Hey guys! Prism here! So, this is a really (really) late birthday request I'm doing for a good friend, DarkMaiden95. She asked for a creepy fic set during her KH story Dark Tyranny between her OC Naomi and Vanitas. I'd recommend reading it because it is a really good story about a dark KH-verse. I don't think you need to read it to understand this little oneshot, but it'll help.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this fic is rated highly due to mentions of rape, pregnancy and a lot of lime. If you're uncomfortable with any of that, you may want to turn away.

The days all seemed to blur together. It seemed this was her new reality, trapped inside this dark, cold, death-like cell with her only company being a heartless monster who had done the unforgivable to her.

Naomi grunted in pain as her unborn child kicked inside her womb. The young girl curled up and tenderly held her stomach as she lay upon the cot; the only piece of furniture in this hell hole.

"Shh, please stop." Naomi uttered a whisper and a slight whimper, running her fingers up and down her belly in the hopes of calming the unborn baby down. It hurt so much when it moved. She winced as the baby's movement triggered yet another back ache. How long had it been since she was taken and forcibly impregnated? Six months? Seven months? She really wasn't sure.

Now that she was farther along in her pregnancy, she was experiencing endless aches and pains in her ribcage, pelvis and stomach. And the baby had been moving around much more now.

Honestly, she was only fourteen, she shouldn't have to go through something like this! It wasn't fair! But, that was the thing about these beings of darkness. They didn't care. They'd attack men, women and children all across the worlds without even a second thought and put them through the worst pain imaginable as they destroyed their homes and lives. It made Naomi sick to think that one of these beings was the father of a child she was forced to bear.

As though he could hear her thoughts, Naomi jumped at the sound of her cell door opening. She looked up to find the face of Vanitas, her tormentor, her jailer and the father of the unborn baby inside her.

Twelve years ago, he had mercilessly taken the body of his light half, Ventus and destroyed him within his own heart. The golden hair that once belonged to the kind boy she had heard stories about remained spiky and windswept and his body hadn't aged a single day past fifteen years old. His well-tonned body donned a long black zip-up hooded cloak that gradually changed to red at the hem with a silver chain and pull strings. His eyes shone gold, matching the cruel tone always plastered upon his face.

Naomi turned her head away, wishing that the monster before her would just dissapear. However, reality was never in her favour here.

Vanitas knelt down beside her, tucked a finger beneath her chin and pulled her face toward him.

"Now, Naomi dear, there's no reason to sulk around this cramped space. Especially on a special day like this." Vanitas purred. He had that look in his eye as though he was planning something.

"W-what are you talking about?" Naomi questioned, pushing herself up the best she could.

"Did you honestly forget?" Laughed Vanitas as he held out a gloved hand. In a whisp of dark smoke a black box with a red ribbon appeared. "It's your birthday, Naomi. You're fifteen now, my love."

Naomi gasped in shock. Had she really been here that long? It seemed like only yesterday, she was fighting alongside her friends in Radiant Garden's revolt.

"H-how did you know when my birthday was?" She asked nervously while Vanitas released a small chuckle and gently stroked her cheek.

"Naomi, dear. I always pay attention to things that interest me." He smirked. Naomi felt herself wince; she couldn't stand the way he treated her like she was some kind of possession. He always acted like this; every day he came to visit her.

She was so distracted by memories of the monster's previous visits, the expectant mother barely noticed Vanitas setting her gift down to the stone floor, siting down beside her and placing his hands upon her swollen belly.

Gently, Vanitas began to rub her stomach and place a soft kiss upon it. The feeling of his lips pulling Naomi out of her trance as she shivered in fear and watched him speak to her stomach.

"Such a good baby." Vanitas whispered to her womb, apparently ignoring Naomi. "You'll make me and my master so proud. You have so much dark potential." He chuckled as a sinister smirk spread to his lips. Vanitas then took his prisoner's wrist and placed her hand on her stomach.

"Go on, Naomi. Talk to our child." Said Vanitas, guiding her hand to rub her stomach the same way he had. The dark boy took her chin in a strong hold and pulled her face up to look at him. Instantly, Naomi found herself drawn into his gaze.

