant bust he as standing on, a giant appeared out of nowhere. Space distorted around the destruction incarnate and sucked the entire thing in.

Far in the distance, a giant explosion shook the earth.

"I will have to be careful where I send those," Minato thought to himself grimly. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Twisting his body, Minato tried to impale the mask man's head killing him, but his attack slipped right through his body. Minato felt a pull on the hand still on his shoulder.

Having no other choice, Minato flashed away desperately to his house in the forest. Lying on the ground, Minato thought to himself, "That man is far to dangerous. His technique surpasses mine and Lord Second's."

"My, my you certainly live up to your name," the masked man said somewhat mockingly and somewhat impressed.

Minato was going to reply to that but stopped before he could even get a word out because of the massive amount of chakra emanating from the village.

Even from here, Minato and the masked man could see the Kyuubi towering over the village walls. Both men had expected to see another bijuudama, but instead saw a giant figure of ice rise up with eight arms wrestling with the Kyuubi.

"That must be the blind kid," Obito said aloud.

"A second intruder," Minato thought calmly.

"Quit the meddlesome one too," Obtio said frustrated. "I didn't think he had that much chakra."

"I don't what is going on, but I can assume from the masked man's words, they are not allies. I have to finish this quickly. I hope the Sandaime-sama can fend off the Kyuubi along with the unknown person. I cannot bring this man to the village only to sow more chaos," Minato thought calmly again analyzing the situation as well as a Nara could but direly.


Few minutes earlier


"Time running out," Goose thought to himself desperately.

They were still a long way away from the village and from the kid had said, the Kyuubi was going to be teleported in bypassing the impenetrable barrier around Konoha. Goose wasn't there to see it, but when the giant wooden doors closed with the entire wall unbroken, the barrier had stood up to the combined might of both of Iwa's jinchuuriki.

"Kid," Goose called out refusing to call the boy Zeus. "How exactly is that guy going to get into Konoha to teleport the Kyuubi, and how are we going to defeat it."

"The same way he slipped through both of your barriers protecting Lady Kushina, and 'I' am going to fight it off," the Naruto replied jumping off a tree.

"Lady Kushina? Well, I think that Kushina was the last Leader of Eddies granddaughter. He might believe that guarding Kushina is his duty, but still how did he know about her giving birth? How on earth is he going to fight a wild bijuu? Those things cannot be killed." Goose to himself quietly. Questions like those were better asked later. "Hey hold on, I have a fast way to reach the village."

Naruto stopped in his tracks and said, "Yeah how."

"Watch," Goose replied putting his palm on a tree and seal sprouted out from the touch. Immediately, the trees begun to rearrange themselves.

Every village has its own unique way of moving its troops quickly across vast distances. Suna had these sand skiffs that glide across the dunes three times faster than any shinobi could run. Iwa had underground tunnels. Kumo had bridges crisscrossing their mountain peaks. Suna had mapped out the areas where a shinobi could water walk across the ocean to different islands.

Konoha had tree lanes created by the Shodai-sama allowing for perfect jumping on top of the trees for maximum jump efficiency.

For the ANBU, they were given a seal that would rearrange the tree lanes as they saw fit.

Watching the trees move around according to his will, always made Goose feel like a pseudo-Shodai-sama.

Goose didn't want to do this for a few reasons. He was content to let the kid to lead him through the tree paths allowing Goose to guess how well the kid knew the routes, which was disturbingly well. Goose also wished to keep the fact that the trees could do this a secret. The ANBU had many times ambushed enemy shinobi in the Land of Fire by appearing faster than they were supposed to.

Looking at the kid, he showed no signs of surprise or even amazement, which unnerved Goose. The metal visor over his eyes didn't help either.

That was another source of unease for Goose. With that thing over his eyes, he cannot see period, but he seemed unaffected by loud or no sound. Yet the boy ran around without bumping into anything and even turns to face Goose whenever he talked.

"Come on," Goose said jumping on the new direct route to Konoha with the kid jumping right behind him.


"It shouldn't have happen like this," Naruto said to himself quietly still on the ledge in the middle of Konoha. "I was supposed to make everything better."

While Naruto lamented his bad fortune, Goose came up behind Naruto. "The ANBU are silently evacuating people on the outer districts and the lands owned by the clans."

