A/N: Decided to write dis. Short Prologue though.


. The walls of Ba Sing Se stood proud. Many have tried to breach but all have failed.

. The proud city stood as the barren wastelands of desert stretched outside the walls. It didn't normally rain in the outside but today was an exception. In fact it was even more of an exception as a heavy rain lightning storm came over the huge area.

. Long Feng stood on the top of the walls. He and the Dai Lee watched over the huge city and outside for any intruders. The rain would certainly be good for the crops inside the walls. As the thunderstorm began, the Dai Lee were sent out on patrol to make sure everyone stayed indoors to avoid lightning.

. After half an hour however, something was not right. Long Feng could feel it in the air. Lightning was striking A LOT more than a usual lightning storm. Bolts of lightning were striking everywhere outside the walls. A few inside in the city. Long Feng looked up in the cloudy sky and saw the clouds crackling with electricity. He suspected this to be the works of the Fire Nation but the intensity of the storm suggested otherwise. The best of the Fire Nation could not conjure up even close to the amount of lightning needed in a storm.

. Long Feng ordered for his troops to take cover as the strikes increased frequency. He then spotted something off to the distance. Blue electricity was slowly gathering in the clouds at a single point and the ground right below it also started to sparkle. Long Feng's eyes widened.

. Then lightning struck and thunder shook the city.

. Cole Macgrath, The Demon of Empire City, The Electric Man, was dead.

. There was no question about it. After activating the RFI, he could feel the life energies of thousands perishing along with his own. Nevertheless, he had succeeded. The Beast was destroyed, the plague was ended. And he could now rest in peace.

. Blackness was all he could see. Then there was light. Cole looked into it. He saw Trish. His long dead girl friend. She was holding her hand out to him smiling as if to invite him into the afterlife.

. Cole smiled back and reached out. His life flashed before his very dead eyes. The ray sphere explosion. His powers. Saving Empire City. The Beast. New Marias. Gangs. Mutant conduits, the ice conduits. His friends. Kuo, Nix, and his best friend Zeke.

"I sure am gonna miss you brother," Cole heard Zeke's voice say. It was probably just an afterlife voice. He would never know. As he reached farther almost touching Trish's hand, he fell.

. The light faded away with Trish frowning sadly and disappearing. Cole felt panic. Which didn't make sense. He was dead. Wasn't he?



. As the huge lightning bolt struck the ground, a shock wave was sent out for miles.

. As the electricity faded, the now alive Cole Macgrath stood standing.

. Cole looked down at his hands to see if this was real. He took a step foward but collapsed onto the sandy ground. Heavy rain pounded at him causing him to short circuit and grunt in pain.

. But it wasn't as much as expected. Cole looked at himself and found that the only thing he was giving of was small sparks. He realized he must've been really weak right now. He needed to find electricity and fast.

. Cole activated his radar but found nothing. This was bad. He could feel himself slowly blacking out.

. He weakly stood up and tried to ice launch himself to see in the distance. When he performed the action however. Only a small amount of ice formed beneath him and crumbled. He fell down again.

. Cole reached out an arm to nothing in particular "Please. Somebody please. help me," He croaked as he finally collapsed and passed out.

To Be Continued...

A/N: Don't worry. Cole isn't going to die. Hes just really drained out and tired after activated the RFI. He needs electricity to heal himself which will be a problem due to the lack of electricity in primitive times.

PS: Oh and if anybody remembers how the Avatar Gaang gets from the serpent's pass into Ba Sing Se, could you tell me? because I haven't rewatched it yet and I can't remember. Thanks.