No, not again. Naomi thought as she tried to look away. But she never could; once again he had her hypnotized.

"Good baby." She mumbled, showing no resistance as Vanitas guided her hand to stoke her belly. "I...can't wait to meet you..." The second the words left her lips, Naomi could feel Vanitas's hypnotism fading away.

"Now was that so hard?" Vanitas laughed as he released the mental hold he had on her. Picking up the box he had previously set aside, the dark boy handed it to her. "Now, go on and open your present, my love." He spoke as though she were his girlfriend instead of his prisoner.

Cautiously, Naomi took the box from his hand and gently pulled at the blood red ribbon. Once the ribbon fell off, Naomi opened the box to reveal a black dress and a beautiful black necklace made of black and red jewels. Confused, she looked up at him. Vanitas had never done anything like this for her before. Hell, he never even gave her clothes. She'd been warning the same dirty rags since day one.

"Something wrong, Naomi?" Vanitas asked innocently. "You don't like it?"

"No, I do. But-" Naomi mumbled. "Why are you doing this?"

Vanitas chuckled at her question, lightly tucking a piece of dull blonde hair behind her ear. "Is it so wrong for me to want to treat my girl on her special day?" Now Naomi was as confused as ever. She barely even noticed as Vanitas took her arm and pulled them both up to their feet.

"Come now, I think it's time you got cleaned up." Vanitas said. Naomi looked down at herself and cringed in disgust. She had been dressed in the same torn and stained t-shirt and sweat pants for as long as she could remember. Her blonde hair was in a mess of tangles and knots and her bare feet were covered in dirt and grime.

She remained silent as Vanitas wrapped an arm around her and allowed them both to be swallowed by a corridor of darkness.

When the darkness faded, they found themselves in the middle of a large, pristine white bathroom. Honestly, it looked like some place for royalty. The bathtub looked as though it could comfortably fit two people, a variety of soaps, oils and shampoos rested off to the side and there were soft black towels and robes resting against the wall.

Naomi couldn't help but let her jaw drop at the sight of the bathroom. Why would Vanitas bring her up here, she was just a prisoner.

As though the dark boy could hear her thoughts, he smirked. "Well, I did say you need to get cleaned up. And the bathroom in the dungeon just wouldn't do."

At that moment, the bathroom door opened behind them and another of the agents of darkness strode inside. She was a young woman who, like Vanitas hadn't aged in twelve years other than her blue hair growing longer and gaining a few streaks of silver. Her eyes were the same gold as Vanitas and she wore the same cloak and gloves as well, only instead of red, the hem changed to blue. Lastly, around her neck was a large necklace of black diamonds and a large sapphire.

"Oh, Aqua. Perfect timing." Vanitas smiled as he set a hand on Naomi's shoulder. "Help Naomi get washed and dressed, would you? I need to finish up for tonight." And without another word, Vanitas vanished through a dark corridor, leaving Aqua and Naomi alone in the bathroom.

Aqua didn't say a word as she strode over to the bathtub and started to fill it, the whole time glaring daggers at the pregnant girl beside her.

Naomi cringed. The blue-haired woman never failed to intimidate her. She must have been standing still for a long time, because before she knew it, Aqua had grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the full tub.

"Now, let's get you out of those filthy rags and get this over with." Aqua said as she started to pull the old, dirty clothes off Naomi's body.

Not even an hour later Naomi, now clean, stood in front of Aqua as the dark woman roughly brushed the seemingly endless supply of knots and tangles out of her long hair. The black dress was simple and elegant with long sleeves and a v-neck with a skirt that reached down to her knees. It was fitted to her baby bumb with a red ribbon and bow underneath her breast.

Upon her feet were simple black flats and around her neck was her new necklace. It was much simpler that Aqua's detailed necklace, but Naomi still felt it wasn't something she would normally wear.

As Aqua continued brushing her hair, Naomi couldn't help but let her mind wander. Why was Vanitas doing all this for her? This seemed so unlike him. She had a feeling the dark woman behind her knew what was going on, but she was afraid to ask her.