"What a despicable decision," Naruto replied.

"It was your recommendation," Goose commented back.

"Doesn't make me stop myself from thinking it to be the worst possible decision," Naruto said unsheathing one of his swords and pulling out a rag from his pants pocket.

"No, It is a worst possible scenario. I lose-lose situation," Goose commented crouching down beside Naruto. "If we evacuate the market, the masked bastard will know something is up and pick a new spot."

"Still all those people," Naruto said scrubbing a piece of dirt visible only to his eyes.

"I find you to be a paradox. You care so little of the ANBU you killed, but at the same time, you despise yourself for making a decision that will save lives," Goose said surveying the people underneath him.

A team of ANBU were busy placing an area wide genjutsu putting everyone to sleep or a very suggestive state. The shinobi in the group immediately went on attack, but an ANBU member jumped in front of them and explained the situation. The shinobi then proceeded to give a helping hand.

"People like us, people prepared for death; I feel little remorse. They choose this life, but the civilians didn't choose this life. All they want is to live and die in peace," Naruto said plainly still rubbing his sword. "I feel like an evil deity when I deny them that."

"Kid, that is a very Uzumaki like way of thinking," Goose replied forgoing any attempt at comfort. Goose had meet men like this. Kind words wouldn't help, giving them the chance to do something helpful would.

"I am not a kid. I am fifteen and a full blood Uzumaki," Naruto replied sheathing his sword and taking out the other one.

"Really because I saw you use two bloodlines, one from Kumo and Kiri. But, you don't look like the Yuuki men because you lack feminine features and your skin isn't black like the Ranton users in Kumo," Goose said confused on the matter. The boy appeared to be a full blood Uzumaki with two bloodlines.

"My parents always said I defied fate at every turn," Naruto said fighting back a tear.

"Tell me about them," Goose said wanting to know more about the boy. Once this was all over and Konoha still stood, Hokage-sama would need to know of this boy's origins. The kid could become a great asset or enemy.

"Their names were…" Naruto began but stopped. An enormous chakra signature appeared from nowhere. "He is here."

As soon as the words left his mouth, a giant red anthropomorphous fox dropped into the middle of the district crushing several buildings.

Having been on the outer district, Goose stands up and commands, "Whatever you going to do, do it now."Looking down at Naruto's still seated form, Goose said, "Kid."

"I cannot I am building up chakra," Naruto said with his hands in the tiger seal. A soft glow started to shine off of Naruto's back.

"Why didn't you do that earlier?" Goose practically yelled. Even from this far, he could see shinobi attacking and being batted away like insects. He winced as the Kyuubi roared an several buildings blew away.

"I couldn't otherwise the masked bastard would have noticed," Naruto replied back with an angry shout.

Another building was crushed as the Kyuubi put its paw on the building. "Hurry up then."

The light on Naruto back brightened further and the air wiped around his body hard enough allowing Goose to see five seals on his back in the shape of spirals in the formation of a '5' on a domino but all interconnected. Only one of the spirals glowed though.

"Done," Naruto said deep in concentration.

"Then do it," Goose said waving his arms wildly. He could shinobi dying by the dozens and buildings systematically annihilated.

"I cannot. The masked man is still around, and I won't stand a chance against both of them," Naruto replied even angrier.

Goose made a move to hit the boy in the face for his games, but tears flowing freely down his face made him pause.

"I have chosen my bed. I have to lie in it now," Goose thought in despair. "How do we find him?"

"We don't have to," Naruto replied softly. He could tell Goose is hurting. He is hurting too.

"Then…Oh sweet kami," Goose said falling to his knees at the sight of a bijuudama. "I should be with my comrades fighting to the death, but I am here somewhat safe."

Goose watched in horror as the Kyuubi fired it most powerful attack at the Hokage Monument. To his amazement the ball of destruction impacted a floating seal and vanished. "Hokage-sama," Goose said in realization.

"Now," Naruto said in satisfaction and put on his metal visor blinding him. Hyoton: Poseidon's Frozen Body.

Ice sprung from the kid's back and Goose watched in sight wonder and horror as the frozen water wrapped around his body in a perfect sphere and floated seven stories into the air. A torso grew around the sphere followed by legs and eight arms, two on the chest, two on the back, two normal arms, and two below those.

