A/N: This is just a short chapter cuz yeah. Like really short. Not even a hundred words long but sometimes things like that happen.

Chapter 6:

The dark damp tunnels of the underground base continued to exist in silence... if you didn't count the continuous firing of lightning, ice, and the sound of bodies collapsing.

"Cole. I know you are trying to be sneaky but I think you are over doing it," said Iroh ", Now please wait for me. I am not as young as I used to be."

Cole neutralized the last Dai Lee Agent in sight with a well placed precision shot. The body of the Dai Lee agent slumped to the ground unconcious from the shock. Cole turned waited for Iroh to finish catching his breath.

"Just like old times eh Zeke?" muttered Cole to his nonpresent fat friend.

"*pantWhat*pant was that?" asked Iroh.

"Nothin," said Cole ", Come on. We have to keep moving."

This certainley reminded him of the old days. Except instead of Zeke, a much older asian man... that shoots fire and lightning out of his hands.

Iroh groaned ", How do you even know where you are going?"

"Radar pulse. I can sense the electrical signature of a living being's nerval structure," said Cole

"What?" said Iroh.

"Sorry. I just sense things electrically," said Cole.

"I still don't get it," said Iroh. Though he was proficient at the lightning technique, Cole's world told the old man there was much more to know about the power of electricity. For instance, how to use it in a non life-threatening way.

Just as another Dai Lee Agent turned the Corner. Cole thrust his palm forward and the air temperature dropped. A glowing ball of ice rocketed towards the agent and upon contact, froze the man in solid ice.

Cole fired a bolt at the ice structure and the agent fell to the floor unconscious. Cole ran up and kneeled besides the body. He placed a hand on the man's face and searched his memories.

"Up ahead! Quick!" said Cole ", These bodies wont stay unseen for long."

Forgetting about Iroh's speed again, Cole sprinted forward. His athletic build gave him an immense advantage. All those years of parkour, climbing, and running payed off.

"Wooh! I really need to get myself back in shape," said Iroh as he struggled to keep up.

In the meantime, Cole found the prison cell. Why Zuko was looking for a flying beast was still a mystery to Cole. Nevertheless, he took Iroh's word for it. But where was the old man?... oh right...

Iroh came panting around the corner and dropped his hands to his knees.

"Don't you have any respect for your elders?" said Iroh.

"Sorry," said Cole. He sent a radar pulse and sensed Zuko inside.

"Zukos' inside" said Cole ", Go in, I'll watch the area."

Iroh grumbled something and went inside.

Cole crouched against the wall and continued to radar pulse the area. For a good three minutes, Cole sensed no movement until he finally felt some movement. Cole ran up besides cover and peaked against the wall.

A group of Dai Lee Agents were guarding a small transport. Two agents stood side by side carrying a metal container in the middle. Several stood around the two all walking in formation. Cole would've let them go if they weren't headed his way. Assuming they wouldn't hear the noise in the prison room, they would eventually see the bodies littering the floor. Cole had no choice but to take them down.

He held his right first firm and channeled electricity into hit.

The Dai Lee suspected nothing when suddenly, Cole turned the corner and unleashed a large wave of electricity. The graviton blast passed through the alleyway striking the agents. All the agents yelped in surprise as electricity shocked them and lifted them into the air.

As they were in the air, Cole fired several well-placed precision shots into their heads effectively knocking them out. What Cole didn't remember however, was the heavy metal container hitting the floor.

Cole caught sight of the falling object.



Cole froze for a full minute hoping no one heard the large bang.

"Stay away from it,"

"The hell!?" said Cole ", Whos there?"

Cole sent another radar pulse but no conscious being could be detected anywhere near. The only anomaly... was in the box. Cole approached the container.

"No..." said the voice again.

Cole charged his hands and turned around ready to fire.

"If you're hiding, I will find you," threatened Cole. For a good ten seconds, all was silent except for Iroh's voice. Cole swore that if they didn't keep it down then theyd be revealed.

Cole approached the box. Normally, he would sense the environment and life signatures, but in the box, Cole just sensed... he couldn't describe it but it just felt like emptiness. As he got within ten feet, the temperature dropped. All the instincts in his body told him to run, but he had to know.

Cole placed his hands on the container lid and removed it.

"How..." said Cole.

Inside the container was a blast shard. A glowing, aura-emitting piece of earth that improved conduit power. However, this one did not glow purple or blue. It glowed a dark orange. But what was it doing here?

There was only one way to find out. Cole reached out for the shard. his fingers growing closer and closer.

"Uncle! This isn't the way out!" said Zuko as he followed Iroh through the maze.

"Uncle! You convinced me! I'll go with you but this isn't the way out."

"Quiet Zuko! We don't want to alert the Dai Lee. And we have to find him," said Iroh.

"Find him? Who!? Wait, that guy?" said Zuko.

The two turned the corner and spotted Cole.

"Oh no," said Iroh.

To Be Continued...