But, Aqua must have known what was on Naomi's mind. "Come on, spit it out already!" The blue-haired woman grumbled as she set down the brush and began to tie her hair up into an elegant ponytail. "What's on your mind?!"

Naomi gasped in surprise at Aqua's sudden irritated outburst. "Come on, I don't have all day!" The dark woman snapped.

"Uh...well...I'm just confused by all this. Do you know why Vanitas is acting this way all of a sudden?" Naomi asked, turning around to face Aqua. Though, she wished she hadn't. Upon her lips was a terrifying smirk. The dark woman's fingers creeped onto her stomach, feeling the baby kick again through the dress fabric.

"Let's just say, you and this little bundle of joy are our experiment." Aqua grinned evilly, the look in her eyes causing Naomi to shiver in fear.

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Vanitas stepped inside, grinning at the sight of Naomi in her new dress. He was still dressed in his cloak, not bothering to change. Seeing no reason to stick around, Aqua gave one last evil smirk to Naomi before brushing past her and Vanitas, leaving the bathroom.

She felt uneasy being alone with the monster again as he took her hand and gently kissed it.

"You look beautiful, Naomi." Vanitas purred. "It looks like I made a smart choice in choosing this dress. The necklace looks wonderful too."

Naomi remained silent as Vanitas circled her, like she was a work of art on display. She cringed as the dark boy stopped directly behind her, twirled a strand of her hair between his fingers and brought it up to his nose, taking a long, content sniff.

"Mmm." He grinned, pulling her tightly against his chest. "You smell even better than you did before. It's amazing what a little soap and water can do."

Vanitas smirked at the sight of her slight squirming. He always loved it when she struggled, it was his favorite form of entertainment. The dark boy chuckled darkly. There would be plenty of time later on to play with her. Now, they had dinner plans. Vanitas moved to her side, taking her hand in his.

"Now then, shall we go?" Purred the dark boy.

Before Naomi could even open her mouth to speak, she felt herself being swallowed up by the darkness.

The next thing she knew, she was standing in the middle of the tallest tower of the castle; Twilight's Naught. But, one thing that was different about it was a small round table in the center. Upon it was a neat white tablecloth, two plates of food and glasses and a decorative black and silver candelabra. Kingdom Hearts itself hovered above them.

Naomi couldn't help but gaze in awe at the scene before her. But, she was quickly reminded of her company for the evening. She felt Vanitas pull her over to the table and guide her over to her seat, pulling it out for her. Taking a deep breath, Naomi sat herself down as Vanitas pushed her chair back in.

While the dark boy got settled in on the opposite end of the table, Naomi looked down at her dinner. Upon her plate was cooked samon, smothered with a sweet-smelling sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and a side of steamed vegetables. This was definitely much better food than she had been given before. It was never anything fancy or good-tasting, but it was decent food, enough to keep her going. She could feel her mouth watering just looking at the meal before her.

Giving her new clothes, allowing her to take a bath in a luxurious bathroom and now a fancy dinner. Why was he treating her so nicely today? It didn't seem like him at all. Could he really be doing all this just for her birthday? No, he was an agent of darkness, there's no way he'd do all this simply out of kindness. There had to be another reason.

As she looked up, she saw Vanitas pouring her a glass of water and himself a glass of red wine.

"Sorry, Naomi but I can't give you any alcohol. It's bad for the baby you know." Vanitas teased when he saw her look up from her plate. "Maybe after the baby's born we can celebrate with a few drinks and some other activities." He purred.

Naomi gulped as she felt his hand suggestively squeeze and rub her thigh underneath the table. She was far too aware of what he was suggesting and it made her sick to even think about it. The young girl shook her head, trying to cleanse her mind of horrible, disgusting images from both the last time he had forced himself on her and the dark future ahead.

She couldn't help but release a small breath of relief as Vanitas removed his hand from her leg. The dark boy chuckled at her expression in amusement.

"You never fail to amuse me, sweetheart." Purred Vanitas, taking his wine glass in hand. "Now, you'd better eat up, Naomi. I don't want you wasting away on me. You or our child, you need your strength."