The ice giant was the same size of the Kyuubi, and in one leap, it jumped the distance to the beast.

"Go get em kid," Goose said awed before moving to help with the evacuation.


"So much chakra," Naruto thought to himself. Kurama had put at least two tails worth of chakra in that seal, and Naruto only consumed a tail and a half making the frozen giant.

He could see using his Water Sight, and he used that to move as he leaped through the air. "Sorry about this Kurama," Naruto thought to himself prepared for what has to happen.

Naruto's ice body landed right on top of Kurama, and if Kurama had a body made of skin and bones, several bones would have broken from that. Naruto jumped again and slammed his feet hard into Kurama's chest.

"I have to get Kurama out of the village now before Minato rips him from Obito's control," Naruto thought to himself worried.

Kurama and the other bijuu had once told Naruto that if someone was controlling them, they only had a portion of their full strength. Not because they couldn't access it, but because their intelligence and ability to think intelligently was stripped away.

Stepping off Kurama, Naruto used all eight arms and tossed Kurama into the air. Naruto was sure it was quite the sight to see a tall ice giant throw a bijuu into the air. That is probably why no one attacked.

Catching Kurama, Naruto used his eight arms to pin his good friend on his headless body by using four arms to hold onto his limbs, one to warp the neck, two around the torso, and the last to grab the tails. Kurama struggled quite fiercely, but Naruto still had half a tail of chakra to burn through.

"Damn, I am burning through chakra too quickly," Naruto thought worriedly before running to the village gate. It was torturous how slow he felt with Kurama on his back, but with the last of his strength, Naruto threw Kurama over the village walls.

With his chakra gone, Naruto let the ice giant break and fall apart only to jump atop the village wall. Several ANBU became startled at Naruto's appearance, but did not stop him as Naruto made a sheet of ice on other side of the village walls and jumped onto it.

Naruto watched as Kurama got to all fours and created another bijuudama even bigger than last time.

Putting his hands in the tiger seal, Naruto popped his second seal and felt another two tails worth of chakra pump through his system. Naruto ignored the burn in his chakra coils as he cast Ranton: Zeus's MasterBolt.

With two full tails of chakra poured into the technique, the technique's size was not on the order of his head but instead a large house.

Naruto looked into Kurama's eyes and saw intelligence and thought, "Shit."

The red head immediately launched his MasterBolt the same time as Kurama swallowed his bijuudama and fired off a beam of high density chakra.

Masterbolt and Bijuudama collided violently playing a game of reverse tug a war. A game Naruto was losing quickly. As the collision point of the beams drew nearer and nearer, Naruto having no choice squeezed out the last of his second seal's chakra causing an explosion of massive proportions.

Naruto only survived because of the far distances he and Kurama had been playing at. With his Water Sight still on, Naruto ignored the smoke and saw Kurama building up another Bijjudama.

"I can build mine up faster!" Naruto yelled out smugly as he popped his third seal and fired another Ranton: Zeus's MasterBolt.

Before Kurama built up enough chakra, the MasterBolt slammed into Kurama's face sending the large bijuu flying backwards crushing tree after tree as he rolled.

Popping the fourth seal, Naruto went through a long chain of 27 hand seals and cast his second most powerful technique, Ranton: Bright Stars Piercing Dark Heavens.

High in the sky far above the clouds, six dozen blue balls of chakra formed the size of bus. They hung there in the sky locking onto Kurama's signature before falling, fast. From Naruto's, ANBU's, and the people of Konoha positions, it really did look like shooting stars fell from the heavens piercing the dark clouds as they did so.

Each ball landed on or near Kurama and exploded with such a force comparable to one of the stone busts on the Hokage Mountain falling at terminal velocity.

The bright lights blinded the ANBU on the wall, but to Naruto's Water Sight, he saw Kurama being crushed by explosion after explosion. It was technique designed for one purpose. To destroy all those that stood before him. The explosions lasted for a full thirty seconds.

With his 'Sight', Naruto could see Kurama standing back up. "I really cannot beat you in a game of attrition or power can I. So be it."

Placing his hands together, Naruto created his tried and true rasengan between his hands and channeled his Ranton chakra into it. Going one step further, Naruto popped his last and final chakra seal on his back. This time 3 tails of chakra flooded his system, and Naruto poured it all into his Rasengan.

It neither grew in size or spun more or even gained more luminescence. It actually shrunk, appeared to stop spinning, and dulled. Having created the Rasengan with his hands vertical, Naruto took the hand on top of the Rasengan off. It immediately flew into the air and high into the clouds.

Kurama for his part felt too much rage and anger to simply leave now. He had to finish off these insufferable humans. Creating the biggest and most powerful bijuudama he had ever created and prepared to fire it.

"You are more powerful now then you were in my mind," Naruto to himself in amazement. Bringing up his arm, Naruto snapped his fingers and said Ranton: RasenBeam.

Like a dam breaking, the clouds were torn asunder with the power and the earth literally shook as the beam of pure chakra drilled a hole into it. The clouds spiraled around the beam at the top, but beyond that, nothing outside the radius of the beam was affected as the beam only affected whatever it touched and unlike Bright Stars it didn't explode. It went as quickly as it came leaving an anticlimactic end, but Naruto and everyone could see a massive hole in the Kyuubi's chest.

The giant Bijuudama was sucked into the beam, and was the only thing outside the event horizon that was affected.

Kurama tried to rise, but he couldn't without filling in the hole which would cost him a great deal of size and chakra to repair himself, and he went into a meditated trance state. Practically dead to the world.

Many shinobi and kunoichi had moved to the top of the wall watched with fascination at the sight before them.

Dropping to his knees, Naruto truly felt his chakra coils protest to even his used chakra flowing through him. Naruto was no longer a jinchuuriki, and his new body was not used to having 11 tails worth of chakra pumping through his body even at staggered intervals.

Naruto felt a hand on his shoulder, and he looked up to see Minato Namikaze standing above him a little worse for the ware.

"You are not a Konoha shinobi," Minato said more than asked.

"Yeah," Naruto replied weary.

"…Words cannot express my gratitude."

"You're welcome."

"Cheeky brat," Minato mumbled before taking his hand off the unknown boy and threw a kunai at the Kyuubi's downed form.

As he flashed, Minato felt the boy grab onto his leg making them both teleport on top of Kurama. Minato immediately kicked Naruto off. The red head recoiled with a bloody and busted lip off the Kyuubi who was too busy repairing himself.

"I don't know what he wanted to accomplish with that, but I will deal with him later," Minato thought to himself quietly as built up enough chakra and teleported once more to his house in the woods careful to make sure the Kyuubi didn't crush his wife and daughter.

As Minato and the Kyuubi arrived, golden chains of chakra wrapped themselves around the Kyuubi. Summoning the altar, Minato saw Kushina walk out of their house with Yume in her arms.

"I can seal the Kyuubi inside of me Minato," Kushina pleaded once more.

"The balance has to be preserved, you know that. A war could start otherwise that could have been avoided," Minato said once more.

"Then please don't use that seal," Kushina said struggling to get to the altar.

"You know that the Death Reaper Seal is the only way to seal a wild bijuu without Mokuton or some other way of subduing it," Minato said taking Yume from Kushina and placing their sleeping daughter on it. (1)

"Looks pretty subdued to me," Kushina replied.

"We have documents with similar situations all saying it would fail…"

"MINATO! BEHIND YOU!" Kushina screamed suddenly.

Minato turned around and saw that boy jumping off the Kyuubi and diving for him. Grabbing the boy, Minato tossed him to the ground. "I don't know who…you…are…but," Minato begun to say, but staggered as he moved to Naruto before falling unconscious.

"MINATO!" Kushina screamed as she half ran half stumbled towards her husband falling down to his side.

"He isn't dead, if that is what you are thinking," Naruto said rising to a knee. "Honestly didn't think that would work a sleep seal on a sealing master."

"He was the only one…"

"No disrespect Lady Kushina, but I can do a lot better job than he can on sealing a bijuu outside a host," Naruto interrupted whimpering in pain as using that simple seal that took no more chakra than a storage scroll which made him feel like he was whipped a dozen times all over. Standing as tall as he could, Naruto walked over to his counterpart apparently a girl named Yume.

"I wondered what would happen to my counterpart if I came back," Naruto thought to himself as he made the strongest seal he knew on Yume's little belly.

"Lady Kushina?" Kushina thought confused before the boy raised the metal visor over his eyes showing off their amethyst color just like hers. "You are an Uzumaki!" she exclaimed.