Naomi looked down at her plate again, her nostrils becoming overwhelmed with the delicious smell. She felt so tempted to scarf the whole thing down right then and there, but she reminded herself that this was Vanitas she was dining with. He always had something up his sleeve.

Looking up to the dark boy, Naomi opened her mouth to speak. "How do I know this is safe to eat?" She challenged in a quiet voice, trying her hardest not to aggravate him. "How do I know you're not planning to drug me?"

Vanitas raised an eyebrow and set down his wine glass, as though she had just offended him. Naomi mentally kicked herself; she shouldn't have said anything, she should have remained quiet. Now she was in for it.

After a few moments of straining silence, Vanitas released a small groan and picked up his fork. Then, he slowly leaned his body across the table, so far that his and Naomi's noses were almost touching. He stabbed a piece of the samon on her plate, brought it up to his lips and ate it.

"Are you convinced now?" He asked with a smooth voice after swallowing. "Honestly, Naomi. I'm not an idiot; I know better than to do something that might harm you or my child like that." He gently kissed the tip of her nose and leaned back into his own seat. "Now, eat up."

Naomi couldn't help it as a small blush spread to her cheeks. She could still feel his assertive, smooth lips upon the tip of her nose. How could he be so cruel yet act like a gentle lover? It was like he had two different personalities at times.

Though, the fact that he ate the food himself did slightly reassure her. Besides, if she didn't go along with him, there was always a chance that he would come up with something worse to put her through. She already had plenty of experience with his punishments. So, she picked up her fork and started to eat the meal before her. Her taste buds erupted with excitement; it tasted even better than it looked.

Picking up his wine glass, Vanitas couldn't help but release a slight chuckle as he watched her start to eat; her blush still hadn't vanished from her flesh and her eyes showed that she was clearly enjoying the food.

There wasn't hardly any conversation throughout the majority of dinner. Naomi had remained quiet and had chosen to avoid eye contact with her tormentor as much as possible while she savored the taste of her meal. She had the feeling she wouldn't get to eat anything like this for a long time and she wanted to at least try and enjoy it despite her situation. Vanitas's presence obviously distracted her from that.

Unfortunately, Vanitas noticed the effort his date was making to avoid looking into his eyes. And, he wasn't too pleased with her. She should know better than to ignore him like this!

At that point, both of them had finished their meals, Naomi's plate was almost completely spotless. Vanitas set down his fork, his lips curling into a small smirk.

"So, how was dinner, Naomi?" Asked Vanitas, standing up from his seat and making his way beside Naomi's seat. "Was it delicious? Come now, be honest."

Naomi shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She should have known that the silence wouldn't last long.

"It was really good." Naomi replied honestly in a whisper as Vanitas took her chin in his hand.

"Good. I'm glad to hear it. Are you ready for dessert?" Purred Vanitas, rubbing his thumb along her jawline.

Naomi shivered at the feeling of his gloved hand stroking her flesh. "Uh, sure I guess-" but, before Naomi could finish her sentence, Vanitas grabbed her cheeks and pressed his lips roughly upon hers.

As Naomi gasped in shock, Vanitas acted quickly to slide his tongue into her mouth and down her throat. She could feel one hand roughly digging into her hair, roughly undoing the ponytail Aqua had previously done. The other hand curled around behind her, pulling her body closer and closer to him.

The young girl placed her hands upon his chest and struggled to push him away from her. But, her struggles only seemed to excite Vanitas as he deepened the kiss, showing no signs of ever releasing her.

As Vanitas became more and more aggressive in his kiss, Naomi was finding it harder and harder to breathe. The feeling of his tongue sliding down her throat made her want to throw up.

Unable to take it anymore, Naomi bit down as hard as she could on Vanitas's tongue. The dark boy pulled back in surprise and released a snarl of pain, clutching his bleeding tongue in pain.

Vanitas slowly turned his head back to face Naomi with an enraged expression upon his face. With his gloved finger he wiped away the blood from his lip, his eyes glowing in anger. Naomi barely had a chance to react before Vanitas slapped her violently across her face, her head hitting the back of her chair. She gasped in surprise, gently cradling her cheek which was swelling with fresh pain.