"Guessed it in one," Naruto replied walking to the Kyuubi's still prone and unmoving form. "No offense, but sealing was created for dealing with bijuu, and there isn't a better person to do so than an Uzumaki."

Kushina could only nod in agreement. If she actually had the patience and meticulous nature for seals, she could twice the seal master as her husband.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto remembered what he did in this mindscape a long time ago when he first fought Kurama. A chakra image of himself appeared over his shoulder and it grabbed a hold of Kurama's fur and ripped out a chakra image of Kurama.

The chakra tug of war awoke Kurama with a start.

"Yume!" Kushina screamed urgently with newfound mothering instincts.

Naruto saw it happening with his Water Sight. He had been so focused with ripping out Kurama's chakra that he failed to notice Kurama about to crush little Yume. Even with his full amount of chakra, Naruto couldn't have done something, and he would need every morsel of chakra for the final part of the sealing.

Seeing no other option, Naruto jumped in front of Yume just like his parents had done for him with little regard for his own life.

Facing little Yume, Naruto could see the giant claw piercing his stomach and stopping a few inches from Yume's face. Through his strength and Kushina tightening her chains, no harm came to Yume.

"Shouldn't have done that you overgrown shitty furball," Naruto teased Kurama.

"How dare you filthy human," Kurama growled. "I will not be sealed again."

"Shut it will you," Naruto replied uncaring. "You have a seriously bad case of I-just-licked-my-asshole breath."

"Insolent insect," Kurama roared. "I will roast you alive from the inside out and use your bones for a tooth pick."

"Yeah yeah, we both know you have little penis syndrome," Naruto taunted. It felt good to do this again.

Kurama never got in another word because with the closeness of Yume, Kurama being awake and outside his mind, and personal contact. Naruto's chakra shadow ripped out Kurama's faster and with little difficulty pouring all of it into Yume.

As chakra came out of Kurama's body, his chakra body became dry and withered before certain parts of his body disappeared altogether, first his tails then traveling upwards from his legs. The last thing to disappear was his claw impaled in Naruto's chest.

With 90% of Kurama's chakra in little Yume, she never screamed or cried the entire time, Naruto's chakra shadow balled up the rest of the chakra and stuck it inside Kushina who moaned pathetically and at that point had collapsed unconscious when her chakra chains were no longer needed.

Putting his hand over Yume's seal, Naruto used most of his chakra to activate the seal and could see it tightening to its highest setting. Walking over to Kushina, Naruto did the same treatment with her seal hoping that it would save her life.

With no one around to listen, Naruto said to the thin air feeling tipsy from the lack of chakra and blood in his system, "That is why I am the most badass person on the planet."

Naruto fell to the earth face first as soon as the he uttered those words bleeding out. He never hit the ground though because Minato caught him at the last moment.

"A real badass would not be bleeding out right now," Minato commented. "You are however a very accomplished seal master."

Making two shadow clones with his limited chakra, they grabbed his wife and child while he held onto the apparently not blind kid. All three Minato's nodded at each other before flashing away to the hospital.


"MEDIC!," Minato and his shadow clones yelled out simultaneously.

Minato didn't expect a doctor with what happened all too recently, which is why he flashed to the ANBU headquarters hospital. Far less crowded and more defensible, the 27 year old Hokage felt conflicted about using this place instead of the regular Hospital, but he always had to remind himself that he was the Hokage. He had to use this hospital in times of need because he was the Hokage.

Minato couldn't be making decisions while worrying for his family's safety and health, not to mention the strain it would put on the overtaxed doctors and nurses.

Immediately seeing who it was, two nurses ran over followed closely with the ANBU hospital's head doctor, Clide.

"Hokage-sama," the nurses said rushing to Yume and Kushina while Clide said, "Minato thank the maker you are alive."

Any other time, Minato would have made a comment about Clide's lack of formality and dress. Not the man lacked etiquette or dressed slovely, Clide could be quite nice in his own way, but he lacked the thought process for proper dress. Wearing a worn but not ratty shirt with a scruffy beard, Clide was simply Clide.

"No time. Kushina had the Kyuubi extracted and Yume became the new jinchuuriki," Minato rushed out hurriedly, time was still not on their side.

The nurses who were busy calling a gurney for Kushina and a body bag for the kid turned briefly to give a look somewhere between horror and pity. Clide made the effort to put the proper emotion of sadness on his face instead of the childish grin he usually sported. "I am sorry my old friend," Clide began struggling to keep that goofy grin off his face that he programmed himself to always show as he didn't quite understand emotions, "I will do everything I can to make her passing easier."

"I didn't seal the Kyuubi," Minato shook his head. "He did," Minato gestured with Naruto his arms, "and he put of the Kyuubi back inside her."

Clide for the first time showed some interest in the boy. He put his fingers on the boy's pulse and looked at the large hole in his chest with a professional curiousity. His eyes widen dramacically, "He is alive."

"I know, and I need him alive. He is the only one who truly knows those seals on my family," Minato said urgently with anger in the back of his voice. Minato was not so much angry at the boy, but the subject of seals on his wife's body always brought that emotion to the surface.

The nurses having heard the conversation with their incredible sense of hearing that they used to find juicy pieces of gossip overheard the conversation and magically turned that body bag into a second gurney with a third nurse. They quickly transferred Kushina and the boy into the trolleys and raced off while the new nurse grabbed Yume and ran her to the nursery.

"Who would…" Clide began only to be interrupted by Minato.

"Yume, Kushina, then the boy in that order," Minato said knowing the exact question before Clide could finish it. "Unless you saw something I didn't."

"Beside the giant hole in the boy's chest and Kushina's body shutting down then no," Clide said making what he thought was joke before running off to attend to his duties. Any other time, Minato would have slapped the man.

Placing his fingers in his mouth, Minato whistled loudly with a high pitch. Immediately, three ANBU appeared kneeling before his feet. "Cat find Goose if his still alive otherwise find Dragon and bring tell them to go to my office," Minato said slipping into his new found Hokage mode.

"Kushina called it…no bad thought, not now," Minato thought to himself forcing down his emotions. "Beetle find Kakashi and tell him to find his three people he would trust with his own life and tell them to go to my office as well. Bear, you are now my daughter's shadow," Minato said with a wave of his arm dismissing them. They left as quickly as they came.

With a yellow flash, Minato disappeared from the hospital and atop the Hokage Building. Minato expected the damage to be bad, but it was much, much worse. The middle of Konoha had been trashed. There were deep craters where that ice giant had carried the Kyuubi on its shoulders. The only good news was the village walls were still intact.

Placing his pointer and middle fingers on his adam's apple, Minato channeled some chakra to his voice box amplifying his voice to be heard all across Konoha.

"People of Konoha," Minato shouted for good measure and could feel tens of thousands of eyes looking at him. "Tonight we have lost much. Friends and loved ones have fallen this night for little gain. I can hear your voices crying out in pain and fury. I hear you thoughts of ridicule and our carelessness for allowing the Kyuubi for escaping his prison."

In truth, Minato knew the night was still too young for wild speculation, but it would come however Minato could use it for moral. "I tell you know, it was not incompetence that led to this travesty but a group of unidentified shinobi who infiltrated Konoha and removed the seal of the great beast."

Minato could feel the anger and hatred. "Good now to redirect it for something positive," Minato thought solemnly. Sandaime-sama had once said 'That words cut deeper than any blade.'

"I am her to tell you that they failed. The Kyuubi has been resealed and the invaders captured or killed." Minato could hear a cry of joy filling Konoha at the proclamation. "Once more has Konoha defied our enemies desire to break us, and I say to them 'We are bent never broken. Our Will of Fire only burns brighter this night."

Another cheer.

"So I say to you, help your fellow man as our walls remain unbroken and our shinobi unyielding. In this time of great need, every man must work hard for the better of Konoha. Our loved ones are gone, but do not let more die looking for the past rather than the here and now."

With that, Minato heard another cheer and nodded to himself. It was not a long speech and certainly not the greatest he had eve given, but an impactful one on the hopeless and the lost. Men who lost everything would be swayed to stand once more if only for a little while.

Teleporting to his office, Minato opened his doors allowing anyone to come in at a moment's notice as now was not the time to stand on formality. As soon as he did so, Goose and Cat rushed into the room.

"Hokage-sama," they said in near unison.

"Cat you are to watch over my wife. If Clide says it is okay, meet up with Bear and move Yume to Kushina's room," Minato said to which Cat nodded her head and Shunshin away.