"How dare you?!" Snarled Vanitas dangerously. "How dare you defy your master Naomi?! And after all I've done for you today!"

Naomi could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Vanitas had never terrified her this much since the night he first took her. She was so scared, she could barely move. She could only allow her chest to rise and fall in complete fear.

"I-I'm sorry-" Naomi murmured as small tears started to appear. She had tried to hold them back, but couldn't.

"Silence!" Roared Vanitas, backhanding her again. She was certain the force from that last blow would have been enough to knock her right out of her seat, if Vanitas wasn't holding on to the silver chair.

Naomi didn't have hardly any chance to recover before Vanitas grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of her seat.

"Now then, I think you need some time alone to think about what you've done." Vanitas hissed as a corridor of darkness appeared beneath Naomi's feet. The dark boy released her wrist, allowing her to fall into the corridor and silencing her brief screams.

Naomi was surrounded in complete darkness for a few moments before she found heself back in the familiar space of her prison cell. However, something had changed about the room; instead of the old cot she was used to, Naomi had landed on a brand new bed with magenta sheets. Upon the headboard was a small note that read, "A young woman in your condition deserves the best comfort. For you and our child."

Naomi curled up under the covers, not even bothering to give the note any thought. She was too tired to care anymore, all she wanted was some peace and quiet. Just then, she felt the baby inside her womb stirring again. Naomi grunted in pain as she tenderly held her cheek where she could still feel the pain of Vanitas's hand. She cried herself to sleep that night.

Later on that night, Vanitas found himself sitting in his own bed reading a book on the realm of darkness. The dark boy's coat rested on a nearby hook in the wall and his boots were lazily kicked off, leaving him shirtless in his bed. His room was much like any other room in the castle except for the new addition of the bassinet beside his bed. He smirked as his eyes shifted towards the baby furniture.

"Soon, Naomi. Very soon." Vanitas purred.

At that moment, the door to his bedroom swung open and Aqua strode inside with. Her arms crossed, as usual. Vanitas looked up from his book and raised an eyebrow.

"You know, there's this new thing called 'knocking', you should try it sometime." Vanitas rolled his eyes.

"Relax, I'll leave you to your beauty sleep in a minute." Said Aqua, leaning up against a nearby wall. "I just wanted to know how your 'date' went."

"Why do you care?" Snarled Vanitas.

"I don't really. But, I'm bored so tell me anyway."

Vanitas set his book down, stretching his muscular arms over his spiky head. "It was going well, until she bit me. Clearly, she still needs to learn her place. She still has a small spark of fire left in her." He laughed.

"I guess that means that little monster inside her's just going to be that much more powerful." Aqua smirked. "If we keep up the dark injections we've been giving her, your baby just might be strong enough it join our ranks someday."

"You got that right. I'm looking forward to meeting my child." Vanitas purred as his lips curled into a terrifying smirk.

Meanwhile, back on the world once known as Radiant Garden, a young man with spiky red hair ran as fast as he could through the dark alleys. He sprinted through the twists and turns of the dark corners, trying desperately to shake off the small army of heartless that were persuing him.

Finally feeling safe and no longer hearing the sounds of the heartless, Lea collapsed to his knees against the wall of the old castle, breathing heavily.

Ever since Xehanort forged the X-blade over a decade ago, there had been seemingly endless chaos throughout the worlds. Radiant Garden had been one of the first worlds seized. The resistance did what they could to fight back, but no matter what, their efforts always seemed to yield more failures than victories and a number of victims to the darkness.

Naomi was the latest victim, kidnapped right before his and Isa's very eyes seven months ago. But, Lea refused to believe the girl who was like a little sister to him was lost forever.

"Naomi. Please be safe." Lea murmerd, a stray tear trickling down his cheek.

So there ya go! Hopefully, this was enough to get me through my writers block. This was a really good exercise for me, considering I normally don't publish this kind of stuff and it's my first time writing a pregnant character. Let me know how I did and don't forget to leave a review!