"Goose, explain what happened now," Minato said turning a death glare at one of his top ANBU in line to be the next captain.

To his credit, Goose didn't flinch or move whatsoever. "Two intruders, one that slipped through every attack and simply teleported two of my best men away and ripped the throats out of another two. The other was a kid with dual bloodline limits. He took down Mantis with easy and without killing him, but later killed the other four on the mission," Goose said mechanically.

"I am familiar with both," Minato said. "I fought one in a death match while the other sealed the Kyuubi."

Minato didn't need the Byakugan to see Goose's eyes widen dramatically. "The boy also knew the tree lanes far better than the average chunin and seemed unstartled when I was forced to change the tree lanes to arrive here quickly in order to start the evacuation."

"That is why there wasn't as much panic as I suspected. Though the boy seems to know more about Konoha than I would like," Minato thought intrigued and disturbed.

"The boy also wears a metal visor that covers his eyes, but I saw him take it off and see just fine without it. When he had them on, loud noises or none at all didn't affect him" Goose added as forethought.

"I see," Minato said nodding his head. When Goose stopped talking and said nothing for several more moments, Minato said, "Meet up with Cat and Bear, and do not repeat tonight's mistakes."

Goose nodded feverishly and disappeared.

"Two bloodlines, a strong base in fuinjutsu, an ability to see without his eyes, and a mysterious past, he just asks more questions than answers them," Minato thought to himself excited. A good puzzle always did get his juices pumping.

So deep in his thoughts, Minato didn't even notice a white haired missile latching onto him.

Kakashi didn't say anything and neither did Minato. Kakashi released his hold on Minato a moment later and pulled back to which Minato clamped his hand on Kakashi's shoulder and gave a large smile.

No words passed, but Kakashi nodded his headed and took another step back and said, "Hokage-sama."

"Do you trust these men and woman," Minato asked appraising them slightly.

Minato didn't know every shinobi in Konoha, but he did make an effort to remember anyone that Kakashi hung out with.

Maito Guy, a heavily green clad jonin who was making a name for himself with his taijutsu skills struck a good guy pose flashing his shiny teeth and giving a thumbs up. From his files, the boy had quite the…um rivalry with Kakashi and seemed most pleased that Kakashi would pick him.

Kurenai Yuuhi, aka The Ice Queen, as many people, mostly men wanting to date the young woman, reported her to be cold and frigid. Her personal files painted the opposite picture as her being warm and tender just horridly disinterested in she didn't know.

Asuma Sarutobi, the second and last son to Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. The boy was promoted to jonin before Gai, but his skill level capped not long after, still incredibly versatile with his wind nature and trench knives.

"Trust is a stretch but yes," Kakashi said trying to make a joke that Minato raised his eyebrow at. Perhaps it was his friends or the whole convoluted situation, but Kakashi making a joke was a rare sight.

"Good," Minato said with a smile. The first true smile that came easily since the whole fiasco started. Opening a drawer on a nearby book shelf, Minato threw three blank ANBU masks at Kurenai, Asuma, and Gai.

"Go to the ANBU HQ. Find the head doctor Clide and ask him where the boy is. He will know what that means, and I want you to guard him with your life," Minato said looking over the shocked looks of all of them except Kurenai.

Kurenai's files said that her skills were average chunin, but they also indicated that she had more balls than all three of the boys combined. "Why would you assign three non-ANBU ninja to guard this person in HQ. Surely there are better options."

"You know what I do when I don't someone to read a book I really don't them to read?" Minato asked thoughtfully. All four of them nodded their heads 'no'. "I don't do anything to it. I say nothing about it, and I let it fade into obscurity. If I did ban it, everyone would read it."

All four of them nodded their heads emphatically in understanding and Shunshin away.

Sitting down at his desk, Minato pulled out stacks of forums that would need to be written up for lose of life and property damage.

Not too long after, reports of the dead began piling on top of his desk.


(1) In the anime, Minato says it is impossible to seal away such a large massive amount of chakra. Well we all know that is contradictory. So, I am working off the assumption that resealing/transferring from one host to the next is relatively simple, while sealing a wild bijuu is far more complex and needs the user's life to work without something like the pot Kumo has or some method of putting the bijuu under your direct control. Achoo *Mokuton* Achoo.